Monday, December 26, 2011


I usually buy my pets little Christmas presents as my young'uns are always on the “nice” list. I have to admit however that I am not too creative at picking out presents. I usually buy winter sweaters or new pet beds which is like buying underwear and socks for a child and calling it a "present".

This year, Mighty got his usual new bed---yawn--- but I went a bit out of character with the cats. Now you may all ready know about their painfully slow acceptance of the condo I bought them which may be why I avoid the fun stuff. 

However, this year as I perused the pet toy section, something jumped out at me.


Hum--- I wondered if it would work with my pair and decided I had $11.00 to waste on an experiment. This looked like it might interest the cats.

What really attracted me was the bird like sound it supposedly had to entice the most curious of God's creatures.  In theory, they would bat the ball around the track and it would make delightful bird noises.

So I brought it home and in seconds, it was up and running. Wow, what a success. I gave it a starting push and Minnie immediately pounced on the ball and set off the battery powered bird sounds.

Chirrup--chirp,cheep repeated incessantly and surprisingly loud as long as the ball moved. It must be a Jeopardy bird for the last cheep has the upward lilt of a question.  Strange sounding or not, the cats were enthralled and not the least critical.

Mickey patiently waited his turn at the strange bird, while I congratulated myself on making such a wise choice. I could be a creative gift giver  after all. I had graduated from socks and underwear to a COOl gift giver. 

My first slightly anxious thought was to wonder how long that battery would last for I was pretty sure they would lose interest when the “bird” died. I was really hoping we would at least get the $11.00 worth.

So for the rest of the day, I either smiled while watching them tackle the round bird or was startled to hear the chirrup--chirp,cheep suddenly start up again after a brief quiet spell.

Generally,they worked it like a tag team. Minnie would tackle the bird till she got bored, then immediately,  Mickey took up the challenge. By the time he got bored, she was ready again.

While I originally worried the battery might not last very long, I began to worry how long it would last. I checked the web site and a reviewer claimed hers was still going strong after two months. Awwww crap.   I tried to console my rapidly frazzling nerves that at least they were happy. 

So after three days, I can say the present is a smashing success for the kitties. Not so much for me. I can highly recommend this toy for your cats amusement but hopefully you have a place like a garage or porch where they can attack it and not drive you to teeth gritting distraction.

If you have to have it inside like I do, I suggest you don't leave it out all the time. Ration it and be sure to take it up at night because that is when they hit it the hardest. They do love night hunting.

Chirrup--chirp,cheep.   Chirrup--chirp,cheep.  What have I done?

Have you ever had what appeared to be a good idea at first, not stand the test of time?


  1. Been there...our kitties love a wine cork and bell on a string at the end of a stick,,,,so why not hang it! Then the kitties can jump off the cat tower and other furniture and cause complete chaos. Needless to say the cork and bell is severely rationed!

    Happy Boxing Day!

  2. The things we do for our "babies" ha ha ha. Sophie snooped and found her Christmas baby before Christmas. So, yesterday, she kept looking around for another package for her. She nosed all around after all the presents had been unwrapped. She pouted all afternoon and...refused to play with the baby she found prior to Christmas. I found her antics so interesting and amusing.

  3. With my kids ...Yes! Back in the 70's we bought a rather large silver battery powered toy locomotive for our sons. The realistic train sound and loud whistles were cute in the store! At home it was a perpetual motion machine, that traveled a straight line and changed directions, when hitting an obstacle...choo chooing and whistling all the way! Quickly learned from that!

  4. Patches doesn't "do" toys, other than her beloved suede strings on a stick. Furry mice, balls, feathers, catnip filled goodies--no response. I figure an irritating toy like a whistling bird ring would probably be something she'd finally fall in love with, but after your blog, I think I'll pass on the chance to find out.

  5. Oh, that's funny! And now you need to endure it, for the sake of your little kitties' pleasure! But you could ration it out, as smartcat does her toy! Good for you for moving beyond socks and underwear... :-)

  6. That's funny. Reminds me of some of the noisy toys I've bought for my grandkids only to end up hating their annoying sounds after a few hours.

