Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Nitwit at Cowards Corner and I have a similar dilemma. If someone offered you a plant that would be fast growing, evergreen, nice fragrant flower display in Spring with blue black berries in the Fall, you might say, "Lovely, bring it on."

What is not to love?  When I first moved here, I had this nice bush at my fence line. It was about 8 by 8 and full from top to bottom.  I had the county extension agent look at it then and the name he gave me ( Rusty Haw) did not fit the all parameters of this bush.  Mainly, there is never any red to the bush.

Monster bush

This has grown at a very rapid rate and now is 35 feet wide and about 15 feet tall.  My view is disappearing as it creeps across my field of vision.

I wish I had a before picture but only have the after. What is also scary is that it has a sister that is closing in from the opposite corner.

Sister monsterette

Leaf of monster bush

Monster bush flower

I had the new County Extension fellow come out recently to try his hand at  identifying this "Beast" as Carol from Coward's Corner calls it.   Bless his heart, he was an adorable young man who shook his head in bewilderment and took many pictures to send off to the main office.

He happily called me back to say that it was a Crape Myrtle. HUH!!  Because he tried so hard I didn't question his assumption. However, I would be surprised if it is a Crape Myrtle unless it is an obscure variety. 

My question is, do any of you recognize this monster bush? Am I or my home in any danger of being smothered?  

Also, is anyone else having trouble with comments?   When I write a comment on another post, I often have to refer back to the blog for information before finishing.  So as not to lose my comment, I copy what I have written so I can paste it when I return to that page.  Now, trying to copy immediately wipes out the blog I am reading and I have to start all over.  I switched back to the "Old Blog" format two days ago.  Though it is easier and offers so many more options, it does the same thing  in that format also.  Anyone else having this problem?

Lastly, have you all visited Gag Donkey? My sister turned me on to this site.  It is mainly adorable pictures with funny captions. New ones each day. Great for a giggle or an awww, which ever you need.


  1. If that's a crepe myrtle, it's not one I've ever seen before. But those flowers look oddly familiar to me. It looks like you are going to have to rein it in soon, or your view will be gone for sure!

  2. Unfortunately I know nothing about bushes. Oops that sounded a bit rude. But I bet someone here does. I look forward to reading what it is, just so you don't need to call it a monster anymore. :D

    No I can't say I am having the blogger problems you are, but I do have others which are a right pain in the butt.

    Bushes and butts. Gosh what a comment.

  3. Nope, I haven't had any trouble commenting on blogspot or on wordpress. Hope you get it fixed. As for the 2 bushes, they sure are pretty!

  4. Keep your hatchet handy, one day you may need it to get out the front door!!

  5. Blogger has been weird lately, sometimes I can't comment at all. It just won't take the comment, or I think I've made one but nothing shows up. Must be the changes that are not yet ironed out.

    Hope somebody knows what that bush is. I've never seen it before. :-)

  6. That's not a crepe myrtle at all but not sure what it is. I hate the two word verification but other than that all seems to be well.

  7. I don't know what the bush is, but I'd be out there with pruning tools. I nver met a bush I didn't want pruned.

  8. It looks like some variant of bush honeysuckle. If you google bush honeysuckle you can find photos and much information. This plant has nothing to do with our native honeysuckles, is considered invasive, and in some species will poison the surrounding soil thus preventing other plant growth. You should cut them back hard after blooming to prevent spread through seeds. I could be wrong but the flowers, leaves, and habit fit the description.

    I have no problem with posting other than the nasty captcha. One word this AM untopi i added an i to get............

  9. Dear Arkansas Pattie, . . . I'm sending your posting to my sister-in-law who is close to having her master gardener certificate. Perhaps she'll know the shrub's name.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting while I took the month of April to pursue a dream. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


  10. When I want to identify something, I start with the known: It isn't a crape myrtle (summer blooming) nor a black haw, nor a fringe tree.

    Black Locust is one I came up with to rule out. I usually do a search for something like "Large bush with white blooms in May in Arkansas."

    Yes, the comments are driving me crazy. Some just eat my deathless prose, others make me do captcha over and over. Occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised. If I type more than one line, I copy so I can try again when it disappears.

  11. I haven't seen anything like that bush. Looks like you're going to have to go at it with a lot of tools and muscle. Good luck with it.

  12. Sorry, I have no idea what your bush is ... but perhaps you'd better get out there with some shears and start pruning! Or, you could just give it to me. I can kill anything without even trying. Even my mint plants are not coming up this year (altho' I do have a pretty good crop of dandelions).

    I've had problems commenting in the past, off and on, but not lately. Possibly something to do with the new blogger configuration?

  13. It looks so familiar. I'll ask my Mom, she might know. Are you going to trim it back or remove it? That is a bummer that it is blocking your view, Patti.

    As far as leaving comments, I have figured out on how to do that okay using Blogger blogs.

