Monday, April 28, 2014


Just a quick note to let you know that at least this one acre parcel survived a storm of Biblical proportions last night.   So sadly, 11 people in Arkansas can't say that and lost their lives. We will learn more as the sun rises.  My heart and prayers go out to the families of those affected and for those who still may be in the path.  I will visit the Red Cross site this morning. 

My area seems to be past the worst of it but it is not through with my state  yet. I do hope all my Arkansan blog buddies and those in neighboring states were unscathed and stay that way. Please stay safe if you are in its path.  

On a lighter note with my post that was ready for today.**** 

Ginnie at Goldendaze Ginnie recently had a fun post that stirred me and demanded I give my own version. Thanks Ginnie. I am not above adding on to an idea when it tickles my sense of humor or soap box tendencies.  

She, like me, seldom uses the "F" bomb. In her post she used it very effectively and comically. 

Lately, I have become worn out by the frequency the "F" word is used in movies or on cable TV.  I avoid most R rated movies for I feel they are written by a room full of snickering 14 year old boys. The goal seems to see how many times it can be used in a sentence and for the most shock value. I totally glaze over after a while.  The Wolf of Wall street with its 506 "F" bombs could have been a much shorter and hugely better movie had the bomb been removed or at least reduced to 6. Those superfluous 500 were just mind numbing.     

The "F" word is used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective  and rarely as the powerful healing expletive it can be.  The dialogues of some movies remind me of listening to someone who says "you know" to excess. Can you imagine using "you know" 506 times in a movie? Me neither.  I am not a prude so much as someone who is bored by repetition.  It doesn't offend so much as it really, really, really annoys. 

Do people actually talk like that aren't gang members or prisoners?  I sure don't know any in my personal circles (and I have have traveled in some pretty wide circles) who sprinkle their conversations with bomb attacks. My age and gender may be a factor. This does seems to be more of a guy thing.  

Comedians use it for an easy laugh. I am always surprised how quickly they get a laugh when the bomb is dropped at the end of an unfunny joke. It saves them the trouble of trying to actually be funny. I just love an intelligent comedian who still gets the laughs with out shock value or the need to bolster street cred. 

Have I used that weapon?? You bet I have but it is usually reserved for near death accidents or sudden sharp pains and almost never for an audience. I don't spend it frivolously and as a result, have quite a nice reserve of bombs to draw upon. 

I want my use of the word to be an actual release of  anguish, frustration, or anger that can't be expressed in any other way or as an analgesic.  The "F" bomb does work surprisingly well for sudden pain relief. In those four instances, it is quite effective and useful.   Sometimes a two syllable, drawn out "sheee it" just isn't enough. However the bomb totally loses its healing power when overused. 

Occasionally I am premature in my muttering and the situation really didn't warrant the bomb.  At those times I have been know to also mutter "unF*** as a retraction.  I don't want to spend my supply foolishly.

Are you a habitual user of the bomb, rare user or horrified by the whole mess?


  1. The letter F comes in all nouns, verbs.....
    Take care of the health!

  2. Thank goodness you are safe from the storm. I thought of you the moment I saw the news. It sounds devastating.
    I guess I must have used it but I'm not in the habit. I never heard my husband swear or use any kind of profanity. Ever...... in 25 years. One day he was in the living room with a group of his buddies and they didn't hear me enter the house. I could hear their conversation and i got the shock of my life. My husband was tossing around the F-word with the best (or worst) of em. So you are right..... I guess it's mostly a guy thing for guys.

  3. I can't even comment on the weather damage anymore--so terrible. But I think it is an occasion that warrants an F-bomb.

    I am going to be giggling about the "Un-F***" for the rest of the day. Too funny!

  4. So sad about the victims of the storm. Seems Arkansas often ends up in many a storm's path :(

    And I am guilty of using the F bomb no occasion - though I definitely agree that it's used too much in movies and on TV.

  5. Two lives lost last night about 30 miles from us. Our little town lost power but we sailed merrily along with barely any rain and only a small amount of hail. I is weird how storms travel.

    The F** word does not flow easily off my tongue but I have used it in crisis. Yet is never ceases to amaze me when I do. It was not a part of my vocabulary when I was younger. I remember hovering over the dictionary in study hall with a group of friends trying to find the meaning of the word.

  6. Having taught urban high school for many years, I am tired, tired, tired of that word. The first time one of my students used it in class, I sent him to the office, where he was disciplined. As years went by,sadly, this was no longer considered a big enough deal.
    Like you, I know that it loses potency with use, and so I save it for rare and critical moments.

  7. I just saw that 17 people are confirmed dead from the storms. I'm glad you are safe, but really sad for those who were hit. And the F word has completely lost its sting for me. I watched "Wolf of Wall Street" and thought it was good, but in no time at all I stopped hearing the F word at all. Overuse means no use. Love your post! :-)

  8. I'm sick of hearing the F word in so many songs nowadays. Okay rappers use it more than most but now they are taking it to such an extreme they hardly use any other words at all. As you say, it's just boring more than anything else, and when the songs are edited for the radio it's impossible to enjoy the track because of all the pauses where the f word has been removed.

