Saturday, March 17, 2012


People often compliment my view. It is not spectacular but is nice and was one reason I bought this place. I have tried to capture it on film but lose the depth. I have a nice pasture behind me with cows, horses and a pretty little pond. Then off in the distance there is not quite a mountain but a high ridge. There are many layers of depth and I like it.

One thing in my view which is not so neat is a rather worn out shed with a make shift corral. The roof if rusted and is a bit of a blight on the landscape. Good thing for me I rather like old barns. That said, I really don't care for its purpose.

The gentleman rancher who owns the property and animals, uses that barn as a clinic or place of isolation for sick animals. Once for two months, he kept a filly there for weaning. She was precious and screamed for her momma for most of the two months. It was so sad.

Recently, a calf who was puny stayed there for about a month. I really thought it would die but it eventually recovered and was turned out with the herd. Phew. I felt so badly for the little creature. Cows are herd animals and to isolate such a young one seemed painful.

Night before last, a large brown horse was put behind bars. He has been pasture buddies with a mare and her daughter, the same filly I listened to for months. He seemed listless but not un-thrifty. When I got up yesterday, I thought he was gone but then I saw the gate still tied shut. Looking closer I saw him on the ground not moving.

I got my binoculars to see if he was breathing and I saw no expansion of the rib cage. I felt badly for the loss. He was a sweet fellow that would walk up to me whenever I was in the back yard.

 If you click on picture, you can barely see his brown body  between the girls. The girls stayed just like that the whole day
Later that day, I heard the sound of boards banging out back. The horse appeared to be trying to get up but couldn't. I was stunned for I had thought he was dead.  Watching his attempts were his friends who must have known all along he was just sick.  

I called the owner at his work, but they said he was all ready on the way home. Soon, he and his sons were wrestling the animal up to his feet and he eventually stood on his own.

I didn't talk to the owner but I am suspecting Founder.

Once his friends saw him on his feet, they dropped their heads to eat for the first time all day and ambled off.
Will he make it, I have no idea. What I do know is that he was not alone the whole day. Those two stayed as close as they could get, not eating, just watching.

Even though I had seen this behavior with my own horse when his pony died, it still surprises me. Those who say animals have no rights for they have no conscious awareness or any real feelings, need to see what I just saw.

Do you believe??


  1. What a sad story. I hope that horse recovers. I am glad you have such a nice view from your home. Wish I could say the same about mine!

  2. Totally, we have one horse in the field in front of our house, and it the field next to him are about 30 sheep. The horse spends his whole day right by the fence watching the sheep. I think he feels lonely and wants to be close to them. It's kinda cute.

  3. NO consciousness? NO feelings? I don't accept that at all. There are far too many stories like yours out there that show animals to be aware and caring. Even your story about Mighty being undone by dirt roads because of his history--how much awareness and feeling is revealed by that. You, my friend, will definitely always have a place in animal heaven.

  4. Anybody who loves a pet knows they have feelings just the same as we do. It's so odd to think they don't, that they are just unthinking and unfeeling creatures. I do hope the horse makes it. My heart is way too soft to live so close to a farm. It's hard enough feeding wild birds.

  5. Anyone who takes the time to really watch an animal would know that they are capable of affection, concern and that they have an awareness of what goes on around them. Lovely side post about your horse and pony, except I hate crying so early in the morning ;)

    I hope the brown horse improves soon.

  6. Oh no! Hope he recovers.

    In the 26 horse barn I hung out in as an adolescent was a horse named Demon. He was the only horse I removed from the stall when cleaning it because he was not afraid to bite me. One day, a new horse walked into the barn and Demon went crazy. He neighed, paced, smacked the door with his hoof, called and fussed with excitement. The two horses were at a previous barn together and old friends. Of all the horses in the barn, I expected such behavior from Demon the least. It was unforgettable.

