Monday, June 10, 2013


If you are not a book reader, this post will bore the wheels off your cart and you  should feel free to move on without reading. I will not be hurt and hopefully you will come back next week.

 Those of you who are readers will know what I am asking with these questions.  What makes you pick a book out of the kazillion in print?  Are you author loyal? Are you genre locked in? Do you rely on reviews? Do you trust completely a friends or family member's recommendation? Does the NY Times best seller list pick for you? Does the cover reel you in? I am just curious.   I am pretty much guilty of all of the above except genre. These days, I am pretty eclectic in subject matter.  

A cover can draw me immediately to a book for a closer look.  I am quickly drawn to orange back grounds or cool green ones. If there is a mountain, single tree, small boat or lake  scene on the cover, all the better. A dog will catch my immediate attention  but does not guarantee I will select it. 

The expression "so many books, so little time," really resonates with me these days. I have packed my Kindle (I  thank you once again Jan for that marvelous gift) with almost 500 "to be read" books and almost 200 that have been read. I really need to be more diligent taking my vitamins, watching my diet and exercising if I plan to make a serious dent in my stash. I am adding books faster than I am reading. 

Daily I hit the top 100 list at Amazon. Actually top 200 as there are two lists. One is for free books, the other list is priced for digital sale. I usually only scan the top 20 paid, then settle in seriously with the  top 100 free. As I zoom down the list, first the cover attracts, then the title, then the reviews, then if I am really interested, I click on "Look Inside" and read the first chapter. 

Easily 99.9% of my books come from the free list and there have only been just a couple that were sent to the trash pile. Most all are quite enjoyable due to my careful weeding.

Here at Amazon.

Above is my latest purchase that I am currently reading. The color of cover was pretty good (could have been a bit more orangey), the dog is adorable, and the title told me right off that no tears were going to screw up my sinuses. Yes!! Win-win so far.  The reviews were outstanding, the synopsis intriguing, and the  teaser pages were quite luring, so I bought. Sorry, this is not a free one.

It is the memoir of a woman and her Beagle that are both diagnosed with cancer. In so many ways I could relate. This could be a maudlin book but Teresa J. Rhyne writes with quirky humor which sealed the deal. I am really enjoying her style of writing. 

After that book, the next on my list is the free book (at least it was when I got it),  "Running Free", a memoir by Kate Allatt. Notice the cover color? Perfect.  I normally don't read a lot of memoirs but these two did instantly appeal.  Kate, a relatively young wife and mother, has a massive stroke and is locked in her body, only able to blink. This is a true story of recovery that I am anxious to read.  

To justify this personal library I have amassed, besides pure enjoyment, I consider my Kindle to be my nursing home survival kit.  That is of course assuming  I still have most of my marbles when I check in. If I don't have my marbles then I hope my Kindle goes to someone at the home who is marble endowed and can enjoy this collection. 

Two nursing home pluses.  I can adjust the size of the font as my eyes weaken and if my eyes are shot, the device will read aloud to me. Not sure what I will do if the ears go also. Hopefully both senses won't leave me or if they do, my mind will have also gone and I won't care. Nursing home, I fear you not.

I know some of you who love to read are purists and only want the real thing to hold in your hands. I truly use to be like that. The look of books lining a shelf still gives me pleasure and a feeling of comfort.  The heft of a book and actual smell still appeals strongly.  

However--- the fact that my almost 500 to-be-read library rests neatly in a small 5X7 package on my night stand gives me even greater pleasure. That the clever, easy to hold, device always remembers my place and shuts itself off when I fall asleep while reading is a HUGE  plus. To me, this device ranks right up with the Internet as one of  the greatest inventions of my time.   

Have you gone over to the dark side (Kindleville) yet??


  1. Love my kindle for so many reasons, but the main one is because I can carry an entire library with me wherever I go. I choose books based on author first, then recommendations from friends, and last by synopsis.
    I like all genres, but it depends on my mood. ...I still have shelves and shelves of real books, so I haven't really converted yet.

  2. Good post. It covers all readers and their reasons for reading. I seem to put books on my kindle that I never intend to read so why do I bother with them at all????? I have no idea, but maybe if things get REALLY slow..... but they never do.

