Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I promised an update and here it is. Jacqui is my new hero. My goodness, what that woman went through and conquered as the result of that show Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition.

 She showed such grit and determination to accomplish the amazing, over two hundred pound weight loss. Pretty sure I would have bailed early in the program. It was some kind of rough.

Not only were her calories cut drastically but she was physically in training like an Olympic hopeful. I would have liked more time to have been spent on the food and how she struggled with such a huge reduction in calories.

They did show her favorite meal when eating out which was over 5000 calories . Kind of scary what restaurants merrily put in front of us to kill us and we pay them to do it.  There was some time spent on proper eating but I would have liked more.

Often she would reach a point in the physical training part when she thought she could go no farther. Chris Powell, her trainer, would push her past those points.

You might say Chris deserves all the credit but you can't push someone unless they want the end goal with all their being. He just showed her that she could get past “I can't”. Time and again, he proved that there was more left in her tank than she thought.

Yes she had lots of help for the first three months but then for a long time, she was on her own. That is when 90% of the people would have failed. That is what makes her my new hero. A status she must share however with her husband Shawn who was a brick and completely supporting. What a guy.

Shawn's life was completely uprooted and he took on extra work so Jacqui could quit work and devote full time to the program.  They both gave all.

As a reward when she reached one of the goals, the show provided Jacqui and Shawn the honeymoon in Ireland that they had always dreamed about, except I am sure Chris coming along was not in either of their dreams.

Chris had Jacqui complete a 100k bike ride in the steep hills of Ireland . Jacqui struggled but completed the grueling ride. Chris then left the drained,sore young woman and her husband with the parting words, “Enjoy your honeymoon.” Yeah sure. I can't help but think that 5 hours on a bicycle dampened some of the "enjoy."

The program did a great service to a young woman in trouble with her health and was really uplifting to watch. Will I watch more of these, probably not. This one had a personal connection which made it more relevant for me and I am very glad I saw this one and think the show is very worth while. I can see why it is successful.

I said I would look for an “after” shot but I found better. This is a five minute video of Jacqui now and what she is doing with her new life.  While her weight loss was amazing, what she has done with her life since is what makes her my new hero. Enjoy.


  1. Ooh my...what an amazing story!!! She's a beautiful person, and I'm talking "inside"... ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Patti. I haven't watched the show but I can see that the whole journey has changed her life for the better. What a wonderful story and she's a beautiful person, you can see that in her smile and in her words. Thank you!

  3. She is so inspiring and very pretty!!

  4. What a lovely young woman. What an inspiring story.

  5. Oh my goodness! She looks great. I Googled her 2-days ago without success. Thanks for the video.

  6. I didn't watch the show, but I was moved by your previous post. I googled her name yesterday and found before and after pictures. WOW. She is a remarkably strong and beautiful woman.

  7. Nothing short of amazing and I suspect her new career choice will give her the motivation to keep it off.

  8. She is beautiful! Sorry that I can't watch the video, as it is not fit for my country.But what an achievement! Hopefully she can continue to stick to her diet.Thanks for this story!

  9. Wow! What a transformation that young woman has undergone. It's an amazing feat and an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this, Patti! She is a beautiful gal and will be an inspiration for many, I'm sure.

  10. What an awesome woman to have gone through what she went through with so much grit and determination! She is my hero, too.

  11. I think what they have both done is amazing ...shame I cant watch the video ....but she is amazing not to have floundered at the many obstacles she must have faced. xx

  12. I am speechless. I am in awe of this beautiful woman!!

  13. This is so amazing, and I would have totally missed it had you not posted. Thanks for wrapping the whole season and "the rest of the story" up so neatly for your readers.

  14. Amazing gal and amazing story, Patti. Weight loss is not easy. I have lost and gained so many times. I will get really disciplined and lost alot of weight. Then, once I relax, the weight creeps back on. SO--for me, it's not the losing of the weight. It's keeping it off.

    I've lost AGAIN --and this time, I pray (and am going to work really hard) that I don't gain it back again. It's never easy though..

    Hope Jacqui is able to keep the weight off.... Let's check back with her in a couple of years or so...


  15. This is a very inspiring story, especially since I am fighting the same demons.

    I am so glad she is young and could withstand the rigors of the "extreme" and now she and hubby will start a family.

    I hope she shares this experience, too, as she shared and helped her sister and family become more healthy.

  16. Thaaaank you for sharing this. Standing ovation for Jacqui !!!!! What an amazing woman. She's my hero too. I simply love her attitude. I hope she is blessed with the good news very soon. I think she deserves all good things and more.. :-)

  17. Wow! That is phenomenal...truly it is. Interesting, I first found out about this show because my son's Health teacher shows them an episode on Fridays so he came home to me and talked about how impressed he was with the individuals...Good for Jacqui!

