Friday, April 20, 2012


When I was a mere puppy of 13, I was exposed to just what can happen to the human body as it ages. It was not shown to me by an aging family member but by a total stranger.

When I lived on the lake up North, I had a really cool neighbor. Mary gathered all the kids on the lake together and formed a Junior Auxiliary. With her guidance, we put on fundraisers and fairs to raise money for expensive toys such as tennis, softball and volleyball equipment, and a diving board and water swing for us to play on. It was fun and we learned to work for what we wanted.

One day, she took several of us to town to get some supplies for an up coming fair. While in town she wanted to stop in to visit a family member of hers that was ill so we all tagged along.

The lady was in a wheel chair and quite over weight. She then proceeded to tell Mary of all her ailments. Bless her heart, she really had a rough bed to lie in. She was diabetic, had heart disease and was trapped in the wheel chair by knees that would never know the miracle of replacements, It was years before the first papers on the subject were to even be published. She had reached bone on bone stage.

As she told us about all the miseries she faced each day, one thing really stuck in and horrified my teenage mind. With tears in her eyes, she told Mary that every single day she awoke to and lived with pain. I could not imagine such awfulness. That will never happen to me I vowed that day.

Well it has happened but certainly not to the degree that poor woman had to endure but it really is a rare day that I don't experience some sort pain. It has become a faithful companion.

I have just gotten over my back pain and now I am experiencing my very first tooth ache in almost 73 years. Interesting development. My Dentist can't see me till Monday and so far the pain is annoying but very doable.

This absolutely is not a plea for “Poor Patti” pats on the head. I am really fine. When I think of what so many others in this world are going through, I am feeling very blessed and my minor pains are quite puny in comparison. Many would eagerly trade me even. I am well aware of how blessed I am.

As acne and insecurity are badges of youth, pain apparently is the badge of age for some. I will learn to wear in proudly since it is not optional. If I am nothing, I am an adapter.

I can live easily with that particular badge of aging, it is the other ones that kind of get me. There were other things in my arrogant youth that I vowed would never happen to me.

I can remember being on the beach in Florida  and wondering haughtily how some women had the nerve to put on swimming suits and strut their stuff for all to see.

The huge flabby arms, legs lumpy and blue with varicose veins. Back fat to rival the most expansive cleavages. Surely they must know what they look like I thought disdainfully as I slathered baby oil on my taught, unblemished , golden brown skin. That will never be me I thought and even if it is, I will never display it.

Now that arrogance of youth has really come back to bite me. I pretty much have a version of that very body that once horrified me. True to part of my vow, I would never put it into a bathing suit for display, but now I really admire those ladies who could let it all hang out and enjoy life with warm sand between their toes. I don't have have even a speck of their courage or self esteem.

I once saw on a grave stone the startling saying. “As you are, once was I. As I am , so shall you be “

Wonder if I ought to have that tattooed on my back fat for today’s arrogant youth to ponder.

Have you had youthful vows come back to bite you?

Sigh, it appears Blogger has once again fixed something that wasn't broken. So far so good. We will see.


  1. Patti, this is a bit strange. I was thinking of you yesterday, wishing I had your email address. I have something to share, don't want to be rude and use your blog for promoting my own blogs.

    I completely understand the message in this blog post. Been going through similar thoughts. Maybe that's why I was thinking of you. Big discussions online about when one is "OLD". Small youngsters think 50 is old.

    Important question: Have you seen humming birds yet?

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your tooth pain now that the back pain has receded. Pain is part of life, and growing old is also part of life, if you're lucky. I also see that wisdom and compassion has made an appearance in your life, as happens to many who grow older. Oh, I almost forgot a bit of humility and a sense of humor! You've developed quite nicely, Patti! Thanks for a very insightful post! I do so enjoy these reflective moments. :-)

  3. Well yes exactly the same aches and pains here. You laid out the facts quite well. I would have only added that going for my annual physical next would, my forgetfullness, requires I list all my complaints on a small notepad... I may suggest the Doctor bring in a secretary to take notes....:)

  4. Yes yes yes! The arrogance AND ignorance of youth. I remember thinking I would never ever continue to wear an old saggy bathing suit like my mother did year after year.

    Yep, you guessed it! I did, with embarrassing results. I can't manage to laugh about the elder pain, yours or mine. But I did laugh and post about my bathing suit malfunction. It wasn't the last of embarrassing moments so I have many many opps to laugh at myself! Maybe a silver lining?