  3. I read books on my iPad using the Kindle app or the Overdrive option that comes from my library (I had to download it to check out electronic books from my library). I also use the library for popular books that I want to read once and won't read again. Hard copy is my favorite way to read books, though. I get recommendations from people like you and will read anything some authors produce. But reading electronically is a wonderful tool, isn't it? :-)

  4. OK I admit I didn't read your blog today. But just dropping by to say hello, and have a great week.

  5. Please don't think about nursing homes. They are money makers for the government and many others. You have a wonderful little home that is just right for a good person like you. You have choices. If you'd like tea or coffee you can get it and have it the temperature you like. If you don't feel well a caregiver can come in for a short period of time until you feel better. Some hospitals set this up. Everyone I know that has been able to stay at home passed in a much happier situation. Love your kindle ideas though. I'll send them to my daughter too.

  6. I don't know how I could have gone so long without a Kindle. Now, I have two. One for riding to work on the subway and the other, a Kindle White for reading at home when the lights are out. Aren't all those free books fabulous?

  7. DD has a kindle and now a Google Nexus with a kindle App I just might be having the chance of trying a kindle. I am not a great reader but then neither was DD until she got her kindle. I love short stories but most of all I love to feel one with the author of 'proper' books and that does not happen very often. I love a simple but enthralling tale ...not too deep ...and anything set pre 1920's. I have a favourite author and DD was going to down load her books as they were very cheap she has written a new one and all her books have shot up to £10 and over...grrr wish we had done it before.xx

  8. I would need a Kindle with an alarm clock or at least a snooze alarm. I don't know what my problem is, but the minute I try reading, I fall asleep.

  9. I blogged about this recently as well. I have not yet taken that plunge to the dark side but I suppose someday I might :)

  10. Great post. I have a Nook and several of my friends have either a Nook or a Kindle... or an iPad or an iPhone. Have used all and enjoy them (I read a lot!)But still enjoy having a *real book* in my hand. Yes, the cover draws me first or someone's recommendation. And I too lean towards covers that portray boats, water, trees, or small towns. Don't really care for covers that have people on them....??

  11. I have a Kindle, but I haven't got it set up due to my need to understand how a wifi router would work out here in the boondocks. And I also have a ton of books made of paper to read. I get a lot of gifts from friends who buy too many books, even though they also have Kindles, I have friends who recommend books, I read reviews, and for some weird reason, the thrift store in our little town has the greatest books for a quarter for paperbacks and a dollar for hardcover. I also frequent our local library, which is OK, not great, but OK. Thanks for this inspiring post. And how nice, that title of the Beagle book. I will get it for sure.

  12. I do not have a Kindle, but I am sure there is one in my future. I may even get myself a smart phone one of these days.

  13. I swung over to the Dark Side with a Christmas present of a Nook from my son. I do like it's all around handiness but still don't forgo my weekly visit to the local library. As to genre I'm eclectic as well with a tendency to well written history and biography. Novels don't appeal much anymore especially those of the Victorian stripe...:)

  14. Hi Patti, I'm not much of a reader--but am thrilled that Kindle is making it so easy for people to read now... People who do read seem to love their Kindles.. My hubby uses his Kindle app on his iPad --and he also has an iBooks app.... Loves both of them.


  15. Patti,
    I am a true Kindle devotee. I'm currently reading Kindle books on 3 devices, iPhone, iPad, and Paperwhite Kindle. I just downloaded 'Running Free' that you mentioned in your post. Now tell me what to do when I'm so tired at the end of the day I only flip two pages and I'm asleep.

    I have deleted my long time blog and and now blogging at

  16. I LOVE my Kindle!! Just got "Running Free"--thank you!

  17. I download kindle books onto my Macbook. It's not as much fun reading, though, as I think either holding the kindle reader or an actual book. I do scan the top 100 on Amazon often, mostly looking to find something for my mother to read. She's an avid reader and is part of a book club at the assisted living facility. I like your cover color scheme choices!

  18. I'm a mixed reader when it comes to devices. I love my Kindle and read it quite often when I read fiction. I do not like the Kindle for non-fiction even though I have quite a few non-fiction books on it. I buy much fewer books than I used to buy because of the expense and because I just don't have room for them and don't want them stacking up. If I think one of my children will enjoy a hard cover book, I buy it and ship it off when I am done.

  19. I also read books on iPad via Kindle app. Hubby has a Nook. I rarely read fiction, except for some historical novels online friends have written. Note: anyone here written a book? Some of my best reads have been written by bloggers.

    What is this talk of nursing homes? Are you going to one?

  20. Terri,
    I kind of lost my physical library when I moved. Like you, I enjoy having a library at my fingertips.

    That is what I am stocking up for, slow times, plus I can't pass up what looks like a good read.

