Thursday, January 12, 2012


Any one over 60 has noticed that memory is no longer a strong suit.  Small things go, like a name or a word.  I have found however that my computer search engine has become my secretary to help me find that word or name I  have misfiled.  Mr. Google--- I always wanted a male secretary.
When I realize there is a blank spot up there, I get like a blood hound on a trail. I won't accept not knowing and  I won't quit till the blank space is filled.

Example:  The other day, I was trying to remember the name of a favorite football player that has been out of the game for a while.  I thought I would never forget his name but it was gone. 

I could see him clearly. His  broad grin, kind of crazy, willful hair and bull like neck. I could see him throwing his body with abandon at players much bigger than he was.  He was relentless and a joy to watch. Ole "what's his name." 

 There was no name filed in my memory for this fellow. So I played the new game and worked with what I did remember.  I remembered he was the brother-in law-of one of the players that was still  in the game. 

Ahhh, now what was the BIL's name.   I knew that fellow  had been  on Dancing with the stars and wore #99 on his uniform.

Finally I had a tool to work with.  The computer took this information and coughed up a name--Jason Taylor.  Then all I had to do was Google for his brother-in-law and I found my  lost player---Zack Thomas. Welcome back Zack.
That was a very convoluted trail but successful.  The truly strange part is that I am really enjoying these hunts for missing words and people. It is quite a challenging game and I certainly have the time.  Zack is now safely filed away in a newer, less congested mental cabinet.

I do wonder however, how on earth did our parents manage this stage of life without computers? I guess they just stayed frustrated.


Below is a short video I saw yesterday from the Associated Press that is quite strange, sad, rewarding and while not with a completely happy ending, at least a satisfying one. Angels sometimes travel in yellow kayaks.

 It is worth a look at Barney's story. 


Have a great week end.    


  1. Aww poor Barney.

    Okay I may not be 60 but I have a terrible memory! It always was, but it's getting worse each year, and I'm sure by the time I do reach 60, God willing, I doubt I'll remember my own name. :D

  2. Patti if you do computer searches you should really check out Swagbucks instead of google. There's a link on my sidebar. I don't do a lot of searches but over the last two years I've earned about $75 just doing my normal search stuff. I get mine in Amazon gift cards to use on my Kindle but there are other things you can get. it's just sign up and then instead of going to Google to search you go to Swagbucks. They keep up with your points for you. Blessings, marlene

  3. Bittersweet Barney story:()
    As for the memory thing, now, what was I going to say? I can be in the middle of a sentence and forget what I was saying...this is strange, but it usually works, press the side of your nose, and walaaa, instant recall. Don't ask me why it works...I don't remember~~~

  4. Patti, I also do the computer searches to when I forget things. I use I use it often to remember actors names when we are watching old movies.

    Another good thing about the computer, spell check. I can't spell c-a-t without spell check.

  5. Great post about memory or lack there of. Maybe that's why older folks have been known as grumpy. Frustration leads to that ya know. I hope with our new "brains" perhaps we won't be known as much for grumpiness as ability to track down the missing "links" in our memories. Oma Linda

  6. The only problem is that it doesn't work for acquaintances who are not famous and not in Google. I say hello every day to a lady at the Y and yesterday her name just wouldn't come to me. It still won't and I'm racking my brain for it. Nothing. :-(

  7. I have that problem with names too. But they say if you keep your brain active it will work longer, just like any other muscle. So I guess blogging is a good thing...and looking up lost names.

  8. OMG. Poor guy. I want to adopt him. :(

    60? I'm in trouble then. I thought 40 was when things started to go! :) I use "The Google" a lot for such things.

    Have a good weekend, too from windy and rainy Cape Cod.

  9. Poor dog and owner but hopefully someone will adopt him.

  10. Hi Patti,

    Wow. What a story; I'm glad the family got Barney back, even though they lost their mom.