  7. Most do not give animals credit for having feelings but those of us who spend time with them and bother about them KNOW they do. I remember our Bilbo mourning the loss of Buffy yet they were barely friends ...I can tell by the expression on a cats face that there is a problem they cant talk I have to play detective and I usually find my instincts are right. Your story is sad but in my opinion prooves an important point ...I so hope that the horse survives. xx

  8. I see too much evidence that they have feelings. People only need to open their eyes, watch without speaking and they would know, without a doubt, that animals "feel"

  9. I never have understood horse owners in Montana. They all have 5 to 10 horses penned up, usually in too small of a pasture. They don't sell them or ride them and never talk to them. Why keep horses?

    You've written about those horses before and that you go over and talk to them. Hope the little guy is OK.

  10. What a great story, Patti! I know that elephants also show this kind of behaviour.

  11. I'm afraid I would have called someone that could have done something more then the owner seemed to be doing. Is this a way to care for animals if sick or needing to be weaned? Take them away from their friends? I don't know, I have never lived around large animals. I realize if one has some condition that another might catch if getting in contact with it, but to isolated them seems so cruel if they don't have something catching. See, this shows how dumb I am. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I've been having more back problems then usual and feeling down in the dumps, but I think the nice sun shine we're starting to get might perk me up again.

  12. Good post. It is amazing how much animals care. I've also seen it among birds. Once a robin flew into our window and fell to the ground dazed. Several robins flew to its aid. They formed a circle around it and stood watch until it was able to fly again.

  13. Animals definitely have feelings. It's the humans who deny that don't.

  14. Oh, Patti what a story. Of course they care; I can't understand why everybody can't know that.

    When I lived in Walterville, there was a cougar wandering around the neighborhood, which was worrisome. One day, a woman down the road woke up in the morning and looked out her sliding glass window to the carport and saw the cougar resting peacefully ... only a few feet from her cat and dog (very much alive and unhurt). I always thought that the cougar was lonely.

    I hope that the horse mends up. That is very sad about the 2 month of isolation for that baby horse.

    Kathy M.

  15. I sure hope the horse has a complete recovery. Your place sounds very pretty. In my way of thinking those who say animals have no conscious awareness or any real feelings have never lived with or watched any. Hugs and nose kisses sweet Patti from all of us to all of you!

  16. Oh Patti, how incredibly sad...I strongly feel that animals have feelings and compassion for others.It breaks my heart to see people beleive and act as if otherwise. My heart aches for that little guy and his friends.

  17. Oh, they definitely have feelings and care deeply. I think horses are especially sensitive but many creatures bond and care for each other. I saw a You Tube video not long ago showing a little dog standing on a busy highway beside a canine buddy who was dead after being hit by a car. The pup was trying to drag its friend out of traffic and, when a bystander helped and put the dead dog safely out of the road, the little dog sat beside it. It was heartbreaking.

    When my beloved cat Marina, only three years old, was dying of leukemia two years ago, she was having convulsions and crying with pain and terror. I cuddled her and then put her on the bed and went to call the vet to take her in for euthanasia. When I returned, my other two cats Gus and Maggie, were cuddled up to a shivering Marina, trying to keep her warm and feeling safe. The scene brought tears to my eyes.

    Animals are so loving and caring. Sometimes more so than people.

  18. Oh My...YES! I do ABSOLUTELY Believe. Horses and other animals have feelings and they mourn and are 'happy' just like any other living creature.
    Anyone who doesn't know or understand that, has never had a pet.
    Very touching, how those two dear friends stood by in support.
    I dearly hope that sweet horse survives and thrives!

    I hope you are able to find that film I wrote about "DEAN SPANLEY"...there is much in that film that bears this out, too!

  19. You are so right, of course animals have feelings -- which is why I don't eat meat. Do you realize what they DO to those poor animals?!?

    (I do eat fish; for some reason they seem "different." Maybe I'm being hypocritical, I dunno, but you gotta eat something.)

  20. This breaks my heart. Animals live lives that are so much simpler & closer to nature than ours that I believe they have MORE feelings than we do.

  21. A real dilemma, and why I don't like life in the country. I can't take what comes naturally. We were up half the night with a sick dog. We are nuts. Dianne

  22. I see it with our dogs daily. They do have feelings and understand so much more than we give them credit for.

  23. gigihawaii,
    Thanks, it is nice if old barns don't turn you off.