    What is a pain for me is trying to leave comments on WordPress. They tell me that I need to sign out and sign in using my WordPress blog, which is one that I began years ago to do something with Early Childhood Education and never developed. Instead, I just use a different email account and it lets me comment. Why do they care which email I use though? I think that is a bit nosy.

    Best of luck getting things figured out ... in your garden and on your computer.

    Kathy M.

  14. One thing for sure. This is not a crepe myrtle. I think the blooms must have a very sweet smell and perhaps draw bees?

    I have seen the flower before, but in Florida and Hawaii. Looks like Oleander, but the leaf puzzles me. I would be surprised if a tropical plant survived your climate. I will think on this a bit, and perhaps come up with something.

    Patti, I am convinced if it is going to happen it will happen to you. Monster bush.. Good thing I live in the city. Dianne

  15. My sweetie planted wisteria near our porch 17 years ago when we first moved here. After a couple of years of its craziness, I asked him to get rid of it. I couldn't stand all the spiders and bugs that loved to live in all that greenery. It has managed to return every year all on its own and we end up chopping it down all over again.

  16. Could it be a stange variety of mockorange, it fragrant?

  17. Your plant looks like some form of honeysuckle to me. I have my Master Gardener certificate, but I'm still not very good at identifying plants that are not found in my area. I think is most likely an invasive type (duh!) and should be pruned to make it easier to remove. You most likely will have to hire a professional for that job. It looks too big for you to tackle alone. If it were on my property, I'd take it out.

    Yes, I'm having problems also. Yesterday was horrendous for leaving comments. I finally gave up.

  18. Wow, it is beautiful! All I can grow here for the most part is sage brush, so I am jealous of anything that flowers!

  19. I'd be surprised if that turns out to be any type of crepe myrtle, but I'm no botanist! Good luck with it...we spent a lot of long summer Saturdays pulling and hacking at some "dwarf variety" plantings that we purchased when we moved here 10 years ago. Apparently, no one told the plants that they were dwarf varieties! They were overtaking the porch!

  20. Coloring out side the lines,
    It did to me also but I couldn't pin point it. Think he was guessing at Crape Myrtle.

    LLCool Joe,
    Well aren't you naughty today:)) Thanks for the giggle.

    Thanks but I think it is only skin deep pretty. Evil lies with in.

    Ha ha, I may just sleep with one under my pillow.

    Just another case of blogger fixing what isn't broke. I hope they fix what is now broke.

    Linda Starr,
    So happy it isn't bothering you. It only happens when I right click my mouse.

    Ah ha, and what are you doing for the next month? This really needs a pruning.

    Well you live up to your name. I looked it up and you are so right. I didn't know they came in bush form. Wish I had a prize for you since you were the first to ID it. Thank you so much. Now I know what I am dealing with.

    I think smartcat nailed it but I really appreciate your sending it off to your sister. Thank you.

    That is an excellent suggestion and one I will use in the future. Makes perfect sense. Thanks.

    According to Google, this is very invasive and I may have to hire it done. It is soooo big.

    You are so right Tom. I need to get busy and try to contain this. Wish I had your magic touch.

    According to Google, I have to wait till Fall to attack it. Then I will nibble away at it as best as I can or maybe hire it done. It does need taming or removed, one.

    Smart cat I am sure nailed it. I Googled the Bush Honeysuckle she thought it was and that is my monster.

    Mom of 12,
    Isn't it sad when plants turn on us. Wisteria is one of those that makes getting rid of them a career.

    I do have mock orange which I adore and has a lovely white flower. Think smartcat is right and it is bush honeysuckle.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I am a Master Gardener also though I dropped out with my bad back. That is what made it embarassing not knowing what was on my own property.

    Lucky you, I will send you seeds and it will grow and grow and grow for you. Kidding of course.

    Doesn't that disappoint when plants go berserk on us. Taking out is so much harder than putting in.

  21. Well the scent does remind me of honeysuckle but the leaf of our two tres do not match exactly. I have friend in the extension office in Yellville, but I am never over that way. Maybe i can get husband to stop by as he visits a friend down that way. this tree is half way across my handicap landing just in the short time we have been discussing it!

  22. That's one scary looking bush and I have no idea what it could possibly be. But I really like all the nice people who leave comments on your blog. I usually never look but at a few, but this time I wanted to see if anyone knew the bush. I haven't had any problems with blogger comments. I haven't switched over yet, but will wait until they force me to. I am no Google fan.

  23. Hi Patti, I'm not sure that is a Crepe Myrtle... It may be in that family---but I've never seen one. Sorry!

    I'm not sure the problem is with the new Blogger Interface. I've had it for a long time now --and have had no problems.

    However, some blogs that I visit are using some different templates ---and I have problems with them at times.. There's one in particular where if you don't write and publish your comment in a timely manner, it will just leave that page and you have to start over. OR--if you are on that page and want to switch to another page and then come back, it won't let you stay on that page... Crazy!!!


