Monday, March 10, 2014



All right, I realize the same thing that makes me sigh happily probably burns your hide---Daylight Savings Time.  I LOVE it for a couple of reasons. 

I am an outdoor type and now my opportunities to enjoy fresh air increase via the time change and naturally longer days. Secondly, and just as important to me, I now get to go to bed an hour later in theory. This helps my self esteem since normally my bedtime is that of a 6 year old. I now can look forward to the sack time of a 8 year old. That really helps my self esteem. 

I burned all schedules with retirement so the clock does not wake me up. I leave that chore for my bladder thus I never feel the loss of an hour's sleep that most do.   My sympathies to those of you who resent this change.  Are you one of those resentful ones or like me, are you happy now?

I did get to see something neat last night. I got to see the actual loss of the hour.  I have an atomic projection clock that sets itself. My first potty break took place at 1:57 AM according to the numbers on  my ceiling. This is my chance I thought to see what happens exactly at 2:00. The display only lasts seconds so it was pure fortune that when I checked it after returning to bed that the clock registered 1:59 on the ceiling, then rolled over to 2:00 but almost instantly changed to 3:00. Sure glad life doesn't pass that quickly, though sometimes I am not sure it doesn't. 

It reminded me of the times when my car odometer was getting ready to roll over to 100 thousand and I invariably got distracted and would miss the actual occasion.This time I saw the roll over. 

I know, I am easily entertained.


Now I have a question.  Are any of you still running Windows XP on your computers like I am??  Are you aware that Windows will no longer apply security patches for that program after April 8th?? This supposedly will  leave us vulnerable to hacking and viruses even with virus protection add ons. I use Trend Micro protection and they are concerned, thus I am. Evidently almost 40% of us still use  XP.

This site might help you decide whether to risk it and do nothing, upgrade to a different program at a hefty price or just bite the bullet and get a new computer. Hopefully the last two options will not make your current printers and scanners obsolete.

If you are on XP, I'd appreciate your input as to which option you are choosing. I'm still trying to decide.

Thank you. 


  1. I haven't used XP for quite a while, though I am so computer illiterate that I may be and don't even know it!

    And as far as the time change, I want my hour back :)

  2. Most of the computer at work have XP and the state is now in a big push to update with a new's a mess!!

  3. Long gone from XP, so not a problem here.
    Wish it was Daylight savings time all year. I too have an atomic clock and have never been there when it changed or corrected... I did see the satellite go over once, very cool. Ok gardeners, burn'n day light here!

  4. I am like you, my regular bedtime is pretty darn early, so I don't have a problem going to bed "later" one or two nights a year. I also wish we would stay on the DST all year long. We are now down to only four months at Standard Time.

    And I've been away from XP for six years, ever since I left the work world. We decided to go to Apple products since they are more secure and we now must do our own security. :-)

  5. The Florida time change is subtle. I really like the more even day-night light distribution. Vermont goes from very short days and long nights to very long days over the course of a year. I find that harder to adjust to and the darkness at 4:00 in the afternoon really does get to me.

    Our old desk top has XP, but it is dying a natural death. I rarely use it and will probably retire it entirely. One person does not really need a desktop and two laptops. Maybe I will branch out into iphone territory or a digital reader. Woohoo!

  6. I have a Mac and know nothing about Windows. Sorry.

    I'm not bothered by losing an hour here or there, I never sleep well, and have no regular time to go to bed anyway. The atomic clock sounds fun. :D

  7. You and I could be identical twins on the time change. I too have graduated to an 8 year old:) About XP. I left it a while back and could not adapt my fairly new printer so had to get another new one to go with my new computer. Did throw a 6 year old's tantrum about that.

  8. I also have used XP for long time and now i have upgraded to windows 7.

  9. I am still running XP and I don't really plan to do anything.

  10. I *was* running XP on a laptop until a couple weeks ago. Decided to take advantage of a dealski at Futile Shop, switched everything over to the new computer, had plans to punt out XP from the old one and install Mint, but then the drive failed. So that's that. Sure glad I bought the new one in time.
    I don't mind the time change, never did. The only mystery is changing the time in the car. I always forget how to do it.
    Enjoy your day.