    LLCool Joe.
    He is lonely. Horses will often attach to goats or sheep, just to feel part of a herd. They are the quintessential joiners.

    Thanks and I just hope there is an animal heaven and I get to go. Don't think it would be much fun with out them.

    Farming or ranching can be hard. I tried raising calves and kept getting attached.

    RV Vagabonds,
    So glad you read that story. It was my first lesson in just how deeply animals mourn.

    Oh my, that had to be so special to see. Hopefully it improved Demon's attitude to have his buddy back.

    You are so right. If people would just watch, they would see just how much caring these creatures possess.

    You nailed it. People get so caught up in teaching behavior and tricks, that they miss the depth of the animals.

    Somehow I thought Montana, the home of the cowboy would be better. Sorry to hear and you are right, why bother?

    Reader Wil,
    They have wonderful family units and are often seen visiting the bones of a dead relative.

    Sadly, sometimes the sick need to be separated from the rest for the health of all. It just is hard to watch. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

    That is so compelling about those robins. Again, it is all about watching and learning.

    I totally agree robin. I wish those who don't would just open their eyes and observe.

    What a wonderful story about the cougar. Sure glad no one got excited and killed her.

    Thank you and I totally agree. So far today, he is up on his feet. The girls are close by.

    You and I have both seen it proven too many times to doubt it.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    I saw that video and it was heart breaking.
    How incredibly sweet of the cats to rally around like that. They do understand.

    Anyone who has been blessed with a pet has no doubt. I feel sorry for those who never get to know.
    Thanks for the reminder, I will go look now.

    I tried to go no meat but then I got the Shingles and needed lots of B vitamins. I am back hooked again. I have seen how they are treated. Just awful.

    No argument here. I totally agree.

    Aww, I sure hope your dog is doing better. They claim your heart don't they?

    You're right. They sure do if we just pay attention.

    Thanks GQ. I thought you might.

  24. Gosh, this gives me chills, Patti. I certainly believe animals interpret behavior and feelings in other beings. When my old dog was nearing death, I tried not to cry around her so that she wouldn't become nervous or upset. She "smiled" her Golden smile at me until the very end. I hope the brown horse makes a recovery.

  25. Oh, yes, I do believe. Grieving and community spirit have been documented over and over. I do hope the horse recovers.

  26. Wow! That's sad... and amazing. I sure hope that horse gets better, especially with friends who care about him so much.

  27. My daughter gave our dog a bath today - and he was unhappy and went upstairs and sulked! He was mad. sandie

  28. I certainly do believe. I saw a little dog get run over by a truck - I don't think the driver even realized it - and another little dog stayed with him, with a paw on his head, until they were picked up by animal control. So, yes, they have feelings.

  29. Oh yes, I do believe, I watch it daily, with my 4 dogs. They love each other and worry when one is gone, or hurting.

    Great post. I lov it.

    God Bless~

  30. You know I believe. And not only do I know they care for their own, domesticated ones care for their loved ones.

    I seen cats and dogs leave home looking for their favorite owner, often finding their graves and not leaving.

    When my sister-in-law's husband died his cat left homes for days on the day he died.

    He finally came back. He moped around so much and she was gone a lot, she got him a companion. The husband's cat was named SAMMY and I posted a blog on him.

  31. Barb,
    That was so thoughtful of you Barb. Something I will try to remember.

    NC Mountainwoman,
    He is much better today but still confined. The girls leave him to go graze but periodically check on him.

    The power of caring is very healing. They were here before us so I guess they invented it.

    Chatty Crone,
    "Mad" is definitely an emotion. The beauty of pets is that they forgive so easily,

    I saw a video of a similar situation and know it is not all that unusual. They set the bar high for caring.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. The beauty is that they not only care for each other, but they take care of us. What great hearts they have.

    I knew what side of the fence you were on. We do hear amazing tales of animals who cross the country to find their homes.
    Your SIL was smart to offer another cat to ease the loss.

  32. Indeed Patti. And memory. I remember seeing a video about elephants in a boneyard carefully checking the bones of their ancestors.... We did a rescue yesterday of a snowy owl stoically watching us from a ditch with a broken wing. I'll post on that in a few days.....

