Monday, July 22, 2013


No, this is not a post about revirginization via abstinence, though that might have unintentionally occurred, but I am not going there. Not that area folks-- a lot higher up.   Truthfully, I had no intention to even post about this until I realized I was not alone and maybe some one else could benefit from my experience.  

One of my blog buddies recently complained about this very same condition. Plus out of the six of my luncheon group, two of us have this problem. That means one third of my small group is afflicted with my blog buddy tipping the scales.  Possibly not equal to the national average but it does take me out of "it's only my problem" category, thus the need to share. 

My dilemma lies in my ear piercings. When I was a whippersnapper, a friend pierced my ears for me. Ice cube for numbing, big ole needle for piercing and a jelly glass full of vodka for courage.  

Well my right ear was a piece of cake. Almost painless and quick.  However, the left ear piercing would close up before we could get the earring in. I mean in seconds.  So my left ear got pierced three times. The vodka was losing its magic. 

It was a functional piercing as long as I kept earrings in.  Once when I was in the hospital for 21 days, the hole closed. I had to force it open again when I got home.   

As long as I was wearing earrings to work every day all was well.    When I retired, the hole closing became more of a frequent problem for I didn't wear earrings all the time.  If I went  a week with out wearing them, I would have to re-pierce the left ear hole again by shoving a stud forcefully through. Hurt? Yep, more than I was comfortable with, especially since I no longer drink.  

Now days, that one ear has become a painful operation that requires numbing with Ambesol, grunting, shoving and grimacing if I go so much as over night with out an earring in place, then staying sore while it healed.  

So why bother you ask? Well I do like to wear earrings when I go out and I have a raft of them to choose from plus, I really don't like clip-ons. 

Leaving the earring in all day and taking it out only to sleep, did not work. It still required re-piercing the next day. Yes, that is how quickly it closed the older I got. I wish everything on me healed so well.  

I reasoned that if I left a ring in that ear for a couple of  weeks,  24/7, that might encourage the hole to stay open. Problem was, have you tried to sleep on an earring?? Not fun for a side sleeper, plus the act of  re-piercing  always made it more tender.

Then I discovered Comfy Earrings on the Internet.  You can click on that link if interested in particulars and products.
This is a marvelous invention for people like me or just people who want to wear their earrings 24/7, in comfort. I understand they are great for those with extra piercings and good for those who work in an office and must use a phone a lot and don't have access to a head set. 

No point to dig into your neck.

In all honesty however, they were a BITCH to get in for they enter from the back of your ear and are not pointed for ease of entry. They are tiny to work with and quite frustrating when you try to screw the two tiny pieces together which you can't see due to your giant fingers. It is recommended that you have someone help you the first time. I heartily second that. 

I managed it alone after much cursing, sweating and kicking myself for thinking I had thrown my money away.  There is a trick to it but even with that knowledge, it was still a real challenge   I assume the many reviews are right and that it gets much easier each time. In about a month as a test, I will try to reset the good ear. If that proves too difficult then I am likely wearing my burial earrings.
Right now I can only say I am delighted with my Comfy Earrings. These really are the most comfortable earrings I have ever worn. I don't even know I have them on. Side sleeping and phone talking are no longer a problem.  

They are inexpensive, $19.99 with free shipping, but sadly only come in studs though in a variety of colors. I chose the Classic which is Crystal Cubic Zirconia. They sparkle so much they almost glow.

 I will keep these in for at least a month, then I hope that stubborn hole will have been tamed and I can once again wear some of my dangle ones without struggle or pain. For now however I am VERY pleased with these.   Zero discomfort. 

Below is a picture of them in my ear so you can get an idea of  their size. I apologize for the smirking, sun ravaged, wrinkled up old person they are on. Close ups should never be taken after the age of fifty and my odometer rolls over to 74 tomorrow on the 23rd. Way past the expiration date for close ups. Sorry but at least you can get an idea of what they look like on. 

Like I said, hopefully you or someone you know has  a similar problem that can use this info. 

Have a great week. 


  1. What a great idea! I too have a piercing (one out of four on the same ear) that closes up when I go a couple of days without earrings.

    You would think that the manufacturers could find a way to make the earrings screw to the back instead of to the front, right? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Like the earrings and the closeup.

  3. Great find. In case I don't visit tomorrow, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Have a very Happy Birthday!

