Monday, August 29, 2011


First off, I want to thank the best followers ever for all your good wishes and understanding about my PITA (pain in the arse). While I am sorry for those of you that have also suffered, it really did make me feel better to know I am not alone in this malady. Seems to be a pretty common complaint. Misery really does love company. Thank you for your wonderful comments. You made me smile a warm smile.

I was coming along fairly well when I got impatient and re-sprung my back Friday lopping off some low hanging tree branches that have brained me more than once while on the lawnmower. While it didn't exactly put me back to square one, it did set me back. So I am not 100% but 80% is pretty darn good and a place to work from.

I still have trouble sitting for any length of time but will try to visit you all as my behind permits. I really have missed you.

While trapped on my couch, I watched Irene march up the coast of the US and was stunned by the pure massiveness of the storm. I thought of all my blog buddies in her path and I was hoping you would all be spared. So far, I haven't heard of any personal injury among my cyber friends, though sadly some have been victims of property damage.  Irene was no lady.

Coming from a long line of Floridians and having lived there for about 40 years, I have seen my share of Hurricanes. In 2004, three hurricanes in about a months time sent me scurrying to the Ozarks seeking relief. They wore me down.

             Now I want to pick your brain.

I am thinking of getting a router so I could go wireless in the house and use my laptop in a more comfortable setting which would keep me in  the loop with Blogger if I have a repeat bad back episode.  

Anyone out there use a router? Can you make any brand recommendations? I am afraid it will slow my computer speed and I all ready have pitiful DSL lite with a really sad download speed. Any input will be welcome.

Also, are there any bug people out there that recognize this.

This exceedingly large and plump caterpillar was dining on my pepper plant. He is rather attractive in  a studly Jabba the Hut (from Star Wars)  way.

I didn't want to kill him but may have done so by proxy as I transplanted him into my Day Lily patch that needs thinning anyway. Not sure Day Lily is on his approved diet list and I haven't seen him since.

Thank you again for all your support and for any help you can offer on the router or creature.

I've said it before and will repeat it , “You are the best.”


  1. We use one. Get a "wireless" router as it has the little antenna on it that is what you should ask for as it is the one we got and we can use laptops anywhere in the house.

  2. Sorry I can't help with the wireless router; since we have satellite Internet access I use a wired router. I have used both Linksys and Belkin wired routers and found them to be reliable, but as to them affecting the speed I have no clue. Satellite internet is slowish to begin with compared to cable and DSL.

  3. Glad you are doing a wee bit better, these back things sure take their sweet time to stop hurting.

    My sister just got an AT&T hot spot, wireless router than works like a cell phone. She loves it, faster than the old dsl. She lives on old area of KC, was always having trouble. Guess the phone wires are too old to work correctly in the modern age. I am thinking of getting one, not sure it would want in 2 story house.

  4. So glad you're feeling a little better. We've never used a router so I'm afraid I can't help you there. It does seem like computers on computer desks are on their way out - I've noticed most stores just carry laptops now, so hopefully you'll have lots of choices for what you need.

  5. That's a tomato horn worm, get rid of them, they can defoliate a whole plant they start out small. Go out to the garden in the early morning or late evening as the come to the top of the plant and look carefully they are easy to miss due to their camoflauge.

    Patti, get a firm chair to sit in that puts your back leaning slightly back and your feet touching the floor at a slight angle. I have a special chair which is all I will sit in here at home. Believe it or not I got min at office max and its a padded office chair and now I have two, one for the computer on a table and one for my studio. I find even if I go to a restaurant and sit in a bad chair for one hour, my back will get tense, I carry a thin foam pad in my car and if my back feels "tense" I lay down on that flat on my stomach with my arms at my side until my back relaxes again. If I drive anywhere after my back tenses without doing it my back may go out, so far so good for over a year now.

