Monday, September 26, 2011


How many posts have I started  or ended with the words "I love this town?"  That would be a bunch.  I haven't lost my ardor, but I now realize my love has  a
flaw, my ISP.  Computer service here is at best, iffy.  That I could live with, it is the denial and cover ups that kind of stick in my craw.  

 First there was the fact that when I called about losing connection, they blamed my modem and sent a service man out to sell  me a new one for $100.00. This is a first time that has happened. They used to replace them with no charge. 

Everything worked fine for half a day, then it stated up again.  I called and they said there was no problem on their end.  So I bundled up my computer and drove into town to my computer guy.  

My computer guy doesn't work on Wednesdays so as not to waste the trip, I stopped by the phone company.  "Oh yes the girl told me, we are having troubles and it should be fixed by  tomorrow."  So I waited for tomorrow.

Tomorrow brought the same run around.  Denial of a problem, then admitting a problem, then nothing. I had reached the hair pulling stage by now and while I have a back up computer, I was too frazzled to use it.

Ok, I agree, just saying that the computer ate my post would have been simpler.
As of Sunday, everything is running and all toes, eyes and fingers are crossed.  I really do still love this town, I just discovered it has one annoying aspect.

Below are some sights I saw while I was computerless.   Below is the saddest thing and something I have never seen.   In my drive way I found this poor dead Hummingbird.  It was so tiny and light with out any sign of trauma.  The wings were just like that--straight out.  

Any palm readers out there, feel free to read my palm, just only tell me the good stuff.
My hummers are mostly gone these days though I leave my feeder up for those passing through while migrating to a better clime.  But that doesn't mean the feeder is quiet. The other day I found this free loader saying grace. I didn't think they ate any thing but their mates.  I moved him-or-her to a safer place for it was wigging out the few hummers I have left.

Then I got to harvest my sweet potatoes.  I got these from just three little plants.  Now that was a good investment and my they are so good.

Ok, that is all for today.   Want to thank everyone for their concern for my fall and can report that all wounds are healing nicely and fall induced aches are gone ( I still have my pet ones.)

However I am looking into that airbag vest Marylee suggested.


  1. I know what you mean about denial and the runaround. It doesn't just happen in the country. Oh, and BTW---out of curiosity I looked on the map to see where your town is. I know it is scenic, but you gotta drive a ways to get to "civilization". Ha.

  2. That's what I was going to say, Good morning, Patti ;)

    I am so curious where you live... I know you don't want to divulge this or you would have... lol

    But small town North Central... hmmmm -

    I live in Little Rock and just spent the last three days running around in Heber ... made a dash through Fairfield Bay ... so pretty

    I've never seen a dead hummer either ;( poor little guy

  3. It surprises me how difficult it's become for most companies to take care of things and how easy to blame everything and everybody except themselves. A sign of how dysfunctional we have become, I suspect. And it doesn't only happen in the country. Sad picture of that little hummer.

  4. Hi There, I'm back after a few weeks off from blogging. Hope you are doing okay. I have missed all of my blogging friends --but needed that break!

    There is an advantage for living in a small town and rural area. We love it... BUT--when you have problems --such as computers, it's hard to get things fixed for sure!!!!!


  5. So sorry you had "big city" answers to your computering dilemna. I say that because I have been going through a similar blah, blah from my internet provider. Sending out my Etsy orders has been a nightmare. It's terrible not having our "puter time". So I whole heartedly agree.
    I've never seen a dead hummer either. Poor little critter. My hummers are definately gone until next year. I really miss the fussing and talking at the kitchen window. The praying mantis is a shocker. I had no idea they would sugar water too.
    Hope the computer deal is fixed, that you are healing well and that fall is treating you to some lovely sights. OMa Linda

  6. Poor little bird, I wonder how he died? We've had 2 dead birds recently in our garden and can't work out why. We think they may have fallen from the nest and just died. My girls have a morbid interest in dead animals.

    Glad both your body and internet are better!

  7. Hi Patti! How tiny is the hummingbird and how big the praying mantis(?)! I have never seen one. The sweet potatoes look great!