    I am loving having my smart phone, now that I finally got it. We were on the way home and the song "The Man Down Under" came on the radio. Cary said, who sings that? I was thinking that it was Phil Collins but could only come up with the name Paul. Then I remembered that I could Google it and found that Men at Work was the real group for the song. That still didn't answer Paul's last name, so I then Googled 80's singers and wa-la! Phil Collins was number 11. I didn't have to be driven crazy over that bit of trivia, lol.

    Thanks so much for watching Tyler on Saturday and for your nice comments and for welcoming me home.

    Missed you lots!

    Kathy M.

  11. I so agree with you about the wonders of Google and trying to fill in "the blank spaces"....It is a fantastic tool....And Fun, Too! Thank God for it! And I probably use IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) two or three times a day...It is INVALUABLE if you are a Movie Buff and cannot remember certain names anymore., or trying to check on all sorts of info RE: Films--Like who wrote the Musical Score to any given movie, etc., etc., etc....!

    Poor dear Barney...but such a Heartwarming story---I hope his new home is a wonderful one...!

  12. That research with its kind of convoluted steps has got to be good for the brain cells. It bugs me when I can't get a word or a name out of storage.

  13. Those dog stories really get me. For a minute I was afraid the owner had thrown the dog overboard. What a horrible time he had. Happily all ended well.

    As for Mr. Google, he has been two-timing, I see. Dianne

  14. I cannot imagine life without computers. I don't even want to think about it.

  15. I love Mr Google, he helps me so much. I'm 60 plus a few so I know all about memory failures. I used to be a very good speller and now I get stumped just trying to think of the simplest word sometimes. I use Google for spelling, too!
    We've gotten some snow here in mid-MO, it didn't look like all that much to me but they called off several schools. It's windy and cold! How is it down your way?
    Take care.

  16. I wonder where Barney ended up? Poor little fella. It's a wonder he didn't drown.

  17. I know all about that memory thing. Google is my life saver. I saw that video yesterday. Sad, but good too. I feel so sorry for that pup.

  18. Computers are a wonderful thing---they have made our lives easier in many ways.

    On the other hand...they can be captivating and can entice us to addiction. And, when they fail due to crashes or viruses or whatnot, our lives can become hellish.

    But I agree for sure about how nice it is to have instant access to information!

  19. I love having the computer to grow 'OLDER' with!

  20. Yeah, I know that ole memory thing but what a great way you have of playing detective until you find your man. I guess I've always had the problem. I remember when I was younger, a group of us were trying to remember the name of the actor who played Dorian Gray. No one could think of it and I finally had to call another friend to find out. PS... the actor is Hurd Hatfield, in case you didn't know.
    That video is so touching. What a kind man and his sister.

  21. Aww, that is so sad. Poor pup!
    Glad he was picked up though- that could have been an even sadder tale.
    I use google every day- it seems my brain is good at gathering, but not so hot at retaining. I don't know what I would do without my computer. Just be befuddled all the time, I guess.

  22. Poor Barney, but lucky to have found such a good person out there in the water. What a story.

    My memory is getting worse all the time. I can't even remember why I'm tell you this!

  23. I saw that video. Poor sweet dog! That guy did rock for helping.

    I do that too with the memory. I will try to remember an actress, I will think they were in a movie with Tom Hanks, go search on all his movies, click, click, click until I find her.

  24. LLCool Joe,
    Don't know about you but I have thought of a tatoo with my own name on an easy to read body part:))
    You still have a ton of time yet. Just enjoy.

    Stichinby the lake,
    Thanks for that info Marlene. I will check it out. Imagine getting paid to surf.

    Gee, now I can't wait to forget something to try that. I'll let you know if it works for me.

    Linda Crim,
    I do that also with actors. And for blog comments, it is my spell checker. Glad someone else does that.

    Linda in NM
    You have a point. I know if I had no where to turn to solve the mental lapses, I would be cranky also.

