Saturday, December 17, 2011


As I was returning from town the other day a really strange sight greeted me. Our roads are narrow, winding and hilly with narrow shoulders. Finding a place to pull off is usually a problem. I saw two cars pulled mostly off on opposite sides of the road and a man appeared to be walking back and forth across the road.  There was a tiny squirrel on the road also.

The man seemed oblivious to traffic so not wanting to hit him, I pulled off the road behind him and the scenario unfolded. A woman on the left side of the road was wringing her hands and looking totally frantic. The man, probably from the car on the right sided appeared to be trying to catch the squirrel---OMG, it was not a squirrel but a tiny Yorkie puppy.

Not my picture
These dogs average 3 to 4 pounds full grown. That puppy had to be maybe a pound. I suspect it was  running loose from a potty break gone bad. The little fellow at times looked like he was having the time of his life running from the fellow but when a large truck would crest the hill, he would get quite scared and run unpredictably in all directions, just like a squirrel.  Lots of squealing tires and gasping from the gathering crowd each time.

Sometimes he would run right at the man, only to veer off to the opposite side of the road at the last minute. The little fellow was amazingly quick. Time and again, he barely dodged a terrible ending.

This went on for several minutes and had all the makings for an ugly conclusion. I was horrified that I might be forced to witness an absolutely terrible sight.

I kept the traffic in my lane at bay but the facing hill and curve posed a serious threat. Cars and trucks periodically just appeared over the hill to all our terror. I could barely breathe. Eventually, someone one on the other side of the hill was at least slowing the vehicles down. That helped reduce the threat of human tragedy enormously.  

I heard a door slam as the guy behind me got out and stalked towards the confused struggle. At first I thought this might be a really bad idea for the little dog was so unpredictable and stressed that there was no telling where he would zoom off to with a new monster chasing him.

This guy however had obviously worked cows. With arms spread wide, he very slowly walked toward the puppy, deliberately steering him towards the owner. The pup was totally concentrating on the new giant person with the huge wing span and didn't realize he was being backed right into the other fellows grasp. He was quickly snatched up.

I heard all kinds of muffled cheering coming from about 6 cars backed up on my side of the road alone.  Cheering came from over the hill also. There was quite an audience and we all started breathing normally again.

The woman looked at the pup with tears in her eyes and weakly mouthed the words, "A Christmas gift” as he was placed in her arms. Not sure if it had been given to her or was intended for someone else. It obviously had not been a carefully thought out gift either way. Giving pets as a gift rarely works out. It is like picking out a child for someone. 

All were safely tucked away and as if nothing had happened, traffic resumed calmly. This story, thank goodness, had a happy ending but I'll bet the first thing on that little guy's education agenda, even before housebreaking, will be  to come immediately when called.  I hope on her list of things learned, was that you don't let a puppy out to pee on a country road with no leash.

When I got home, I gave Mighty a huge, prolonged hug that must have made him wonder,"Huh??"


  1. Thank God this ended without a really nasty, emotionwrecking ending. Tell Mighty I said WOOF!

  2. I was holding my breath reading that - thank goodness he was ok!

  3. Thank goodness for happy endings and helpful strangers.

  4. Happy Ending.....a real cliffhanger!

  5. We once saw a dog stuck on the median of a busy highway. We pulled over to the shoulder of the median to try and get him. I'm not sure what we would do with him once we caught him, but we had to get him off the median.

    Amazingly others saw what we were trying to do. The dog was frightened and would always back away from us. Cars began pulling over all over the place and soon we had six people all trying to corral the dog. We were all terrified the he would run out onto the freeway.

    Finally someone caught him. One of the women that stopped proclaimed that she wanted him. She said that it was fate that she met him this way and she wanted to take him and feed him and bathe him and give him a home.

    A happy ending. But it restored my faith in humanity a little. So many stopped to try and help the confused and frightened dog.

    Sometimes, like in your story, people spontaneously do good things.

  6. You're right about giving animals as gifts. I like the analogy of trying to pick out children for another person. Glad it all turned out for the best... at least for now. That little guy needs to be trained and on a leash! Well told, Patti, I enjoyed it since it all turned out okay!.

  7. What an amazing account ...had me on a knife edge ... I am still fighting my cold/virus so it was a welcome happy ending . xx

  8. What an experience, just the reading of it made me tense! Thankful for the happy ending!

  9. I'm glad this story had a happy ending! Nice to see there are still some good guys out there who are still prepared to help and not just sit in their cars waiting for someone else to do something.

  10. 'tis the season to be jolly! ;-)

    Thank goodness, a happy end to a frightening event in all of you involved!

    Enjoy the season!

  11. What a fright, Patti! I'm so glad this had a HAPPY Ending---It could have been so, the other way....! That little teeny tiny--one wonders what he must have been going through in his itty bitty mind....You are so right about giving an animal as a gift...! A truly terrible idea in every way....!

