Monday, July 15, 2013


I have all ready admitted to being a gadget whore. I just love clever sounding ideas. My Mom was an inventor.   However, she was always just a wee bit late as someone else had always thought of her idea just a little bit sooner and owned the patent. I have had the same luck with my few bright ideas. 

As I always appreciate the "thinking" person and am quick to support them--I was reeled in again.   As I eagerly opened the package I was struck with a strange thought.  Sometime in the future, the auctioneers at my estate sale are going to be flummoxed. 

They will be holding a variety of strange objects in the air for the buyers saying,"Have no idea what the heck this is--- what say we start the bidding at fifty cents."

This is my newest "thingy".


It is small about 6 inches, will fit in most purses or fishing tackle boxes and is inexpensive--$12.95. What is its purpose?   It takes the nasty out of insect bites and works on a 9V battery.

I learned a few years ago when I had my first ever bout with poison ivy that heat really puts itching to sleep.  It was something I learned from the Internet and was surprised how well it worked.

I stuck my ivy ravaged, itchy legs in the tub and ran hot water over the area.  I got it as hot as I could for as long as I could and got instant relief for a full nights sleep. Love the no chemical approach. 

A hair dryer will also work but it is really easy to burn yourself with one of those and it covers such a large area if you only have one bite. 

The Therapik works on a similar heat principal. Most insect venom is thermolabile(sensitive to heat). Via a little light bulb covered by a screen, you are able to apply heat directly to an individual bite. Usually just thirty seconds achieves the required results. There is a video at the above site that shows how on the TV show "The Doctors", they successfully tested it on a bee sting.  

Of course, this would not be a good idea if you have bee sting allergy. You would still need your Epipen. 

Once or twice a year, I get spider bites in my sleep. Man do they itch and raise massive whelps for a LONG time.  So I thought this would be the perfect gadget for often the bites occur in places that it would be hard to stick under a hot water faucet. Besides I liked the idea of limiting the area treated to just the bite. 

Sadly, once I got it, I learned it doesn't work all that well on spider bites but it is killer on relieving the pain of  bee stings,  hornets,  jelly fish and taking the itch out of  mosquito bites, fire ants and most stinging or biting insects. 

My spider bite relief is minimal. It will give me some itch relief from the bite but it must be repeated.  Where I live has zero mosquitoes but I do get the occasional bee or wasp sting gardening so I can rationalize the purchase.   

I did get to test it last week on a bite from a three cornered fly to the back of my neck while mowing. Excited by the opportunity, I used the pen right away.  The itch was quickly  gone and there is nothing there now. Usually that would have resulted in a raw, swollen sore for about a week.  Yes!!!  Money well spent. 

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this may be the perfect carry along.

One other gadget I'd like to tout is the warren hoe. This is less of a gadget and more of a superior tool that I have used for years  but am grateful for the inventor every time I use it. 

It is regular hoe length with a triangle head. This is the very best weeder I have ever used. It saves back and knee strain for you can weed standing up and the sharp point makes pinpoint weeding a breeze. It can daintily coax a single weed out of a bed of flowers or can easily root out a large clump.  If you hate weeding or even if you enjoy the task but don't all ready use the warren hoe, I can only recommend it highly. I now almost like to weed. 

Ok, the gadget gal is through sharing. I do hope one of these clever items will make your life easier. That is my goal. 


  1. Patti! The Therapik sounds like a terrific invention! I hope to keep far away from spiders which bite, but we have enough mosquitoes and other nasty biting insects.
    Thank you for this hint.

  2. I like that hoe as well. Now the gadget thing...?? I think a washcloth wrung in hot water might work as well so I'll go with that. I do appreciate the inventiveness that goes into the design of those gadgets and their entertainment value, but I do not collect them. I have not even reached gadget slut status.

  3. I was just researching the web for how to stop mosquito bites from itching, since I got attacked the other day and was miserable. You've turned me on to many gadgets before, and I've not been sorry. Do you still use your salt lamp? I do! I'll try this gadget and definitely look for the warren hoe! :-)

  4. hmmmm...since my trip to the lavender farm, I've been tortured by chiggers... I'll have to check it out!!!

  5. Oh goodness- you always find the neatest stuff! Wish that would work for poison ivy- I would buy it in a heartbeat for my son. Cool hoe- that would work much better than the regular one I'm working with.
    Have a great week Patti!

  6. Haha! it's always fun to see your gadgets Patti, the Therapik could work well here in Oz, many mosquitos :))

  7. I could use the Therapik as we have lots of mosquitos and other biting bugs. Wonder if it works on tick bites.

  8. Hi Patti! Thanks for your visit! Yes it was nice to meet all those bloggers.

  9. gonna have to get a Therapik for the Ry guy. Bugs have an especially high find factor when it comes to his sweet young skin.
    And the hoe....where has that been all my aching back life???? Next on my "for me" list. Have a goodie, Oma Linda

  10. Three cornered fly? and a battery operated sting zapper.. I never.

    I like gadgets too... I got all kinds of nonsense ~ the questionable ones go in a drawer then later as I clean out drawers ... wonder wth this or that is. One such thing is a long metal object ... it's curved with teeth and has a handle. wth

    bunch of old tupperware gadgets ... can't throw em away because I'm sure I'll remember what they were for at some point.

