Monday, February 17, 2014


I promised in my last post that my blog break was nothing serious and it wasn't, though it did mess with my attention span. Feel free to laugh. Trust me, I am far enough removed to think it was all a bit ironically comical myself.

Most of you know I tore my rotator cuff when I slipped and fell on ice over a month ago.  Well that was getting better and improving daily. I found that rubbing Aspercreme on my shoulder really made it easier to do my therapy exercises. 

Thinking since a little was good, I decided to add regular oral aspirin from my heart attack survival kit to the equation. Did you know some 10% of people are allergic to aspirin??   Evidently I'm one of those special ones.  

From the aspirin I developed my first and I hope, only case of hives. I will have mixed emotions now about aspirin should I have a heart attack.  I'll have to check that out. Kind of glad I found this out now instead of if my heart went bonkers. 

I developed saucer sized,crazy itching welts all over my body. They owned me from top of scalp to soles of my feet.  Though it didn't turn red or itchy like the rest of me, my face quickly swelled but thankfully, not the throat. Ugly is not life threatening. This scary pic is not at my worst but taken on day two. Still it shows some of the dose of puffiness I was working with.

Such a cutie. It was like a really unfriendly stranger with serial killer leanings occupied my mirrors. 
Per usual, Pollyanna Patti found a positive and a smile. The swelling did fluff up my wrinkles and gave me those June Allyson eyes I so envied as a kid. Yes, I am that old to remember her. 

During the first day, I actually had lips once more. Those rascals had abandoned me somewhere in my late fifties.  These new ones were Angelina Jolie'ish. They didn't stay around long and it was just as well. How does that woman talk with those things?? I had trouble even getting liquid past those lush beauties without wearing most of it.  Very novocaine'ish. Happily yet a wee bit sadly, they left me after day one. I'm sure I would have adapted.

After zero success for two days fruitlessly trying to find ease from the relentless itching via home remedies, I gave up. I needed some relief and my tongue started swelling so I went to the ER.   None of the doctors I called had gone to their offices that day due to the weather. I couldn't blame them for driving out of my yard was a challenge due to the snow buildup.
I impressed the crew at the ER with my allover body decorations and actually got a "wow" out of nurse Mike. Been a while since a fellow looked at my naked frame and went "wow."  Yes I smiled. 

The Doc gave me a script for Prednisone. He also suggested the antihistamine Zyrtec since Benadryl hadn't work for me. It was a bit fun for when I went to pick up my meds, I saw two people I knew and walked right past them unnoticed. This would have been the perfect time to rob a bank.   

Now those meds really worked and boy did I feel amazing for 4 days. The itching stopped cold and I started recognizing myself again. That grotesque stranger left my mirrors. Even my shoulder quit hurting completely while I was on the prednisone. 

The combination of drugs made me quite mellow and I floated blissfully in and out of sleep, easily logging 16 hours a day. Just a delicious time. Not terribly productive but I could live like that. Besides with the snow build up, I wasn't going anywhere.

At the completion of the prescription, I discovered first hand that a side effect to prednisone is becoming prone to infection and bone pain. Yep, I developed a reaction to the medicine that was meant to cure my original allergy.   

My right ear started aching and glands I didn't know I had suddenly swelled trapping infection. Who knew there were so many of those things?? 

Sure is a bunch of those rascals isn't there. I found most of them. 

I also experienced weird, sharp bone pains in my legs and hands. Just turning a door knob was painful.This was when the term "disintegrating with age" first came to mind.

Then, to make sure I was paying attention to the body pranksters, a raw sore claimed the entire roof of my mouth so that eating anything other than pudding cups and yogurt was out and even those weren't fun. Cold milk was to die for.  I probably would have benefited greatly from antibiotics but for some reason, I was a wee bit pill leery. I relied on time instead and a little Echinacea that I completely trusted.

Individually, all these annoyances were quite minor. Collectively, they got my attention and knowing this was all basically self inflicted didn't help.

Feeling quite certain none of it was serious and would eventually become just a memory did help. And it HAS ended.  All is well in Patti's world once again.

Selfie yesterday.  Can you tell I like orange??