    Yes, I so agree it is wonderful. I don't think I have ever read a book twice so all of mine are temporary.

    Well aren't you sweet to drop by and say hi even though the subject was not for you. I appreciate that.

    I agree and I will stay home as long as possible but just in case I can't, it is comforting to know I have a ready library.

    I have been so pleasantly surprised at the quality of the free books. Yes, I love them.

    Ouch, I have done that too. Often a free book is only free for a limited time. Sometimes I don't time it right either and kick my behind for waiting and missing out.

    Ha, I know what you mean. I wish it had a sleep timer for too often I go asleep while reading. Luckily, it usually keeps my place for me.

    The dark side is really painless and actually quite pleasant. Hope you eventually take the plunge.

    Isn't it wonderful that we can enjoy both? That is funny, I am not drawn to a book with people on the cover either.

    Well you have a ready supply of books so you are set. The router will create a wifi connection from your computer. I keep meaning to get a router also.

    Ha, you sound as electronically deficient as I am. I still only have a prepaid cell phone since I don't have service here.

    Isn't it funny how our interests change through time. I use to love historical novels. Not so much now.

    George has it all covered. I just hope it gets kids reading more. They do love their electronic gadgets so maybe it will.

    Safest thing would be not to lay down to read. That is one reason I read at night. Puts me to sleep. Thanks for the link to your new site. I will pop over to check it out.

    I hope you like it. It looked really interesting to me and the price was right.

    How great that where she is has a book club and how nice of you to search for those books to interest her.

    I do the read and ship with my brother on books we both like. I love the free books for Kindle however and since I down sized my home, there really isn't room for the physical books. Sigh.

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  22. Miss Dazey,
    Ha ha, hopefully no time soon but maybe someday.
    A couple of my followers have written books.
    Dee at "Coming home to myself"
    fishducky at "fishducky, finally" and
    Murr Brewster at "Murrmurrs"
    They are all published and you can find their sites on my blog list.

  23. Yes I have a Kindle and a Kindle Fire HD. I love both of them but I still buy as many books from our indie bookstore as ever. I tend to have more classics, poetry, and longer books on the Kindle. In general I refuse to pay more than 5 dollars for an ebook so I get many of them on the "daily deal" section.

    I am definitely author-loyal (Barbara Kingsolver, Kate Morton, Lousie Erdrich) but I get most of my books from recommendations from our bookstore owners. They know me well and my reading habits. I also look at all the books the various book clubs are reading. And I look over the indie recommended reads monthly. And yes, I have been known to pick up a book solely based on the appeal of its cover.

    Then again, I've bought wine based on the label as well.

  24. I started answering your questions on your comments section, but realized my answers were going to be too long, so I've answered them on my blog. See you there?

  25. I asked for and received a Kindle for Christmas this year, and now use it almost exclusively for reading books.
    I don't spend as much time reading as you do, obviously. I would never get through all the books you have loaded.
    I was reading Scandinavian mysteries, but I finished the series of books by several authors. I needed recommendations, so I made a list based in the Seattle times list of best fiction (and a few non-fiction) of 2012, and I have been working through that list. Most are not available in Kindle format through the library, so I am buying most of them from Amazon. I doubt if any of these would even show up on a free list,and they would have to be older to be on the reduced list.
    Occasionally other bloggers review books that I might like, and i add them to my list.
    I like my Kindle because it is so easy to hold, and my arthritic hands like that.

  26. Started with a Kindle and upgraded to the Kindle Fire and honestly? The basic Kindle is better; it adjusts to the lighting better, the battery lasts longer, it has that wonderful non-glare screen for reading outside and I have a cover for it that has a strap I can slide my hand into so I don't have to clutch the Kindle. I have used the Fire to go online when waiting at doctors' offices, but truly the basic model works best for me. I love the fact that I have over 500 books (free) in there which worked great when we were living in our RV.

  27. I have not kindled. YET. I get so many books at yard sales. I find in taking this route, I experience a wider variety of books that I would not think to buy. I just finished "Lost in the Jungle". Loved it. On my list is "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life". I hear Benjamin Franklin led a surprisingly wild life.

  28. I've had a Kindle for a few years now. I think mine is a 2nd generation model so it's big and clunky. But it works just fine so I keep it. I was a hard copy book purist for a long time and still read a fair number of hard copy books. I do love the convenience of a Kindle though, especially for traveling and taking along for waits in doctor's offices, etc.

    I'm drawn to books for many reasons, mostly my mood. I typically read several books at a time all from different genres. I also choose what to read based on recommendations from family and friends.