    I like the idea of these earrings. Certainly worth a try at the price, although I am not convinced I could get them in position having to work backwards.

    Are you kidding??? You are one foxy lady, birthday girl!

  5. I wear earrings almost all the time, and I've never had a problem with them closing up. At my age, however, I don't have pretty lobes like yours, but they are rather elongated with a deep crease. I wear earrings anyway. You find the most interesting things, Patti. Cool picture, actually. Now I know what you look like! :-)

  6. Patti, I have more trouble keeping my pie hole shut than my ear hole open!
    Love your picture and encase I don't get by here tomorrow: "HaPpY BiRthDaY"

  7. After I stopped laughing at your intro ...I actually call my self a Born again Virgin...I settled down to read this great post. I too had troubles with one ear for years ....then it settles down. I wore earrings on and off and accrued a vast collection of snazzy and some big for 'going out' and elegant ones for work and special nights out to dinner. I found that as I got older I didn't wear them so much but my holes stayed open ...even after a few months. Then in my mid fifties I started to have trouble when I wore them ...then one day the problem hole had closed matter how hard I tried to push one through ....and it so hurt. I gave up with earrings ....well I was a tad old to only wear one ...and was not prepared to re peirce sadly my huge collection of cheap to very expensive, was binned....sadly you cant sell used ones.Have I missed wearing them?? ....about half a dozen times in 10 years...but I do miss seeing them there in my box that only held earings as they held many memories.
    Lastly ...I LOVE that photo look so elegant....wish I looked that good. xx
    Sorry this was so long...I got carried away..xx

  8. OOOPs after all that I forgot to say ....Have a Very Very Happy Birthday ...Take Care xx

  9. You look great and Happy Birthday!
    I am lucky, with an older sister begging for pierced ears, my mom had us all done professionally in one swoop.

    In my teens, however,after my very first alcoholic beverage ever, I decided a few extra holes would be a nice addition and only ended up with one good one as a result of our efforts.

  10. This is a great find...! I never have had a problem until this June...I'm not sure I could get these in by myself, either....But, it might be worth a try...! I think they look very pretty and so do you, almost 74 Birthday Girl!!!
    Thanks for the "heads-up" my dear....AND,
    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Patti...!

  11. Thanks! This is getting to be my go-to place for useful ideas.

  12. Great Picture. You look adorable .... oh so do the earrings. Love your hair. If mine was that even and pretty, I'd stop doing this damn henna.

    Oh we were talking earrings. I discovered something about my piercings. Mine was done the same as yours but minus the vodka. (Why didn't we think of that?) One ear is fine. The hole is straight, meaning even with my head. The other hole, she must have tilted the needle down so when I put the earring in, I also have to remember to point the post slightly downward or it feels like the hole has grown shut. ( I think the friend drank the vodka when I should have) Just a thought that perhaps this same thing has happened to others.

  13. Well first of all, Happy Happiest Birthday tomorrow to a very lovely lady. Second...thank you very much for this much needed post. I have the same prob and this will help. You are a riot. Always a delight. Oma Linda

  14. I love seeing your face, Patti! You look fantastic! I wear earrings everyday, so I haven't had that problem in years. However, I did once get an extra piercing in one ear and only wore a second earring a few times. That hole closed up pretty fast and now I'm not sure I could even remember which ear it was in.

    Happy birthday to you!

  15. What an interesting post. It is my right ear that closes up but not quite is quickly as yours does. I finally just gave up wearing earrings several years ago. Had I know these were available I might have kept wearing them. You look very good sweet Patti. I will be 74 in November. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! Have a great day! Enjoy all you do and I wish for you many more years to celebrate with good health, love and happiness in your life. Hugs!

  16. I'm a side sleeper, too. I wear tiny (about 1/2") gold hoops which I never take off--they don't bother me at all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  17. Happy birthday, Patti! I don't know how it feels to have earrings in. My ears have never been pierced, because I am a coward and hate pain! I admire all jewelry, but don't wear it myself. I like my children to wear beautiful things though.
    I hope you'll have a great day tomorrow!

  18. Happy Birthday! And as for the ear-ring problem, mine don't close up... but I generally wear a small post almost daily and I do take them out at night...?

    And I too had a good laugh at your first paragraph... didn't know that 'revirginization' was actually a word. I looked it up - and it is!