  6. Routers are pretty easy, I have two since I use ROKU for tv. A motorola for simple stuff and a netgear with dual connections (this is not necessary, I was victim of overkill)
    A plain old netgear will do it all. be sure when you install it that you WRITE DOWN your username and password....these are irretrievable things if forgotten;-( (I know...sadly)

    The bug looks like a western poplar sphinx caterpillar. according to the description: pale green with rings of tiny white granules conspicuous strip from horn and sometimes pale diagonal side stripes. feeds on cottonwoods poplars and willows....looks like he might be confused about food!

  7. We have all Apple computers and use their Airport Extreme wireless router. I'm sure they make something similar for PCs, but it's just great to have all our laptops and desktops wireless. I'd call Best Buy or someone similar for advice.

  8. Glad to hear you are a bit better. We have a netgear wireless router. I have not noticed that it is slowing the computer any more than it is already slow because it is old in the computer life-span sense. (What?)
    Don't know the catepillar, but it is impressive.

  9. Glad your arse is feeling a bit better anyway. :D

    I use a Mac and have an Airport Extreme too.

    I think I'd prefer that bug as a butterfly somehow. :D

  10. I have wireless in my home but I have no idea what the router is or what speed or anything about it. I can say I love didn't slow anything down but it is so nice to take the laptop to the recliner.

    Glad you are feeling better Patti!

  11. The tomato hornworm caterpillar eventually turns into the large five-spotted hawk moth also known as the sphinx hawk moth, with a wing span of 4 to 5 inches. They are actually very pretty, but will strip the tomato plant of it's leaves.

  12. Happy to hear that you are feeling better. I know prety well what it feels like, because I HAVE the same problem. I mean, it never goes away for me. It may get better some days but will come back after a while.

    I am going to try what "Linda Starr" recommended. Hope it works.

  13. Welcome back. Glad you are better. We have an Apple Airport Express router (wireless) which is great. Before that we had a Linkys --which was good. Neither affect the speed...

    I also have a Verizon Mi-Fi (hot spot)--which I take with me when we travel.. It is wonderful --and when needed, I'll carry it outside and use it with my laptop. It's just a tiny thing which you can carry around with you. It works everywhere there is a Verizon signal.

    Good Luck.

  14. So glad you are back and feeling better. By all means get a wireless router. I don't know the mechanics of them but love being able to use my laptop anywhere in the house. Now about those fat green worms. They make quite a mess when you smash them. I smashed a lot of them in the years before we began to think about the environment.

  15. Hi Patti,

    I am so relieved to see you back up to 80% ... thanks for visiting yesterday.

    I don't know about the caterpillar or the router. He does look a bit like Jabba! We watched that storm beginning Thursday night and most of the weekend. What a mess, but I'm glad it wasn't worse. I'm waiting to hear from my friend Gloria; at one point the news said that the eye was 10 miles from her town.

    I hope that you continue to mend up and that you have a great week. Glad that it isn't so humid right now.


    Kathy M.

  16. I would check around your area to see which router is best. I'm having a go'round with my carrier/provider "Frontier", service here is terrible.
    Guess you know by now that's a tomato horn worm, and they will strip your plants bare in a heart beat! We pick them in the early morning and feed them to the birds.

  17. So glad you are feeling better!

    We have a router and haven't noticed any slow down. We had linksys before we went to att. We have one that came with the equipment now.

    Tomato horn worm and they truly can defoliate a garden in a hurry.

  18. So sorry you hurt your back again, but glad you're feeling a bit better, Patti! Take it easy!!

    We have wireless that works wonderfully here: we have our Internet connection as part of a package with our cable service (Cox Communications) and they supplied the router and got everything up and running. I haven't noticed any slowing down of service and it's wonderful to be able to work on the laptop anywhere in the house.

  19. I have an expensive computer chair but I rarely use it. I bought a mechanism that sits on my desktop, with its own platform, that I can raise or lower. I do almost all my computer work standing up these days, with the screen and keyboard at just the right height. My back feels better even when it doesn't feel good!

  20. Our router is a D-Link with two little antenna's on it. Model Number DIR-615 On the back side it has four openings that will take computers that have to be directly plugged in, one opening for the Internet connection and a small round spot for the power line. We have five computers and one iPad connected with the router. I believe you also might have to get something to plug into your laptop, but perhaps not. Our daughter uses hers in her bedroom, Abe uses the iPad in the living room, and there's two here in the office that are wireless.

