Monday, October 14, 2013


First I want to thank all of you who left such warm and caring comments on my last post.   They were empathetic, gentle,  so very wise and I embraced them all as they brought a measure of ease to a hurting heart. I felt your hugs. And yes you stirred up even more tears with your sweet words but they were the warm tears of comfort, not the cold tears of loss. Thanks to family and friends, while I still hurt a lot, I am not quite as raw today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best.    

To distract and rest my tumbling, painful thoughts that hurt too much to speak aloud, I sought out my favorite distraction, I read. I found a delightful book that I am having a hard time describing. It is definitely not a children's book for there are some harsh and adult themes that are definitely not child appropriate but it helps if you just accept the premise with the faith of a child. It is an good old time western but also a cool animal story. 

Deadly Deadly by M.J. Vigna is the story about a Texas  longhorn bull with an amazing personality.  When his Momma dies, a cowboy gets caught up raising the little orphan. The calf and cowboy form a close bond. Deadly  becomes the cowboy's partner and friend. They work together as a team on trail drives and are inseparable  The cowboy names him Deadly Deadly due to the mammoth spread and potential danger of his seven foot, tip to tip horns. 

The cowboy develops into a sought after cattle drive trail boss who is contracted to drive a small herd of Herefords, meant for breeding stock, from California to Texas. This is the story about the long and dangerous trail drive.   Deadly, is an invaluable aid during the drive. While the writer sometimes takes you into the mind of Deadly, it is not so much a personification of the bull the author seeks. Deadly tends to mostly think like a bull, an unusual bull, but still a bull, not a person. I liked that. 

Deadly and the cowboy's friendship and dependence on one another makes for a delightful story. It might test ones belief that such a bond could happen.  However, I personally know a strong relationship can develop with a bovine.

I use to raise day old calves and I became really attached to one that purely thought I was her Momma. Reba was an adorable red Limousin who followed me everywhere and ran to the fence bawling every time she saw me. I eventually sold her for breeding stock and the parting was a tearjerker for us both. 

A special bond between cow and human is very possible. When I would go to visit Reba at her new home, the reunions were amazing and a bit heart wrenching. She did not forget. I still think of her today.The post I did about Fred  shows that even a Brahma bull can become attached to a human with a little effort. 

Outside of a cool story, one of the interesting things about this book is its author. This is M.J. Vigna's debut novel and she is in her mid-eighties. She knows animals, especially herd animals. Besides being a writer, she is also an accomplished artist, mother of 5, and survivalist camper. Really makes me feel like an underachieving slacker. I need to get cracking these next ten years. 

I hope if this type of book interests, you will give it a look. I really enjoyed it. It was a necessary and sanity saving diversion. It helped with the healing by letting me at least for a while, forget that my heart was hurting as I got lost in the story. Thank you M.J. Vigna.

I want to thank all of you again, again and again for your kindness and caring during my loss. Your words meant everything to me. 


  1. My thoughts have been with you. I know it's a hard thing to go through Patti. And yes reading is most definitely a beautiful distraction and I look at it as healthy healing.

  2. Great review on the book sweet Patti. It sounds like a very interesting book to read.

    I know about those bovine attachments and when they do happen they are strong.

    Glad to hear you found some comfort in reading.

    Let the healing continue my sweet friend.

    Love and hugs to you! Nose kisses for Minnie from me and my crew.

  3. Catching up on posts and read about your loss. I am so sorry. My sister's cat of 19 years passed away while sitting on her lap last week, and I know she felt as you did... thankful to be with them at the end. My thoughts are with you.

  4. I am catching up, too, as I'm heading home after a five day adventure away from home. I am going over right now to put that book on my reading list! It sounds great. You always point me in interesting directions. :-)

  5. M.G.Vigna sounds like a woman I'd love to meet, in person, or as a neighbor. I'm happy for you having plenty of good books to sustain you now.

  6. I am behind on checking out my blogger friends postings and had no idea of your loss. I am so very sorry and hope the pain will lessen as you remember all the good times you two had together.

  7. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    I will put the book on my want-to-read list. I experienced the relief from emotional and physical pain that reading offers after my stroke. So glad that special book and author came your way at this time.

