Monday, December 31, 2012


Euclid (when did we start giving snow storms names?) came and went in Arkansas with mixed results.

South of  me around Little Rock was not amused by Euclid.  They had lots of damage and the power has been out for over a hundred thousand freezing souls for days. While most power had been restored as of Saturday, there are some still waiting for Tuesday for the magic flick of the light switch.

 For me however, Euclid was gentle and gave me the best Christmas present in a long time. We got a beautiful 11 inches. The best snow ever since I have been here.

 Arkansas is definitely not known for its snows. It had been 80 years since it had snowed on Christmas and we have all ready greatly surpassed our yearly total. 

I was so happy. My world was dressed up in its finest, a peaceful quite settled like a dome over my home and my dormant six year old came fully to life.  She sure is spry for her age.
My guest house and laden trees.

 I even found shoveling the white stuff fun.  While I did get temporarily stuck in my front yard trying to drive on the fresh snow,that little bump did not dampen my zeal for the white stuff.  I LOVE snow.

Mighty however  had a vastly different out look on the strange white stuff. He has 5 inch legs so snow is not much fun for him.  He wasn't about to drop his fanny in that impossibly cold, wet stuff. 

This was as far from the car port he would venture. Knee high  was his limit.  
Fortunately for him, the temperature in the day time would warm up a little causing a slight melt while the nights were brutally cold in the teens so it all froze again. That made a big difference to the formerly miserable Mighty Dog.  The refreeze caused the snow  to form a crust so that the little fellow can now actually walk on top of the snow. 

You will notice he does not even leave a track.

Now he is a happier camper. Confused and still a bit tentative but no longer fearful.  There is one draw back however. The lovely snow now is pock marked with his tootsie roll  droppings. 

Too much information????

Though it is unattractive, at least I don't have to worry about stepping in anything unwanted. Visibility has advantages.
We will probably have one more day of snow before it is all gone. Sigh. It has really been grand!!!

Here's hoping that Euclid was kind to you and did not leave you in the cold, dark or wind blown and that your inner six year old got to come out to play.

Wishing all my blog buddies a Wonderful,        Happy, Healthy and Interesting 2013.


  1. I think snow is beautiful and lovely as long as you have a warm house full of food and drink and no where to go. Snow on the school run isn't so much fun.

    Sounds like you were prepared! Looks beautiful.

  2. We're supposed to get some today. My cast is coming off at 8:45 this AM. I have vowed to walk there if I have to... It will be fun to watch my little Lucy in her first snow. Wishing you and Mighty a Happy New Year!!!

  3. I finally have found someone that loves snow as much as I do. Most everybody else hates it, hates the cold, hates winter. I love it all! I am not a summer person at all. Thanks for sharing your pictures. All we got and have at the moment is rain, rain, and more rain.

  4. oh Patti, how delightful! And as for your furry kid not leaving a track? I don't know, but that brown turd looks like some MAJOR track to me ;-) Happy new year.

  5. How wonderful to have snow on Christmas Day ...Mighty's poo made me giggle though.
    Happy New Year dear friend ...lets hope 2013 is good to us. xx

  6. It looks beautiful. I rarely seem them anymore, but I do enjoy a good snow myself.

  7. Aw yes, scat in the of my all time faves...tee hee
    I have a friend in Little Rock who was without power for so long that her house plants froze.....I don't have words.
    We got snow down here in the city last night and it has continued since 3 am. Perhaps the grands will have yet another fun day of play.
    And I am glad that you got to experience the snow as well. I love it unless I have to be out in it and then ..... not so much.
    Have a lovely New Years eve, and I wish you all the best of everything in the coming year. Oma Linda

  8. If it weren't for g'babies... I would not have come back to Little Rock until Spring...

    I didn't realize this storm had a name! Euclid? hahaa

    Without electricity for over 24 hours... very cold

    The Waffle Houses seem to never lose electricity! sure am glad...

  9. Dam Sam, you made my pants too short.
    Ha ha ha ha.... Sorry but I'm laughing at Mighty. Can you imagine all I used to go through when I had Wetoe, a chihuahua of 16 yr (died 2 years ago) and living in Montana? Not only did I shovel my own sidewalk but I had to shovel a portion of the yard for wetoe to do his business and get some exercise.

    So glad you got your snow and enjoyed it so much.
    Happy New Year to you and Mighty

  10. We were just on the edge of the storm, didn't get as much snow as you, but enough to make everything peaceful and pretty! I always look forward to the first big snowfall of winter! Happy New Year, Patti!