  18. How wonderfully inspiring...! And to think---not only did she lose the weight but she is now a 'life coach' for others...This Is A GREAT Story, Patti.

  19. Unfortunately the video doesn't show up in the UK but she sounds like an amazing woman! I hope she keeps the weight off now. :)

  20. I admire your story of this incredible woman and that she was able to continue to keep it off! sandie

  21. turquoise moon,
    I couldn't agree with you more.

    The woman that had been hidden inside all those years is now free. I agree.

    Yes she is.

    I agree with you.

    The show blocked any "after" pictures or accounts till the show aired to keep the suspense up.

    It is sad to think that for all those years after her rape at 14 were almost lost to her.

    I agree that her new career almost guarantees success.

    Reader Wil,
    So sorry you all can't see the video. It has been a year since the show ended and she has kept it off and is now working as a life coach.

    I know she has inspired me to do a lot better.

    You and me both. She is to be admired.

    I have just found out that Europeans can't see our videos. So sorry. What a bummer.

    I join you in the awe department.

    I am so glad you got to witness the amazing transformation. Thank you.

    It has been a year since the show and she has kept it off. I have noticed your loss and keep forgetting to mention how great you look. Keep up the good work.

    It says a lot about her character that she wants to pay it forward.

    I so agree with you and will stand beside you for the SO. Wouldn't that be wonderful if the IVF works.

    I think it is amazing that your son's teacher exposes them to this show. It should foster not only good health habits but help youngsters to understand those who look different. Kudos.

    Her being a life coach is the perfect fit. Thanks so much.

    LLCool Joe,
    I just learned today that you all across the pond can't see the videos. Sorry about that. So far she has kept the weight off for the year since the show wrapped up. I have faith.

    Chatty Crone,
    I would think if she were going to gain it back, it would have all ready happened. This looks like it will stick. That impresses me as much as the losing.

  22. She is definitely awesome!

  23. Wow! What an inspiring story and amazing woman! Thanks for sharing this with us, Patti!

  24. Truly amazing, the power of positive thinking and hard work paid off and now she is helping others too, that's great.

  25. She is awesome. The really awful thing about being overweight is that once you are there it is harder to lose. Bravo for Jacqui, a beautiful girl. Dianne

  26. Very, VERY inspiring story! We all have it in us, we just have to reach down deep to find it sometimes!

  27. Hi Patti, I really like how you summed everything up ... thanks for telling us about the show!

    Kathy M.

  28. Dear Arkansas Patti, I got busy on Sunday evening and wasn't able to watch the program, which I'd been planning on doing after your posted about it.

    So I'm so grateful that you updated us and provided the video. I'm going to Jacqui's blog now and read her advice because I need to lose 25 pounds and I just can't seem to do it. Thank you for sharing all this with us.


  29. I do not watch that show, but the video you posted was some impressive. I can certainly see why she is a hero to you, and it looks as though she is on the road to being a hero and an inspiration to many others.

  30. Patti because of your post I actually remembered to watch this amazing story. I think I also saw your sister in red behind her family. Was that her?
    I too never watch this but was completely blown over of how much in a years time she lost.
    It was something that Chris moved in with them for three months but otherwise she was pretty much on her own.
    I too wanted at least a half hour of the food part but they devoted very very little to that part of her loosing.
    Did they say she had 15 pounds of skin removed after her weight loss.She is a very beautiful woman and whats strange is I have seen her on three or more talk shows since this aired Sunday. So she is busy now traveling and making some money.
    Also did you hear on the show where Chris gave her a 50,000 dollar gift certificate from Wal Mart. Now that blew my mind. hahaha
    So happy for her but I watched it because you had a connection but unless I am on it I probably want watch again. lol
    To tell you the truth I could not do the exercise part of it. Thank goodness she did and lost.

  31. She is so adorable! What a lovely story...

  32. Mom of 12,
    We do agree.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    I just realized you have the same last name. Wonder if there is a relationship?

    Linda Starr,
    She is special that's for sure.

    Isn't that the awful truth. Getting older makes it harder also.

    I think we all have more left in our tanks and just need to push through.

    Thanks Kathy. Thank you also for posting and for the shout out.

    I saw on her blog that a lot of people are looking for tips. I would love some tips also.

    That is what impresses me so much about her. She is paying her blessings forward.

    So glad you watched also and I had the same problem with the show. I saw where those who commented on her blog want the food part also.
    Hope she posts some of the tools she was given. I'm with you on watching anymore of these.

    I thought so too.

  33. This truly is an amazing story. I so admire people like this. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Retired English Teacher,
    Thank you Sally. I do agree.

  35. Sounds inspiring.
    Its a pity that the video does not open in this country.