Selfies are not an old person's friend. We are like used cars--- best viewed from 20 feet, but sadly, I don't have a 20 foot arm. However,I just couldn't leave you with that first deformed image to give you bad dreams.

Currently nothing itches nor is swollen, my eyes are open, and the cheek bones are back. Sadly, so are the cavernous wrinkles but hey, it is even good to see them again. All pains except the minor shoulder ones (I'm letting time take care of those) are gone and my mouth has completely healed.  YES!!!!

Sometimes it is helpful to feel crappy for a while to fully appreciate our age appropriate health. Perhaps that is why God invented the nasty cold and has kept the cure a secret. Such benign, if unpleasant, trials make us so appreciative of normal.   
So I am back to the old me, feeling great and since my attention span has again lengthened, I will be around to visit you all once again.

 I have missed you.  


  1. Wow. I don't even know where to start! Aspirin, of all things! When I sliced my knee open last year the ibuprofen they gave me caused excruciating burning pain in my stomach. It hurt more than my knee! Now the news is that acetaminophen is bad for us. Someone needs to invent a new pain reliever. I'm glad your ordeal is over...I have been wondering if you were ok.

  2. Patti
    What a frightening ordeal you went through. I can imagine the fright when your tongue or throat begins swelling. I didn't know anyone could be allergic to aspirin but then why not? It's just that most people have sometimes taken them. That bottom selfie is a very good picture of you. Happy you have fully recovered. (I'm still walking on ice)

  3. So glad to see you back. Here I thought you were off on some high adventure, but this was not the kind I had in mind.

  4. Oh, my goodness...but in the end all is well and your positive attitude shines through. I am glad.

  5. Perhaps now that I have gotten over the initial shock of your picture and the adventure tale, I can comment. Wow! How was it you did not take advantage of the opportunity to rob a bank? Glad you are back and well and I assume the rotator cuff is cured too?

  6. I've been through my own trials lately. After two weeks of stress and travel and loss, I caught a cold and am getting better, finally. I have an earache in my right ear, am coughing up some very interesting gunk, but the sore throat has lessened. Thank you very much for the GREAT selfie so that I know you are once again yourSELF. Just before I read this, I was busy surfing the net for earache cures. I'll be careful now. :-)

  7. Lord have mercy and bless your heart! You've been through the mill, Patti! I'm so glad to have (the real) you back among us. Hang in there! Hugs!

  8. SO glad you're back. Wow you've had a rough go of it - but good to see that you're feeling better :) and I love that pic with the orange shirt!!

  9. Bless your heart, Patti ... what a time you've had. I love your writing and cracked up over your comment about nurse Mike saying WOW! I sure am sorry you had to live through all of that. The mouth sore sounded like the worst. Glad you are better, beautiful in the last photo, and came out of it with sense of humor intact. Welcome back, we have missed you!

  10. What a roller coaster ride, but glad you are finally your healthy, handsome self once again.

  11. Man are you ever a glass half-full kinda gal!

    I've had hives several times for only a couple of hours and was bout ready to jump off a bridge (lots of coffee and all-nighters in college did it to me.)

  12. Oh my my Mom used to say "you have been to the wars my dear". Your story of one thing after another is quite unnerving. I am so sorry that you had to go through all that. But if lessons are to be learned I would say you had been updated and schooled. I never would have imagined all of your trials. Glad you're on the other side of all of that and are on the mend.
    Found out my shoulder pain is from a torn whachamacallit too. Mine happened 12 years ago when I tried to lift my Mom when she was so ill. I knew then I had hurt it but never expected all these years later it would begin to give me fits again. As you say time will heal it again. Oma Linda

  13. Wow! Glad you are on the other side of that event.

  14. Nothing Serious??? Well, it sounds ghastly to me, my dear....And pretty scary,too. An allergy to Aspirin---That is scary, all by itself! But everything else was not exactly fun, either. Glad to see that "selfie: Patti---you look great! And hope you continue to Heal....!

  15. That accumulation of maladies was anything but minor. Glad you could get out your drive and make it to the ER. That said, I started smiling at the photo of the individual with serial-killer leanings and chuckled all the way through. The amusement is staying with me. The Jolie lips keep recurring in my brain, setting me off again. Glad you are feeling better.