  12. Could the Christmas gift be that the pup was delivered back into hers arms unharmed? Have to wonder "what was she thinking?" in any case.
    I trusted you would not bum us out with a story that did not have this happy ending, but I had my breath held all the same.

  13. I am so happy to hear the story had a happy ending. It does warm my heart that all the travelers stopped to help out or just stay out of the way. I will have to remember the cattle man's way of returning the dog to its owner.

  14. OMG Patti, Thanks for sharing the story with the happy ending. I love dogs, and would have hated you if the pup came to a bad end, even if it wasn't your fault. Now I want a Yorkie puppy. Dianne

  15. Great story, patti. I like how people get together to make things happen like that. I recently watched a youtube video of a police car blocking traffic on a freeway while a family of ducks walked across. Quite a sight.

  16. This story could have ended so badly. Thank goodness there are those who know just what to do and save the day. Hold Mighty tight.

  17. Oh My Goodness... Glad that story worked out well... You are correct though when it comes to people getting a pet as a gift... So many people don't know how to care for them at all... That's why there are so many 'throw-away' pets in animal shelters now... Kinda sad, isn't it?

    Merry Christmas, Patti.

  18. Great story!

    In our area, traffic sometimes stops for a mother duck and her babies crossing the road in the spring. We all just wait.

  19. Oh, sweet Patti I read this holding my happy it turned out the way it did and everyone and the puppy were I am breathing again. That woman should be very thankful the second man came along and knew what to do to help catch the pup. I hope that Christmas gift is a much loved and appreciated one and that little sweetie will never again be in danger. Hugs

  20. Oh thank goodness for the happy ending. Been there for the other kind and I think you raised my blood pressure some with the telling of this one. I'm glad all worked out well. Sometimes we humans can pull our stuff together and be good for good sake. Good story telling as always Patti. Oma Linda

  21. My friend & I once stopped to help 2 large dogs standing (& looking very nervous) by the side of a highway. Thet had collars but no leashes. The male would not leave the female to let us put him in the car. He was very protective & wouldn't leave her side. When we got the female into the car, he jumped right in to be with her. Happy ending--we located the worried owners.

  22. Hi Patti,
    Oh I just love happy endings, but you had me worried for a minute there! Poor little puppy didn't know he was doing anything wrong. Thank goodness no one was hurt on those kind of roads. I hope the little puppy will be happy in his new home! Give Mighty a hug for me. Merry Christmas!!

  23. You had my "heart in my mouth" with that account. What a Christmas gift that one will be! I am now rejoicing for the little survivor, and for you too, because it was good to read that you are out and about after all your horrible time of illness. P & Lxx

  24. Wow! So glad that worked out...

  25. Clint,
    Not sure I could have stood for it to go any other way. Thanks.

    Kitty Moore,
    Thank you. I was holding my breath at the time.

    RV Vagagonds,
    I have found people step up when they have to.

    Thanks, me too.

    Now that is a wonderful story. What a neat ending. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks and I totally agree. Mighty who minds extremely well is always on a leash when out side the yard.

    Gee I hate that you are still struggling. Mine is hanging on also but more annoying than anything else. Hope you are seeing a doctor.

    Thanks, it had me squeezing dents in my steering wheel.

    LLCool Joe,
    The one who impressed me the most was the first guy. He did not know the woman but stopped to help putting his life on the line with the traffic unchecked.

    Merisi Vienna,
    Thank you for hopping across the pond to comment. Hope you have a wonderful season also.

    Naomi, I am sure in the beginning he thought it was a cool game of "keep away." A big dump truck changed the rules of the game and he was quite scared.

    I did not think of it that way but it makes good sense.
    I know, she was quite negligent in her care.

    My way of getting stray dogs to come would have taken too much time and time was critical. He did the right and successful thing.

    Me too on the happy ending. I would have needed a shrink had it gone the other way. They really are cuties aren't they?

    99% of the people will do the right thing and it is so rewarding to see it done.

    Retired English Teacher,
    This could have gone such a dreadful way. If it had, I would never have posted it. It did make me want to hold my little fellow a bit closer.

    You are absolutely right. I once did that and the dog was totally unwanted but I was able to regift him to a neat home. I learned my lesson.

    Linda Myers
    I have seen that for flocks of turkeys and you are right, it is so heartwarming.

    Thank you and I too hope he has a better landing where ever he is intended. What a dreadful start.

    Linda in NM
    Thank you Linda. I am sorry you had to witness an event with an awful ending. Those things stay with us.

    Now that was great thinking and solved a sticky problem. How wonderful you found the owners also. A win/win day.

    I too hope he ends up in a home that shows a bit more common sense towards him. I'll bet he slept the whole way.

    Thanks, I love happy endings also. I am much better, just a bit of a cough that won't let go. Hopefully soon.

    Mom of 12,
    Thanks, it was one scary time.