  7. That is a good one. Yes! I remember deciding I was going to be the fun aunt. When she was little, and I watched her for the weekend, I took my niece to the art store and got all kinds of stuff including glitter and glue. We went back to her house and tore it up. The next day I saw glitter everywhere and knew my sister, my very neat and tidy sister, was going to croak. I called my mom in a panic and she came over to help. We did not have 100% success in getting it up. My sister said she saw glitter for the next year.

  8. Looks tempting. I may do a little post-holiday shopping.

    We gave our cat Larisa a box for Christmas, and she is still delighted.

  9. I very probably did--I MUST have--but I can't remember. However, we used to give a tricycle as a baby gift for people we liked--& a drum set for those we weren't overly fond of!

  10. A great idea, Patti! You can always put it away for some time and give it to them when they have had their food. It is a great exercise.

  11. spite of it driving you crazy, how GREAT to find a Cat Toy that holds that much interest for such a long long time...!
    I think the cheep-chirp would begin to drive me crazy, but it sure looks like your dear Cats are having a ball!!

  12. "Sounds" like fun -- we just got Greenies dental chews for the dogs.

  13. To a graduate of the Wonderful, Creative Gift Giver school. You sure did do a great job! Start watching for a plethora bird feathers scattered here and there. Just so you know, you are way nicer than I am. I didn’t even consider giving my cat a gift. I say to cat, “Go out into the world, into God’s creation and make your own fun – Try taking on a coyote or a raccoon if you are feeling powerful”
    Did you know notice if they had one of those that made coyote sounds? I wonder, Hmmm……..The possibilities.

  14. I knew when you described the chirps how soon my nerves would throw it across the room.

    I had a chirping Christmas ornament I often plug in an electric outlet and put it in a floor register. One shepherd never stopped barking and pawing the register, until I disconnected the power. At least I had control.

    Lucky gets toys because when we adopted her she did not even know what to do with one but she does now. She squeaks 'em mercilessly and tears up--mounds of cotton sometimes for me to clean up. She never has learned to catch anything tossed in the air whether tennis ball or toy, but she will chase and retrieve anything thrown along the floor.

    Christmas Day must have been downright chirpy at your hours.

  15. Well, getting married seemed like a good idea at the time. Turns out, not so much. lol

  16. Greetings from Australia..
    Well your gift was a hit..its funny how our pets become our children when the real ones flee the nest. My hubby bought our little dog a flickering ball that lights up when it bounces...what a laugh we get out of that!!! God bless you day.

  17. After foster parenting and the children getting gifts that made noise I learned to seek out fun but quiet toys for the cats and Chancy. The cats do have a bell they ring now and then but I can deal with that. That does look like a fun toy but with the bird sound it would not be out much around here. Hugs

  18. Sorry! I have to tell you my daughter and I try to outdo each other by giving our youngest the most annoying toys possible. The louder the better! So yeah, yesterday Baby Doll got a cell phone that yacks long and loud and annoying...

  19. That is so hilarious! I can just imagine them having a blast with their new toy. I wonder how long you will last before you put it away though?

  20. Wow ...a cat gadget toy that works ... must look out for one. I think its sounds might well get on ones nerves though. lol. Last year we got K and R musical toys ...drums, guitar, microphone etc first it was fun ...then after a few weeks I started twitching when they played with them ...then by one they 'disappeared' into the understairs cupboard ...was I a bad Nana Anja ????? lol

  21. smartcat,
    Yes, you do understand. That is funny mainly because it is your house not mine.
    We really should do Boxing Day here. Good idea.

    Lets see, do we spell spoiled with a "t"? That is priceless and you are doing it right. Pets deserve to be spoilt. I did that as a kid once and it ruined my Christmas also.

    Oh dear, that would drive one bonkers. Bet they loved it. I remember seeing those advertised and thought "how neat."

    RV Vagabonds,
    You keep yours intertained with nice walks. Have you tried the lazer light? Mine normally don't care for toys but they love that and of course the damn birds.

    Thanks and you are right. Rationing is the only way to keep the tension down. I do feel like I have made a step forward though in gift giving.

    At least the toys went home with their parents or did you keep the toys at your house. Yikes.

    Well you did keep your title as the "fun" aunt. Not sure where you stood as a sister. Sounds like everyone got a chuckle though.

    Linda Myers.
    Love the box or bag idea. They really don't need electronics.