  11. Since I am also retired, time is not a big deal. At least now the clock in my car which I can never figure out how to change is correct for another 6 months.

  12. I am with you and don't mind the time change and love the longer days. : )

  13. No XP here - love my Mac.
    Also love Daylight Savings Time - the extra evening light is a real boon. I hate it when you feel like putting on your pajamas and wrapping yourself in your blanket at night - and it is only 6:00 p.m!

  14. We have Windows Vista... and our computer is getting old, but still works fine. I've been thinking that the next one will be a laptop (and *considering* a Mac, although we've always had Windows and don't know if I'm up to getting used to something different - altho I do have an i-phone and love it!).

    As for DST, it doesn't bother me either way. I do like it when the sun is already shining when we awake... and it's not dark and dreary.

  15. I'm an Apple so I have no ideas about XP.
    I don't mind DST; I just wish it started in late March the way it used to. These dark mornings are difficult for those of us with S.A.D. But my new this year light box seems to be helping enormously. And really, it's the same amount of sunlight no matter what you name it!

  16. My only complaint on DST is the grands. They are at this time of year harder than heck to get up in the morning to go to school anyway and then the time change just adds to that situation. But that is my only tiny gripe. I am loving being outside this year and that is a change for the better.
    XP.......hmmmmm. Yep, I think the computer in the living room stills has that on it, but since I got my laptop, I don't even use the other one. But I would caution you about getting a new computer. Hubby hates and I do as well Windows 8 that came with his new laptop. Huge learning curve with that one.
    I think it's super that you got to see time fly. That's one to talk about. I like you usually miss the "milestones" in the car so I get the excitement of this event. Oma Linda

  17. Oh! I am not a fan of the time change. That would be cool to see the time literally change though. I just look at the clock on my computer in the a.m. and wonder what happened. :)

  18. Daylight savings was invented by Ben Franklin so American farmers would have more daylight to bring in their crops. I doubt this is still a relevant issue.

  19. I'm with you on the "Spring Forward" deal....I love it staying lighter later!!! Wish we didn't ever have to change the clocks back....
    Windows XP...I love it and am really having a hard time about this coming change. Mostly because of MY PICTURES....Vista, 7 and 8 ALL show the files and pictures a totally different way and it doesn't work for me, at all! My Computer Wizard is trying to find a Photo program that is similar to the XP Photo Format....I will have to upgrade at some point---but I am fighting it, tooth and nail. XP was the BEST....Vista was HORRIBLE, and unfortunately Windows 7 and 8 have retained some of the worst parts of Vista---Specifically the MY PICTURES section. It is a real dilemma for me. I have 115,000---or more, pictures on my computer. Changing to an inferior program is just NOT an option for me. I know this doesn't help you, but...the newer the computer the better everything should work....So, depending on the age of your computer---IF your computer is old, I would get a NEW Computer that already has windows 7 or 8, If I were you.
    Why they have to change things all the time seems to have more to do with GREED on their part than anything else, in my opinion.
    Windows XP was the Best.

  20. My time role over experience came on December 31,1999 as we waited to see if the computer would move to
    00:00.01.2000 and it did, the millennium thing.
    I was never bothered by the clock change like so many.
    Much of the world's major institutions are using XP like hospitals and the cost of change is so high that they have ignored the threats of change for many years. My guess is XP will keep on going for some time unless Microsoft gives the Windows 7 away freely worldwide and tries to recover costs in other ways. It might even be a smart business move in the long term.
    What time do 8 tear olds go to bed?
    How can you sleep with a clock shining down on you?

  21. I'm still on XP on my main computer; my laptop has Windows 7. I'm staying where I am. I've looked into upgrading and the hoops the new programs would require me to jump through to do it are more than I want to undertake. I bought Carbonite to back up my files on an ongoing basis and will just trust to luck for the rest of it.

  22. I left XP a several years ago and went to Vista and now I have Windows 7. I thought they had already stopped the updates on XP so it was a surprise to learn they are just now getting ready to discontinue them. I loved XP and it took me awhile to get used to the others. I like Windows 7 almost as much as I did XP now that I have learned it.