    Ha, know what you mean. That is when I recite the alphabet hoping a letter will jog the name lose.

    Mom of 12,
    You are too young for this affliction. Maybe 12 kids has sped up the process:))

    I know, that was my first thought when I saw the video.
    Hopefully the woman's family welcomed him.
    We have the cold, super windy and wet too. What is with this?

    Linda Starr,
    Actually the family of the deceased woman took him in. What an ordeal he suffered.

    Oregon gifts,
    Isn't it such a relief to have information at your fingertips?? Nice bit of detecting.

    I visit IMDB a lot also when I get curious about who is playing a character and to find out what they are doing now. A really handy site.

    All we can do is work with what tools we have.

    I thought that at first also.
    The fact that he was bleeding and with a bad leg makes one wonder how he made it that far.
    Mr. Google is evidently not monogamous.

    How quickly we have become dependant. I so agree.

    Me too with spelling. All you have to do is get close and Google bails you out.
    We are cold and really windy but no snow.

    The family of the lady who was killed took him in. What a terrible time that poor fellow had.

    He had such an ordeal. It broke my heart what he must have gone through.

    When I think of what I could be addicted to, I'll take something that strenghtens my mind while broadening my beam:))

    It really is a good companion for the later years. Smart, funny,and informative. Not bad.

    Thank you for telling me it was Hurd Hatfield:)) You saved me a trip to look that up.
    I agree, I am just so happy it was him on the water that day.

    Southwest Arkie,
    My fear was sharks. That poor baby was scared senseless.

    Ha ha, know the feeling.
    One thing I thought neat about that guy was that he really wasn't in a boat equipted for rescue, yet he did. What a guy.

    How maddening would it be with out this marvelous tool?
    Did you notice the guy's kayak? He had every gadget available.

  25. Poor Barney.... Ahhhhhhhhhh.

    Maybe our parents/ancestors didn't have as much to remember as we do now... We are constantly hearing more things and trying to remember more things. I truly don't think their lives were as full and busy as hours...

    BUT---I use Google also --when I can't remember. AND--it's great to help with spelling also... ha

    How much snow did you get? We have an inch now and it's still snowing a little.

  26. Yup-- my rams are full. Can't hold any more memory. I need a hard drive. Or purge some of the crap, like what I wore on the first day of school, when I was in first grade!!! Why do I carry that useless information around?

  27. I'm comforted knowing that the information is still in my brain - it's just hard to find because there's so much information in there. I like Google too because, once I travel the chain, I can get my answer. And being able to do that is confirmation that my brain is still good. Just too full.

  28. Oh, my! Memory is a fleeting thing around my place. I do a lot of searches for a lot of things. Mr. Google has come to my rescue many times. I just wish I could get him to cook for me. lol That was a sad story about Barney but it was great he was rescued and reunited with his family. Sad that the mom was killed that is terrible. Hugs

  29. HAhaa what fun... well? I like to know names of tunes I hear or forever humming in my head and can't think of what it is.

    I have an app I recently found called Sound Hound for my iPhone... you point it toward the music or sing the song or sometimes a hum and the damn thing will tell ya what it is..

    Unbelievable.... I'm almost 69 and am totally fascinated with this thing. always loved computers.

    Was at a meeting last night of about 15-20 people and when confronted with something that someone wanted to know? ... at least six of us pulled our phones out and googled... what a world

  30. I'm so happy to know it isn't just us going some whomperjawed crazy word association way around to finally get to an answer. Last night we stopped at a wing place that is also a sports bar. I hope nobody could hear us trying to remember OH NO IT IS GONE AGAIN! Pat whosit who was the basketball coach for the New York Nicks some years ago. And whosesit for Chicago Bulls. This all started because I was talking about Larry Byrd and hubs had forgetten about him. Oh Lord help me! This is a public meltdown to demonstrate how it went last night. Yea...that's the ticket. I need to go to bed!!

