Monday, January 23, 2012


I am not sure I have a healthy mind but I do have an active mind. Sometimes I get the strangest thoughts.

I have been grousing lately about the weird winter we have all been having when one of those off the wall thoughts entered my head for a romp.

I have mentioned before that I wrestle with sleep as I have aged. Four hours is my easy sleep. Anything over 4 hours is a struggle and usually accomplished in one hour increments. Trust me, I have tried it all.

So as I was lying here wide awake at 2:00 AM, I started wondering what the champion of all sleepers-- bears --do when things don't go well in the sleep department.

I have always been a wee bit envious of the bear. These creatures are big enough to be almost the top of the food chain. If it weren't for those two legged pushy types with guns and cars, they could feel pretty invincible.

Not only are they big and powerful but they are built to eat all they want, the sweeter the better. Packing on the pounds is a sign of intelligent design, not laziness nor gluttony. Then when they are good and jiggly fat, they get to sleep for months.

Obviously not my picture
They even give birth while sleeping. No need for moaning in pain or drugs. No late night feedings that they are aware of. No walking the floor with a colicky infant strapped to their shoulder.

Nope, just rolling over in the Spring and saying,”Well lookie there. It appears I had a pair of really cute cubs this winter that are now almost three months old and ready to go.” Yawn.

Of course there is that cranky and hungry part upon waking but that can be easily cured by over eating again.

But then I thought, what do they do when the winter temps jump from 18 degrees one day to 70 degrees the next followed by several days, even weeks of Spring like weather? I can't help but think they are having a pretty restless hibernation and must feel menopausal with those periodic day sweats.

And what if the weird temperatures make sleeping so light that they wake up giving birth. They will have no idea what is happening. They must be so confused.

Thinking about the addled bear, I feel a bit better about my wakefulness. Unlike the poor bear, I have options. I can turn on the light, read my Kindle, play on the computer, watch TV, or I can just lay in my comfortable bed in the dark and think strange thoughts.

Ahhh, I feel another hour of sleep coming on. Time to turn off the strange thoughts. Good night all.


  1. I have been during this at about 3-4 a.m. for several months. Not sure why--blamed on medicine that makes me fall asleep earlier. Then if I finally fall asleep again, I am late getting up like 8:30- 9 a.m. and the day is a drag.

    So my sympathies. i can't think if a better one!

  2. Oh, Patti, you do make me laugh. There is no predicting where your mind is going, but it is always worth the trip.

  3. You have too much time on your hands!! I thoroughly enjoyed today's post. FYI, I have thought about this weird weather affecting nature. But not to the depth you have pondered it. Enjoy your day!!!

  4. Not only do you have strange thoughts but they are extremely knowledgeable ones to boot. I must say, you make me laugh in the mornings.

    And I am impressed you remembered that Rex Allen was the Disney voice. I remember the voice but had no clue that he was the narrator.

  5. I am a bear year round, I eat all the time and sleep too much.

    Only thing about having a warm January is wondering if we will have a big April snow.

  6. Not getting enough sleep is un-BEAR-able. Fortunately I sleep just fine and even enjoy my moments of wakefulness. I think we all have those now and then. Last night I woke for about an hour thinking of a solution to a problem, found it, and then fell back to sleep. :-)

  7. LOL! I like "obviously not my picture".

  8. HAhaaa.... it is indeed a weird winter so far.... I'm in central Arkansas also... I've got the heat off, sitting here drinking coffee and enjoying the sunshine.

    Yesterday was foggy and icky and cold. I like bears too and I like pigs - especially razorbacks - ;)

  9. I hate waking that early, ESPECIALLY when the dog is responsible for waking me. I wish SHE'D hibernate instead of deciding to do her cleaning/licking/scratching at 3 AM.

    Have you seen this video that shows hibernating bears? Fascinating!

  10. Great post. I love it. Apparently lack of sleep makes you creative.

  11. Definately weird thoughts ...but I found them facinating ...and they made me start to muse about bears too. Do they really give birth while hibernating???? how amazing other creatures who hibernate do the same???lol

  12. OOPs forgot to say ...its my bladder that stops me sleeping for a good 8hours ...I'm up atleast twice. I tend to go to bed about 1am and rise about 8.30 finally....doesn't work if I go to bed earlier.... I lie awake 'til 2.