    I really wish the time did not change at all. My body does not adjust well to time changes so I would be happy if we had one or the other all the time. Hugs

  23. with the death of my old pc, I now have Windows 7. I like it a lot. if I could vote, I'd vote daylight saving time out the proverbial window!

  24. I detest the time changes. Mostly for the school children. Now the sun doesn't rise until after 8, and the children wait for buses in the dark again. If we must change, why not April?

    My computer runs the short-lived Vista.

  25. You know, if you are a morning person, the days actually get shorter with daylight savings. I used to resent that, but now I'm happy because Samson can walk in the dawn light, which, since his eyes should not be in the sun,is much better for him. I didn't know about XP. I really liked it and the fact that so many still have it, must mean it works well. I changed to Windows 7 when I bought my new computer last year. And, in case you think about switching, I think it is a good product. I hope you can figure out what to do.

  26. Witnessing the exact moment of change to Daylight saving is quite something, especially at 2/3am! Probably not quite as exciting as the transit of Venus, but it is not something you see often!

    Regarding XP...

    I departed from Windows not long after XP arrived and have been using Linux ever since. Linux was rather difficult many years ago, and I remember some painful struggles, but things are quite different now and there are many really fine examples of Linux systems that are easy to install, and a joy to use.

    Linux comes in many flavours, these are called "distributions" or "distros". Some are for experts, or special interest users such as universities or research groups, and others are designed for beginners to use.

    Most Linux distros are free to download and use, and are open source projects that are run by community effort.

    Many Linux systems will run off a DVD or a USB memory stick. These give you a chance to try your computer with Linux before actually installing it.

    Linux is almost immune to viruses, and it will often run very well on old computers as well as new ones, so you won't have to throw away your old computer just because it lacks the horsepower to run new versions of Windows. One of my computers began its life in January 2001 and still runs in sprightly fashion We use it every day in our gallery.

    I am currently enjoying Linux Lite, and found it very easy to install. It also comes with a useful help guide, but there are many other excellent flavours of Linux available.

    Having written all that... I think I should do a post about it! :).

    P,L & NS xxx

  27. Keith,
    You will get a notice from Windows on the 8th saying you are no longer to receive updates if you have it.
    You will get it back -- in the Fall. Hang in.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    I did read that businesses are the biggest users of XP. That should be interesting.

    Smart you. Pretty sure that was my only time. I'd rather have seen the satellite.

    Me too on year long DST. You were smart to go to Apple. Wish I had.

    You go girl. Most of my family has gone tablet. Too bad about XP. It was a user friendly workhorse.

    Lucky you. Mac is the way to go.
    The atomic clock was a house warming gift that I really enjoy.

    Grannie Annie,
    Whoo hoo, we are getting like the big kids aren't we. That makes me mad when printers and scanners will only work with one application. That is deliberate.

    Weekend Windup,
    I have a back up laptop with Windows 7. It doesn't have a lot of memory but guess I will have to switch. Good luck.

    I wish you luck and hope you will let us know how that works out.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Had to laugh about the car clock.
    I kind of worry that my old laptop is just too old to update and what happened to you is a probability.

    You, me and Bob on the car clock. I have done that 6 months thingy also.

    Boy with days like today, the longer the better.

    I know what you mean. Dark makes me sleepy.
    Lucky you with a Mac. Wish I had gone that route.

    I had a computer with Vista but it died a terrible death--lightening.
    Since it is normally dark when I get up I don't notice the change.

    I have heard those light boxes are great for those with SAD. So glad you found help.
    There are no problems with Apple. Lucky you.

    Linda W.
    I know any new computer has a huge learning curve and is very time consuming setting up. I am dreading that.
    I am sure DST really affects those who are in school or the work force.

    I do appreciate those things that change the time themselves.
    Hope you adjust without pain. Just think of all the extra time you will have to kite board.

    Ah yes but it was put into effect during WWI to save fuel.
    I guess it does that also by reducing our electricity usage a wee bit.