    Oh, and thanks for your visit. I like some morning time to myself, too, ESPECIALLY if I have company!

  16. Dear Patti,
    It is lovely to have you back again! I did notice your absence from the blog, but I hadn't realised that you had also mutated! Looking at your photos, I think you have missed out on a golden opportunity to have claimed being abducted by aliens! .... I mean, look what they did to you in the course of their wicked experiments!!! Your part of Arkansas could have become as famous as Roswell and Area 51!

    What a horrible time you have had, it really makes you think about the various innocent looking pills and potions that we have to take, and the effect they can have when things don't go to plan. Anyway, lots of love and hugs, and I hope 2014 starts to behave itself! P, L, & NS xxx

  17. PATTI!!! That is such an ordeal. I am so sorry you had these terrible drug reactions, but so glad that you are over it all and feeling good. You do look GREAT!

  18. Feel better Dear!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  19. wow, you have certainly gone through an enormous ordeal! I'm glad to see your selfie much improved! because of my own aches and pains, I don't visit anyone's blog every day, so don't feel bad when you take time off, especially for such severe reactions you had.

  20. What a trial by pill! I wonder if your allergic reaction to aspirin came from using it topically as well as orally? Four chewables is what my cardiologist recommends if I think I'm having a heart issue. It's what they administer immediately if you go to the ER with chest pain. WOW to the first photo - you look like me last winter when I had the allergic reaction to formaldehyde. Thank goodness you posted the second - back to your sunny, smiling self! Sometimes the "cures" are worse than the initial problem!

  21. Terri,
    Do be careful with ibuprofen. I first had a bout of stomach pain many years ago with aspirin and steered clear. Allergic reactions intensify with each exposure.

    I have been thinking about you and your shoulder. I'll stop by your site and see how you are doing. It can be a long recovery.

    Ha, ha. It wasn't what I had in mind either.

    When I quit finding humor, then I am really sick. Those laugh endorphins are so helpful.

    Grannie Annie,
    Wasn't that the perfect disguise??I missed my chance. The rotator cuff is almost there.

    I found heat helped the ear. I will pop over to your site to tell you what I used.

    Thank you. At least the weather was so bad, it wasn't a bad time to be house bound by illness.

    Aw, thanks. I love that color. Red/ Orange everywhere is my motto.

    Aunt Betsy,
    Ha ha. Glad you enjoyed that "Wow". I sure did.
    Don't get a lot of those at 74.

    Aw thanks so much. I certainly appreciate feeling good these days.

    You know, a few times in the wee hours I wouldn't have minded a bridge. We just don't have any near by over 20 feet high. That wouldn't do the job:))

    This is my second time with the torn cuff also. I guess when we weaken it, we are prone to further episodes. I intend to be more vigilant with my exercises so this doesn't happen again. I hope you are pain free soon also. It gets old.

    Yes!!! That is a great feeling.

    Who'd have thunk such a harmless med could wreak such havoc?? I might get a medical alert bracelet. Feeling positively wonderful now.

    Ah ha, sneaking in anonymously huh LC? Good thing you gave me a clue. I am so glad you saw the humor, that was my goal.

    Perhaps that is what happened :)) It sure came on suddenly and that would make more sense. I have the feeling that the 2014 gremlins are through with me and I got it all over with at once. Thanks for the wishes and hugs.

    The cool thing is that I feel great too. Thanks so much.

    Thanks, it has all ready happened.

    Thank you. After that first picture, my selfie does look decent. Must be the comparison.

    I think you nailed it. Pretty sure I was allergic but gave my self a double dose with the two forms. Guess I need a medical bracelet. Bless your heart. How do you avoid formaldehyde? It is everywhere.

  22. This was just plain scary to read! I am impressed with your fortitude. I would have freaked out with the first hive. I am so afraid of getting an allergic reaction like since I seem to be allergic to so many things. I can't take either benedryl or prednisone. I had reactions to both of these. I can't take Zyrtec either. I have to use Allegra.

    I'm so glad you are better. As always, you made me laugh about the selfie. You are so right. I am best viewed from 20 ft. away also.