  11. Oh, a white Christmas! How wonderful, Patti! I got such a kick out of Mighty's impression of the snow! (It reminded me of a rare snow we had in California in 1988 and my cat Freddie's astonishment and angst when he stepped out into it. ) I hope 2013 will bring more happy surprises and the best of everything to you!

  12. Poor Mighty--11 inches of snow and onlu five inches of leg. Looks so pretty for a short time.

  13. Oh, and have a very happy New Year!

  14. So nice that you got some snow. We haven't really had any yet this season. And, I am NOT complaining. It is beautiful, but not so much fun when it sticks around for days and days. Glad you had just enough to enjoy!

    Happy New Year to you, Patti!

  15. I thought about you when Gary said Little Rock got snow, TMI but I can relate for sure. Once we were without electricity for 5 days during an ice storm, we got the house up to 45 when we lived south of Little Rock.

    I love seeing the snow but don't like shoveling it or the cold.

    Happy New Year to you.

  16. It was beautiful around your place as it was here. The snow was kind to us but not the freezing rain as you already know. Chancy is like Mighty, he has very short legs too and he did not like his belly dragging the snow. He did his business under the carport. He is not a fan of snow at all. Glad you did not have damage and kept power though it all. Stay warm and safe sweet Patti. Hugs for you and some nose kisses for Mighty from Chancy and me. Happy New Year!!

  17. So glad you all got snow finally in Arkansas... That is so neat ---and at Christmas too. We had some snow on 2 occasions the past week or so--but never did get much here ---just a dusting... I was disappointed --as you can imagine. AND--it's been very cold here --and we have had ALOT of rain... Not fun!!!!

    BUT--we did have a good Christmas. Did some visiting before Christmas and then stayed at home for a nice, quiet day on Christmas Day...

    Hope you have an incredible 2013, Patti.

  18. LL Cool Joe,
    Yes, I agree. If I had get to work in this stuff, I would sing a different tune.

    Turquoise moon,
    Happy day, cast be gone. Know you are thrilled. Puppies like Lucy usually love the snow. Take pictures.

    Linda Eller,
    You are a true kindred spirit. Not too many of us. We have gotten a lot of that rain also but the snow is till hanging around. Hope you get some.

    Introverted Art,
    Ha ha, you are so right.That is how they track big game in Africa via poop.

    It made me chuckle also. Have a great 2013 Angie.

    Just doesn't snow much in Hawaii does it and you aren't state side in the winter. Enjoy the warm.

    Those poor folks in Little Rock really took a beating. I guess there are still over 10,000 in the dark and cold. I sure felt for them.

    Yikes, what a bad time to come home. Glad it was only 24 hours and that Waffle House kept you nouished.

    Oh my no, a chihuahua in Montana is hard to imagine:)) Those babies shiver in July. I had to shovel Mighty a place also or he would have pooped up the car port. We do what we have to do.

    I saw your post and the pictures of the snow you got were beautiful. Glad you still have your deer.

    Kathleen McCoy,
    Oh my, I can imagine a cat being totally stressed. Wishing you a great New Year with lots of happy days also.

    Yep, everything he holds dear was dragging through the snow. Thanks and back at you.

    I guess if I had to travel to work in the snow, I would think differently but being retired, I can just enjoy. Thanks, same to you and Roger.

    Little Rock really took a thumping. Lots of tree damage and power out all over for a long time. Some still are not on. Enjoy the warm in sunny Fl.

    Yep, Euclid had two faces and one of them was quite nasty. Sure hope you are OK now. Hopefully that is all the mean weather for the year.
    Thank you and Happy New Year.

  19. I am more in line with Mighty's mindset regarding snow. I don't mind looking at it - in photos and movies - LOL

  20. Mighty is so adorable...! Poor little sweetheart--But, it was so good to see some pictures of him and even his little droppings....!

    EUCLID...What an interesting name for a!
    So happy that YOU were thrilled

  21. What Patti? Why is all my CO snow being diverted to places like Arkansas? Well, actually, I sent you a little as a Christmas present. I once had a puppy who was born in winter and when I took him to Denver in the spring, he wouldn't go potty in the grass - he wanted snow! (The reverse of Mighty.) Happy 2013!

  22. Wonderful post! Even the poop! We have a few inches on the ground from out last storm. I do prefer picking up the dog yard when it is covered in snow. :)

    What a lovely gift for Christmas.
    Happy New Year.