  5. Oh, Patti,
    I hope you will go and enjoy a walk on the beach and sand between your toes in whatever you'll feel comfortable with!

    i am surprised that your dentist did not help you before the weekend. I wonder if he has ever had to wait for an appointment while in pain.

    A wonderful weekend without pain - miracles do happen, you know,

  6. Looking at myself in the mirror these days is like looking at my mother.

  7. I hope your toothache does not develop into an access like mine did years ago.

    I echo your thoughts about getting out of shape as one ages. How does the actress Jane Fonda stay so nice in her 70s??? Lol. But, when David and I vacationed on the Big Island of Hawaii last summer, heck if I was going to let my obesity stop me from kissing the dolphins in the lagoon --- and being PHOTOGRAPHED doing it. My picture is there for all to see in my living room as well as on my blog. What a fun time, despite looking awful.

  8. Hope your tooth feels better.

    I was thinking of age this week. Three 12-year old boys were walking down the street and 2 of them stopped us to ask what we had been doing. As we carried our kite boards, etc that made sense. I was surprised they were so chatty but the third one got way ahead on his skateboard and kept looking back shaking his head. I could tell he was thinking what are they doing talking to such old people.

  9. Gigi asks how does Jane stay so curvaceous? I think it must be all the pot she smoked. Ha. just kidding.

    Its genes, pure and simple. I stayed svelte for years and then began to gain weight in my late 50s. Nothing I did to stay slim when I was younger works these days.

    Fortunately, I can get shots to ease some of the arthritis pain, but not all. My teeth are at risk while David's are perfect (He who drank like a fish for 50 years and will be 83 in a few months.)

    I suppose our new motto is 'Grin and Bear It' and after all these years we know what that means. Good post Patti.


  10. The strange thing is that I don't think of being old, only when I look in the mirror. I know what you mean when you said that pain has become a faithful companion. It belongs to us, as long as it doesn't become suffering.I hope your tooth ache will soon disappear, Patti!

  11. I know of what you speak, my dear Patti...Living with pain day in and day out---And it gets worse each day, I'm sorry to say....! The "Golden"! Whoever coined that phrase never got there!
    It is probably a good thing that we don't know what lies ahead, when we are young.
    Good luck with your tooth, my dear....I know all about that, too, I'm sorry to say--since I am 12 years old! Come to think of it---pain has been a part of my life for ALL my life! Well, like Scarlet in GWTW, I'll think about it tomorrow, at Tara---or wherever.

  12. Sorry you were a bit under the weather. Such a good point you make. I'm sick of people patronizing me. I can look in a mirror and know how I look. But we can joke about it. There's a whole group ready to have fun with "it."

  13. Oooooooh. Tooth pain. Ick. If it gets really bad before Monday. Make yourself a cup of tea, squeeze out the teabag and then apply it to the gum line of the ailing tooth. The tanic acid in the tea will numb the nerves. Trust me. I have used looks silly but it feels good.
    Yep, I used to say if your body isn't good enought to flaunt, don't. Now I say, just because you can wear it doesn't mean you should wear it.....especially in public. But hurrah for the aged to perfection woman who still rock it....but that ain't me babe.
    Pain????? my best frenemy. Oma Linda

  14. Hi Patti,

    This is a great post, very honest and insightful. Hope your tooth gets fixed soon.

    I am at the very beginning of "falling apart", especially this past year. I don't feel old, but had that oral surgery, my belly is a dunlap (I NEVER thought that would happen because I was always so slender) and it grosses me out. Oh well, I just need to reclaim my energy and do something about that while I still can. We still go to the hot springs, and for the first time ever I feel yucky about how I look.

    I always felt bad for those ladies on the beach and now am becoming one of them. Oh, well, lol ... age catches up to all of us.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Kathy M.

  15. Patti, I have bite marks all over me!

    I used to think I needed a swim suit every year. I got over that, of course. . . to the point that one of my daughters told me that my suit had become so thin that it was see-thru in the butt. YIKES!

    This is a very thought-provoking post. I'll be passing it along.

  16. Absolutely the truth, patti! Pain and age go hand in hand. I woke up one morning and noticed my elbow hurting like crazy. Three months later I even had it x-rayed and nothing showed up. Good ol' invisible pain. But as a previous commenter noted, as long as it doesn't become suffering... we're okay.

