Monday, September 9, 2013


I was once again lying in my hammock, getting my fix and enjoying the day.   Behind me, the rumble and hum of a familiar sound made me smile---my neighbor's lawnmower.

Oddly, hearing my neighbor running his noisy mower does not irritate. I find it totally comforting. We are so bombarded daily with headlines that contain violence, crime, cruelty,political back biting  and lately the saber rattling of various counties including our own. 

The simple sound of the mower running means the world is still capable of operating in a Norman Rockwell manner. The ordinary continues to function in spite of human chaos and dysfunction. I find that quite reassuring. 

Also, hearing this sound from a comfortable location like my hammock, means I am not mowing and that is a good thing. 

Do you have sounds that make you smile?  Ones that make you stop what you are doing to listen closely?  Others that annoy the billy blue blazes out of you, even anger you?  Below are some of mine. 

Awful sounds:

A thunder clap: Ok, I don't think anyone welcomes that sound, especially those that occur right over the top of your house like end-of-world explosions. If you can hear it with out quickly repenting your sins, I am impressed. 

The phone: Its ring goes through me like a knife, even though I have the tone set quite low,  I am always startled  by the shrill, peace shattering sound. The ring does not terrify like the thunder clap but it is seriously annoying. Cutesy ring tones don't help. 

The sound of morning throat clearing has to be the most disgusting. It seems to just go on and on. When that sound comes from me, it makes me grateful I am not someone's  spouse. I only annoy myself.

The side sucking, hacking  sound of an animal getting ready to heave-- and they are on your bed. 

Pleasant sounds:

The familiar sound of a family member or a friend's voice over the phone once I pick it up and stop that annoying ringing. The friendly voice, not trying to sell me something, is a real attitude adjuster. 

 Listening to a Mockingbird is a treasure I never tire of. So many sounds out of one small body.   Luckily, I have a yard full of them and the tree by my hammock must have great acoustics for it is prime territory for them to hang out as they run through their vast repertoire. I don't move during their concerts. 

Rain:  I find gentle, hard, or even gully washer rains all enjoyable as long as they are not accompanied by those blankety-blank overhead thunder claps.

Mighty or Minnie snoring:  Their sound  is so cute, soft and gentle. It lets me know all is well with the little ones, thus my world.  Sometimes they really get into it and that makes me giggle. 

The soft nicker of  my neighbor's  little filly as she looks over the fence at the apple in my hand that is soon to be hers.

A baby with the giggles is totally infectious. Times 4 is a treasure.

Those are a few of the sounds that impact me. 

What sounds either grate on your nerves or make you smile?? 



  1. One has to laugh when those little babies start laughing.
    You have some good sounds going for you. I don't appreciate the neighbors gas weed whacker. Yipes. Mine is electric and not nearly as annoying.

  2. The house phone definitely sets me off (I have to answer phones for a living...), especially the electronic rings of todays cordless phones. We went so far as to turn off all the ringers and use it only for outgoing calls. Cell phones are our main source now, and mine is set to a dog barking ring tone, and it rarely barks at me.

    I love birds and that includes crows, but the pile of them hanging around the house and worse, jamming food down their squawking babies' faces leads me to run out yelling and waving my arms to get them to move on. They're out there as I type this...

    I have to have background noise during a meal; music, a movie, anything. Listening to myself and other chewing away makes me nutty.

    The good stuff...

    Love listening to a content and snoozing pup (or two or three) at my feet.

    Snowfall in quiet woods, especially if the oaks are still holding their dead leaves.

    The sound of my feet hitting the ground during a long run.

    The sound of big crowds at the finish line of race.

    There are more comforting sounds than annoying. I guess that's a good thing.

  3. I love hearing lawnmowers on beautiful summer mornings, birdsong as the sun is rising, rain falling on leaves while I'm in the woods, the cound of a cat purring, and the sound of a record player's static before the music starts. Those are my favorite sounds :)

  4. Unlike you lawnmowers irritate me. With so many stupid laws in this country one more wouldn't hurt. "Lawn mowing can only take place on Sat am from 9 -11. Rain date Sunday--same time" Wonder what my congress person would do if I requested that for consideration. Laugh for the day. Another irritating sound is the dryer buzzing...means I have to get up and address it!!
    Love the sounds of children laughing and playing.
    Enough said!!

  5. I love the sound of any laughter, especially those babies and children of any age, including my own. The sound of a distant train, the birds singing at dawn, and rain.

