Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The St. Bernard dogs are renown for rescuing stranded and lost snow travelers. German Shepherds  show their courage in war zones and as police dogs.  The gentle Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labs spend their days in service to the handicapped. Herding breeds earn their keep as tireless stock dogs.  

Terriers pretty much are typecast as high energy dogs, loaded with attitude  but are adorable trouble makers that occasionally will dispatch small rodents given the chance. Most often however, they are just hyper, furry often comical companions rather than dogs with an actual job.  

Well, my little Mighty Dog, who carries the DNA of a variety of terrier breeds, has joined the ranks of those special dogs who serve their masters well beyond  amusement and affection.   

Here he comes to save the day----Mighty Dog
A few days ago, the little guy lived up to his flamboyant and  misleading name  to save the day. I want to make sure he gets due credit by telling his tale. 
We had just had a couple days of heavy rain, wind and unseasonably warm weather.  My wrap around porch floor stayed soaked.  Quite suddenly the temps dropped dramatically and we went from high 60's to a frigid 21 over night. We certainly can't call this winter boring or predictable.

Mighty has an elderly bladder with limited capacity so around 4 AM we go out for his morning toilet. Now I usually stick to the porch and focus a flashlight on Mighty as he tours the yard looking  for that perfect spot. I watch him just in case he gets into trouble with a trespasser as as happened here

This morning however, oddly he  stayed on the porch and ran ahead of me as we circled the house. He was jogging around the corner of the porch on the north side of the house when his rear end suddenly slid out from under him and he skid across the porch with his feet in the air. 

I was laughing at him trying to get up like a new born colt on the slick surface when it dawned on me. Criminy, the little beggar just saved me from a nasty spill.  

As I gingerly approached the corner, I found that section of the  porch was slicker than goose poop with a layer of black ice.  Had the little guy not gone first and sacrificed his dignity, I would have carelessly taken  that corner and  it would have been impossible not to have had a pretty bad spill.  At my age, I don't bounce all that well so he really saved me a painful fall. 

Today, he is no longer just a pretty (well cute to me) face. He is my current hero.  For a reason only he knows, he stepped out of his normal rut. He chose the porch over the yard, allowed himself to look ridiculous  and saved my behind from a honkin' bruise at best. What a dog!!

I expect this glow of admiration for the Mighty one will easily carry him past those times he  gets in my face and blasts me with his buffalo breath. His breath is so bad that he could make a seasoned CSI's stomach roll.  He even has my veterinarian stumped.  I am one of those few people who welcomes sinus congestion.  

Luckily for my fetid breathed pooch, love over looks a lot and his heroics only reinforce that love.  I continue to focus on his good traits and gloss over the unpleasant.   This latest event will keep him in good stead with lots of gloss for a very long time. 
Thanks little  guy. You love me warts and all, love you back the same way. 


  1. Oh how I laughed as I pictured Mighty on the ice ...bless him for sacrificing his dignity for your safety. Keep safe in these erratic weather conditions xx

  2. Oh, Mighty! Taking one for the team. Good little pup.
    Bella's getting the classic greyhound breath despite the scraping and occasional brushing. I should do more for her...

  3. Goose poop?? I've stepped on it. Ice too. In fact I fell on a turn on my sidewalk in Bozeman but thankfully I was covered in down..... like the goose. Ha
    Poor little guy taking the fall for Mom. I read the "here" and that time you knocked him cold. I remember that one. Better the little guy than Mom, he doesn't have as far to fall. I'm glad you didn't go down.

  4. Yay for Mighty...what a dog!!! a Hero!!! Lucy still has puppy breath...lucky for me for awhile anyway.

  5. Mighty is your own little guardian angel.

  6. Our pets are here for a purpose for sure. Your hero did his job in a grand way.

  7. He sure was doing his job as your protector, Patti. Very cool story, and I'm glad your backside is intact. I just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain written from the dog's perspective and I see dogs quite differently these days! :-)

  8. Oh what a sight that must have been. But you are right Mighty the Wonder Dog saved you from a nasty fall!! He deserves an extra treat!!!