  13. Interesting thoughts about the bear. I just saw a link yesterday to a bear-cam, and newborn cubs. Bears do have quite the life. And yes, we humans have made quite a mess of it all.

  14. There is nothing wrong with your brain, that's for sure. I woke up at 1:20, went back to sleep, woke up at 3:20 and have been up ever since. Old age, but it could be worse. I think the bears wake up. I think I read that somewhere, not sure. How terrible for them, I didn't even think about the cubs. Here some of the usually hibernating ground squirrels are up and awake.

  15. If you have found a way to turn of the strange thoughts please let me know. I am still working on it.

    Obvoulsy, you wrote this at 2:00 AM this morning. Dianne

  16. We are having crazy weather, too. Back in November or in December the Bradford pears bloomed. Then it got really cold and stayed that way for a while. We don't know what will be the fate of those trees. They are so beautiful in the spring.

    Sleep is a elusive thing for so many, including me. On the Mentalist the other night he told a fellow how to get a good night's sleep. Go to bed and concentrate on breathing. Breathe in and then out, but concentrate on each breath. It worked for the guy.

  17. I didn't know bears can give birth during hibernation. Is that true or did you make it up? Lol. Well, I suppose anything is possible! I know what you mean about sleeping just 4 hours. That seems to be the norm for me.

  18. Your sleepless nights may be a nuisance, but they are so productive, Patti.... your resulting strange thoughts are very entertaining!

  19. Interesting thoughts! Maybe you should eat a lot before you go to bed and then turn the heat off? That is what they do, lol.

    Have a great day, Patti.

    Kathy M.

  20. It probably would have made life easier if I were born a bear but the Lord made me a fishducky & I just have to live with it.

  21. Mmm, I don't do that well in the sleep department either. I comfort myself that some of the world's most famous and meanest politicians didn't get more than about 3 hours sleep a night either! Oh well! We don't have bears here, but we do have seals, and I have quietly watched them over several hours when I have been out painting pictures of our lovely coastal landscape. It always appears to me that seals do little more than lie on a warm rock in the sun and sleep blissfully. Occasionally they get disturbed by itchy skin and have a good scratch, but that is about it. When they do finally feel too hungry to sleep, they tumble off their rocks, and seem almost to fly gracefully underwater, rolling all the time. Wonderful to watch.
    (Loved the bears giving birth in their sleep information, how sensible of them!) P xx

  22. Now I can tell you that I have had 'strange thoughts' --but don't think I've ever thought about hibernating bears--having their cubs without groaning.... ha ha ha ha

    Maybe you were a bear in a previous life ---and miss that kind of life!!!!! Ya think????

    I went through a time after my surgery when I woke up at 5 a.m. every morning.. It was killing me!!!! SO--even though I sleep well now, I sympathize with those who can't...

    Have a good day ---and take some NAPS.

  23. I think you are as nutty as me, and that's saying something. I don't sleep well either, apart from when I get to church and the sermon starts.... try keeping me awake! :D

  24. Great post, Patti! I often think the bears have it made to be able to eat as much as you want and sleep so much. And I might have had a couple of more kids if I'd been able to have them while sleeping! LOL I don't sleep well either and I'm just sure that one of the reasons I have the bags under the eyes and wrinkles is from lack of sleep! I now just stay up late, because if I go to bed early I'll just toss and turn.
    Speaking of weird weather, we had thunder and a bit of rain last night!

  25. LOL - your sleepless thoughts are funny. I thought I was the only one that had random weird thoughts in the middle of the night. So far, bears haven't been a part of mine, but who knows, now that you have planted that seed in my brain - tonight I might just think about expectant bears waking up in the midst of childbirth make that - bearbirth.

  26. Hoping those bears stay in their dens a couple more months, but our own fluctuating temps have made me wonder, too, Patti (though I can't say I'm pondering this in the middle of the night). I stopped caffeine and started Melatonin. Vivid dreams but that has kinda been a plus.

