Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I guess that would be one of the ultimately cool things to have happen to you. A large building or artifact that will bear your name in perpetuity. Usually it is a president that gets that honor, often after they are dead and can't really appreciate it.

 Sometimes schools get magnanimous and name a school after a local celebrity, philanthropist or spectacular teacher. However after many years, few out side of a family member can even remember who he or she was or why they deserved the honor.

Arkansas is honoring its favorite son and daughter in such a manner. Little Rock Airport has been renamed the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. I think both names make it a bit of a mouth full but I have no problem with the honor.

I didn't care for Bill's extra curricular activities but liked him very much as a president and I really wanted Hillary to be the first female president. Guess I had better take my vitamins if I want to live long enough to see that barrier broken.

A local TV station was recounting the various email responses to the name change. Most were positive but one was not and totally cracked me up.

That viewer complained that it would take no time for the name to be shortened to the “Hill Billy” airport. She had a point and the fact her statement was aired on TV will hasten the nick name. I know as a fact, the name is now burned in my mind. Probably not the best name in a state that all ready has an image problem.

Would you enjoy such an honor and what would you like to have bearing your name into the future?

If I were to have a location named after me, I would like a nice dog park thank you.


  1. I'm with you on the Clintons.....and we of a certain age may have a long wait for a woman president.

    I would not mind an animal shelter/rescue center named after me....or perhaps a community art center.....but on the whole I would prefer stuff named for my persona...'the smart cat'

  2. I do think the nickname will catch on. If I become famous someday (!) I would like a garden named after me. Well, I guess I could name one of my little weed patches myself.

  3. I'm not sure I'd want anything named after me, I'd find it a bit weird I think. I'm quite happy with my low key lifestyle where no one knows me.

    If I ever write a book it will under a fake name too.

  4. I never gave it much thought. As smart-ass-know-it-all-fresh-out- of-college pharmacist I dreamed of my own store, but realization of debt to be incurred, as well as liability soon dashed those irrational ideas. I also soon learned I didn't know it all. I guess I would now like to be remembered by others I have felt compassion for and helped, but seeing my name on a building is not one of them.

    My name is on a plaque somewhere as one of the steering committee for Bull Shoals City Hall. When it is demolished some day, and it is showing signs of age, that will be insignificant too.

  5. That is pretty funny. I have never heard of a place being named after a couple before. Hill Billy it is! I can't think of a single thing I'd like to bear my name in perpetuity, maybe a local coffee shop? :-)

  6. My post last night was on the same subject. However, when I heard the good news yesterday, I wrote about it on Facebook and some responded with Billary... I kinda like that one.

    I didn't get any Hill Billy's ... there will always be the put downer types...

    I, too, was a Hillary supporter and the question was answered - whether a woman or a black person would be President first...

    Although disappointed, I couldn't help but 'root' for Obama....

    Guess you survived the storms! Little Rock was spared the really bad stuff - it kept going north and east.

  7. Hill Billy..... that is very catchy.

    At this time, I don't think I have done enough public service work or volunteer work to warrant having something named after me. Maybe one day that will change.

  8. Maybe someone will put a small plaque on my home -a little beach cottage - that reads so-and-so slept here. But of course no one will know who I am - or was.

  9. Hill-Billy! That never occurred to me, and now that's all I've think of, when I think of them. Very funny! I think you're right about having to take your vitamins for a very long time, if you want to see a woman president.

  10. Oh well, one could play the "guess which is a real couple's nickname game": Dick & Patty, Porgy & Bess, Harry & Sally, Jimmy & Rosalynn, Jack & Jackie ... ;-)

  11. I think that is a good name for it. I agree with you.

    I think our schools here - name a lot of them after who they bought the property for and that gives the kids something to look up! lol

    My email is skcz at comcast dot net

    I would love your to reply to your comments.


  12. I guess a school or a library named after me would be OK. I don't really love my name that much. I'd rather have one named after one of my does "Teach's School" sound?

  13. That's pretty cool. Aren't you glad the Clintons aren't divorced? As for me, I would love to have a beach named "Gigi-Hawaii."

  14. I cannot imagine the "fishducky National anything! I guess I'll have to continue being a legend in my own mind.

  15. Of course. Anyway, I don't like to fly, so wouldn't want an airport named after me. I always wanted my name on a college. The University of Tom. Doesn't really have a ring, does it? Oh well, I never did enuf. homework to warrant the honor anyway.

  16. Funny--HillBilly....In a way, it would be kind of awful if that!

    I have no particular interest in a building named after me...But, my father does have a building named after him. And it was a hard fought battle for various reasons...L-O-N-G story....!
    But, it certainly meant a great deal to him, starting out as a poor little immagrant boy and eventually having his name on a building on the Mall in Washibgton, D.C.
    Personally, I do not feel very connected to that, at all. But, I was always glad for him, and...It is one of the GREAT Museums of the World.