    Like that hoe and hate to weed ... I hope you tell me what a three cornered fly is. hahaaa... a fly with three corners? that's funny

  11. I love gadgets but tend to buy the ones that are not as good as they say I gave up. That bite reliever sounds brilliant ...and I must look out for a hoe shaped like that ...loved your reviews xx

  12. You are a gal after my own heart! Love gadgets, and taking them apart to see what makes them work...
    I've used a Warren hoe for years, they are great.
    The Therapik sounds interesting, hmmm. Will need to check that one out!

  13. This hoe has saved my life!

  14. Never heard of a Therapik! Maybe I'll look for one.

  15. Oh I could sure use the Therapik. The flies seem to love me this year. I finally read about basil deterring flies and set a pot of basil on the patio table where I spend a lot of time in the evening shade and, so far, the flies haven't been quite so bad. That was after getting several bites on the legs and having the welts to prove it.

    Thanks for the info and have a nice week!

  16. WOW...I love your gadget posts. I have 2 warren hoes. Didn't know they were warren. I just called them hoes. Years ago, I had one and my neighbor saw it and kept saying she wanted one, so I bought her one as a surprise. We used them side by side over the fence. I have 2 of most everything because I emptied the house in Bozeman and I can never part with tools. I wish I had that bug warmer last night. I clipped bushes and the no-see-ems were chewing on me.

    When you have your estate auction.. hahaha

  17. Thanks Ms. Gadget Gal... I have not heard of either of those... SO--I appreciate your info...

    Hope you are having a good Arkansas Day... We are supposed to have a HOT week here... Yuk... BUT--we've been lucky so far not to have much hot weather so far this summer.


  18. That first Gadget sounds like a real fund, Patti....And so very very handy.
    The second one, The How, is great, too....Weeding can be such a drag...! Do you know if that is made with a shorter handle---For some areas that are raised....And also trying to weed potted plants, too.
    GREAT Suggestions, my dear!

  19. Helpful reviews! But be sure that spider bites aren't brown recluse.

  20. Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. You have not shown up on my Reader lately and I thought you might be in Australia again. I'll reenter your info and see if that helps.

    The wash cloth will work with the same heat principal but sometimes those tools are not handy. This is more for hiking, fishing or kayaking.

    Yep, I still have and use 24/7 three of the lamps. Love em. I thought of you and your hiking with the Therapik.
    Now that you are a gardener, the hoe should make weeding fun.

    Run really hot water over the chigger bites. Hot as you can take it and as long as you can take. The relief is complete but usually only lasts 6 to 8 hours.

    First bath when exposed should be cold water so the pores don't open. Once you have the itch, hot water (hot enough to be uncomfortable but not so hot as to burn) can ease itching for hours. Good luck.

    They say it is awesome on mosquito bites. I can't really say for we don't have any here. Good luck.

    I think it will give some relief from tick bite itch but not complete.

    Linda Wildenstein ,
    You are going to love that hoe. It is amazing and such a back saver.
    Sounds like Ry could really use the Therapik. Shame on those mosquitoes.

    Actually they do have 3 corners:)) They are triangle shaped and have a wicked bite. Similar to deer flies.

    I get taken sometimes also but most often I am pleased. Guess that is what keeps me ordering.

    That hoe is amazing isn't it?? Gadgets are such fun and I am always impressed when someone thinks of a new way to do something.

    Yes!!! Once you use one, none other will do. My back loves me for buying it.

    If you get bites or stings, it is a good investment.

    Those darn flies really do leave the welts don't they. I will have to try some basil on my porch. Thanks.

    Two of those is a good idea. You can never have too much of a good thing. Gosh, I haven't been chewed on by no-see-ems since I left Florida. Nasty little beggars they are.

    Not sure about guru but certain am weak for them.

    Had the windows open today. Am not believing how mild this summer has been. Usually we are in the hundred pluses most to the season.
    Of course I have never seen a weed at your place but if you do have them get the hoe for George. It will really make his job easy.

    I am sending you an email about a short handled one. I use to own one that I loved but when I couldn't find them any more, I got the big one. Now I am happy I did. So much easier on my back.

    Well they come in the night when I sleep so I don't know what kind they are. I do watch the bite and if it were to get really nasty, I'd see a doctor. Thanks.

  21. Hey I am going to send this to my daughter - for my grandson - his bites really swell up so big. Thanks. sandie

  22. Oh, I need that Therapik! The mosquitoes are bad this year and they love to bite me. I itch for days. I have at least five active bite sites right now!