  8. Oh no I'm so sorry, I missed your last post. Things are not showing up in my reader.

    I know how much of a companion Mighty was to you and how much you loved him through the posts you wrote here. I'm so so sorry for your loss. Take all the time you need to recover.

    He looked like a real sweetheart.

  9. Those animal bonds are strong ones.

    And the author! She rocks!

  10. Good to see you posting again Patti, books are certainly a great comfort. How wonderful it is that we can leave our armchair and go for adventures of all kinds with the help of a book!
    I have loved cows probably since, at the age of about 6 or 7, we got to know a farmer who had a small herd of Jersey cows. He knew each one by name, and our first meeting with him was when we found him taking a Jersey calf for a walk on a lead through the bluebell woods near our home. The farmer milked his small herd in an ancient milking shed, with individual stalls for each cow, complete with a manger of hay for them to eat, and music playing on a radio, just for them. He said that the cows milked best to the sound of church bells! Kind thoughts to you from us here in NZ, Pxxxx

  11. thinking of you when I am thinking that I may need to think about a reader as the books are piling up and I still have too much time on my hands for other tasks late in the evening and other times when tv and such are not worth my time.

  12. I've thought so much about you Patti these last few days---i was going to write you and just say. 'how you doin'? But I didn't want to intrude, my dear....Bur just know, I understand so well the pain of losing a beloved special four legged friend---Mighty was such a dear dear companion and pal---I know these are hard days, and my heart goes out to you,my dear Patti...
    I'm glad you found some solace in this book--And I can understand how their can be a deep loving friendship with a 'bovine'....Sometimes there is a common unspoken language of the Heart that goes beyond words.....Sending you Healing Hugs, my dear:

  13. Losing a pet is such a tough thing. Glad you had a good distraction. For years and years, I only read books about animals preferably horses, but got into wolves, dogs, cats too. While I am currently reading one about sharks, it is not the same thing. I will keep this one in my list of potentials in case I revert back to my old ways.

  14. Keith,
    Thank you so much. I am doing what I can right now to make it a wee bit easier.

    Thank you Maggie, Minnie and I appreciate your support so much.

    The Odd Essay,
    My sympathies go out to your sister and I so understand. That is a lot of time to share with a special friend.

    Thank you so much. I know so many of my posts were about him. I will so miss my muse.

    Hope you enjoy it. I got it when it was free but I see it is now on the paid list.

    Yes, she would be a fun neighbor. I too like those who don't seem to think age is a hindrance and just do.

    Linda W.
    We are both hurting. I am so glad you have a "silver lining" to help out. Minnie is trying to do that here.

    Thanks Ginnie. I am grateful for blogging not only for the support of great folks but that I also have a written and picture account of that little guy's adventures.

    YES!! Reading is the great escape isn't it? I am so glad you find relief there also.

    LL Cool Joe,
    Thanks so much Joey. He was a sweetie and I am grateful now for all the posts I did on him.

    Linda M,
    Yes they are for most of us. And yes, she does rock.

    It is just so hard to look into those sweet bovine eyes with long eyelashes and not be smitten isn't it? Jerseys are so sweet and gentle. Some of the dairies in Florida also used music for the cows. Makes sense to me.

    turquoise moon,
    I know you have recently gone through the agony of losing Sophie. I so felt for you when that happened. We never forget them do we?

    Thank you so much for your words of comfort Patty. I know you and Abe are real animal lovers. If I weren't as old as I am, I would consider another.

    Linda Starr,
    The reader really makes a pile of books small and is great for doctor appts or anytime you have to wait somewhere. Plus it makes reading in bed so easy. Hope you cave.

    Thank you so much Naomi. I know you have gone through this when you lost your dear Sweetie. Those four legged ones really crawl into our hearts don't they?

    I use to read a lot of animal books also but usually hated the endings. One that has haunted me for years and is not an easy read as there is almost no dialogue, is about Whales. "The Last Whales" by Lloyd Abbey, as I said can haunt you.