  17. beautiful post. The young certainly have no idea what's coming. I didn't. Every age probably has its own thoughts of "I'm glad I'm not there." My folks are 89 and 92, and I see very closely what is coming. Life is the great equalizer. We are all young and sleek at some point, weak and failing at another. I'm sorry you experiencing pain. I pray you have relief soon.

  18. Patti,
    Ahhhh, well, one arrogance of youth is when I stated I would NEVER be like my mother. Well that has come back to bite me in the behind. I am just like my mother!
    and about those women on the beach. let's see...I have some mixed feelings about this. While I don't look good in a bathing suit by any means but I also think I've earned that right to walk on the beach, and strut my stuff so to speak. The beach is not made for only beautiful people so this is where I say, 'the hell with it!' and continue on living my life.
    Pain wise, I wake up everyday and take 3-4 ibuprofen just so I don't ache all day and then 3 more prior to bed becaus of yes, bone on bone and old knees from running...all the while sayidng 'it is what it is' you go out and put on that bathing suit!
    :) hope your tooth pain gets better!

  19. Lovely post Patti. We recently had a visit from a dear friend who has been in pain for many years now, and somehow she has managed to remain interested in other people and a kindly encouragement to those who have the joy of spending time with her. I hope that I remember her and do my best to think of others when I am at a similar stage in life. Maybe the "arrogance" of youth is not all bad, there are things about life that it is best not to know all at once, and they just haven't got there yet!

  20. Pretty much every single thing I shook my head over about old age is happening to me now. My joints take turns hurting...

    I keep reminding myself it's better than the alternative...

  21. I do hope you don't have an abcess, Patti. My brother and I were talking on the phone just last week about how we used to make fun of our aunts and uncles and their myriad of complaints. And my brother said, "Hell, they were right."

  22. Miss Dazey,
    Hay, promote your blog all you want.
    To me old has always been 15 years older than me. These days, that is getting harder to accomplish.
    First hummer came this week. He is so far solo at the feeder.

    Gee, thanks so much for the vote of confidence. Humor is the sugar that makes it all go down easier.

    I do the same thing otherwise I get home and then remember what all I forgot. Lets hope our doctors have good memories. Maybe we should make a copy for them.

    Laughter is what keeps it all in perspective. Would love to hear of your malfunction. You have the best sense of humor.

    Thanks. I once worked for an answering service and a dentist was one of the clients. He said never to consider a tooth ache an emergency. "No one ever died of a toothache" was his reasoning. Guess they all feel that way.

    And we all swore we would never be like our moms, at least the part we didn't agree with.

    You go girl. That is what I mean. Own what we are and be comfortable. You have made it, I am a work in progress.

    Well the fact that you were carrying the kite boards would have made you a youngster in my book, not sure about a 12 year old.They can be critical.

    Ha ha, if pot would produce results like that, I'd try to find some. Grin and Bear it does sum it up.

    Reader Wil,
    I know what you mean. I feel roughly 30 till I move a reluctant joint or stand in front of the mirror.

    And that is the truth. Being an optimist, I keep thinking tomorrow will be just dandy, a bit of Scarlett in me also.

    Humor is what will get us through. Look at George Burns and Bob Hope, they laughed all the way up to

    Linda in NM
    Thanks Linda, I will keep that tea bag in mind. So far, OTC pain killer are doing the job.

    At this age, a quick entry into the water is helpful. My head bobbing on the surface looks OK. It is just getting there.

    Mary lee,
    If you are like me, the act of buying a suit can set your self esteem back decades. That is why we keep the old ones. See through huh?? I smell a post.

    I am so sorry you have one of the invisable pains. They don't earn us a bit of sympathy for no one can see the injury. Hope your pain disappears.

    mare ball,
    "I'm glad I'm not there" really states the attitude of our younger selves so well. I use it myself when I visit a nursing home knowing it is only a matter of time. I add "yet" to the statement.

    I pretty much follow your pain regimen. I laud the women who are comfortable in their skin, even though it is not perfect.

    Good thought Peter. Knowing would surely depress us though it may make us better stewards of our time. Guess it would depend on the individual.

    Yes it is and it really could be worse. Best thing is to laugh about it since we can't stop it.

    NC Mountain woman,
    Ha ha, your brother said a mouthful and he is so right.

  23. Ageing isn't for whimps!!! Hang tough my dear!

  24. This is something that I wrote about a little while ago. It is amazing how the very things that I found so disgusting in the older people I saw when I was young are the very same disgusting things that are happening to me. What goes around comes around. And to Linda, above-if you think it's bad looking like your mother, imagine being a woman and looking just like your father...