  23. Well, I didn't expect this post. I figured it was a 'just need a break from blogging' break! Glad you're feeling better.

  24. I'm so glad you have recovered from your Mrs. Job-like catalogue of horrors. You must be better because no one still suffering could have produced such a funny post.

  25. Wow. You've had quite an ordeal. Some of that was pretty scary! Glad to see you back to normal.Normal is good.

  26. Bless You, my Friend. What an ordeal you went through.. Medications can help--but can also HURT... Too many people (my brother for one when he was alive) are on too many different medications... GADS---they all work against each other... Yipes...

    Glad you are better. I will say that I wouldn't have recognized you in that first selfie... The second one is AWESOME....

    I'm suffering with a UTI... Gads--no fun. Finally went to the doc this morning for some meds... Nothing helps a UTI better than an antibiotic.. (This is only the 2nd one I have had in my entire life.)

    Take care --and I'm glad you are back.

  27. Oh my what an ordeal. And thru grit and determination you survived. Mrs. T had a mega case of pink eye last summer which required to visits to the ER. Needless to say we learned these so called minor ailments can be super major debilitating...

  28. Omigosh, Patti! You have been through so much, but only you could tell it in such a humorous way! I'm happy that you are feeling good again and back to your beautiful, normal self. Take care! (And throw that aspirin away.)

  29. Welcome back! Just goes to show that you can take too much of ANY medication - even Aspirin.

  30. OMG, Patti! What an ordeal you've been through! I'm glad you're on the mend. This has been such a tough winter, hasn't it? I love your sense of humor through it all!

  31. Take care of your health. Always think positive which will cure you from diseases.

  32. Sally,
    I just read your blog and realize what an ordeal really is. Bless you for what you have been through. I sure hope you find the cause and the cure soon.

    Thanks friend it is really nice to be on this side. You all have really been walloped weather wise and today looks like another dose. Stay safe.

    Odd you should mention Job. I have always called episodes such as these "boils and sores periods." They come to us all and thankfully eventually leave. Laughter makes them so much easier.

    Linda R.
    You are right. Nothing wrong with normal, in fact, it is pretty darn good.

    Ouch, those things are miserable. I had only one and hopefully that was it. Be totally well soon gal.

    I am so sorry Mrs. TB had to undergo that. It sure sidelined that Olympic announcer and is really contagious.

    That and the Aspercreme are in the trash. Thank you and it is great to feel so good again.

    Lots of simple medicines pack a wallop. I fell so fortunate to so far not having to take any regular meds. Toes crossed.

    Dr. Kathy,
    It really does help to find humor. I believe it rather flummoxes the body demons and chases them away sooner. Kind of a powerful placebo.

    Weekend Windup,
    I am a huge believer in that also.

  33. Oh, my goodness sweet Patti! That had to have been miserable. I would think you had to have been a bit unnerved too when your throat started to close up and your tongue swelled. The raw place in your mouth could not have been good either. I knew by reading the label that an allergic reaction is possible with aspirin but you are the first person I have ever known to have one. I am so thankful you have fully recovered and you are back to your beautiful self now. I love the way you can take a not so fun episode and make a interesting read about it. Love your positive attitude and sense of humor. Stay well! Hugs for you and nose kisses for Minnie

  34. Not a minor thing at all. What a nightmare that ordeal must have been. You already know this, but aspirin is found in many products you might not expect. Now that generics are renaming products for other uses they add ingredients not found in the usual product.

    Are we really old if we remember cute June Allyson?

  35. Oh, Patti, what a mess! But you are so great to take it all, and I mean it was a lot to happen to you at one time, with so much spunk and humor. I love the last selfie, red lips, red sweater, both really suit you.

  36. Dear Arkansas Patti, what a string of misadventures you have had--all played out on your face and body.
    This reminds me of the time I gobbled down a whole large cellophane package of licorice. Overnight I put on 10 pounds of water weight, my eyelids swelled so that I could see except through a narrow slit, I couldn't zip up my jeans and my shoes didn't fit. The doctors were amazed and thought I was pregnant. I told them it would be the "second virgin birth!!!!!" Then we talked about what I'd been eating and come to find out there's something in licorice that I was allergic to. When they did various tests they discovered that my readings were off the chart on 7 of 9 things and that if I had continued eating the licorice I would have been dead in a day or a day and a half!!!! So I thinking you were lucky that you got help. Peace.