    I hate the sound of leaf blowers, loud motorcycles, and yes, lawn mowers. :-)

  6. I am deaf in the higher couple of tones which makes me hear loooow sounds more and distorts what I hear.

    I can hear a motor running or machinery humming 27 miles away but can't understand a high soft voice standing in front of me... SO... with that bit of information I will tell you that those damned speakers on the kids' cars that BOOOOOM through the neighborhood, at stop lights or parking lots or wherever drive me insane!

    people who rev up their bass ... next door neighbor does that and have to remind her ... I don't like it.

    Good sounds are distant trains ... cats' purrs ... can't hear birds much any longer except the Mourning Doves ... love that

    always babies' laughter and music and the thundering hooves of horses at the finish line...

  7. Whistling and continuous change jingling in a pocket set me on edge. Yell, angry yelling, is bad.
    I love to hear rain at night and owls hooting. I love the sound of a babbling brook or the ocean waves. I don't mind thunder if it is off in a distance.
    And, of course, I would give anything in the world to hear Mike's voice again.

  8. The sound of sirens makes me cringe for whomever they are coming to rescue. The sound of my neighbors garage door followed by the smell of cigar smoke ick....I head for the house no matter what I am doing. Yep the hairball sound is disgusting.
    As for the grands playing and laughing. The new kitten chirping her welcome to the room meow. The sound of my sewing machine as I lose myself in creating.
    And I agree about thunder when it is close, but I love the rumbly tumble of it far off in the distance.
    Great post and the others answers are interesting as well. Oma Linda

  9. How about the sound a cat makes right before they hack-up a hair ball....ooooohhhhhhh shivers..!!

  10. Hate with a passion the sound of motorcycles illegally running at their noisiest through the state forest!

    Dumb movies that have supposedly intelligent characters putting their brains in the freezer so they can do stupid things to further the plot line.

    A poor dog whose owners appear to think it's okay to let your pet bark for hours at a time.

    Eerie but not hated....fisher cats and coyotes howling in the woods at night.

    Love...the feeling that comes at the end of a potting cycle.
    the sound of silence when I am outside.
    Bach in the morning

  11. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of any one of my family laughing. Another fave is my feathered friends singing. I would love to hear some thunder (not a loud clap, please) and rain right now.

    One of my least favorite is the sound of my neighbors having their lawn mowed on Sunday when that is usually the quietest day on our busy street. Another is people yakking away (loudly) on their cell phones in public.

  12. What a neat post, Patti.... I love thinking about sounds... Hearing the phone ring is one which I truly HATE. That home phone is the one which businesses have --so it's usually not good calls... The telemarketers have that number also--even though we are on the no-call list...

    I love getting a cellphone call from my sons --or even a text message on my cellphone.

    I love hearing the birds squawk or sing or holler. Pileated and Red-bellied Woodpeckers both make a lot of noise before coming to the feeders... SO NEAT....

    I do not enjoy hearing the pinned-up dog across the golf course bark ALL DAY LONG.... Yuk! (I don't like to hear barking dogs PERIOD.)

    I love hearing the rain on our skylights... I don't love loud thunder that wakes me up at nights....

    I could go on and on.... Love this post.
    P.S. OH--and one of my favorite sounds is the rushing water of a waterfall or cascade or creek....

  13. OH MY---another one I love is walking in the crackling leaves in Fall..... NEAT!!!!


  14. I love the sound of our neighbor's electric leaf blower. Not the sound so much as the regularity of it. This neighbor has such a meticulous yard because he blows underneath all the shrubs every day. It's a rather quiet sound and everyone in the neighborhood laughs and yes, "There goes Ray, right on time."

  15. Love that video! How adorable...

  16. That baby video sure made me smile! We have one of Sam belly laughing at about 10 months - I keep it on my phone for when I need a pick me up! I love the sound of thunder unless I'm hiking above tree line - ditto rain, hail, or sleet. The sound of children's happy chatter and laughter is wonderful. Any laughter is usually good. My footfalls on the trail or the swish of skis through snow - always a delight! Ringing phones in public places (and the conversations of people who answer them) grates. A continually barking dog is very annoying - where the heck is its person? Loud music of any kind turns me off.

  17. I love thunder! We have it rarely here in the Pacific Northwest, but I want to open my windows and listen. Also the sound of eight neighborhood children playing in the yard, shouting and pretending.

    Don't like loud advertisements (or any) on radio or television, loud car engines, or shouting people.

  18. Babies & kids & adults laughing, rain on a tin roof, a cow calling her baby, a mare nickering for her foal, and thunder boomers off the mountains are my favorites.

    Great post Patti!

  19. Anyone, any age, laughing--YES!! Someone's car radio blasting rap in traffic--NO!!

  20. Good question! I am not sure what bird it is, but I can remember hearing it as a small child lying in my bed and even today it always makes me smile. I enjoy hearing rain when I am sleeping. As for annoying, with the exception of rain (and maybe light wind), I don't enjoy hearing much in the middle of the night.