  25. Hahaaa ... I did exactly the same thing. I made all sorts of vows that would not happen to me.

    I'm not in pain each day but I have very ornery back muscles that drive me insane and when I first get up I'm bent over! good lord! I hate that.

    And wrinkles! I just wasn't going to have any of that... well? ... I got wrinkles along with ugly feet that I want to go have a pedicure but am too embarrassed to do so...

    Used to love to go swimming... hah... unless Omar the tent maker has something for me... forget it

    HAHAaaa wouldn't that be funny wearing a neck to ankle RED tent thing... I could be recycled into a warning sign


  26. They should never have let you go in pain that long! My husband had one toothache like that and it was horrible.

    About age - I forget I'm old until see myself in the mirror.

    I hope you have a good weekend.


  27. I've had arthritis almost my entire life, so I'm used to pain. I have no idea what it would feel like to be pain free. As long as I'm hurting, I know I'm still alive.

    I remember vowing when I was young that I would never look like some of the old people I saw. Now that I'm old, I don't mind looking old. I figure I have earned all these gray hairs and wrinkles. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to get old - not everyone has.

  28. Oh Patty- I know just what you mean. I just had my knee fixed and now my gall bladder- I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. What body part will pain me next?
    Baby oil and iodine- oh my gosh!! I completely ruined my skin with that mess!

  29. I've learned the hard way that it is very difficult to come back after an accident or an illness when you are our age. I had two serious accidents in 2010, an infected tooth with two rootcanals done to no avail in 2011, and now this darned virus that landed me in bed for six weeks this year, plus the tooth that will need to be extracted via oral surgery. I am determined to come back, but I have sooo little patience. It is the one thing I really need to develop. As far as you and a bathing suit goes, I would just go for it. That is if there's a tempting beach or swimming pool close by.

  30. Hi Patti, OH YES---both George and I get frustrated with all of the new aches and pains!!! It's truly just signs of getting old... Dang it!!!!

    BUT--I will say that I'm doing much, much better now that I've gotten some of that excess weight off... I don't think there is anything worse than being my age and carrying alot of excess weight... I'm trying hard to get it off --and keep it off.... Right now, life is GOOD...

    Have a good weekend.

  31. Well, as a person who just shopped for a swimsuit, I relate to this! I also just had a tooth pulled - broke it beyond repair. I'm falling apart with you, Patti, but still smiling...

  32. I agree with you. I'm not that old, but at 47 I feel that I have hit the high point and am definitely on my way down. After 12 babies I have plenty of back pain and bursitis. Not fun, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  33. Oh I know all too well the aches and pains of adulthood and I never broke a bone in my body, if I had as Gary tells me those parts would hurt even worse, thank goodness for the good days without pain or slightly so anyway, I have learned to get up very slowly from whatever I am doing, cats give us a lesson in stretching before attempting anything strenuous or even mildly so. Cloves are supposed to help toothaches and perhaps there is something over the counter you can use, maybe a baby teething gel to numb the pain?

  34. When we were young and going to the beach every day every summer we used to look at the covey of older women who had skin the quality of tanned leather and vow that we would not become them. Several of us started using sunscreen long before it was fashionable. Those ladies were a cautionary tale as most of them ended up with varying degrees of skin cancer.
    Wow! Did i actually remember an example of youth learning from elders?
    Take care of that tooth and get a root canal if it's recommended. I'm not going to bore you with my dental horrors. Suffice to say that tooth infections are dangerous and can lead to close to the brain.
    Hope all is well soon!

  35. Muffy,
    Amen sister!!

    Sorry but I had to laugh. I am one of those looking like her Dad now days. He was a good looking guy, not so much as a girl.

    Oh yes, if wrinkles were painful I would be on hard drugs:))

    Chatty Crone,
    I guess the best thing for us is to banish mirrors. I too still think I am 30 till I get a good look.

    Aww, I am so sorry. I have just discovered the pleasures of arthritis and can't imagine your having to live with it all your life.

    Coloring out side the lines,
    After a certain age, it becomes patch, patch, patch. Guess we should be grateful medicine still has tools to patch us up.

    You are right, patience becomes our strongest crutch as we age. That and acceptance. Sure hope your rough patches are over.

    You are right, there are many things we can do for our selves to make things easier. Eating right and exercise right at the top. Kudos.

