Monday, September 2, 2013


I think a lot of us can agree with Betty Davis, "Old age is no place for sissies." Lots of abilities leave us or cause us to moan our discontent. But as the saying goes--"When you think of the alternative-----"

I believe Mighty Dog is lucky to have an elderly owner.  Not sure a young person would be as understanding.  I can usually relate to his age affiliated failings. His weak eyes--yep, I wear glasses. His hearing problems--mine is mostly selective by hearing what I want to hear -- but give me time with my bell ringing ears. Aching joints--- you bet. Frequent potty breaks--yep.

However  we both still have a great enjoyment for this life and tend to focus on adjusting.  In his case, I do most of his adjusting for him. 

Mighty's newest failing hasn't hit me personally  yet but who knows what tomorrow brings. Mighty has rung the incontinence bell. Now I always knew his bladder control was on the wane but frequent potty breaks have kept him dry, lovable and accident free. Sure we have to make a 4 AM potty run but he has made it through the night quite well. 

Then I noticed circular damp spots on his sleeping pad in the mornings.  At first I thought that since I had curtailed his licking obsession during the day, he was staying up at night to get in some closet licking, thus making the small puddle. I was thinking saliva.  It was not every night at first so I just did extra laundry and shrugged it off.  Besides, he would pee like a race horse when I took him out in the wee hours.

Then I did some research. Seems that some dogs as they age will leak urine as they are asleep and relaxed.  I had him checked to make sure it was age related and not a fixable problem. My vet is certain that since Mighty will be 17 in two months that we are looking at an age condition. 

 Article on Coping with Dog incontinence
Ok--how to adjust. Did you know there are a ton of piddle pant products out there for dogs and cats? This is evidently not an unusual problem.  As cute as some products are, I know my dog. He will be miserable if I strap him in such a contraption. It would be punishment for him and he is not consciously breaking any rules. It happens when he sleeps. So I am skipping the piddle pants. 

I could easily relegate him to the floor to sleep but his bed privileges are a great pleasure for him. It is the only time he can one-up the cat who is banished from the bedroom.  I can't take his bed time from him. So his side of the bed is now pee proof. A cheap shower curtain liner to protect my comforter and mattress and some very washable old towels for him to nest on were my answer. 

So far, this is working quite well. For now all is well again.  Now if he progresses to dribbling as he walks around the house, piddle pants may be an option.

Same goes for me.  


  1. We just love em, don't we?!!! It would break his little heart, to take away is bed privileges... You are a true animal lover!!! Pleeze give Mighty a extra hug from turquoisemoon...

  2. Hope the shower curtain is not the vinyl type for that would be bad for both of you. Seems vinyl has some serious vapour issues. Try a baby mat made from something less harsh. Maybe order one from an online place?

  3. Good morning,
    Your love of Mighty is to be commended.

  4. He's 17? I don't think it's anything to worry about, and I agree with you that the diapers are just wrong for Mighty. You've created a much better scenario. :-)

  5. Lucky Mighty to have a caring owner. My friend's little poodle always wears his diaper in the house, but he piddles on purpose so he is being punished in a way.

  6. Poor Mighty, he's lucky to have you!! Great way to fix the 'problem'

  7. You are such a goodie. Understanding is the key. A true animal lover knows that our "beasties" are just like us only hairier. Mighty is a fortunate critter....and of course he knows it.

  8. Yes, I've said it before.... Mighty is one lucky duck, err dog.
    He's amazing (or it's his owner) that is considered an old age. There are homeopathic products on Amazon for urinary incontinence in dogs. In fact I ordered a bottle for Cody who seems to have a bladder infection. I don't want to take her to the vet as I don't want to give her drugs and that they will. What you are doing seems to be working nicely for you.

  9. Mighty is quite a lucky dog to have such love and understanding. You are such a good care-giver.

  10. hahaa piddle pants and closet licking ... ha ... I've just heard of thunder shirts for dogs! I never.

    poor little Mighty but he will be 17??? that's old. My old cat will be 18 this January. let's see ... that's 119 and 120 ... oh, that makes me tired.

    cooler weather coming! yay

  11. Mocha had a piddle blanket in the end. She made it to 19 I think. I found her as a stray and had her for 14-years. The vet guessed her to be between 5 and 8 when I found her.