  19. Wish I had known about these ten years ago when I had cartilage pierced on my ear...I could not stand to sleep with them in- and so they closed up. Birthday? Oh gosh, let me sing to ya...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... whoo, a bit off-key. Sorry about that!

  20. I loved the opening and am amused at your creative ideas to catch a readers attention! Ear holes are too big on my right side because I wore very heavy ones for too long. I can sleep on any !
    Now here's to your good looking new studs and you do look very grand for a lady heading to 74 in a few hours!
    Congrats and many happy returns!!

  21. Look at that pretty lady!!!!! She's gorgeous --and I love the earrings... I may get a pair of those since I hate taking them off and on...

    I'm getting ready to get my hair cut above my ears --so I'll need earrings more... Thanks, Patti.


  22. Happy Birthday! Earrings look really good on you, your cheekbones and short hair set them off. I understand why you would want to go through the trouble and I'm glad you found some you like.

    What happened to me was that my ear lobes began to sag when I wore my earrings and, after a while, I got tired of it and gave most of mine away to younger friends.

  23. you have officially made the list of my top lady in the world! yes, that's right, not just the blogsphere but the world.
    I LOVE a woman who is dirty and classy and who can crack a joke like that. I was laughing so f*cking hard, my hubby came from the bedroom to ask me if I was ok.

  24. Linda Braun,
    I thought the same thing Linda but then it would be hard to connect the two pieces behind your ear. No real win/win here.

    Thanks so much for being kind:))

    Thank you for your Birthday wishes. I'll take them early or late.

    That is why you have a hubby though men probably have too big of fingers. Just being able to see around the fingers would be helpful.
    Did not expect that but thank you. I am more like an old car, look better from 20 feet.

    I have creases also. Hate to tell you but that is supposed to be an indication that we are susceptible to heart disease. Yipee. At least you are doing everything possible to keep that at bay. I'm not so diligent.

    Ha ha, I kind of have that pie hole thingy also:)) Thanks so much for the B'day wishes.

    I might be a BAV also:)) Been a while.
    I was in your position and just got mad. I numbed it with the Ambesol (toothache meds) and rammed one of my rings through but only after I had these comfy ones lined up. I hope you someday get to again enjoy yours.
    Thanks for the wishes and lovely compliment.

    Thank you and I am sure planning to.
    What is it about alcohol that makes piercings and tats seem like a great idea?

    Well that might be a fun thing for your ladies that party to help you with after little wine. I'm sure they could fix you right up.
    Thank you so much for your wishes.

    I am kind of in a rut here aren't I? Think I need to work on some more stories.

    Thanks for the kind words, but my hair is not really even colored. My back part is battle ship gray. You could say I am two toned.
    I thought that might be a problem but I would try for 10 minutes each time seeking a way through. Up,down, left, right, stretch and pull. Nada. Think it might be age related and I am surprised at the number who also have the problem.

    Linda W.
    Thank you so much. I am pleased that someone else will be helped by my post. I am learning that we are not alone in this at all.

    Aw, thanks robin. Selfie pictures aren't that easy to do. Kids are better at it. From the reviews, these rings are perfect for those extra piercings. Too bad yours have disappeared.

    Thank you so much for the sweet words. Welcome to the 74 club, well almost for you. Just another year after a while.

    I tried hoops but maybe they weren't small enough. So glad they work for you. Thanks so much for the wishes.

    Reader Wil,
    Well at least you know you are not having to worry about painful ears. They aren't for everyone.
    Thank you, I am expecting to.

    Probably wearing everyday keeps yours open. When I worked and wore them daily, I had no problems. Ha ha, glad you took the time to look up revirginization. Some believe it is possible.

    Thank you so much for the serenade. Since I am tone deaf, you sounded in perfect pitch to me.

    Heidrun Khokhar,
    Yes it is only a matter of hours now. Thank you for your wishes and kind words. That makes 74 a lot easier.
    Glad you liked my "hook". I had fun with it.

    Aw, you are too kind. I think you will like them Betsy. You never have to take them off and the ones I got go with everything. Short hair is great for the summer.

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. One of the reasons I wanted to wear them is that I have creases in my ear lobes and the rings tend to hide that.