  21. Oops I'm that someone blasting rap from my car, sorry!

    I hate the noise of my neighbour's son's grinding machine that he seems to use every time we get a sunny day.

    I love the sound of silence. Bliss.

  22. Your mention of the sound of a pet heaving when they're on your bed made me laugh! I've experienced that awful sound and its consequence more than once. The sound of my partner snoring next to me when I'm trying to sleep is awful. It means I won't sleep.

    Sounds I like? Waking up in the middle of the night to rain, children laughing, my dogs snuffling and snoring, my daughter singing while she's taking a bath and sometimes I really love the sound of silence.

  23. What a great question, Patti! I hate the sound of traffic noise, trucks grinding their gears, motorcycles zooming up the highway.

    I love the sound of waves at the beach, a gentle breeze in the trees, and the quiet after a storm.

  24. I love to listen to the sound around me. Right now, I have the window open next to my computer and am listening to a small plane. I actually like listening to these small planes from the Air Force Academy that is only about five miles away. Usually the planes are pulling up a glider plane. I love watching those. I also can hear a neighbor talking and the aspen trees as the wind softly blows them. It is good to be in touch with the world around us through sound.

  25. Manzi,
    It is almost impossible not to laugh with them.
    You are a thoughtful neighbor.

    It has been a long time but I do remember the satisfying sound of the foot striking the pavement or track. Never got to hear the crowds roar however.

    Those are all winners though I can barely remember the sound before a record starts. I no longer have my vinyl records. Darn.

    Lucky me, I live in the Bible belt and no one mows on Sunday. My dryer is
    oldfangled, no buzzer. Thanks, now I am in no hurry to upgrade.

    Ooh, I had forgotten about a distant train whistle.
    And yes, any laughter is delightful.

    Hadn't thought about horse hooves but you are right. I would lean more towards a wild herd running.

    That brings a tear to my eye. Yes, that would be the greatest sound of all and I so wish you could. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of grieving.

    Linda W,
    I am really enjoying all these thoughtful answers. I so agree with you on the far off thunder. It is no threat and holds promise of blessed water.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    And if they are in your bed--double the shivers.

    Not much to argue with on those. However, I like my Bach in the bathtub with scented candles.

    Oh yes, how could I not mention rude cell phone users. Good one.

    I would have wanted George to take your temperature it you had not mention the sound of waterfalls. Yep, me too on the crunch of leaves.

    Three kudos to Ray. For being neat and quiet, plus being dependable which is comforting.

    Glad you liked it. They sure tickled me. Kind of makes you want quads till you think what it would be like with them all crying at the same time.

    All good ones and especially the sound of footfalls in the snow. I have yet to enjoy the sound of skis. Maybe someday.

    Linda M,
    Ah yes, the land of gentle rains. I enjoy it too till lightning strikes really close. Then the thunder is like an explosion. I'm with you on shouting people.

    Isn't the horse nicker the coolest sound? So gentle.

    Too bad you don't get to hear us read your funny blog. Lots of laughing going on.

    I totally agree on those late night wake'em up type of noises.

    So you're the one!! Didn't you go by just 30 minutes ago:)) Actually that noise doesn't bother me. It is too short lived.
    Silence really does have its place.

    Keicha Christiansen,
    Ha ha, is there any sound in the world that can make your feet hit the floor quicker in the middle of the night?
    Quite a difference between a spouse's high decibel snoring and a dog's gentle snoring isn't it?

    Ah yes, those are all good ones.
    As for noisy trucks, I have to live with truck's Jake brakes where I live.

    You are so right. How lonely a world it would be with out sound. How lucky you get to watch gliders. I have always wanted to learn to fly one. It would be like sailing the skies.

  26. I have seen those babies before and there is no way you cannot laugh when listening to and watching them!!

    I agree with you about a heaving animal sound - it is horrible.

  27. Great Post, my dear....And GREAT Question.....! I LOVE the Sound of Music that I particularly an in love with---that covers quite a lot of different kinds of music....
    Happy laughing babies ;ole those four, a DELICIOUS Contagious sound...! The Voice of a dear one on the other end of the phone---I dearly dearly LOVE That!!!! LOVE the sound of chirping and sing Birds---it means Spring and 'new life' is here.....
    Love the sound of Genuine Heartfelt Applause for a GREAT Performance, whether it is for a singer, or an actor or a group of musicians...! It always moves me. And I dearly miss the sound of my darling cat Sweetie, purring....Such a contented Happy sound from such a sweet little warm and loving person....