  37. OH MY GOSH, Patti! You have really had a horrible time of it! I was wondering if you tried the Benedryl. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Thank goodness you're now back to beautiful after that trying time. I feel like so many of my blogging friends have been having things happen this winter. I hope you're now totally on the mend. Please take care of yourself.

  38. I can only say re your title that you are the master of understatement. ;)

    Been there, done that with hives lasting six weeks (reaction to quitting smoking cold turkey) but they never migrated to my face, thank goodness. Your attitude towards your physical reaction to all the meds is to be admired; I would have been whining and moping and making everyone around me miserable--you turn it into a terrific blog post. Glad you are feeling better and by the way--you look MAH-VELOUS, as Billy Crystal would say.

  39. Maggie,
    Aspirin really does seem innocent and has been around forever. Thank you, I always try to find something funny, it helps.

    Ha, ha someone else remembers her. You are so right and I will be reading labels more closely.

    Red/orange is my favorite color. My walls, shirts, coral lipstick. Think I am in a rut.
    Thanks, when given the choice, I'd rather laugh.

    I have heard of licorice toxicity but you are the first I have heard of having it. I do know it isn't good for dogs. I will definitely not give any out at Halloween anymore. So glad you caught it in time.

    It has been a rough time in blog city recently including what you and Art have gone through. Lets hope we all got it over with early and the rest of 2014 will be stellar.

    Linda B.
    Ha ha, think that is my British ancestry kicking in with the understatement. Luckily I guess, I had no one to strike out at--the cat was off limits--or I might have.

  40. Reading this post sent my emotions jumping around like...well something awful. I was laughing out loud (almost belly laughing) and then the guilt came rushing to your rescue. I faked crying over your misfortune but that was only for a very short moment. My feeling bad for you soon turned to out loud laughing again – Sorry! I try to not be so mean but sometimes my efforts are so very feeble. I am glad you are on the mend. TC

  41. GQ,
    Ah big guy, you get me. Thanks. That was what I was aiming for and glad you got it. Laughter makes it all go away.

  42. Glad to know the prednisone worked for you. That is a nasty drug, I found, so won't be taking it again for any purpose.

  43. How wonderful to see the new selfie - you look great! Thank you for sharing all of this, I can't tell you what a help it is. I suffer from a range of chronic ailments but feel unable to blog much about it. However, I suspect that sometimes a touch of melancholy comes through. Hope you keep well and happy.
    Blessings from Dalamory

  44. WOW ...that was a pretty traumatic way to take a vacation.
    Prednisone used to be the only thing that helped my husband with his asthma (and diabetes and congestive heart disease!) but he always had the side effects of a very swollen face !
    I'm so glad you are back to your lovely self.

  45. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  46. dkzody,
    I feel the same way. I have always avoided steroids before and will really balk now though it really relieved the itching quite well.

    Thank you and am so sorry for your chronic aliments. They are the most distressing for they are always there. Thanks for the link. I was unable to find your blog via your name.

    It, along with most meds, has some serious side effects. Sorry he had to take it so much.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

  47. Patti, I keep thinking of this ordeal and googled "aspirin allergy" which I'm sure you've already done. I was surprised to learn that if someone is allergic to aspirin, they also might react to other NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen. Be careful! Tylenol might be your only choice as a pain reliever. (It's the only one my cardiologist wants me to use except for the baby aspirin for my heart.)

  48. Barb,
    Thanks so much for the extra checking. That was so thoughtful of you. I can take Ibuprofen. The reason I took the aspirin was because I was using the Aspercreme and didn't want to mix NSAIDs.
    I have to check with my Dr. to see what I could take now should I have a heart attack. I was planning on chewing two aspirins. Something to think about.

  49. Now that my vision is improving I'm glad your allergy ordeal is over. A teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water over used over several hours is also used as a way to combat nasty allergies.
    For general over all pain MSM crystals are great . Both taste awful but work well and are not harmful since they are already in our body, part of it :)