  23. LOL! I have to laugh at the poop! Honestly, I have been tempted to post a similar picture so many times and chickened out. This might be just what I need to give me the courage to just do it next time!! I'm not a big snow fan, but I must say your guest house picture is gorgeous! Have a healthy and Happy 2013!

  24. kenju,
    Different strokes and as long as you don't have a job to go to, you can enjoy it in front of the fire place. Have a great 2013 Judy.

    Thanks Naomi and wishing you the very best for 2013. Hope you have lots of parties with your dear friends, good times and good health.

    That was so thoughtful of you to share the wealth:) Wonderful present, thanks.
    How funny about your snow dog. Just goes to show we adjust to what we are exposed to.

    Thank you and back at ya. Hope the snow was kind to you.

    Ha,ha it really does make them easy to find. Hope your crew is enjoying the snow.

  25. I learned something new! I hadn't heard that they were naming snow storms now!
    Poor Mighty...don't tell him I laughed at the poo photo. Made me think of the time we had a dog and of all the yellow spots in the snow.
    Hope your New Year is a great one!!

  26. Betsy,
    Thanks Betsy. I do hope you get some of the pretty stuff. As you know, Arkansas isn't much in the way of snow country. Your place would be spectacular with a white covering.
    Best wishes to you and George for 2013. Sorry this is out of order but you snuck in while I was commenting.

  27. Bobbie and Gracie,
    Welcome to TNS and glad you enjoyed Mighty's offerings. I have no shame. For sure capture Gracie's, I am sure hers are quite elegant:))Mighty's are pretty pedestrian.

    I understand it is new this year that they are doing it. I guess it is easier to identify "that storm we had a while ago" as being Euclid. Not so vague.

  28. Your TMI picture reminds me of Garrison Kealor and his Lake Woebegone tales of when the lovely snow disappears and leaves the bare ground and turds !
    Happy New Year and I look forward to your blog entries.

  29. Happy New Year Patti! The snow was beautiful! It is a rare treat for us to get snow on Christmas. Got a good laugh at you posting a picture of the brown stuff. ; )

  30. The naming of winter storms seems to me to be a push for more TV viewership and not a needed or necessary public service.... Ratings is what it is.

  31. Ginnie,
    I am a huge fan of Garrison's but since I moved here, I can't get NPR. Everynow and then I look up a pod cast of the show to enjoy. He sure can tell a story.

    Yep, we really got a nice one this year.
    At least I know where it is perched on top like that:))

    Entre Nous,
    Thanks, it got the best coverage.

    At least it let us keep track of the various 100 year storms so we can specify where our donations are to go.

  32. I found your blog in a round-a-bout sufing cyber-net way. When I saw "sixty" I HAD to come visit! I just turned 60 in 2012. I really enjoyed your post. "too much info" and "visibility has it's advantages"...put a big smile on my face! Thank you


  33. We've had a bunch of snow so far and I've really been enjoying it this year!



  34. rubyslipperz,
    Welcome to TNS, glad you found me. Enjoy those marvelous 60's. You will someday look back on them as the "good old days."

    So good to hear from you. I am sure your snow makes ours look like a dusting. Lucky you.

  35. I so agree with you about the snow and I'm glad you weren't affected badly by the storm. Mighty leaves some mighty big stuff behind for someone with only 5 inch legs.

    Here the snow just teased us. It snowed all day long New Year's Eve, but it only stuck in the surrounding mountains. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  36. I love fresh snow too. It looks so beautiful around you. I hope it's not too cool though. I love walking on the crust and hearing the crunch.

    Have a very happy new year!!!

  37. Well I totally get your love for the white stuff ad the critters dsike! our Ellie refused to venture out. It's good to know you did not suffer some of the unpleasant side effects.
    A very happy new year to you too!

  38. Inger,
    Ha, I am just glad he is not a Great Dane. Thanks and back at ya.

    Thank you. Yep, that crunch is fun. Somehow snow eventually takes on the form of styrofoam.

    I totally understand our pet reluctance. They may have on fur coats but the are barefooted.
    Thank you.

  39. Euclid had me also asking "When did the naming of winter storms start?"

    So happy you had a beautiful white Christmas.

  40. Wow I did not realize how bad that storm hit you guys. Eleven inches is something. Love your pictures too. Mighty is like me my legs are too short for snow too.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  41. LC,
    As far as I can tell it just started this year. I guess it will be easier to keep track of.

    We got the pretty part of the storm, Little Rock was nailed.
    Ha ha, me too on short legs.