Monday, July 1, 2013


Phew, the sky didn't fall!!!!   I am delighted this AM to see that my dashboard reader is well and happy.I am so sorry if my false alarm caused any one stress.

 I ended up pulling a Scarlett, backed up my blog list and waited to see what would happen. Even with exhaustive search,I never really got a definitive answer from Google one way or the other. A few smart sources on the Net said "no problem" while others  said,"the sky is  falling, seek shelter."  Anyway, my service did not change and I hope yours hasn't either. "Change" is only 100% good if it involves a wet diaper.  

                            THE EYE HAS IT

And what does the eye have you ask?  Well it has an ugly sore on it. Not my eye, mind you, but my dear friend Mighty Dog is sporting a nasty boo boo. 

I sent him out for his evening toilet on Wednesday. I wasn't paying much  attention to him as I was busy dispatching flies from my porch with my hand held bug zapper.  My annual fly invasion (since the Euonymus hedge started blooming) is here so I was pretty busy. Luckily, the invasion only lasts a week or so. However the zapper has turned this not too pleasant chore into kind of a fun game. 

I heard a muffled yelp but when I went to investigate, Mighty was just standing  in the yard apparently unharmed. He came inside and I reached down to give him his congratulatory head pat accompanied by a loud GOOD BOY ( he is hard of hearing) for a successful toilet. He jerked his head away from my hand in obvious distress. 

He wanted no part of my touching his head so I was thinking maybe he had a tick inside his ear. As I examined his head, I saw something protruding from his eye. Closer exam showed a small bluish/white something sticking out from the center of his eye. 
This is Mighty preinjury showing off his best feature, his eyes. I took no pictures of the injury as  it really isn't pretty plus blasting his eyes with a camera flash would be insult to injury. He is light sensitive right now. 

Since it was too late for the vet, I hustled off to the computer.I was pretty sure he had an injury ulcer to the cornea either from an animal or weed scratch and sure enough the computer confirmed it. It said these will often self heal but sometimes can cause blindness. I couldn't take a chance since he is all ready vision impaired with early cataracts. Besides, he was in a LOT of discomfort. 

By morning, he was much better and seemed no longer in pain. The lump had diminished a little but I still took him to the vet. Mighty knew where we were going and was super anxious. 

He is such a wienie about pain or discomfort that he screams when they take his temperature. He views a thermometer in the butt as an unnecessary,  personal violation. He could never do jail time.  Mighty was in full vibrator and heavy panting mode as soon as we got to the exam room. 

The vet said Mighty's body was doing a great job healing (kind of rare in an old dog) but sometimes the body will do too good a job healing and they can end up with a projection from their eye like a nose. That image had disgusting written all over it so I said "do what you have to."

Mighty had minor surgery and is on meds for the next 10 days. He is not in any discomfort now and the "thing" is shrinking nicely. 

The main reason for this post is that my vet said this is a very common problem for dogs during the summer.  He is not exactly sure why but I suspect it is because dogs get more outdoor time in the summer, thus more opportunities to get into trouble.

This can happen to cats also, especially if they get into  fisticuffs with another animal.   Just remember it is generally treatable but early care gives the best results. Hope you never need this information for your pet and you can just file it away. 

Here's hoping you all have a safe and happy 4th. 


  1. Whew! for Mighty...pooor lil guy. Hoping for a speedy recovery. I am always surprised by computers and what? happens to stuff. I responded (at different times) to all of the comments on my last post...this morning, all my responses have wonder we panic about stuff.

  2. Poor Mighty!!! Hope he has a fast recovery.

  3. I migrated the blogs I follow over to The Old Reader a few months ago, and everything seems normal to me this morning. I am glad Mighty is doing better. Poor little guy! You are such a good "mom" to him. :-)

  4. Poor little Mighty. He is so adorable. I love that kind of little dog. If I had a choice, he is what I would choose but Cody happened to be a rescue dog. I'm glad he is better. I'm also happy that you are really getting good use from the bug zapper. Keep zapp"n.
    Oh, I heard from a trusted source that our blog rolls would still be there so I had really forgotten about it. But glad everything is OK.