  9. What a Dog..!!
    Mine would be sleeping under the covers....

  10. I have a weakness for terriers and though the years have had many.

    Currently in our group we have a Jack/Rat and a Cairn mix for sure. I suspect Ki-Anne had a sprinkling of terrier.

    All are working dogs and loving dogs. They are the patrol for snakes and other varmints that don't belong. They even jump in and help the Borders with the herding.

    I just can't say no when I see a wire-haired face looking at me.

  11. Lucky you! He doesn't have as far to fall, fortunately.

  12. Thank goodness for Mighty. What a good dog for taking it on the chin, well bum, for you. We can't be too careful about not falling down. So glad your little protector saved the day. Oma Linda

  13. What a great story! I see extra scratches on the horizon for him.

  14. Yay for Mighty Dog! The unplanned hero!

  15. Not the first time God has used an animal to tell us something:)

    An Arkies Musings

  16. Haaa... a mighty good tale... BTW I loved Mighty Mouse ... think I'll YouTube his theme song... Heeeere I come ... to save the daaaaay.. HAHaa

    Snowing in Perryville and sleeting in Little Rock~ sigh

  17. Bless his little heart. Molly went flying last week on a patch of slippery frost, but she's no heroine, as I had NO plans to go out onto the deck anyway.

  18. Bless Mighty for saving you from a possible bad fall!! Give him a hug from me. I've told it before, but I know all too well how bad a fall on ice can be. It's why I don't like winter very much. I still have painful reminders. Be very careful this time of year, please!

  19. Angie,
    It really was comical. We are in the middle of a snow right now. It is so pretty.

    Oh man, "taking one for the team" would have been the perfect title for this post. Wish I had thought of it.
    I feel for you,frequent teeth cleaning makes no difference with Mighty.

    Doesn't that goose poop smell awful as well as being slick? Thanks for checking out the link.

    Thanks, I'd say so too.

    Enjoy that puppy breath. She should be good for a long while. It is usually old dogs that get nasty breath. She is so adorable.

    He doesn't look the part but there is evidence.

    I can't agree more.

    Thanks, I am grateful.
    I saw that book and almost bought it. Thanks, think I will now.

    Yes!!! Thank you, much deserved.

    You are so right. His idea of a treat is a walk in the park to answer his pee mail. Soon as the weather breaks, we will do that.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Thank you. Mighty would too if it weren't for his little biddy bladder.

    I have the same weakness for a bristle faced dog. You really have a grand lot.

    Linda Myers,
    Thanks. Exactly why it was better he than me.

    Linda Wildenstein,
    I remember my grandmother saying she didn't fear cancer or heart disease, she feared falling. I am not quite there yet but I understand her better now. Mighty was a trooper to take the fall for me.

    He can have what ever he wants as long as there is no gluten involved. Mighty rules.

    Ah yes and he is so modest also.

    I really would love to believe that.

    That has been in my head all ready slso. Thanks for helping out.
    Beautiful snow here and still coming down. Aahhh.

    Well she at least gave you warning just in case. They get such a confused look when they end up on their behinds.

    It can happen so darn quick when dealing with a slippery surface. I do love winter but I am really cautious.

  20. Hooray for Mighty Dog! And your saga of the resurrection of his manly . . . well, dogly . . . pride was hilarious. So happy he saved you from a painful fall or worse!

  21. What a smelly-breathed dog! Would hate for you to be lying on the ice at 4 in the AM with a broken hip. Do you carry your cell phone on these dark jaunts? Give the guy an extra biscuit for goodness sake!

  22. Mighty is a woman's best friend for sure! We're expecting a mix of freezing rain and snow tonight...feeding the birds may be hazardous tomorrow. I'll think of Mighty!

  23. Aw love Mighty for saving you from such a horrible accident. I am so glad you were not the one skidding with your feet in the air.
    This winter weather has been something hasn't it. One week warm and the next two sleeting.
    Stay alert and keep Mighty close by. Maybe you could get him to chew some breath mints. haha

  24. Wow Patti... Mighty did keep you from falling... Our deck gets very slick and I have to be so careful taking the bird feeders up and down...

    We have had nothing but rain for several days and it's still raining.. Last night and this morning we had freezing rain--and the deck was slick. I didn't fall--but was extremely careful...