    I'm going to check out that swagbucks, too. Hmmm

  31. I am so grateful to Google for helping my aging memory too. I don't know what I'd do without it.

  32. Betsy,
    You have a good point. When I look at names like Ahmadinejad and realize I not only know who he is but I can pronounce that darn name, you are most likely right.

    Perhaps that are what our comuters are--external hard drives for our brains. Like Betsy said, we have more to remember these days.

    Linda Myers,
    Yes, it is so comforting when we do find the missing information. Age didn't eat it, just misplaced it.

    I Wonder Wye,
    Good idea. I really need to get a router but then I guess the exercise running to my room is helpful.

    Ha,ha, He is pretty one demensional. I'd rather he learned to vacuum.

    Good grief, there really is an app for that??? What a world we live in. Now if I could just get a cell signal.

    Amber Star
    Oh how funny. Usually when I have those problems SOMEONE in the group knows the answer.
    I dread the day when no one knows. Hopefully, someone will have a smart phone.

    Me neither. I don't even want to think about it.

  33. Great post, Patti. I find myself often using the same technique these days....
    Troutbirder (The New Seventy) :)

  34. As you know my memory is rubbish but your form of detective work is such fun ....similar to tracing back in Family history when you have only a few clues....funny how ell the brain works when one is doing this sort of task.
    Each generation gives us something we couldn't be without ...computers ...electricity etc etc. I could not have believed that I would be watching a flat screen 40" TV colour ...all those years ago, when I was watching the queens coronation in black and white on a 9" screen encased in a large cabinet or that computer games would become so advanced when my children had so much fun with an Atari in 1980ish!!! Maybe we just get too used to the wonders of long before there are no books ...who needs them with computers for reference and Kindle for enjoyment ...I love thumbing through the pages of a cookery book lol xx

  35. Glad to see that Barney was rescued.
    Memory troubles have been troubling me for the last few years, so I google stuff. But it doesn't help me remember the name of the other ol granny I met yesterday at the ballgame. Darn!

  36. Patti, What would we do without the computer's brain? I don't think you'll forget Zack's name again! Barney's story reminds me of how interconnected we all are. (And also sometimes how lucky.)

  37. troutbirder,
    It really is a handy gadget isn't it??

    I know, we are technoligizing(don't think that is a word)ourselves out of some simple pleasures but I seem to be buying into it all.

    Oregon gifts,
    Sorry but I am not. Just don't trust it nor have a need for it.

    Ha ha. It doesn't help me remember what I had for breakfast either but I'll take what I can get.

  38. I think the thing I find most disconcerting with growing older is my losing the ability to spell correctly. I am constantly going to "spell check" and I never had to do that before!

  39. I fubd lots of info by starting out with what I consider nothing with which to start.

    I saw the yellow kayak rescue. great, great story and movie.

  40. I have a great memory for names and phone numbers, whereas my hubby can't remember a name even after I keep reminding him. As for phone numbers, he relies on the phone's memory list because he can't remember them, either.

    Your blog is so interesting, I have added it to my blogroll. ALOHA FROM HAWAII!!!

  41. I share your failing memory and it is hell.

    I saw Barney on FB. Isn't that a miracle!?

    Sorry you had trouble with the post. What browser do you use? (IE, Firefox or Chrome?) I think the people who have had trouble all use IE.

  42. Ginnie,
    You are preaching to the choir here. I often have to check the words on Google that I want to use in a comment. Cheesh.

    It is amazing what Google can give us with just a little info. Thank goodness.

    Welcome to TNS, I look forward to getting to know you.
    I can relate with your husband. I used to fill in forms that required the phone number for next of kin as "memory 1."

  43. Will Google help me remember my wife's name?

  44. judy,
    Yes I use IE. It did this before and cleared up. Hope it does this time also.

    Ha ha. Have you thought of a tatoo somewhere that you could easily read??