  15. Patti, A new book to put on my lists... which are getting pretty long, and holding you close in my prayers.

  16. I was thinking about you this morning, wondering how you were doing...I am glad to hear that you feel a little better.

  17. Hi Patti, You are so smart to find such a great distraction to help you with your loss... Sounds like a great book. I'm not much of a reader --but it does sound like one I would enjoy...

    I have thought of you so much. I know that you are still grieving. We do get so so so attached to our pets, don't we?

    God Bless...

  18. I've been thinking of you, Patti. Books are great therapy. Sounds like you delved into a good one.

  19. Brighid,
    Good to know Mighty will have Maxwell and Gus at his back to show him the ropes. Thank you so much for your kindness and caring. I know you understand.

    Thank you so much for thinking about me. I am better and not as raw right now and that is such a relief.

    Thanks so much Betsy for your caring. I have several blog buddies that don't read a lot. I should probably read less and hike more like you do.

    It came at a good time. An animal story where the animal lives. I couldn't have taken the other kind. Thank you for your thoughts.

  20. Patti you have been in my thoughts daily because I was worried about you.
    I am really thankful you found this author and enjoyed her writing to help you in this difficult time.
    You know any book you recommend I
    have to read it. Thanks for doing this post and sharing Deadly Deadly with us.
    Wish we lived closer so I could give you a big hug.
    I switched internet users today so hopefully I won't be having overage issues any longer and can blog again.
    Keep me posted on you
    Love ya

  21. I am late in reading of your sad loss. That little dog left some very large footprints on your heart.

    I am so very sorry, Patti.

  22. A most unusual story indeed. I had no idea that cows....
    Keep hanging in there, Patti!

  23. Dear Arkansas Patti, I'll look right away at our library's web site to see if they have the book. If not, I'll look on Amazon. I'm glad that reading helped a little.

    After Dulcy died I went to a grief support group for four sessions. The facilitator said that when someone dearly loves a companion animal, it takes a minimum of six months to grieve. So be good to yourself as these weeks and months pass. Your grieving is a sign of just how dear Mighty Dog was/is to you. Peace.

  24. Patti... I think I said this before, you are one of my favorite blog people. I know how insanely difficult it is and we are all here to hold your hand and dry your tears my friend, even if from afar.
    I love reading too. I just recently found a used book store online where I could purchase these books for teens I had to read while in school. I just got them in the mails and did they bring memories.

  25. Dear Arkansas Patti, the library here didn't have "Deadly Deadly" so I ordered the e-book from Amazon for my iPad. I look forward to reading it. Peace.

  26. Maggie,
    Aw thanks my friend. I feel your warmth here.
    I am so glad you are getting your ISP straightened out. I have missed your posts.

    Mary Lee,
    Thank you so much. I know you have felt the pain, recently with Miss Piggy and also with your beloved Howard. It just hurts.

    Ah but yes they do. They are not just pretty eyelashes.

    Thank you so much for your understanding. I know you have felt the awful pain also.
    I am glad you found Deadly Deadly and hope you enjoy it. Glad you were able to get the e-book.

    Thank you so much. You understand just how much of our lives they capture. We never forget.

  27. Patti, you are so supportive of others, it is only to be expected that others would reach out in support and genuine caring to you. I know it still must be quite lonely without your dear companion.

    This sounds like an interesting read.

  28. Sally,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been hard but each day gets a little easier. I sure miss the little fellow.

  29. Hi Arkansas Patti. I am the daughter of M J Vigna the author of Deadly Deadly. I am a partner with her on her writings and handle publishing and marketing. I just found your blog written about Deadly Deadly last October. I just wanted to thank you so much. I just came back from visiting my mom in Nevada. She is now writing a sequel to Deadly Deadly. It was written as a stand alone book but so many requests came to have a sequel that she is now attempting it. I am busy getting her next book ready for publishing. It is a fantasy/sci-fi. I think you will like this book as well even though it takes place in a world quite different from our own and the animals and beasts are unfamiliar to us but quite compelling. Watch for Ziggurian Wars in about 6 months. I really appreciate your good words on this book as I really loved it and would love to see "Deadly" made into a movie someday. Nice to know