  27. torquoisemoon,
    Ah yes, that is just what I did.

    I think my trouble is that I don't go to bed physically tired enough. Sure is annoying isn't it??

    Thanks so much and no, I have no idea either.

    Thank you, so glad you did. In the wee hours I really do have too much time.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Thank you, my mission is accomplished:)) I remember he was really cute and had a nice voice. One of those weird facts that clog up one's memory.

    Linda Crim,
    Me too, well at least the eating part. I need to work on the sleeping part.

    You get a lot of exercise which I think is key. I need to do better. I too went back to sleep but not till I wrote this post.

    I was pretty sure no one would believe me if I claimed it. I did like the smile on his face.

    Even my daffodils don't know what to do so I think a bear has a right to be confused. GO HOGS.

    You mean Miss Piggy isn't getting ready for winter? I thought that was why she was plus sized. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

    Thank you. I try to be productive if I can't be rested.

    Me too on the potty run. Yes they do give birth during the winter. Kind of a bummer for the cubs who basically raise themselves for 3 months.

    Oh I'll bet that bear cam is really interesting. Like I told Angie, I do feel sorry for the cubs but they seem to survive.

    Oh dear, hope the squirrels are finding food. That is a concern for the bears also if they wake up. I heard they partially wake up for the birthing. Exactly what they do would be really interesting.

    Yep sure did. Fair play, if you find out first, let me know.

    Amber Star,
    Hey, I will try it. It sure can't hurt. Some of our bulbs are sprouting here and lots of my plants have buds.This could be bad.

    So sorry you are in the club also. The bad thing is that there is no one up at that time to talk to. It really is true that they give birth during hiberation.

    Thank you. I am so glad you were entertained. Actually, I enjoyed the process my self.

    Oregon gifts.
    You are right. Maybe they are on to something. Hope I don't have to get pregnant also to make it work.

    I am going to have to look up just what a fishducky is.

    Welcome to the sleepless club Peter. I am afraid it is not too exclusive. Seals seem to have a pretty good life also but they do get eaten a lot.
    I think if women could give birth in our sleep, the world would be grossly overpopulated.

    I sure am glad you are back in your routine. I wish I could nap but I just can't though I almost fell asleep in the dentist chair today. Seriously.

    LLCool Joe,
    Joey, I am taking that as a compliment. Thanks.
    Thank goodness for Sundays for you. Catch your ZZZ's where you can.

    Ha ha, I think there would be lots more people on earth if we could pop them out in our sleep. I am so sorry you are in the club also. I go to sleep very easily, just can't stay there.
    We got a bit of that storm and had high winds. Weird I tell you.

    You too?? Isn't it fun?? Hope I didn't plant any seeds for your awake time in the future.

  28. Barb,
    All the nature walks you take, that has to be a concern. Do be careful.
    I don't drink caffine but maybe I will try Melatonin. Sure would be nice to sleep through the night. Thanks.

  29. Oh how I missed you and your writing. I have to admit I have been having a lot of those nights too but never have I thought of bears and their sleeping habits.
    Your too funny and I learned a lot tonight from reading this post about bears. lol
    Sweet dreams

  30. My key _oa_d is _ _ oken. So_ _ y!
    I hope can _ix.

  31. I really need to sleep and most nights I don't get much either. As you can see, it's pushing 2:00 am for me too. My problem is that I just have TOO much to do!

  32. How funny! I,too, am suffering from lack of sleep. Here lately it seems like it is getting worse to where I am up all night, not ever getting to sleep to start with. And this weather...don't get me started. Hot, cold, hot cold.

  33. Good night Patti! I also have sleeping problems, just like you. It has something to do with the age.
    Thanks fpr your comment and explanation about your name.
    Wil, ABC Wednesday team.

  34. I've never been a good sleeper so I can't blame aging! Our winter is weird here in MI too, hardly any snow and a couple of 50 degree days in January. Last year we set an all time record for precip, this year hardly any so far...Lilli

  35. I was watching a Dr. Seuss cartoon with my little grandson about the sleeping habits of bears. It put him to sleep! Not me, though. I am right with you on the insomnia...