    Good luck! It is great to have them for as long as possible but stressful to witness them slowing down.

  12. Bless his little heart- he is so lucky to have such a kind owner!

  13. I had no idea they made Doggy Depends!!

  14. I feel for Mighty...! And Bette Davis or whomever actually first said that about 'getting old ain't for sissy's' was not kidding...!
    I hope Mighty won't need those Piddle Pants---I know from all you have said about him, HE would NOT like them, at all...!

  15. turquoisemoon,
    He got it and said thank you. He does love his hugs.

    Thanks for the warning but I did get the one made with Peva which is supposed to be toxic free.

    Miss Dazey,
    Thank you. I am just returning what he gives.

    Yep, he is actually older than I am. I hope he doesn't even notice the few changes.

    Hey, those purposeful piddlers deserve the diapers.

    Thanks. So far it is doing the job.

    Linda W.
    Thank you. I am close enough to his problems to understand.

    Thanks, I'm just returning the favor. I saw those homeopathic remedies also and was interested though I am not sure they will help old age. Let me know if the one you got helps Cody.

    Aww thanks but he has given me way more than the few extra minutes I give him.

    We do have a pair of oldies don't we? Thanks for catching my subtle attempt at humor.

    Now that really is a long life. You obviously made up for the stray years she had to endure. As long as Mighty is a happy and interested dog, I'll do what I have to.

    Thanks but is the least I can do to pay back his loyalty and slave like devotion.

    Yep, they make them not only for dogs but also for cats.

    Who ever said it knew of what they spoke. The later years too often are a test of our mettle.
    You are right, he hates even a collar.

  16. Your solution sounds perfect for your beloved aging dog. I was taken aback to hear that there are incontinence products out there for aging dogs and cats. I may need that before too long. I have a most beloved 15-year-old cat showing many of the signs of decline your dog has -- hearing, joints, eyesight, etc. So far, no piddling out of the box, but it wouldn't surprise me any day. I'm so glad your sweetheart won't be banished from the bedroom. That means so much to them, doesn't it?

  17. Dear little Mighty. He is a lucky one to have such a loving mama. I hope it never comes down to his having to wear the piddle pants, 'cause I know he would hate them. Getting older is not for the faint of heart, is it?

  18. Whether pet, an older loved one or oneself, losing control in this realm is disconcerting. You are a loving, patient and creative pet friend to help Mighty keep pleasurable routines as long as possible..

  19. Sweet, sweet Mighty how fortunate you are to have someone love you and take such good care of you. I am with you on those piddle pants, forgo those for as long as you can. It is amazing that you are going to be!

    Chancy is still young but we have some elderly cats. I have put plastic under towels and blankets where they sleep. All is well with them so far. I would hate to think about putting piddle pants on one of them, the other one probably wouldn't mind but Patches would fight to the death most likely.

    Hang in there sweet Mighty you are going to be just fine and you and sweet Patti can just keep on passing on those piddle pants for as long as you need to. Hugs and nose kisses for you sweet thing! Hugs Patti

  20. I love your practical solution. Do what will fix the problem without making for more.

  21. I laughed at the term, Piddle Pants.... BACK in the '80's when my dog was getting very old, she wore a child's diaper.... Worked well --and didn't upset her at all..

    Hope Mighty does well with or without his Piddle Pants --and hope you (nor I) need any ourselves soon.. ha ha

  22. Oh, Mighty. You're so lucky to have one another, and for an amazingly long time. I'm glad you have come up with your system and haven't given up on him. Harry, even at 2 years old, dribbled one morning and I had to quickly wash all of the bedding. My error as the poor beast didn't get up for 'last outs'. I'll keep your solution in mind as our pups or we ;), get older.

  23. The piddle pants sounds like a great idea. Seventeen years seems like a long time for a dog. My neighbor's dog is 11 and seems very old already. You are taking excellent care of Mighty.