    Ah it is a slow and insidious process but you are doing all the right things to prolong it. Keep up the great work.

    Mom of 12,
    I am impressed that is all you have what with the work load you carry. Like you, some things like your wonderful family are just worth the price.
    I may groan about my wrinkles but I don't regret one fun day in the sun I have had to earn them.

    Linda Starr,
    I can relate to Gary for I have broken a ton of bones in my life via an active life style and an auto accident. Breaks give the pain a good place to hide.
    Thanks for the tooth ache remedies.
    Hopefully I can make it to Monday OK.

  36. As the many responses indicate, you've put your finger on it -- it's not a question of IF we must face the aches and pains, but only when and how much. So anyway ... may your tooth be better.

  37. I'm the age I remember my grandparents being and thinking they were so old, well I certainly don't feel as old as I thought they were, but the handwriting is on the wall, so to speak and the mirror doesn't lie. Still, I keep telling my grandchildren...I'm not old!

  38. Hi Patti,

    Am back and once more I enjoyed this post with much thought on my mind recently - the arrogance of youth which hit home indirectly.

    Yes, as we age, we can't do away with the pain badge. I have it once in a while though not in a worse case scenario apart from experience a short hospital stay for atypical heart pain.

    I live in a compound where Old Peoples live. (Some of these people snub me for a fact that I don't look old inspite of my age they find hard to believe with all my agility). As I watch these people, I could never take life for granted accepting the reality that sooner or later we all get there!

    Now and then, am helping an old office colleague and I can see that old age is now starting to slowly claim her. While watching her, I looked back for how she was in her youth days when we're together: her high-strung attitude, highhandedness, her unequaled arrogance that would mince your heart if you hear her spoke- yet at the back of all these facade, she's actually a person with a marshmallow heart.

    Her memory dwindles and by far, she is getting very stressful to deal with and still remain very caring.

    I was pondering lately that how we treat people, our friends, our family - will have its own effects in our future life.

    I hope you are doing well. Will send you another postcard for as long as you stay in the same address.

    (Leah Dancel once Bonnie Bonsai)

  39. Hi Patti, I sure hope your tooth pain has gone away.

    You could have been writing a description of me except for the varicose veins. I am told that swimming is the best exercise for those with back pain and a group of older women in my town meet for group exercises each week at the indoor pool. Well, this old chick ain't gonna show her cratered legs and flabby batwings to anyone! I wish I were one of those kind of people who didn't give a rip about what I looked like, but I spend a good deal of time buying garments that (I hope) cover up or camouflage, no reveal all to the world. Yeah, I know that you can't hide poundage, but I try to make it look as good as I can.

    As for the pain, I know all about that. After breaking my ankle badly around 25 years ago and lived in much pain for years, and still now it hurts like fire when I've been on my feet too long or when the weather changes. I won't talk about the back aches. Ugh. Aging isn't fun, but as they's better than the alternative. At 66, I've outlived my mother and brothers, so I try not to complain (too often) and am grateful for the years I've had. Hoping for many more! I wish I had the willpower to give up sugar and processed foods and just eat healthy foods. I know I'd feel better. But I'm weak, what can I say.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend without tooth pain! Take care.

  40. I hope the tooth fairy fixes you right up hummm...that didn't sound right for some reason....
    No aches or pains here...yet...but then I'm working with a blonde brain And an old body...

  41. now i am dreading the old age :P hope your tooth feels better :)

  42. Dear Patti,
    I know what you mean about the ladies on the beach, I have always said that myself, I won't even wear long shorts. I go around in blue jeans year round, but at least I feel comfortable in them.

    Yes, I'm still among the living, and the back pain is a little better, but the arthritis doctor still isn't done testing. I'm waiting for a complete bone scan of the body to be set up. He thinks I just have the plain old wear and tear aging type arthritis.

    I know what you mean, if I would wake up and not have a pain someplace, I would probably think I had died. LOL

    Almost time to fix a bite of lunch. Today grilled cheese, Granddaughter likes that. Supper/dinner time will be a pork roast with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and apple/raisin salad.

    Guess the two of us will just keep plugging right along.

    Abe has to go in May 14th, he has another aneurysm and they are going to try to repair it through the arteries. He's not a good candidate to be opened and have it repaired that way.