    I am usually shocked if I wake up and slept for more than a few hours. It's disorienting!

  36. LOL, LOL...I like your "strange thoughts"...and what you are ruminating about is and could be a REAL problem for the Bears....If we find these strange temp changes hard to handle, how must it be for The Bears??
    Good question, my dear Patti....and now....Back to Zzzzzzzzzzz'ssssss.....

  37. Grandma Yellow Hair,
    So sorry you are in the same boat occaionally. May we both get better. Glad you had a good and safe trip.

    Goodness, I should say you have some keyboard problems. Hope you are all better now.

    Mom of 12,
    With your schedule, I can see why you have a problem with sleep. You need a good 30 hour day. Don't know how you do it.

    Southwest Arkie,
    That sounds positively awful. I do at least get my 4 hours. Wish I had a solution for us both.

    REader Wil,
    Aw, you too Wil?? I think you may be right about the age thing.

    Welcome to TNS. I am so glad you stopped by to comment. This has been a strange one hasn't it??

    I feel your pain. It really is frustrating. Not sure what the answer is.

    Thanks Naomi. I do worry about the animals that need a winter for their cycle of life. I am just hoping this doesn't carry over to a really hot summer.

  38. Yes, 3 AM is my time. Wake up, can't sleep, sit up, then decide if I can get to sleep or have to get up. I think that warm, cozy bear den with no room to get up and read would be tough ! :)

  39. Sorry about your sleep challenges. But glad it led to strange and entertaining thoughts that you shared. Poor mama bear with day sweats!

  40. I so understand the problem, Patti. Sleep problems plague me, too. But your wee hours musings are so much more colorful and interesting than mine! I so enjoyed this post!

  41. Well, sweet Patti I hate that you do not get enough sleep but I gotta tell you I sure to enjoy your blogs. I loved reading what you had to say about the bear and the weather. I tend to have weird thoughts as I am falling sleep. I never wake too early but sometimes I have a problem getting to sleep. Love the way you bring humor into everything you blog about. Hugs give Mighty some nose kisses for me!

  42. Most times I don't know how to fall back to sleep when I'm woken. It's toss, toss and turn, turn. So I'm really glad to have a good stretch of 7 hours sleep.

  43. alwaysinthebackrow
    I do feel your pain. You are right, we really are lucky in that we can amuse ourselves and don't have to just stare at a den wall.

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed. Imagine day sweats while wearing a huge hairy coat. Yikes.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Thanks Kathy but I'll bet your night time musings solve the problems of other people. At least you are productive.

    Thanks so much for the ego boost. Not sure whether trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep is worse. Wouldn't mind trading for a while.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Welcome. Isn't 7 or 8 hours just a treasure?

  44. Hi Patti, enjoyed this post and learned a lot about bears, which I too shared their sleeping habits, but not the others! And like yourself, I also only sleep in short periods and the lie awake thinking of things to be done. but reading in bed is very conducive to falling asleep except that I often lose my place whe the book closes!

  45. There's nothing wrong with your mind! In reading biographies of great people I found that most of them only sleep for about 4 hours. You're in an elite club! Absolutely delightful writing. Don't ever stop.

  46. I have to read to go to sleep. My husband easily gets 8 hours of sleep a night. I get about 6. I do try to take a little nap in the afternoon when I can though. This was such a fun post! You have a fabulous sense of humor. It would never put anyone to sleep. :-)

  47. Beatrice P. Boyd
    Thanks. I used to do the same thing till I got a Kindle. It never loses your place.

    Calamity Janet
    Thanks so much. Gee, you mean this is an asset?? It does add 4 hours to my waking life span so I guess I will quit grousing.

    Thank you lady and so glad you think so. Think I need to learn to nap.

  48. Our turtles come out of hibernation if it gets warm enough and then go back underground again. Max six hours for me.

  49. Linda Starr,
    You would think hibernation would not be necessary in Florida. The snow birds are convinced of that.