  33. Oh my the tears are running down my cheeks, animals do care no matter what some folks think. If only some humans cared as much as these animals do. I hope he recovers, at least he has his buddies near the fence to keep him company and urge him to try to get well.

  34. Sure, they care. When our potbellied pig was a baby, he got sick for a day. Our cat sat on him the whole time!

  35. Anyone who has had a beloved animal friend knows what is real. The gentleman's isolation shed would be painful for me too.

    You capture the beauty and the pain.

  36. Oh how sad, Patti... I am a sucker for animals ---and get so upset when animals are treated so badly... YES--they have feelings. I'm sure they do...

    Glad you do have a good view --except for that one thing!

    Have a great week.

  37. That's an awesome story! I do believe friendship can occur anywhere and often in the most unlikely places.

  38. troutbirder,
    I saw that one also. It was so sad.
    How wonderful that you rescued the owl. They are such beautiful creatures. Can't wait to see it.

    Linda Starr,
    He has stayed on his feet and is moving pretty good. His friends now just visit now and then.

    Linda Myers.
    That had to be a precious sight.

    Thank you and I do wish it were not so close that I see what is going on.

    I do wish he would tidy it up a bit and not use it for a sick bay. His beautiful new home is high on the hill so he doen't even see it.

    Mom of 12,
    Thank you. It is proven daily to those who see.

  39. Even my turtles have "intuitions" about and for each other. I have no idea how anyone can not see how the animals "feel". Maybe not in the same way we do but they do care. You really got me on this post my dear. Oma Linda

  40. Oh Patti, how heartbreaking for him to lay there all day! Glad he is up, but it doesn't sound good.

  41. I had a similar barn behind where I use to live with three older horses and a pony. One day one of the horses was lying on the ground and all day the others stood vigil over him just like in your broke my heart to watch it. unfortunately the horse never got up :(

  42. Dear Patti, Your story makes me weep inside. I am an animal lover and live with three cats. I do know that many people do not believe that animals have feelings. They are so mistaken and it's clear that they've never lived with an animal. They've never had that joy. Or perhaps they simply are non-reflective people. Perhaps they have the mistaken notion that all of creation is subject to humankind. I feel sorry for those people who do not have friends who are animals.


  43. Linda in NM
    Would love to see your turtles interacting. I sometimes think that Arkansas state reptile should be the turtle. The roads are full of them now and I am pleased that people are very careful not to hit them.

    Coloring outside the lines,
    I feel badly that I misjudged his condition. He did not move and I swear was not breathing but he must have been.

    Sorry you had to see such a sad event. Sounds like we had similar views.

    I think you are right. The people who do not care are the ones missing out on a great gift from the animal world.

  44. Absolutely they know and they care. One old blind burro at the donkey rescue had a best friend. They always stood together and when it was time to eat, the sighted one would make sure his friend got his food. They were the sweetest of all the couples there, but there were so many. Also, Angel and Samson, two of our dogs have known and been very concerned and very good during our illnesses here in the past month. Soldier, however, does not get it, but he had a hard life before we rescued him, so that's OK.

  45. That is a sad story. He does/did look like he was foundered...the way he was standing and all. Glad he is up and doing better.

    My daughter's cat knew when we were sick or upset. She would come and cuddle with us or lay on our feet. Punkin' was a good friend.

  46. I'm with you, Patti. Some of the most heart-breaking things to see are when wild animals are hit by cars and their mates, buddies, siblings, kids are trying desperately to get them to move out of the road, often meeting the same end.

  47. Thanks for your comment, Patti! I am still in Israel. Tomorrow leaving for Holland.

  48. Inger,
    Oh my, that burro story was so touching. Perhaps Soldier saw you were being looked after and didn't want to crowd you.

    Amber STar,
    Yes, it was the way he was back on his heels that I noticed.
    Cats are so good at being a comfort when we are sick.

    Doen't that break your heart? I have seen similar also.

    Reader Wil,
    Looking forward to your return. Been a bit worried with you over there with all the saber rattling.