  8. It's the same all over: internet connection becoming spotty, tech guy shows up, leaves a new modem and me 150 Euros (in cash, please!) poorer.

    What would we do with all the money if we still lived in the good old days, pre-world wide web? ;-)

    So sad about that little hummer, but good to hear you are recuperating nicely.

  9. Hi Patti, so happy to hear you're feeling okay and got the computer up and running again. What would we do without 'em?

    Looks like a nice batch of sweet potatoes. How do you fix them? I love to just bake one and put butter on it like a regular baked potato. Yum!

    Have a great day!

  10. It seems so difficult at times to get the HELP one needs from the Internet Service People...OR...The Computer People....It's always somebody else's problem....Grrrrrr.
    And I think it is something that happens no matter where you live, I'm sorry to say....

    You got a lot of Sweet Potato's...!! Poor little Hummer....There is something about a dear little dead bird that breaks the heart...Especially a Hummingbird.....

    Glad you are feeling so much better, my dear, and that you are back on-line, too!

  11. Sorry for your ISP problem and the little hummingbird. Our hummers were still here yesterday, but seem to be absent today!

    Your palm says you'll have a great winter! :)

  12. Death is so sad. HOwever, it appears your hummer had a good life as he is an older hummer, and probably died in flight. They work so hard, their little hearts just give out eventually. I prefer to believe that than something else. Just call me Polly is you want too.

    Happy you have returned to the living.

  13. So glad you are back with both computer and body having a new lease of life....missd you.
    I hate being conned or given the run around ...I think I would have pulled my weak rooted hair out completely, if I had gone through what you have.
    As for the bird ....ahhhh seems a mystery. I have never seen one,alive or dead,in real life.
    Please take care xx

  14. How frustrating, Patti! Hope the technical glitches are behind you. Poor little hummingbird! I wonder what happened?

    It conjured up a memory from years ago of my dear neighbor Carol who had a hummingbird feeder she kept moving higher and higher because of the hunting prowess of my cat Freddie. One day, when Carol was suffering from a migraine, Freddie bounced in through her open bedroom sliding glass door with a gift: a freshly killed hummingbird and dropped it on her chest. It was the only time she ever called to complain about a cat she usually loved.

  15. Sorry you were having such problems. I am just happy when it lets me come into your site. I keep my fingers crossed now for it opening up for me. lol
    Wow girlfriend you really got a lot of sweet potatoes from only two plants. Wish I had planted those myself.
    Just came by to say hello and check on you. Enjoy those sweet potatoes for me. I like lots of butter on mine. lol

  16. Oh my, what would I do without a stable internet provider. I didn't realize how much I depend on internet service until I read your post. Just reading about it made me grimmace, and cry at the thought.

  17. Sorry about your ISP troubles. Even here in the "big" city, we had troubles and runarounds when we had DSL internet, which was always going out. Finally a tech guy told us we were just out of range, which no one else had told us. Now we have cable, which works much better. Maybe you could try satellite, though that's probably really pricey.

  18. I hate that feeling of helplessness when having to deal with the phone company or cable company.

  19. Oh no! That hummer is one sad sight, indeed!

    The pain of crappy internet service is sharp! My sympathies.

  20. MissDazey,
    Back at ya.

    The sad thing is that the town you looked up is 15 miles away and we consider it the big town. I is in the boonies.

    Ah, you really do live in the big city. Those two towns are neat. When I first moved here I explored the Arkansas and liked those two and Greers Ferry also. Arkansas is really pretty.

    You are so right. I can deal with anything if they are honest about it. Sorry to hear it is a problem also in larger cities. Yikes.

    I guess when I weigh it all, I'll take the small town in a heart beat. Way more good than bad.

    Linda in NM,
    So sorry to hear the size doesn't matter. I was thinking big cities had marvelous ISPs.
    Fall is here weather wise and it is wonderful.

    Thanks Joey. I just hope it was natural causes. It was a first for me.

    Reader Wil,
    That Mantis was longer than the hummers. The hummers were fatter but seemed afraid of it.

    Wow, there is no place safe from these greedy sorts is there. I think with out the web, we would be healthier and richer but I sure would hate to try.