    My youngest brother is going through radiation and chemo for lung cancer, at the moment his esophagus is do burned he can't hardly swallow water. I would think they would put him in the hospital to make sure he's getting liquids. It would also give my Mom a rest, he's been staying with her. His wife died from lung cancer about three years ago, his son was killed din a motor accident about four years ago, his only daughter lives about an hour and a half drive away. I've told Mom it might come to the fact he'll have to be put into a rest home for a while. He doesn't listen to his doctors, I told him, if he's not going to listen and give up those cigarettes he may as well not go through all the treatments.

    Hope the took ache is gone before you know it. And also hope the back pain doesn't come back to replace the tooth pain. Hang in there.
    Love, Patty

  43. Patti, I hope your tooth is feeling a bit better. It is nearly Monday, so you will soon be in to take care of that tooth.

    I can relate on so many levels. I also told myself that I would never let myself get overweight. Guess what? it happened. I vowed I would stay healthy and active. In the meantime, physical things went awry. Now, I also live with limitations and pain. I will take it over the alternative. Aging is not always the way we had it pictured in our minds.

  44. Patti I too can remember having those same thoughts as a teenager and now I find myself thinking about how they have come back to bite me also.
    Pain is a hard thing to get use too at any age in life. I could barely walk myself this morning after my brothers party yesterday.
    So very sorry about your toothache. I honestly think one of those is about the worst thing we can have. Hope you get some relief soon.
    Looking back I never dreamed that I would have so many aches in my sixties I thought maybe later in life but boy was I wrong. haha
    Hang in there dear friend and know I am thinking of you
    Love ya

  45. Oh, how I love this post. I'm sorry for your pain, and I can identify. You expressed, so well, so many of the thoughts and feelings I've had regarding pain, bodies, swimsuits, the nerve it takes to wear one, this.

  46. smartcat
    Ah yes, I am one of those leather handbags on legs today. You were smart to heed the warning.

    Today is my appointment, none too soon. Thanks and yes, it is just a matter of when.

    I do believe we are in better shape than our grandparents, or maybe that is just skewed thinking. At least my mind is still in its thirties.

    So good to hear from you again. We have an advertisement over here that starts out "Don't hate me because I am beautiful." You could change that to "Don't hate me for looking young."LOL
    Yes I am at the same place and I enjoy your post cards.
    Be well.

    I can so relate. I too have passed on the pool exercise classes. Wish I could just let it all hang out and not care. Sigh.

    Today my tooth fairy, who has the day job of a handsome dentist, gets to yank the sucker out.
    Stay pain free, it is the obvious choice.

    Welcome back. Don't fear old age, just make sure you appreciate your youth on a daily basis. Along with the aches and pains of later years, also comes a mind set that I would not trade for a healthy young body. Enjoy each stage.

    Mercy, you, Abe and your family have really been going through it. Things do seem to pile on don't they?
    Putting Abe in my prayers for a smooth surgery. Be well and strong my friend.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I know what you mean. It makes me irritated with my self when I realize a lot of my aches are self inflicted.
    Thanks, today is the day for the tooth. I will not miss it.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Well that must have been a good party. Sorry the after effects were so unpleasant.
    You hang in too.

    Thanks. I kind of wonder if I will ever reach the age where I just won't care what I look like in a bathing suit and just enjoy. I admire those who can and do.

  47. Many many times unfortunately Patti so I don't make comments like that anymore.

    What I learned is that old age is not for sissies.

    I wish I had your email address so many times I want to comment back to your comments.

    But I never thought about apologizing to God - so true.


  48. Brilliant post....sorry you are in pain though. I often think that one pain masks another after all it is said that to remove a headache get someone to stamp on your foot ....not that i have tried it. lol

  49. I love reading your insights and really enjoyed this post - except for the part that you are in pain. Sorry to hear that.
    THANK YOU for being such a supporter of my blog! I appreciate you and your comments.
    Hang in there!
    Take Care,
    Lynda :)

  50. Growing old is definitely not for sissies ... and the young people of today will get there someday if they're lucky!

  51. Chatty Crone
    And that is the truth. Someday I will get brave and publish my email address.
    When I apologize it is for both me and the human race. We are not good stewards.

    Ha ha, I am pretty empathetic, couldn't I just stomp on someone elses foot?

    Thanks. I enjoy your posts. Vancouver was on my list of places to relocate before I landed here. You have such a beautiful area.

    Yep they will, hopefully by the time they do, there will be a pill for that. I know that hope lurked in the back of my brain years ago.

  52. You just put my own struggles of a similar nature into words. I hope you will feel some relief as it heads into summer.HUGS