  26. Good evening Patti, I am still among the living. Sorry for not getting around like I would like to, but time seems to fly. so I'm trying to take this evening and catch up a little. Abe's all ready been out here once, saying are you about done, the dog seems anxious, well for pete's sake, I thought entertain him for a while, or let him go in the bedroom with the girls. Glad the little dog story turned out with a happy ending. Seems either Abe or myself has been going to some doctor about once a week since Oct. Monday the dog goes for his toenails. I've also started therapy for my back, hope it helps. Wishing you and your furry friends a very Merry Christmas.

  27. as usual, Patti, a wonderful story well told!

  28. Shew! Glad the holiday season did not start off with a tragedy to watch.

  29. Many years ago we moved into a house on a busy highway for a few weeks while our new home was being finished. Our two cocker spaniels were not familiar with cars or highways. One morning they got out and we watched in horror as we saw them on the highway. We saw the neighbor's dog herd them off the highway and kept them off until we could reach them. Our kids called the neighbor's dog an angel dog.

    An Arkies Musings

  30. Hi Patti, I'm so glad that everything turned out so well. You are the best storyteller. I love how so many stopped to help and were patient with their delay.

    Merry Christmas,

    Kathy M.

  31. How scary for you and the rest of the people -- there's nothing worse than dogs in a busy road. I'm glad this one had a happy ending. A real Christmas story ending.

  32. I'm so glad the story had a happy ending! I think people forget how frightened and disoriented a newly adopted animal can be under any circumstances. Thank goodness there were so many good-hearted souls at the scene (instead of honking, impatient jerks!) and that the little dog ended up in his owners arms unharmed.

  33. Oh my honey I was afraid to keep reading. Thank goodness it was a happy ending.
    Your right she has a lot to learn about dogs. Hope she learned from this incident.
    Hope your over all your crud and doing well.
    Love ya

  34. I wish peace and happiness these days,
    Happy Holidays!.
    a hug.

  35. Patty,
    Good to hear from you but sorry you have been having problems health wise also. Seems after a certain age, our dance cards are full of Dr. appointments. Hope the treatments work for your back.

    Thank you marcia. Wish you posted more. Miss you.

    Thanks. That would have been an awful image to sear my brain. Phew.

    Wow, what an amazing story and dog. It is true, not all dogs are street smart.

    Oregon gifts,
    Thank you , I just relate what I see. I do believe the majority of people are wonderful and don't believe the headlines. Those are just the few.

    I totally agree. They panic and become unpredictible. I sure was relieved.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    You are so right. They go from the protection of Mom and the siblings to snuggle with, to strange noises, smells and hands. What a shock.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    You are also right. Most people think a new pet can just be plugged right into any situation and be happy. I think passing a test to get a licence to own a pet should be required.

    Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a happy holidays also.

  36. What a great xmas story with a happy ending.

  37. What a magnificent CHristmas story. I mourn everytime I see what our vehicles cannot avoid doing to our pets as well as all life.

    We have hit a dog and killed a small dog which darted full speed across Hwy to Little Rock just as we ascended the steep Mountain where the runaway truck pit is. There was NOWHERE to swerve.

    I mourned all the way to LR. Husband who is the better driver but never targets animals or anything but fish, finally said, "now really what did you want me to do? Drive off the side of the mountain and then there would have been two killed."

    Yes there is good reason there are ordinances for keeping a pet on a lease, even cats although I think that is somewhat a useless effort.

  38. Oh.....Yorkies are VERY fast. I've watched my niece try to catch hers and Ella just thinks it is a game.

    Glad the story had a happy ending!

  39. Fortunately the little guy was caught and thanks to him, your story was captivating as always! Thanks for telling this.

  40. Reader Wil,
    Thanks so much. Had it ended differently, I would not have posted it.

    Yes they are. That little dude was quick and erratic as a squirrel.

    Oh how awful for you. You had no choice but that doesn't help the dispair.

    Linda Starr,
    Thanks. I am so glad it had a happy ending.

  41. Oh my- poor pup- and poor lady! That could have ended SO badly.
    Thank goodness that stranger was lucky in his endeavor to stop the pup from getting run over.

  42. That was a scary story and I held my breath as I've seen the same thing happen. I also wonder why people think a puppy can be trusted beside heavy traffic.
    Even Cody, who is most obedient, I don't trust her around heavy traffic if a squirrel should run out or some delicious distraction.
    Hope you are feeling well and have a cheerful holiday with a little snow. I hear we'll have a lot.... over a foot in the forecast. UUghh

  43. Southwest Arkie,
    He was a special guy for when he started the rescue, traffic was moving.

    I am like you. The only time Mighty runs free is when he is inside my fenced yard. I know how easily distracted a dog can get.

    Thank you for stoppping by and commenting. Welcome.

  44. Wow that had me on edge for a moment. Loved the happy ending. Happy Holidays to you and thanks for stopping by my post.