    Linda Myers,
    Not bad for a few plants. The potatoes are so big but really tasty.

    Thanks so much. I mash them and freeze them but baking is also good. I also make pie out of them.

    Thanks Naomi, I am much better. I am learning that small towns are not the only ones that have provider problems. Makes me feel a bit better.

    The hummers are thining out but I still have a few.
    Thanks for that positive palm reading. Hope you and my palm are right:))

    You know Dianne, you are probably right and I do hope it was natural causes. Their little hearts do beat at an incredible speed.

    Thank you, doing pretty good. I agree, if they would just level with me, I would adjust.Can't see any sense in the stall and evade approach.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy
    I love cats but their ideas of what is present material really is a put off. I am so glad mine are indoor cats.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Next year, put in some sweet potatoes, They are so easy to grow.
    So glad you can still access my blog. Hope it stays that way.

    If you have a reliable service, feel very fortunate. It is frustrating and you are totally at their will.

    I do wish I could get cable but our company doesn't come out this far. Satellite is pricey and those who have it aren't too impressed. I will just have to live with what I have.

    I know what you mean. They really have you where they want you and you have no recourse. Oh well....

    It really broke my heart to see such a beautiful creature dead for no apparent reason.
    I hope you have better service.

  21. I love sweet potatoes and that is a very good crop. Sorry about the hummer; maybe it was just his time to go.

  22. Glad to hear you are back up and going. Sorry for all the run around and what they put you through though. I get very aggravated with internet providers when there is a problem. Seems the ones I talk to have no idea what they are talking about.

    Your sweet potatoes look so yummy. I love them and hubby and I have eaten a lot of them the last few months.

    Sad about the little humming bird. Maybe it was just his time to go. I heard that most birds only live about 3 years. That is a pretty short life.

    Glad to hear your wounds are healing. Hugs

  23. My computer services is the same way and it's always their fault. finally when they came the last time I watched what the guy did and the modem has a reset button on the back, so if I have a problem I press that in when it comes back up and that seems to work.

    When I lived in Arkansas our electricity went off every Sunday morning at 8:30 am and I would have to reset the clocks. I kept calling and calling and they kept giving me the run around. It was too suspicious that it always went off on the same day and time. Finally a local person told me they didn't want to replace a part so it would always go off at that time. I called the electric company and told them what I had heard that they just wouldn't replace a part. The next Sunday it didn't go off and it never did again. (I guess they got caught by someone who had the nerve to say so)

    Poor little hummingbird don't know what happened to him, perhaps a bird rescue there might know. Those praying mantis will catch and eat a hummingbird, so glad you removed him to another area.

    What a passel of potatoes you got they look great.

  24. Hey..I thought praying mantis were our friends!!!! Well when I first saw the picture, I thought I was looking at another snake and of course I was wondering how in the world he got in that position. I double clicked and got a larger view and saw the real deal. Still, they actually EAT hummers?? Dang!

  25. Hi Patti, glad things are working better now; sorry they gave you such a run around. We use high speed through the cable company, and it has never given me a problem like the phone ones used to on occasion.

    Were your sweet potato plants in a planter? That is way cool that you got so many in either case.

    Glad that you are feeling better!

    Kathy M.

  26. Thanks for your visit! I love kangaroos, but I have only seen the smaller type like the wallaby.

  27. Oh, that poor hummingbird! Your sweet potatoes sure do look good though.

    I sympathize with you about your internet problems. I finally gave up on dial-up and went with satellite.

  28. Wow! What a sweet potato harvest! That is "sweet". I just saw a recipe for baked sweet potato "fries". It looked good.

    Glad you are back and glad your isp is fixed for the time being. We have ATT and sometimes it has us ready to scream and wondering why we left Charter.

  29. Definitely most frustrating. Fortunately my server company (I don't even understand the jargon) has been both reliable and helpful. Just lucky I guess...

  30. Poor little birdie; it looks like old age. However, to sound a dire warning. Dead birds, with no apparent signs of demise, are cause for testing for bird flu in southern New England.