  24. Glad you found out what that Bush is---I'm not very savvy about Crepe Myrtel, but it didn't look like one to me....!


  25. I'm sorry but I can't help you with the identity of the bush. I'd try trimming it back after it blooms, but as big as it is that sounds like a huge undertaking.

    I haven't had any problems lately with commenting like I was a few weeks ago. I'm having trouble now with my photos uploading when I want to do a new post. It sometimes takes forever and several tries.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  26. I honestly don;t know what that plant is. Thanks for the website to visit - I will check it out. sandie

  27. If that is a bush honeysuckle it is the meanest one I've seen. Maybe in the Lonicera or Mackii family, however. Ask Dick Klade (GabbyGeezerz) if he recalls seeing this paricular variant.

    You will need help removing this sucker. Roots will reroot if you leave any behind. Dianne

  28. I think it's a very beautiful bush. If it too big you might try pruning, or is that a stupid advise?
    Thanks for your visit.
    Tomorrow will be Remembrance Day for us and 5th May Liberation Day. For us, people from the former Dutch East Indies Remembrance Day will be in August.

  29. I've never see a crepe myrtle like that...ever and I'm a plant person.

    I haven't had any trouble..your the first I've run across. I bet it's not just you though.

    Hopefully they'll get it worked out soon and very soon. It's so frustratin' when 'stuff' happens.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a glorious day!!! :o)

  30. Like you, I would be amazed if the monster sisters are crepe myrtle of ant variety. You may have to send your photos and description to a botanist at your closest university. Please keep us posted if you find answers to either of your questions!

  31. Well honey in Texas are Crepe Myrtles can go wild sometime but not sure I have every seen one quite this huge. You would think these guys know what their talking about though.
    Now I will have to go and google crepe myrtels. lol
    Good luck with keeping this from taking over completely. I would love to have it between my neighbors property in town. hahaha Can I come and get a piece.
    I am too afraid to comment on your question about blogger comments because I don't want jinx myself.
    Love ya

  32. Nitwit,
    I sure hope your extension office is sharper than ours. They were both nice fellows but no help.
    Let me know what you find out.

    Yep, it is definitely out of control. I love my commenters also. They are so smart and helpful.

    It may be the different templates not getting along. Hope it goes away soon.
    Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

    I know you hate the new blogger Naomi. Why do they keep changing stuff. The new program doesn't give near the options as the old. Oh well---

    I had trouble with these photos also. I guess we should just look at it as a challenge.

    Chatty Crone,
    I think Smartcat got it. Thanks anyway.

    Thanks and from what I have read you are right. Something like Roundup has to be applied to the stumps or it will come back. This will be fun.

    Reader Wil,
    Actually that is exactly what I will have to do. Think I will nibble at it to make it smaller.

    Being an adapter, I have all ready found a way to live with the new changes. Guess I should be grateful they are making my life more interesting.

    Good idea. I will check out a botanist. It was out of the extension agents area of expertise.

    Grandma Yellow hair,
    Be glad to send you some seeds this fall:)) I wouldn't mind so much if it grew on the road side and hid the traffic. Guess my problem is that it is in the wrong place.

  33. I have no idea really.. Sorry. No green thumb here. I tried to check on google but I am sure you would have done it already.. And nope, didn't find anything. Hope you get a solution quickly. Cheers.

  34. Patti, thanks so much for your encouraging words re my surgery. Glad you are in good health. Stay that way. Blessings!

  35. I love the monster bush...not certain the name of it but a neighbor has one on one side of our's lovely~ I haven't had any problems with blogger except I can't post on Wordpress...

  36. I've never thought of bushes as monsters before but I see your point. A world without a view is not so good... :)

  37. My daughter has a similar bush and she and her husband cut it down to a bare minimum 2 years ago. Now it is bigger than ever !!

  38. Lostworld,
    Thanks so much for looking. Think I have it narrowed down to a Bush Honeysuckle.

    Feel much better soon lady. You are due.

    Well I guess it hasn't taken over their house yet? There is still hope.

    I know, that was the big selling point when I bought this place.

    Yikes, your have just put my biggest nightmare into words. This may become my new job.

  39. Well, your comment thing caused my computer to lock up and lose the whole durn post/comment before I could put it on my clipboard! I've cooked dinner, watered my garden and wandered the yard a bit, so I really don't remember all of it.

    Your bane is not crepe myrtle.

    We hate honeysuckle. It is invasive and I can't beat it. 'Nuf said.

  40. Amber Star,
    So sorry my post gave you grief. Blogger is full of twists and turns lately.

  41. Not sure what that bush could be but I get the feeling it will rule along with it's sister.

  42. heidrun,
    I think you are right. I will soon be tackling them both.