    Flooding all around us --but since we are on the mountain, we are fine...


  25. Dogs are so special -- all of them. And your little Mighty is a hero for sure!

  26. Makes one wonder what led Mighty Dog to change his pattern of behavior and save you from a similar fate. Cool story.

  27. ahhh... good boy!

    I fell a few years ago and my shoulder has never been the same. We just don't seem to bounce back like we used to...

  28. LC,
    Thank you and I appreciate that you also read the back link. That was a strange, funny night.

    I probably should worry but I don't. I stick to the porch as a concession to safety, but that turned out not to be so safe after all. The poor baby can't have treats. I have to watch his weight due to his bionic knees and gluten intolerance. Loving on him has no calories and will have to do.

    Be careful with those feeders. I have to tromp through the snow to get to mine.

    Ha ha, I am cracking up at the image of me with my feet in the air.
    Tried breath mints but he doesn't have enough teeth to chew them and he doesn't like them softened.

    Hang on to that railing gal. Those decks really get slick. So glad you were spared the flooding. Feel for those not so fortunate.

    Kathleen McCoy,
    Yes he is and I think it is going to his head but that's OK.

    Linda Reeder
    I wonder about that also. He is a dog of routine and this was totally out of his normal path.

    I am so sorry for your accident and that it still bothers you. We neither bounce nor bounce back as we age. As a youngster when we fell, we sprang right back up. Now days I lay there taking inventory of body parts. Sigh.

  29. Patti what an amazing tale and account of your hero. Dogs are like no other animal on earth. They are kind, loving and most of all loyal.

  30. Ah, poor fella, hope he didn't bruise anything but his doggie pride! Thank goodness you didn't step out there and fall- well...thank Mighty!

  31. Mighty really does deserve this praise. I also wonder what caused him to go off his regular path. I hope you take a phone or something to summon help when you go out for these nighttime potty breaks. I worry when my hubby takes out the dog at night because of ice. I am constantly asking him to take a phone or the emergency call button that goes with our security system. If he fell and couldn't get up, I might never miss him until hours later.

    Did Mighty get a tasty new bone?

  32. Hooray for Mighty.

    Don't we love them all. Luckie is such a sympathetic companion we forgive her foraging our food stashes within her reach when we are absent, but do worry she will get into something really harmful, like grapes, chocolate, etc.

    I inspect the house most times when we both are going to be gone. If I don't, we come home to heaven only knows what remains on our living room carpet.

    Recently in good weather she cunningly has been carrying her finds out the doggy door.

  33. That sweet boy certainly lived up to his name. Good job him taking the spill to save you from having one. Give that sweeties some hugs for me. Glad you made it through the ice with no falls. Hugs and nose kisses for you and Mighty from me and my crew.

  34. Ana,
    You are so right. Add that they recognize no human flaws and you have the perfect friend.

    He did look a wee bit embarrassed. A cat would have jumped up and had the "I meant to do that" look. Dogs can't fake it.

    Well, I usually only walk on the porch and thought I was safe. Perhaps with you and Barb both mentioning it and the porch is no longer guaranteed safe and I might take a phone with me. Thanks.

    Ah, you have the burden of a smart dog. They are fun and rewarding but a challenge. Mighty is lovable but on the low end of the doggy IQ charts. Not nearly as creative as Luckie.

    Thanks so much. Mighty was grateful for the notice and hugs. He has had a bit of a strut lately.

  35. He may well have saved your life. A fall on a hard surface at our age and we may not be able to get up. And so cold too. Good doggie, Mighty, you really saved your mom. What a good dog you are.

  36. What a brave dog! And what a good friend he is too.

    But I think you are hero. Getting up at 4.00am everyday so he can pee. :D

  37. You were indeed lucky ... both to have your "savior dog" and to not suffer a fall. He deserves a very special treat !

  38. Congrats to the pooch for saving the day!

  39. Anthony,
    Thank you for stopping by.

    He is definitely getting tons of praise and lots of "Gooood boys."

    LL Cool Joe,
    Thanks Joey. Don't know what came first but we now have in sync bladders so it is a mutual thing though I don't have to walk in the cold for my condition:))

    Thanks and you are right. It could have been an ugly situation. I really owe him one.