  24. I have a friend who's elderly dog definitely needs piddle pants, but she won't put them on him, because she says she thinks he would be embarrassed if he has to wear them. lol

  25. Mighty has done an excellent job training you.
    Work on those Kegel exercises!

  26. Aw, Mighty is going to be 17 wow, how wonderful, perhaps a doggy diaper is in his future. Glad you found a solution.

  27. Kathleen McCoy
    It is something to watch for. It is an involuntary thing that happens in the sleep with older animals. Cats can live into their 20's so she should be good for a while.

    Thanks. He hates winter sweaters or collars so I am sure piddle pants would really upset him.

    They ask so little that a few extra minutes is not a big deal. I hope people are as patient with me when the time comes.

    Not sure I would want to be the one putting pants on a cat. They can really hurt a person. Hopefully, it will not happen for you.

    I do love simplicity.

    Ha, ha I hope you are right and we both are spared but what will be will be.

    You are so right. Those "last outs" are so important. I have pushed Mighty's back another hour to see if it helps. Last night was a dry night.

    Dog aging has a lot to do with the size of the dog. The larger the dog, the shorter the life span. Good thing Mighty is a relatively small dog. Chihuahuas can live into their 20's.

    Ha ha. The thing dogs usually don't like is being restricted. Pretty sure vanity has no bearing.

    Ha ha, he might not do them but I do.

  28. Linda Starr,
    I have had him for 16 years since he was a stray about one year old. He might be be older but 17 is close. I hope he stays pretty active like he is with minimal problems.

  29. Oh, Mighty - who knows when I will have this same problem? I hope my husband uses the shower curtain/towel solution if it ever happens. Your person is the best.

  30. Patty - when IO get old will you come take care of me...I'm pretty sure I would never find a more considerate care taker,,,,oh wait a minute your older than me...forget it! I can see it now you will be asking me for help - YIKES!! that will never, do I don't do diapers.

  31. Barb,
    Thanks. The shower curtain is a bit noisy but effective.

    Ha ha, you almost stepped into it didn't you?

  32. Dear Arkansas Patti, I just never knew. I've lived with many cats--one got to be 20 years/6 months old--and never encountered this problem. Or maybe I just never recognized it!!!!

    What a blessing you are to Mighty as he is to us. And at the end, all that matters is love. Peace.

  33. I'm trying hard not to be a sissie but this summer has been a struggle with lots of inattentive falls and there consequences. Still I remember the alternative...:)

  34. Bless him ....I think you are doing the best for him ....he is so lucky to have you ....had to giggle at the thought of piddle pants. xx

  35. You are a kind and loving owner for Mighty.

  36. I could do with some piddle pants. Not because I can't control myself but I put off going to the loo because I always find something better to do, and then have to leg it to the bathroom. Its a bit weird because I'm the only family member that can go a whole 12 hour plane flight and not need to pee.

    I'm glad Mighty is nappy free for now anyway. :)

  37. Dee,
    Thank you. With a little luck, your cats may never have that problem. A lot of people go into the late years never wearing piddle pants, same for 4 legged ones. Kind of an individual thing.

    You have taken some nasty tumbles, that last one was a pip. The good thing is that you are on the road to recovery. We do have to be more alert these days don't we?

    That really is the name of an actual product. I thought it kind of cute and funny and plan to borrow it if the time comes.

    Linda Myers,
    Thanks but I am just paying back a little fellow whose debt I'm in.

    Twelve hours?? My goodness, you have a super bladder. Next tee shirt you get have it printed with a big S/B on it. It will keep people wondering.

  38. My oldest son is just starting to have the same problem with his dog. He is pretty devestated by it and I will let him know that he is not alone with this problem.

  39. Ha, ha good idea! I wonder if WalMart sell them?

  40. Ginnie,
    I am sorry your son's pet is also going through it but it really can be manageable. There are lots of tools now days including pills.

    Ha, ha I really doubt Walmart has it but I bet you could make one. Instead of super bladder, how about superior bladder? I kind of like that better.

  41. My old guy started doing that at about 16. Then he lost control of his bowels, poor thing. I cleaned up after him for two years though until he was ready to go to doggie heaven and I would clean up after him again if he were here.

    You are a true animal lover - kuddos to finding a solution...



  42. RMW,
    Wow, loss of bowel control takes a dedicated owner. You are the best.
    Hopefully that won't happen with Mighty but like you,I would do what I have to. They give so much more than they get.