    I too get my internet connection through my cable company. I have to say they are very good about prompt service, and they didn't even laugh when my whole system went down due to the (helper) cats turning off the surge protector.

    Love those sweet potatoes. My neighbor, due to our glacial moraine soil, grows them in bushel baskets with amazing results. Think I'll give it a try next year.

  31. Judy,
    Isn't it funny, we don't think of creatures dying of natural causes. Guess they get old too.

    Mumsy's Place,
    Gosh that isn't long is it? And to think hummers spend a lot of that time in a state of irritatiion.

    Linda Starr,
    Well I am glad you straightened them out before I got here. How annoying.

    I was quite shocked to hear they do kill and eat hummers(only part as they are too big.) There are some really gross pictures on the Net. I no longer think of them as just pious friends of gardeners.

    Oregon gifts,
    No, I had them in ground and they made lovely and spacious ground cover for just a few plants. Thanks.

    Reader Wil,
    Lucky you, I have seen neither.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    Some of my friends have gone to satellite but it has problems also. Guess I need to work on my patience.

    Amber Star,
    Thanks, I have tried them that way also. I have enough to try lots of recipes.

    Put them on your Christmas list for you are indeed fortunate.

    Welcome to TNS and thank you for stopping by. That is funny, in retrospect of course, about your helper cat. Mine haven't done that yet.
    Try the sweets, they are easy and delicious.

  32. Time Warner kept telling our daughter there was nothing wrong, she had to keep rebooting her modem, that was their solution the first time to keep shutting it off and then back on, finally they brought out a new one for her, still same problem. I told her to keep after them. Finally they sent out a man that knew what he was doing. Apparently their line was underground, and sometime when the people next door were building someone had cut through it and taped it, so every time the weather changed it seemed to not work right. He put in a new line and it hasn't acted up since. Something so simple, perhaps you have a line with a small crack in it.

    As for the little hummer, perhaps he flew into something and ended up in the driveway. We also leave our feeder up till about the middle of Oct. There has been one little fella out there even in the rain the last few days, he's so tiny, I don't know if he'll make the flight back South or not.

    Your sweet potatoes look nice. Hope the problem is with the company that provides your service and not you computer.

  33. Hi Patti, thank you so much for your sweet comment about my story on Grandma yellow hair's Blogazine. You are right, it was too long and I even forgot to include stuff, thanks goodness or it would have been even longer. It's good to keep some mysteries for later.

    I love sweet potatoes and haven't seen any sold to plant around here. We have to order them from a seed catalogue. I want to try it next year. All that from only three plants. Great harvest.

    I know that you have so many comments to read but I would love having you visiting my blog if you have some spare time.

    I've enjoyed my visit here and look forward to checking up on you again. Take care . JB

  34. ohhhh that is soooooo sad! I caught one hummingbird once, it was so unbelievebly small.

    oh i still feel bad about your dead little birdie...

    p.s. great potatoes...

  35. Your sweet potatoes are one great harvest. It's getting to be time for root veggies. Poor hummer. He should be in Mexico with his buddies. Isn't your computer man the one you like because he likes dogs? And he didn't charge you before?
    Yeah, small towns are so neat but so lacking in many things.

  36. Oh how sad for that hummer! I have never seen a dead one, although I see plenty of little martins that fall (or get pulled out by hawks). I can totally relate to your computer people- I love how they walk you through all these steps and then finally admit that it just might be something on their end. Just went through four days of that. Glad you are feeling better!

  37. Patty,
    Thanks. A problem with the undergound might explain my slow speed but the whole town went through the loss of connection thing. My computer repair guy said he was flooded with calls.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your post could have only been too long had it been boring but it certainly wasn't boring. I will check out your blog.

    They are so tiny but also so very light. They are cranky at the feeder but I love to watch them.

    Yep, my computer repair guy is wonderful, the phone company which is my provider is not so much. Computer guy just did some more work for me and again, charged nothing. Don't know how he stays in business but I really appreciate him. His dog likes me and my being an old lady might help.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Strange you also went through 4 days of it since we have different providers. Wonder if those solar flares caused it?