    Now that is diabolical. At least all the kids loved you.

    REader Wil,
    Thanks, that is what I am doing almost. I put it out occasionally which keeps their interest fresh and my mind sane.

    I was amazed that it worked so well also Naomi. They really do love it so I will put up with it. Perhaps I will get "boiler factory" hearing and not even notice.

    Thanks Tom. I tried the Greenies and they made Mighty throw up green stuff. Most dogs love them.

    There are cat people and then there is GQ:)) Love ya anyway big guy. Mine never go outside so that is why they need toys to simulate hunting.

    You really have to think through Luckie's toys don't you?
    I had one of those electric Christmas carousels that had wonderful detail and tinkled out carols endlessly. I gave it away and now see that it is worth $180.00. Sigh.

    Ha ha, I did the same thing.

    Crystal Mary,
    Welcome Australia to TNS. So glad you popped over. That ball sounds fun----and quiet.

    You are right. It does need to be in measured doses. I have learned my lesson.

    Mom of 12,
    Ha ha. Bet BD is delighted with it. Evidently your daughter learned from the best.

    Well, it now only makes periodic appearances. I am big, I am in control. I think the rationing keeps their interest fresh.

    No, you were a smart Nana Anja who I am pretty sure learned her lesson. I know I have.
    And yes, a cat toy that really works is amazing.

  22. My little grandson Sean wanted drumsticks for Christmas (the kind you use to beat on things). I bought him a bat bag instead. His Dad reports he ran to his room and put his bats away. I wonder what he would have done with drumsticks? Ain't I a savvy grandmother?? Dianne

  23. Ha ha, sounds like it's been a bit too successful then! If my 2 cats were still alive, they'd love that!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  24. Oh my goodness! What were you thinking? Our cat, Muffin, didn't really get into toys. She was a serious cat to say the least. I'm sure your furbaby is having a blast with the bird toy. Just remember you are in are in charge. :D

  25. It wasn't my idea, but an aunt of mr. kenju's gave our son a drum when he was shy of 2 years old. It was a noisy disaster. I made it disappear fairly quickly - which as you might imagine - was not as easy with a kid as it would be with a cat.

  26. This is amazing. I have never seen such a thing, but then I don't look in the cat section of the pet store. Maybe I will get this for my daughter's cat. It will keep Fluffy occupied when the kidos and my daughter are not at home. Also, the noise could be payback for the times she kept me awake worrying about her. ;)

  27. That looks like a fun toy for Stormy. I'd have to let her play with it in small doses, tho. That noise would drive me bonkers, too! You have cute kitties and I like your hardwood floors, too. I'm wishing I had those instead of carpet after a few doggie messes my son's pup made this week! Ah, pets. The hoops we jump through to accommodate them.

  28. Ha, this is funny, Patti! You are the best Mom. Too bad that there isn't a volume control, but that is great that they are enjoying it so much. This reminds me of the kind of gift to give to another kitty mother ... sort of like giving your nephew a drum set for Christmas.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

    Kathy M.

  29. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Patti!

    The cat toy seems like it was a great success - even if a bit noisy! Aren't the best gifts?!

    All my best!

  30. Dianne,
    Savvy Grandmother yes, but an even more thoughtful mother.

    LLCool Joe.
    Thanks Joey. Sometimes things work out if you stay in control.

    Amber Star,
    I keep saying that over and over.

    Hum, seems the aunt had unresolved issues with one of you. That was a bit mean.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Ha ha, now that is a win/win if I ever heard it.

    Thanks, I wish they were hard wood but they are just vinyl. They are so easy to clean however and I love them. Pets make you think differently about flooring.

    Oregon gifts,
    You are right. This would be a perfect gift for revenge or pay back.

    Lynda G,
    At least the popular ones seem to be. Thanks and back at ya.

  31. Kinda like those little quirks that you loved about your spouse when you were datin' that gnaw on your last nerve after 39 years.

    Heeeehehehe!!! At least it's a grand hit!