  17. I'm all for the airport being named for Hillary. I'm still wishing she had gotten the presidential nomination in '08.
    As for naming something for me, I'd like a library.

  18. Well, they haven't dubbed any of the Bill and Melinda Gates projects as Billy-Milly so I doubt it will catch on. Hope not!

  19. I read that, too, and I'm sure the nickname will catch on. And probably a few that are unprintable. But, I agree that he was a good president, in spite of his extra-curricular activities.

  20. I love the idea of Hill Billy! I can't imagine having any kind of building named after me. Hopefully, my memory remains with those I love and that's all.

  21. smartcat,
    Smart Cat Animal Rescue has a certain ring to it.

    You sure could. Invest in a nice plaque and go for it.

    LLCool Joe,
    I like being annonymous also. Like you, I once had a fake name picked out for the great American novel.

    Hay, at least you have your name on a building. Least they could do for all the time you gave them.

    With your name on it, you would get free coffee anyway.
    Got a feeling Hill Billy will stick.

    Obama was my second choice also but I liked him better when he put Hillary in his cabinet.

    When it does, shoot for a really big building.

    Sure they will, they will just have to Google you.

    Sadly that probably is the case.
    I know, that name is stuck in my head now.

    Lets see real: J&J, J&R, not sure about D&P.

    Chatty Crone,
    That is good for a little while but eventually no one remembers just what that person did.
    I will email you.

    Mom of 12,
    That has a really good ring to it. Can see it carved in stone now.

    If they haven't gotten divorced yet, I doubt they will. Still if they did, it would mean a new set of signs. Enjoy your personal beach.

    Sure, how about Fishducky National Wild life Preserve? :))

    I don't know, think UT. Oh that's right Tennessee has that all ready.

    I am so glad it happened when he could enjoy it. I must make you so proud. I know how special your Father was and is to you.

    Oh, now that is a great choice. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I hope not also but airports do seem to get their names shortened.

    I can almost hear myself telling my sister I will pick her up at the Hill Billy. Yikes.

    Loved ones would be good enough but don't forget that your blog will live on forever.

  22. Still giggling over "Hill Billy."

  23. I going with a gravestone marked "On the whole I'd rather be in Philadelphia." Actually, I think I read that someplace....

  24. I love the nickname. I'm also a big fan of the Clinton's. He had a complicated background. I read once that he married a woman like his grandmother that raised him and slept with women like his mother.

  25. Yes, I think you now have a new airport name there in Arkansas. We have the Hubert Humphrey terminal at our airport-it recently was renamed as Terminal 2. There also was the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (the joke being that it was filled with lots of hot air) which has recently become the Mall of America field. So, perhaps the HillBilly airport's name will change again in the not-too-distant future.

  26. I heard this on the news last night, but I had not heard the shortened version. HA That is a good one.

    My husband had the street in front of the school where he spent most of his career as an educator, named for him when he retired as principal. Funny story: we went to show the grandchild from out of state and only one street sign was up. The other had been taken down. We had such a laugh over that.

  27. Dear Patti, . . . as to what I might like named after me--maybe an award to the best book written about animals each year. A book that helps people understand the bond between animals and humans. The award would be given annually. Peace.

  28. Hill Billy? Sorry... I let a chuckle escape. I always liked Bill and Hillary too.

    Would I like a place to be named after me? Hmmm... I don't know... You'd have everybody asking, "Who's she and why did she deserve this?" :-)

  29. I'll be thinking Hill Billy from now on, but it could have been called The Clintons airport which would have been shorter. Yeah name something after me, make it a wonderful modern building or a pyramid or something, Ha. I used to dream about creating a botanical garden and having it named after me, now I know I'll never be rich so, well maybe I'll win the lottery but got to play to win I guess.

  30. Dee,
    I know, it really gave me a chuckle too.

    Oh dear, I think I have heard that before also but it is cool anyway. Anywhere other than under the granite would be good:))

    Oh, I had never heard that but it does make sense. Thanks.

    Makes one wonder why they tag airports with such long names when they know they will be cropped down rather quickly. Nothing lasts forever. I liked ole Hubert.

    Retired English Teacher,
    What a neat honor but sadly time marches on. At least they got to see the one left. Hope you took a picture.

    Now that would indeed be a great honor and need.

    I know, it made me chuckle too. I have asked that question my self when I see something named after someone I haven't heard of.