  25. Haha! You're a funny gal! That title sure made a few eyes bug out, I'll bet. LOL! You're a pretty gal, too. I think 74 looks very good on you! Happy Birthday!! I won't sing, you wouldn't want to hear it. Take care and stay cool.

  26. Nice to meet you ;) very nice picture. You always find such neat stuff.

    What a great idea ... especially if you're a side sleeper like I am and they're comfortable!

  27. Happy Birthday!

    I think you look awesome....

  28. I have 6 piercings in my ears and I take them out at night and but them all back in the morning. Unfortunately, I don't heal very quickly at all and could probably go weeks without using and earrings and the holes wouldn't close up.

    My mother is like you, and her holes close up and heal in a day!

    Love the photo of you!! Happy Birthday!

  29. Since I retired, I make it a point to wear earrings at least twice a week to keep the holes open. Otherwise, it takes FOREVER to get ready to go out. Mainly to try to get the earrings in.

  30. I have problems with my left ear lobe, too. Good advice, Patti.

  31. introverted art,
    Wow. That is one heck of a compliment!!! Goodness, where does one go from top of the world list:))
    Thank you so much and I am so glad you enjoyed my hook.

    Wow, more compliments. Good thing I know better so I don't get a swelled head. Thank you lady. Hope the title didn't disappoint too many:))

    Thank you for the wishes. So far 74 has been painless.
    We side sleepers need all the help we can get.

    Aw, thank you so much.

    LLCool Joe,
    I am beginning to be convinced that this is an age thing only so you are safe for a long while. Six--wow.
    Thank you so much. So far it has been great.

    NC Mountainwoman,
    I know exactly what you mean about the time involved. It was maddening. Hopefully this will end that.

    I sure hope this helps you also.

  32. As a nonparticipant in this choice I'm at a loss for words. Perhaps I should give my father in law credit who told my future wife she had enough holes in her head and needed no more....

  33. Since I retired, I rarely wear my earrings. Every few months I'll get out a pair and punch the holes in my ears again. Those earrings are a good idea, but with my arthritis, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get them in

  34. I have never had my ears pierced. I must be one of a few, a rare breed. but when I actually considered it, I decided I did not want to mess with trying to get those things into holes in my ears every morning.

  35. I had one of mine re-pierced last year. The last time I wore them before that was at our son's wedding four years ago. I wear some almost every day now. Heck, if our ears keep growing, we might as well dress them up.

  36. You're beautiful, Patti! Thank you for this post. It's a good reminder because I rarely wear earrings now and I need to check my ears. I know the holes are shrinking.

  37. YOWWWCH! I just stuck on some old starter earrings because I figured I could wear them to bed. Yikes! It really HURT to put them on. However, I'm glad I've saved my holes. Thank you for the reminder.

  38. I think that's a lovely picture of you and Happy Birthday!! I think I was the last of my friends to get pierced ears ... it wasn't until 5 years ago and my daughter and her husband surprised me with them for my birthday. I do usually sleep on them but they are very small and don't bother me.

  39. TB,
    Well that was an edict that would be hard to go against:)) At least she doesn't have to face late life closings.

    fifty odd,
    I am thinking from the comments that it is more an age thing and lucky you are still too young to have to worry.

    I too have arthritis and while it was difficult doing it alone, with help I think it would be a" breeze".

    Linda Reeder,
    It really has taken over. It is hard to find clip ons these days. They even do babies these days.

    Ha ha, you are right. I am all for gilding the fading lily.

    Kind of a shock isn't it?? We just think they will always be there for us. Glad you caught it in time.

    Thank you so much. You really did show up last to the table but better late than never as they say. How nice you can sleep on yours.

  40. I hope you had a happy birthday. These earrings look like a good idea, hope they work for you.

  41. pattisjarrett,
    Thank you so much. It was a good day.
    So far they have done the job perfectly.

  42. Great to "see" you - and being so stylish, too! Happy Day to you!

  43. Even my ear holes[LOL] close if they are left unused for a few days and have always been using the type of earring u showed us in the picture. Gold ones tho because i'm allergic to other metals;-(.

    I'm Nancy. Wandered over here thru Rohitha's page and loved ur sense of humour. Will definitely be back:-)).

  44. Reflections,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you do return. I leave mine in 24/7 and only take them out to put in a fancier pair for dress up. Working good so far.