    Time to fill the water dishes for the birds and small animals and then start supper. tonight a ham steak, fried potatoes and apple salad. Might not be the most healthy, but it's fast. More later. Glad you're feeling better. I guess our ole bones aren't what they use to be.

  21. I'm glad that you are on the mend, Patti. Also glad to see that you have gotten an ID on that tomato horn worm. Yup, that's definitely one of them.

    We use a router that our DSL provider sent to us. When we want to download large files, we connect directly to it for a bit more speed. Otherwise, we're wireless the rest of the time. You might want to check with your provider to see what brands are compatible with your connection. They might all be compatible, but it would be a bummer to buy one that didn't work well.

  22. I don't know much about the computer stuff, so I'm no help there. As to the worm, we call them tomato worms and they will strip the leaves off the tomatoes rather quickly. We just pluck them off and squash them! Wish I had some tomatoes to pick worms off of!! We finally just pulled ours up because they were not good.

    Glad you are feeling much better, Patti. A pain in the arse is no fun. My back is flaring up again, I need to do my exercises more often than I do.

  23. What you have is a tomato hornworm. If you see one covered with little insect cases (white) you have a tomato hornworn infected with the pupae of the wasp that preys on it. I tend to let the wasps take care of them. Also, no router here, I have FIOS. Dianne

  24. 80% is not so bad!

    Pertaining to your problem:

    I am evidently eloquent in English, fairly fluent in French, increasingly intelligent in Italian, speak a small smattering of Spanish, know a jigger of Japanese & use Yiddish like a yente. I also have the ability to speak some Animal--oh, how you'd chuckle & chortle at my Chimpanzee!

    That said, however, I cannot communicate in nor comprehend Computerese. It confounds me completely! Thank heavens my son is fluent.

  25. Abe,
    Thanks Abe, I will look for that. Sure would be nice.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Sorry to hear satellite is slow. That was my only other choice to upgrade. Sigh.

    Miss Dazey,
    Thank you, you just can't rush these darn things.
    I don't even have cell service here so that probably won't work.

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I do think the PCs are going out also.

    Linda Starr,
    Too bad I don't have a prize for the first to ID the green monster.I'll quit being so kind to them.
    I know if I sat in my chair properly it would help. I have terrible computer posture.

    Writers Porch,
    Thanks so much Carol.

    You get the non-prize for the momma of the caterpiller. I have seen some of those around here. Thanks.

    Ah, Best Buy is 2 hours away. Will probably have to get one through
    the Internet. Thanks.

    He impressed me also. That sucker was a good 4 inches long. I dream of lightening fast computer speeds.

    Thanks Joey. Actually with all the help, I have looked up the momma and she is a bit on the drab side as she is the Sphinx moth.

    Now that is what I am after. Thanks.

    Thank you, me too.

    Yes, I was quite impressed with this caterpiller. His markings were quite pretty.

    Aw gee, don't tell me it is just another thing I will have to learn to live with. That list is getting long. May we both have pain free arses in the future.

    I'll bet that really comes in handy for you as much traveling as you do.
    Thanks, good to be back.

    Yikes, I know I would not be able to squash one. However I hear chickens love them so I may give them to my neighbor who has a flock. The circle of life thingy.
    Thanks so much.

    Oregon Gifts.
    Thanks so much Kathy. Hope your friend is OK with no damage. Irene sure was a big girl.

    Yep, I am convinced now that is what it is.
    Sorry you have a poopy ISP. It is a helpless feeling.

    Amber Star,
    Thank you. I will check with my ISP as several of you have suggested. Maybe I can get a modem with router combined.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Thank you, good to be on the mend. Boy do I wish we had cable this far out. Their internet service is so much better.

    Linda Myers,
    That really is a good idea not only for the back but it would be better for the whole body. I will check into that.

    Wow, you really have a mobile household. Sounds like you have it all worked out nicely though.