    God bless and have yourself a 'Peaceful' New Year!!! :o)

  32. Lol thanks honey for sharing this toy with us. I have wondered about buying it myself because poor Tinkerbell needs some activity in her life.
    Glad your babies loved your gift but I could see it getting on ones nerves after a while.
    Just wanted to check on you and to wish you a very Happy New Year.
    I hope the New Year brings you lots of Chirrup--chirp,cheep. Chirrup--chirp,cheep. heehee

  33. Not sure I could handle that noise- but sounds like a good toy for kitties. I just bought mine a catnip ball, a first for her. She loves it and thank goodness it doesn't make noise, but she has been batting it across the room where it slams into the walls. Now I am worried about the windows.

  34. My son (at age 12) wanted a drum set and we thought it a good idea, a healthy way to work off all that energy! WOW...we spent many an ear splitting hour but he's still (at age 52)drumming.

  35. hah, we have that for our Kitty and yes, what sounds like a great idea at first, well, turns out not to be...oh well, the cats are having fun!

  36. Nezzy,
    Ha, you are so right. Also like the actions of a toddler that are cute at 3 and fade at 6.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Hope you can find a silent version for Tinkerbell.
    Have a great New Year Maggie, you have one coming.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Ha, she has some arm. At least your destruction is relatively quiet.

    Good for you putting up with it and good for him making it a lifetime pleasure.

    Ah ha, a fellow sufferer but you are right, they do love it.

  37. Wow, that looks like a good present for my cats, I feel guilty keeping them inside, but can't afford all the shots and vet bills if they get sick or in a fight or something, possible hit by a car I'm going to search for this one, thanks. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you.

  38. Great gift and you quickly learned to adjust its use so you could still remain sane. That's quite an achievement. Where there any noise makers for the new year celebration?
    Would be ever so pleased if you occasionally visited my other blog this year and I hope you have a healthy happy year!
    Wish our cat was s slim as yours, Playful too. Ours just finds new Places to sleep.

  39. Oh, Patti, thank you for giving me a good New Year's Day chuckle. Just came by to wish you many good things in 2012 and now I'm hoping the kitties are still going strong with their new gift. (I see you haven't posted for awhile - I hope it hasn't driven you crazy...) Happy New Year, Patti!

  40. LOL... how funny that is. It is like buying a toy for a kid and they drive you nuts with it.

  41. A break from blogging is a good thing because that's the rest we all need, take it easy I was just telling Gary about your cat toy last night and we are going to search for one for our cats, thinking of you.

  42. Linda Starr,
    I got mine at Walmart. Good luck and be sure to ration for your sanity's sake.

    Thanks for letting me know about your other blog. I will check it out.

    Nope just resting. Thanks for checking.

    My Journey With Candida
    Welcome to TNS and yes, you are so right.

  43. A very peaceful 2012, Patty! Thanks for visiting my blog so often. The weather over here is tempestuous. There is a gale blowing. I have a three-storeyed house and I stay downstairs, for on the topfloor under the roof it is too noisy.
    Well I hope this year will be better in the whole world.

  44. Happy New Tear! Kitties and kiddies evidently share a fascination for noisy, active toys. With 4 kiddie and multiple kitties, I was amused to discover rhat our oldest puts all noisemakers in the off position or removes batteries. Survival is a priority. Achieving cool status, however is a priority too! I can relate to your Subway choice based on calories. Unfortunately, salty, salty, salty!

  45. Hi honey
    Its me again. I am going to miss you while you take a break. But I totally understand. My creative juices have flown out the window and I just ramble a lot.
    I bought this toy Sunday for Tinkerbell and she is too lazy to play with it. hahahaha
    I have let her get too big for her own good.
    I took some pictures of her laying on the bed upside down playing with this I will try to post them.
    I will probably end up giving it to Christi because she just adopted a cat.
    Hope to see you back soon

  46. I see that we can't comment on your most recent post so I'd like to just wish you a Happy New Year and a nice rest from posting.

  47. Reader Wil,
    Perhaps if 2012 comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. We can hope.

    Aw shoot. Guess I should check the salt content in Subways. If they take calories away, they probably add salt so it will taste good. Hard to win.

    Grandma Yellow Hair.
    I am so sorry it didn't work for Tinker Bell. I can only say, lucky for you. Hope Christi's cat likes it.

    Thank you. I just disabled comments since it was just a FYI as to why I wasn't posting and to let my friends know I was still kicking.
    Thanks for making the special trip.