  5. A nose sticking out of an eyeball is not good. I hope Mighty has a mighty quick recovery.

  6. aw poor little Mighty ... glad he's okay.

    can you believe this weather we're having??? all week in the 80s. almost afraid to say anything... ha

  7. Very interesting information. This is the first I've heard of such a thing. I'll watch for it in our Buddy.

  8. Glad the mighty dog is on the mend. It's so hard when our animals are hurting.

  9. I tried doing something but don't know if it worked. They are still there for now

  10. Poor Mighty....I must say I think he is a very smart dog and his judgement about Thermometers is right on the money, to my way of thinking---And any and all other invasive probes, too! (lol)
    I hope dear Mighty heals quickly and easily....! Give him a Big Hug, for me, my dear.

  11. Hi Patti, We are back from our vacation --and I'm trying to catch up a little... Sorry about Mighty... I laughed though at your comment about him being in vibrator and heavy panting mode!!!!! Poor thing....

    I switched some time ago to Feedly and love it... Works well for me.


  12. Glad Mighty is feeling better. Your interpretation about his opinion on the temp procedure gave me a chuckle today, although it was accompanied by a continuation of the eye-pain sympathy cringe.

    Wishing you and Mighty a happy and pain-free Independence Day.

  13. Poor Mighty. Hope he's his ol self soon!

  14. I am so pleased you saw it early ...I didn't with Felix ...he is almost blind in one eye now ...and very irritated with everyone who comes too close ...thankfully not me.xx

  15. Hi, sweet Patti! Good news to hear the sky didn't fall. lol Poor sweet Mighty that had to have been pretty uncomfortable. Glad the vet was able to take care of it and that sweet boy is healing nicely. He has the sweetest and cutest little face. Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather as much as I am. Hugs for you and some nose kisses for Mighty.

  16. Poor Mighty! What a scare. Glad his healing is already underway.

  17. Glad all is well. And your analogy of change and diapers had me agreeing the same one hundred percent...:)

  18. turquoisemoon,
    Thanks about Mighty.
    Wow, that must have been frustrating. Hope they have shown up again and that you have no more problems.

    Thanks, he is doing amazingly well. He evidently is a fast healer.

    Thanks, I only give him a portion of what he gives me.
    I liked the format of Old Reader but was a bit concerned that it is only in Beta form now. So far, my dashboard is working perfectly.

    Mighty was a rescue also, or at least he found me.
    So far everything seems to be working normally. I was so pleased this AM.

    I know, doesn't that sound gross?? Thanks, he is doing quite well.

    Thanks, I think we nipped it in the bud.
    YES--I do believe we are having the best weather in all the nation. I feel a little guilty.

    He will let you know if it happens. Those little guys seem to get into the most trouble.

    I know, you just don't want them to have any miseries at all.

    I may be wrong but I do think we are
    Ok--for now anyway. Keep toes crossed.

    Ha, ha he really does have a minuscule pain threshold and low tolerance for being probed. Thanks, I did and he appreciated it.

    Thanks, it was funny in retrospect. The little dude can really shake.
    Feedly got lots of good press. If I decide I need to, I will give them a long look.

    Thanks so much and he really does put on a show for the vet. I do get tickled at his horror for I know the thermometer doesn't really hurt.

    Thanks and we are getting closer each day. He is really looking good today and he is in no pain.

    Aw, I am so sorry about Felix. They tend to go off by them selves when hurt which makes it hard to catch. If Mighty and I didn't have that in the door ritual, no telling when I would have found it as he tried to stay away from me.

    Thanks, I think he is cute but then I am hugely prejudiced. This weather is purely perfect. Spring or Fall but no way Summer.

    Thank you. I am just so glad we caught it early and he is responding to treatment better than expected.

    Ha,ha. It really is the only time it is absolute isn't it??

  19. I'm so glad Mighty is alright now. I'm picturing all kinds of images of how it might have looked.

    I was really worried about what to expect this morning with the blog, but it seems to be OK. I still don't know what it was about.

  20. Poor Mighty. Glad to hear that the vet could fix him up!!! He's lucky to have you to take such good care of him.

  21. Poor Mighty - glad he is okay. Our furbaby has hives! sandie

  22. I was delighted to see my dashboard looked the same too. Hope things don't change anymore for a while now!

    Poor Mighty, sounds painful. I hope he heals completely very soon!

  23. In spite of my complete lack of technical skills, when I read your earlier warning I figured I'd better do something. So now I have a Word document listing all favorite blogs - of which you are one, of course. So I was kinda, sorta ready.
    And why do kids and animals only ever get hurt one hour after the doctor's office is closed? Glad he's doing well, though.