    Linda Starr,
    Now Clinton's National would have been perfect. Where were you when we needed you? :))

  31. Oh How funny---The Hill Billy Airport....cracked me up. When I was a little girl there was a school in my parent's home town named after my grandfather (a former mayor). I never knew him but I remember feeling so special that the school bore his name.

    I think I'd like a Christmas parade named after me.............

  32. Hah! Not sure what I would like named after me, maybe a horse rescue farm?

    Have you seen the PBS documentary on the Clintons? I really enjoyed it...

  33. If it had been the Hillary and Bill etc then I am sure everyone would have lost part of it inorder for it to become Hill Billy Airport before you could blink an eye. It is a shame that you did not have a first lady president but you do have the first black president which, in America, might stand for more.
    I would love to be remembered ..have my name on something a seat by the sea ...and then for many years to come those who sit on it might wonder who I was.xx

  34. I doubt that a dog park would be named after me, but if Dearly Beloved wants to sprinkle my ashes there (with the late Howard Lee, of course) that would be okay with me.

    My aunt and uncle left a trust fund for their local Humane Society. I thought that was a wonderful idea, for I can't even count the number of stray cats they had neutered, the number of cats and dogs they rescued from mistreatment. I inherited the last rescued dog.:)

  35. Probably wouldn't want anything named after me-but maybe a nice quiet park or flower garden. Haven't heard about the name change for the airport- guess I will have to turn the news on every now and then and catch up!

  36. The nickname is so funny! I wonder which one will be renamed after our current president? I feel the same about Clinton ... I really like him now, but he embarrassed me to death with the Monica thing.

    As for something being named after me; no thanks, unless it is a grandkid, lol.

    Great post, Patti.

    Kathy M.

  37. Oklhdan,
    How neat. Too bad you couldn't have gone to that school. You would really have had an in.

    I missed it but hope they do a rerun. Thanks for the reminder.

    Now how cool would it have been it it had been a black woman??
    I have seen benches like that and have wondered.

    Mary lee,
    I have thought of doing that also with an animal shelter. Good idea.

    Coloring Outside the Lines,
    It just happened. Don't blame you for avoiding the news though.

    I think when he stated,"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." was my low moment with him. I still think he was a wonderful president.
    Now a grand kid is a great idea.

  38. Had to laugh about you having to take your vitamins! Not sure it will be that long of a wait but you could be right.
    I can see people calling the airport that it's just how silly people can be.
    Bill disappointed me with lying about his affairs. Hate lying but they all do that for sure.
    I love that you picked a dog park named after you. I can see you choosing that. Great choice.
    The first thing that came to my mind for me was a home for battered women and children.
    Strange I thought of it first.
    Hope honey you have a wonderful weekend. Are you going out driving for some new adventures.
    Love ya

  39. Dog park sounds great! I agree with you about Bill, for such a brilliant man, he sure did some dumb stuff. But I really liked him as president and I like that the new airport is named after them. They both have provided great service to this country and the world and continue to do so.

  40. I don't think I have much of a chance of somethin' bein' named after me but I would find anything an honor.

    Love that "Hill Billy" Airport! Heeehehehe!!!

    Have an awesomely blessed weekend sweetie!!!

  41. Patti, Cary quote that all the time when dealing with gov't officials for our company ... even the contractors board test is like that; way too hard for the smartest people because they are pulling a Clinton!

    Funny, but not, because they get money for everytime you have to retake the test.


  42. Grandma Yellow Hair,
    You bet, people love to personalize places like airports or auditoriums. LAX comes to mind.
    You really made a great choice. That would make anyone proud.

    I agree, neither has shied away from public service since the presidency. It was a well deserved honor.

    Will let you know if it catches on. I am thinking it will.

    Local govt is a bit scary. I remember thinking I was going to need a permit to pull a permit for a shed on my property. They know how to get the dollars.

  43. I'm with you, but not just a dog park, but a family park of some sort, where they can camp, cook out, hike, play games, not something like Disney World, or an amusement park. But the old fashion kind where you have to make your own entertainment. Or perhaps some beautiful flower garden. Name it Lady Lincoln. LOL I don't want much. Hope you've been well. I think it's time for a little nap.

  44. I don't really care if anything is named after me,not even my kids! lol

  45. Hmmm. A wildlife habitat park in the middle of my town, I think.

  46. Patty,
    Those are all great choices and would be fun to visit.

    Aww, I bet you would love a cute little "Judy" to watch grow up:))

    Linda Myers
    I can see that and think it would be a great idea, for man and beast.

  47. The odd thing about this naming thing is often time passes and then there's a politician who just has to rename that. DARN! Our Toronto Island Airport just went through that. It's now Billy Bishop Airport. And I have no idea who that guy is.