    What you are doing is what I have almost decided that I will do. I will check my ISP to see if they can tell me. I thought if it slowed me down too much I'd do like you do and just disconnect the wireless. Thanks.

    Like you, I had gotten lax with my exercises. They are so important. What say we both promise to do better.

    Hum, wonder if I could attract those wasps? So far he is the only one I have seen but you know mom didn't just lay one egg.

    Would love to hear your Chimpanzee. Keep your son close.

  26. We have a wireless Linksys router, used with cable internet. It works very well - in fact I am using it now.

  27. I'm not much help on the router thing. My husband is the brain who takes care of such things. I am thankful we are wireless because I am sitting in a comfy chair typing this. We do have cable connection to the internet, so I guess that helps with speed.

    I am happy to hear you are better. Take care of that back.

  28. Sorry no idea about the router.. and sorry I've been absconding.

    Its been lovely reading you. So glad the pain is better, take care. Lots of good wishes your way :))

  29. Sorry I missed your previous post but glad there has been improvement to 80%. Am sending positive thoughts your way and prayers for your continued healing.

  30. I am so glad that you are on the mend. I use a router and I like it for I can move my laptop around now. The brand is Sitecom Broadband Router.
    Thanks for your heartfelt comment. The lawsuit will be on 23 September in the Hague and the widow is not destitute, but disappointed in people who pretend to be her friends. She is determined to win.

  31. Sorry to be slow but am making my way down my list as laptops are soon to be packed for travelling.

    I use a Linksys Wireless N router. Regardless of type of Wireless your laptop has built-in all wireless routers are backwards compatible.

    In fact you can turn off your wirelss G (if that is what is built in on your laptop) and buy a USB wireless N. It really flies and sends good signals further. i have a neighbor boy stealing my open signal on a sitting on a stump behind his home 3 doors down on back side of my block.

    I may remedy that because I caught him with friends, which was without my permission. Since you are alone, encrypt you signal. I have to deal with a husband who is not too savvy in these things and I like him to enjoy what he does.

    He and I are entirely different kinds of techies. Electronics I have good knowledge of some things; Mechanics, I call him.

    My house is wireless wherever possiblE-3 computers, printer and a PDA (ancient) because smartphones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, Tablets etc. have replaced them.

    Since you may need tech support, I would seek advice from your internet Provider about brand of router, if any they prefer. That I why have Linksys.

    I can set on my front deck, or out the back steps and get signals. Wireless N is about all your are going to find, anymore.

  32. Delighted to hear that you're feeling better, even if you did have a set-back. You may need to curtail your yard work for a while.

    Can't help with the router issue, but it sounds like a good idea for you.

  33. Kenju,
    I am hearing good things about Linksy. Leaning that way.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Lucky you with cable. I live too far out. Comfy chair posting sounds perfect.
    Thank you, I will.

    Well there you are. So good to hear from you and to see a new post up. I've missed you.

    Thank you Marcia, me too.

    Ya know, 80% at my age is darn good. I'll take it. Thank you.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil, I'll check that brand.
    I do hope the widow gets justice.

    I sure wish I were as computer literate as you are. You are right, I should check with my ISP first. Thanks.

    I know, I just can't convince the grass to quit growing especially with our recent rains. Today has been my best day so far. Thanks.

  34. Well the little creature is my ex!
    As far as the router I use Verizon Broadband Wireless and love it because of the speed and I can be anywhere in the house.
    Except it is not unlimited but after my first few months of going over I have not had that problem any more. hahaha
    So sorry your not back to 100 per cent because I truly have missed you.
    Wish I could help you maybe you should move into Gretchens house.

  35. Don't you love the way blogger friends rally 'round when needed most? It's one of my favorite reasons for keeping going in the blogosphere.