  24. I nearly choked on the jail comment!
    Hope things continue to go well for both of you! Remember how we craved summer all winter....I love it.

  25. Kay,
    We dodged the bullet and I couldn't be happier for all of us.

    Well, he is my last dog so I want him around as long as possible. He went back to the vet yesterday and he passed with flying colors.

    Wow, I can't imagine hives on a furry creature. Wonder what caused them.

    It really was a great relief on Monday. Lets hope they leave us alone for a while.
    He is doing great, thanks.

    Sure glad we made it with no dramatic changes. Thanks for adding me to your favs.
    Yes, they do have their injury times timed perfectly when help is not available. No ER's for dogs.

    Phew, glad you really didn't choke. He really is staunch in his "don't touch my butt" demands.
    This summer so far has been amazingly wonderful with cool nights and moderate days. So unlike Arkansas.

  26. I hope MIghty has a fast and good recovery. He's absolutely beautiful!! And yes it was nice to still see our blogger feeds working as normal on Monday. I hope you have a Happy 4th!!

  27. Glad that Mighty is on the road to recovery. I think that all of us that read your blog are in love with him*. The eye problem is useful knowledge too, to file away. I never before knew that eyes could grow noses.. so now I will take special care when I look at myself in the mirror, to make sure that all the prominant parts of my face are arranged in the right order, and I will seek urgent medical help if I find that they are not!
    P, L, & NS x
    (*most of the people who read your blog are in love with you too!xx)

  28. Oh poor Mighty! I'm glad he is healing nicely, but sorry he had to go through the trauma. Now, I do need one of those zappers- where did ya get it? I could entertain the grands for hours when it is going to rain. LOL

  29. Dear Arkansas Patti, I'm relieved that all is well with your Goggle account. I really didn't understand anything that was happened or that did happen.

    I'm glad that Mighty is okay and healing well and also glad to know about this as I live with three cats.

    The following line made me chuckle at our wit: "'Change' is only 100% good if it involves a wet diaper."
    Thank you for today's laughter! Peace.

  30. I think that Mighty must be in pretty good shape for an old dog to be able to come through like he has. It must have been very traumatic for you too.

  31. Our now-departed Miss Piggy had corneal ulcers in her last months and we had numerous visits to a veterinary eye specialist. It was tough on Miss P and on our checkbook. I'm glad Mighty seems to be a quick healer. Did he have to wear a cone collar?

  32. Keith,
    Thanks and yes, it really was a relief that nothing changed. Lets hope it stays that way.

    Aw aren't you nice. Thank you so much.
    Lets hope Stop it stays away out of trouble.

    He is doing fine now, thanks. I sent you an email. You can get them at Walmart.

    Thanks so much. It is good to know especially when you have cats. They do tend to lash out with claws.
    So glad I could give you a chuckle.

    My vet was very impressed with Mighty's healing abilities. I guess old dogs don't usually heal so well. Mighty is 16 going on 17. Think there is a song from Sound of Music in there.

    I remember dear Miss Piggy's eye problems and felt so badly about her cone. Cones are things dogs just don't understand. So far Mighty hasn't needed one.

  33. P.S. I watched the cat people vs. dog people that the linked in your comment on my blog. I laughed my BUTT off!!

  34. Poor little Mighty. He is so adorable. I hope he feels better soon, the baby...
    I didn't even know Blogger was changing anything :P Man, I better keep up with this stuff.

  35. Oh dear, Mighty is a cutie and thank goodness the treatment is working successfully.

  36. I don't understand what is happening with google blog rolls, I read they will disappear but they are still here. To be safe I followed everyone with which was easy to do.

  37. Oh the adventures of Mighty, hope he is doing better, do you think a bee stung him?

  38. Keith,
    I know, that is so funny. So glad you thought so also.

    Introverted Art.
    Sometimes not being aware is bliss especially since nothing really happened.
    Thanks, he is doing really well.

    Welcome to TNS. Always happy to meet new folks and thank you for following.
    At least you are ready if it does happen.
    Thanks, he is doing so much better.

    Linda Starr,
    Not sure if a bee could sting an eyeball but I guess it is possible. The vet thinks it is injury caused by running into a bush or an angry animal. I do have a roadrunner on the property lately. Might need to get him goggles.