  23. You are the best I have ever known at finding useful gadgets sweet Patti. I rarely get any kind of bites so really don't think it would pay me to get that gadget, but the hoe looks like a great thing to have. I have never seen a hoe like that but I can tell by looking at it that it would do great getting out weeds. Thanks for sharing your gadgets. Hugs

  24. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop the presses.


    "Where I live has zero mosquitoes..."

    Where is this? I did not know such a place existed!

    And second - HEAT!? HEAT?! Really? My mosquito bites would itch so bad I would scratch them wide open and then apply ice cubes to get that burning feeling to go away. I was just putting myself in a vicious cycle! UGH!

    And third - the old fashioned straight edge hoe. Who invented this? Why didn't they give that thing a point to begin with? I spent many hours using that straight edge hoe and this is probably why I hate gardens and do not have one.

  25. I would never have known about the Therapik and it sounds like just the answer to a pesky problem.
    BTW, I loved your comment about your brother on my UNlimiters blog and thanks so much for the support.
    Sending a hug ...

  26. I have one of those hoes. You're right about it.

    The Therapik sounds like just the thing for my husband, who is dearly beloved by insects. They get him every time he goes out. I've never heard that heat helped. Such an education you are!

  27. I am an electronic gadget person, if it holds info, I want it...

    I don't get as excited about other types of gadgets, except for the occasional kitchen doodad that I can't pass up!



  28. Thanks for the tip on the Warren hoe! I'm due for a new hoe so I'll have to get one of those. I'm doubtful it will make me like weeding, but if it makes the job easier I'm all for trying it out.

  29. Sandie,
    Why is it the sweetest people are tortured the most by bugs? Hope it helps him.

    Linda Reeder,
    It is supposed to be really good on mosquitoes. Hope it helps.

    It really is the best garden tool I have ever used. Lucky you never getting bitten.

    There is an old saying that there are no mosquitoes in the Ozarks. Can't vouch for all over but I haven't seen one here in 8 years. I am sure the ice felt good and partially numbed the itch but heat really puts it to sleep. Good luck.

    I do enjoy your posts there. Glad you liked the comment.

    Hope it helps. Seems mosquitoes like the sweet folks. I wasn't bothered a whole lot even in Florida. Guess that tells you something.

    I like those electronic gadgets also but can't afford those I'd like. Sigh.

    Keicha Christiansen,
    Maybe not like weeding but you won't resent it as much. I smile every time I don't have to bend over.

  30. I did not know that. I got a wicked case on my arm after picking black berries July 4th. Good to know.

  31. I would never picture you as a whore Patti, even if a gadget one ;-)

    But that Therapic little device seems pretty useful. I don't know about you, but I get huge welts when bitten by an insect and it itches!!!

  32. This sounds like the perfect invention for summer time bits that annoy so much and hurt when they get big and ugly. I need one right now. I will look for these, and I think I will get one for my granddaughter who really suffers when she get a mosquito bite.

    I have a hoe like the one you showed. They are great.

  33. I had a hoe like that in Illinois and loved it. I wonder if my daughter still has it.

    I NEED that Therapik. Thank you, thank you for writing about it. I will look it up. It sounds wonderful.

  34. Both those gadgets sound excellent. Yes I do spend a lot of time outside in the summer months and I also hate weeding plus I very often get nasty bites, so I definitely will check both of these things out! Thanks.

  35. Happy Thursday Patti! The Therapik sounds like a handy dandy thing to take hiking. I may very well have to get me one of these :)

  36. islandwonder,
    I think it is perfect for the outdoor person. Even biking like you like to do, those darn bugs can get you.

    Introverted art,
    Yep, me too which is why I went hunting for relief. Thanks for the vote of confidence:))

    Aren't those hoes wonderful? Why do bugs prefer tender young flesh? Hope it gives her some relief.

    Don't know how buggy Hawaii is but any bite is annoying.
    Bet your daughter is using that hoe.

    LLCool Joe,
    All right Joey, looks like we found something you can use. Hope they serve you well.

    I think they should be in the pocket of every hiker. Awful to get bitten while in the boonies and not having a way to get relief. A great carry along.

  37. Patti, I didn't see an email address, so I'm using your blog for this message. I wonder if the fruit fly that attacked your peaches is the same one that wiped out our raspberries. See my post about making jelly. We got one more small bowl of good berries, and then we cut out all the fruiting canes, cleaned up the ground, put it all in the yard waste bins to go out on the truck, and began a spraying program. I don't know if we'll get ahead of the bugs or not.

  38. Thanks for your visit and comment on the king og Belgian.

  39. Funny - I used to leave my earrings out of my ears for months and the holes never closed up. Maybe it's some sort of genetic skin thing? Glad you got some nice earrings in the end.

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