  36. Nothing harder to get away from than back pain - upper and especially lower. I tend to think a solid chair can help there a lot. My problem was slouching too much in a swivel chair. Ouch. Wire less is the way to go, faster than a speeding bullet and you can vary your er..... sitting spots. Be well, Patti. :)

  37. Patti, I have owned several routers and it sometimes depends on who you have your internet through on which one you should get. Best buy is a bank of knowledge, also staples, or office Max. I would speak to them and ask what they think would be best with your provider. They will know. Chances are they have the same provider. My sisters all live in rural Arkansas and
    I know internet is not the cest or fastest there. Now after you know what you need Wal Mart might have the best price. I have a Zoom tablet and a lap top plus my desk computer. They should not make your computer run any slower. And yes you will need a 'wireless' one.

    The last one I bought I went to Fry's Electronics...there was a guy there that told me ..'I would not buy this brand look at all of the opened boxes. These were probably returned. So it probably was not a very good router,' I had never thought of that but it stands to reason if a store has several returns of a specific thing it must have been a problem some way. I will remember that next time I buy any electronic.

  38. Firstly I am glad you are on the mend careful as it sounds as though muscles are involved and they can go out again so easily.Yes sitting is the worst position ...dragging or lifting something even slightly weighty comes second ...and being stressed doesn't help either once the back is going. Aparently pelvic floor excersise is good??? and gently bringing/helping the knee to the chest(do not hold it there) and down again ... while lying on your back ... 5 times on each leg several times a day, gradually stretches the muscles according to my doc and helps prevent a spasm re occuring. I have tried to remember to do it once a day and it helps.
    I have a thingy ...but I know nothing was so the girls can use their laptops ...and was part of a package from virgin broadband.
    As for the caterpiller/worm creature ....I looked up what others had suggested and they both look similar and close to yours ...I think you did the best by moving it to some where that could do with a thin will be kill or cure lol
    Take good care of yourself xx

  39. I hadn't read your post yet and asked how you are and now I know.
    Isn't it amazing how nature camouflaged bugs to look like the very thing they are eating. I thought I washed my salad greens really well and use peroxide but I found a little green one crawling on my plate. Yuck.... wish I'd never found it. I wouldn't have known if I ate one or not.
    I use Verizon MiFi because I can take it with me to Helena or anywhere. For me, it's actually cheaper than putting wifi in both houses.

  40. I'm glad you are feeling a little better! I have been way off...getting the kids back to school has just about put me under. My blogging time has been limited to barely time to post. I'm hoping for a new normal soon!

  41. Grandma Yelow Hair,
    I'm guessing he was green, well fed and destructive:))
    Ha, if I did that, who would look after whom?
    Thanks, I am up to about 90% now.

    I know, after that first comment I was hooked.

    Me too on the slouching. Think that is a lot of the problem.

    4th sister,
    Good advice. I try to shy away from opened boxes. Not a good sign. All we have in tiny town is Radio Shack, hope they know.

    Thanks. I do have back exercises that if I did regularly I would not have any problems. It is just when you feel good, you forget--or at least I do. I will try to do better.

    Yikes, that might have made me swear off of salads for life.
    I wish I could use a plan like that but I have no cell service where I live.

    Mom of 12,
    Thanks and you are excused. Getting that passle off to school must be a chore. Think the govt could use your organizational skills.

  42. Glads you are feeling a lot better, ands hopefully you will be 100%, soon, my dear...!

    I am of no help on 'the creature' and almost none on the router. I have a Router and it says "LINKY'S" on the top. I like it fine! But, you may have to upgrade your DSL, no matter....I am no expert about this at all, so I could be 100% wrong on the 'upgrade' part....Wasn';t that helpful?? (LOL)

  43. OOLOH,
    Linksy seems to be the router of choice so yes you were helpful. Thanks. Sadly my DSL is as good as my pitiful ISP offers.

  44. If you use an Apple then the Airport express for wifi will do. It plugs into a wall outlet boosting it's output.Its specs are found on any Apple website. You can order the thing online and have it sent right to you.
    If you use PC then the other pouters will do. just follow the set up info.
    Be sure to set up a password for your own net or you'll have others share like some commenters have mentioned.
    Glad you are getting a bit better.

  45. KleinsteMotte
    Lucky you with Apple, I fear I am stuck with a PC. Thanks.