    HATE the sound of a leaf blower....HATE, HATE, HATE it!!! And I hate that all it does is blow stuff around including dust and dirt----and that It CLEANS NOTHING!!!
    HATE the sound of the Tree Cutters Sawing away And then that Truck that GRINDS up all the tree limbs....SAVE ME FROM THAT NOISE, PLEASE!!!
    HATE the sound of Speeding Motorcycles climbing up the Hills here.....And I hate the sound of blasting Music(?) being played so loud from cars that you cannot think....! I hate the sound of someone being in terrible terrible pain because it makes me feel helpless knowing there is very little I can do to help them....

    I'm sure there are many more sounds that I LOVE and HATE....!

  28. These babies make me also laugh ! It is contagious in a possitive way!

  29. So true. Irritating: (1) someone's loud generator in the normally relaxing environment of our campsite in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park; (2) my disgusting sinus drainage hacking and hawking. When I am "drowning" I cannot always scurry away to a place with no human beings present. At least in isolation my sound effects aggravate only me!

    Exhilarating: Laughter, especially babies, but children's, adult family and friends' laughter is a gift.

  30. Dear Patti, that video was just a delight. Thank you for sharing it. And the following line you wrote seems so wise to me and it explains what I've never been able to put in words: "The ordinary continues to function in spite of human chaos and dysfunction. I find that quite reassuring."

    As to pleasant and unpleasant sounds: a fly buzzing around the kitchen is an example of unpleasant as is some rap music; a pleasant sound is soft rain and the purr of the cats with whom I live. Peace.

  31. Those babies are adorable and those laughs are contagious!

    I love hearing any sounds of nature. Especially birds singing, a soft rain and snow falling.

    I very much dislike a ringing telephone, loud music or TV and a dog that barks and barks and barks.

    Another most interesting post sweet Patti. I really enjoy all of your posts. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Mighty and sweet Minnie

  32. I love to hear the lawn mower sounds in the spring, but by late summer, I am over it. (Mostly because I am the mower of the lawn.) My all time favorite sound is a noise I haven't quite identified, but my husband says it is an owl. I hear it often in the early morning, but more so in the evening to dark-thirty hours.

  33. I actually like the sound of thunder... thunder claps included. It reminds me of the fragility of life and how all the things I am worrying about at the moment mean little, because the planet we live in is still unpredictable... yeah, I get all that from thunder ;-)

  34. Any sound of the city annoys me. The time I have to spend in one annoys me...

    The woodpecker who pecks on my metal chimney -the sound goes right through me

    Sounds I especially love:

    Horse nickers - of course
    Rain any kind even with thunder
    Elk bugeling - this is the time of year for it out here
    Coyotes - remind me I'm AWAY from the city
    Horses eating - I love that slurping sound they make
    Aspens rustling in the wind
    The quiet of a heavy snow

    Thanks for a sweet break this am!



  35. Judy
    It is contagious isn't it?
    That sound will make you move fast.

    Oh, I hadn't thought of applause but you are so right. When deserved, it can give one goosebumps.

    Reader Wil,
    Me too Wil. It is impossible not to laugh.

    Ha. You and I at the same time clearing our throats and sinuses could probably be used as torture.

    Thanks Dee. I know what you mean and I still didn't get it just right. Close only counts in horseshoes.

    Thank you. So glad you enjoy.
    Barking dogs are not only annoying but I feel badly for the poor dog that is doing the barking. Not fair to them either.

    I have one of those also and I am certain it is an owl. It is so soft. I looked it up in Google and I believe they are looking for love.

    Introverted Art,
    Goodness you really get your money's worth out of thunder. All I get is scared when really close.

    Several of yours I could add to my list. Haven't heard Aspens yet but several also love the sound.

  36. Those quads are gorgeous ...and made me giggle too.
    I love the sound of the sea and of rivers and the 'dawn chorus'too. I hate modern ring tones on mobile phones and people who talk with no inflections....and when the gutter drips.I really would not mind if it was a constant rhythm that I could ignore ...but it never is.xx

  37. Angie,
    Aren't they adorable? Totally agree on the sound of an ocean.

  38. I think one of my favorite sounds is my granddaughter's voice on the phone calling out excitedly with her 6 year old voice, "Hi, Grandma!"

    And rain. I love the soothing sounds of it.

  39. Patti, I was about to write a comment on your next post about followers and it said you were blocking new comments?

  40. Really enjoyed the post and also the comments. It is interesting to see what sounds we hate and what we love to hear. I guess I have to join all those that hate the Boooom Booooom Boooom from overloud "music". It often sounds to me like industrial noise, and I imagine heavy machinery pounding away. I hate the sound of animals in distress.

    I love sound of the sea, the noise of wind blowing through pine trees and through long grass. I like the sound of our cuckoo clock. I like the crackle-pop sound of a good wood fire. I like the sound of a train at night.