    I totally agree that XP was and is the best. I have dallied with Vista and have a notebook with Windows 7 and neither are as good a XP. They just had to change a perfectly good program to get us to buy the new programs and computers.
    I so hope you can find help to transfer or save your pictures.

    Ooh, you got to watch the BIG one. That was some excitement wasn't it? I just hoped for the best that year and went to bed.
    It worries me that so many businesses are still on XP. They will be much more vulnerable to hacking.
    This 8 year old goes to bed at 9;00 but I usually read till 10:00. When I was a real 8 year old, I read under the covers with a flashlight.

    I have everything backed up but may use my Windows 7 notebook for a while to see what happens to XP users. Let me know how it goes with you.

    Good to know about Windows 7. My back up note book has that so maybe I won't mind changing over. I sure would miss my XP though.

    Again, good to hear positives about Windows 7. My small back up has that so maybe I won't mind too much.
    I feel for those for whom DST is not a good thing.

    Yes, I can see where it would be hard on kids and the parents who must drag them out of bed. April would work for me.
    You are right, Vista didn't last long. Mine even less as it got fried by lightening.

    Yes, it would work in Samson's favor. Always good when you can find a positive about something that gripes you. Well done.

    Yes you should post about it. I thought about Linux but was scared off by some friends who were overwhelmed. Wish now I had hung in there. Think I will check with my computer guy. Thanks.

  28. I was awake at 2:00 AM but my clock did not "spring ahead". Cool that you got to see it!
    No XP here. That was several upgrades ago.

  29. I have Windows 7. About the time change, I always hate when they change it and I know it's only twice a year, but I still think it's a pain even though I don't have to punch a time clock. I say leave it one way or the other and I prefer DST because of having more daylight. And that's my 2 cents! :)

  30. Not a Windows person --but my advice is to upgrade (and keep on upgrading as new things happen). We do that on the Mac --even though it is sometimes hard!!!!!

    I am one who does NOT like the time changes. I understand wanting daylight hours --but why can't they just choose something and STAY there? Since we are on vacation, the time change hasn't bothered me nearly as much this time as it does when we are home... Guess that is my answer: vacation every time the time changes!!!! ha... (We went into Eastern time --so technically, we lost 2 hours.) ha ha


  31. I'm totally ambivalent about DST, except not every state uses it, so if you're traveling, you need to know which ones stay on Standard. (I know AZ doesn't change.) I'm an Apple gal, so no help with XP.

  32. Linda R.
    It was kind of fun to see time fly. You were smart to upgrade, I just really liked XP

    I totally agree. I would keep DST year round also. More sun the better.

    Ok, two hours is a bit much. I'm with you on year round time. Think I'll write my congressman.

    Smart to be with Apple. Less problems all around. I knew about Az. That must be weird for neighbor states.

  33. Actually, like you, I rather like daylight savings time. I like the light in the evening. I have more energy with the light and have a better outlook on life. That must have been cool to see the switch over.

    No help on Windows. We have been Apple users for years. I haven't used Windows since I retired.

  34. I love daylight savings time for exactly the same reasons.... Perhaps that why I never comfortable visiting Arizona...

  35. I love the fact that I have a little more light at the end of the day. In the dead of the winter, driving home from work in the dark is so depressing, so a little lighter a little longer works for me!



  36. I think the danger lies in the fact that they won't be issuing security fixes and updates. My dad has a laptop with XP on it and he is wondering what to do also. I don't like dst- but I do like the longer evenings. But, I am also like you- I go to bed with the chickens, so it doesn't much matter if it's light or dark outside when I get ready- I'm out anyways! Have a good weekend!

  37. I've missed you, Patti! I too am an XP user. I'm not excited to make the change either.

  38. Dear Arkansas Patti, I look forward to when you start posting again. I read your short post about getting a new computer. I've been extremely luck with my iMac

    As to daylight savings time, my body doesn't adjust to it well and so instead of sleeping until 8:30 am each morning and simply waking up then in the winter, I now wake up at 9:30 and feel as if I've lost an hour. And so now, I"m reading later and I gain an hour. A real merry-go-round! Peace.