Monday, April 8, 2013


Compliments of  Webweaver Clipart
Just a quickie to let you know I am taking a blogging break.  I have reached the "either / or " stage of life.   I can either whip my yard into shape before the weather turns brutal or I can blog.  Tackling  both at the same time is just a smidgen beyond me. 

Doing what must be done now will wreck my poor ole body. I can all ready feel the aches.  Last year I just pecked away at it slowly and found my self struggling to finish up in the scorching heat.   This year I plan to go full bore early so I can reach the maintenance stage before the heat hits. 

Ah for the good ole days when "or" was not a part of my vocabulary/ "and" was.  At least I can still do the "or".

Anyway, see you in a week or so. I have suspended comments for this post. Just wanted you to know my absence was voluntary. I will still try to get around to visit you all but can't guarantee that. Have a wonderful start of Spring.

See ya soon.