  29. Yes! Yes! I love my Kindle and the large fonts I can program with it. I do everything you do to choose a book. Lately, I've been choosing books from the library though. I do have favorite authors and they are not on the Free List. I get enough books for my Kindle from the library and love it! Buuuut... yes... I do have a back up of books on my Kindle too.

  30. Kindle! not yet! though my husband hints at it because of the bookcases of accumulated books we have. I suppose one of these days I will have to..,,but not yet...
    An enjoyable post to read.
    Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog this. week.

  31. NCMountainwoman,
    You ought to check out Rocky Mountainwoman's blog. She comes up with the coolest labels on wine bottles. They are so neat that I don't even drink and I want them.

    I checked your post out and you did a great job. Thanks for the shout out.

    Linda Reeder,
    Me too on ease of holding. Some really big books like anything Steven King or Ken Follett is so nice in my little Kindle.

    Linda Braun,
    I take mine to the Dr.'s office also. Then you don't have to handle his germy out of date magazines.

    I have that book on Franklin to be read also. I guess he was quite the ladies man in Paris.

    Keicha Christiansen,
    Me too on the Dr.'s office. Looks like 3 of us are smart in that way.
    Mine is 2nd generation also and it does everything I want. I am on my second battery now.

    I sure wish we had the library capabilities here. Just too small of a town. I guess you and I are all set up for rainy days with our backlogs. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

    Think you will love it if you ever take the plunge. It sure makes life simple.

  32. Dear Arkansas Patti, what a delight to return to reading blogs after being away from that for nearly three weeks and to discover your posting on e-books and e-readers. Right up my alley!

    I tend mostly to read mysteries. I keep finding new authors whose writing draws me in and keeps me riveted to ....... the iPad a friend gave me for Christmas.

    I didn't know about the 100 free books on Amazon and so I'll go and explore that. Thanks for the tip.

    And yes, I thought that I'd miss the heft and the smell and look of the hardcover book, but like you I'm just "tickled pink" that this little e-reader can hold all those books!!!!! Peace.

  33. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I want to marry my ipad. I have almost as many books on it and have never thought about it in terms of a nursing home survival tool, but you are right on the mark with that one my friend.

    I read anything and everything that strikes my fancy and a LOT strikes my fancy. A lot of food memoir, historical fiction, magical realism....

  34. I read by author pretty much. I think the cover of a book also draws me in.
    I also read the inside comments about a book. By choice I only read misters.

  35. I took my Kindle with me to Kenya. I had downloaded "Life, Love and Elephants" by Daphne Sheldrick, and found her memoir exactly paralleled our travels. How fortuitous!

    Usually I read "normal" books, but for travel - or freebies - I love the Kindle.

  36. I may have to check into one of those kindle, if I can slowly figure out a smart phone I may just be able to manage a kindle. especially since there is no library following me now that I'm traveling.

  37. Patti, I don't know what I'd do without my Kindle - it's great for travel and for a bookaholic like me. I always need to have the next books I want to read at hand and the Kindle makes that possible. I keep 35 samples or more to dip into when I want to read another book. I like the sample option - if it doesn't appeal to me by the time the sample is finished, I don't buy. I recently got the new wifi version, and I love its ease in turning pages. It's even lighter than my old (4years) one. I handed the original one down to my 10 year old Granddaughter - also a bookworm. She's now in love with it, too! I keep a book review page on the blogs, but I'm always about 15 books on behind - can't take time from reading to write the reviews! Check out the page though if you want to see what I've read. The Running Free book sounds good - will get a sample.

  38. Dee,
    E-reading is such a wonderful tool isn't it? So glad you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Ahh, you mean I can't marry it???

    You have some good weeding methods also. I too like mysteries.

    Linda Myers,
    Ah yes, the perfect travel companion. Light weight and always ready.

    Linda Starr,
    My brother when RV'ing uses the "take one leave one" libraries at most campgrounds. I do think an e-reader however would be perfect for travel.

    The only problem I would have with the sample option is that a lot of the free books are not free for long. If I wait too long, it goes on the paid list. Ouch.
    Thanks, I will check out your list.

  39. I have a Kobo instead of a Kindle. I was hesitant at first, because I like the feel of a book in my hands. But having an e-reader is fantastic when I'm travelling!

    I can't imagine being without it now.

  40. Eileen,
    I know, it is as much a part of my travel gear as taking a toothbrush and a gas card. Haven't heard of Kobo--I'll go Google it.