    I'm glad you are okay.

  9. Glad to hear you are OK.
    I use the F word occasionally, but it is way overused by others. Never heard of the unF**k - learn something new every day!

  10. Glad you are okay. What a scary, scary storm.
    I use it rarely these days. I ALMOST taught a friends 2-year old the word when he dropped his toy fire truck on my toe a few years back. I managed to stop midway thankfully.

  11. I thought of you as soon as I heard about the tornadoes. I am so glad you are ok but feel terrible about those families who lost loved ones. As for as the f word.... I don't like ugly words and never use that one for sure.

  12. Like so many others, I thought of you when I heard of the devestation of the winds........and I think I may have used the F bomb in my thinking. I'm glad to hear you are okay. Now I'm on to check on my other Arkansas buds and some relatives in Tenn.

  13. I now use it seldom in my posts. I find friggin, flippin, fraggin, and freaking to be just as effective.

    Having worked on Wall Street for 40 years, the "Wolf" accurately depicted the common vernacular of that environment. Less than 506 would have made it seem antiseptic to me.

  14. I thought of you when I heard about the storms. Glad your little acre is fine.

  15. Sad about all of the damage in AR and Missouri... It is headed our way. In fact, we woke up in the middle of the night last night to HAIL hitting our windows. No damage though that we can tell.. BUT--more is coming.. SCARY STUFF... Stay safe!

    Neither hubby nor I cuss much. I only say a 'bad' word when I'm really upset about something and no other word seems to help!!!! Seldom do I EVER use the "F" word at all... I will use the "D" or "S" word on occasion --but luckily, not often. NOBODY in my family or friends uses words like that ---so it's all foreign to me (except in movies/TV, etc.)...

    STAY SAFE, Patti.

  16. Glad you are safe. I was thinking about you last evening as I watched The Weather Channel. Only a few leaves blown about here. Stay safe; the tornado season isn't over.

  17. Weekend windup,
    Thank you, I'm trying.

    You proved my point that it is a man thing. How nice however that he had enough respect for you to keep it among the guys.

    Yes, this has been an F bomb worthy event.
    Glad I tickled you. I have used that many times when I have spouted off prematurely.

    We are right in the path unfortunately.
    Glad you agree on its overuse.

    Grannie Annie,
    That was entirely too close. These storms are like that. Destroy one house and leave the neighbor's untouched.

    I had a female teacher friend that was once called a M F. Her reply was priceless. She merely said "You do realize that is a biological impossibility?" to the offender. Stumped them cold.

    It was more powerful than the one that hit that same town in 2011. Just awful.
    Well put. Over use is no use.

    I wondered how they did that on the radio. At least they don't beep out the word. That would be maddening.

    Sometimes when used unnecessarily or for a not fitting occasion, I believe in retracting it. Un-F*** works for me.

  18. islandwonder,
    Ha ha, I can see that happening for that is the perfect occasion for the word, sudden pain.

    Aunt Betsy,
    This is one of the worst ones since I have been here though 2008 was a doozie also. I so feel for those that have lost everything.

    Linda W.
    I am so relieved to be hearing from my Arkansas buddies. So far all are OK.

    Those 4 substitutes get the point across and are effective. Did not know that about Wall Street.

    Yes, not even a branch misplaced. Feeling fortunate.

    That storm is heading your way. Please stay safe.

    I was so glad to hear from you Pat. Glad you dodged the bullet also. Stay safe. You are right, it is a long season.

  19. I thought of you when I heard the tornado news. Glad to know you are okay there.

    I do drop the F-bomb fairly often. Roger and I have a pretty good laugh about it. I have one sister-in-law who has asked us not to use the word in her presence. It's an interesting editing process. I don't use it randomly, but sharply and mostly when referring to politics. LOL!

  20. Hi Patti,
    Glad to read that you are safe (and Pat A too by the looks of things). Nature is a whole lot bigger than us, that is for sure, and I am sorry to hear that some have died or lost their homes in the storm. Tornadoes not common where we are, but one house in our village lost part of a roof and a dog kennel here about 10 years ago in a small twister that just seemed to want to single them out.

    F bomb..., mmmm. I almost never swore all through my childhood and teens, it was so drummed into me by my parents that you just didn't do such things..
    Later, well.... it happens, especially when I am tired!

    There was a funny conversation I once heard when a plumber and a carpenter were trying to repair a hot water cylinder, and it was proving difficult... both were F bombing so much that they sounded like ducks quacking!


  21. I know I'm not a regular here, but I had to come check on you via Joey's blog and make sure you were okay. Glad to see you are!

    I'm way down south, almost in LA. We had a little bad weather early this morning, but nothing like that north of us.

  22. Since I didn't learn that the f-bomb is bad when I was a child, I don't have a strong reaction to its occasional use. (English is my second language.) But by now that I know it is not a good word, and shows a person's ignorance more than anything else, I would not want to sit through a film where it is said 506 times. No way.

  23. I remember Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy swearing excessively back in the day and after the novelty wore off it was just boring.

  24. Thanks for the update on the weather. I worried about you when I heard path of this terrible storm was taking. Stay safe! I'm so sorry to hear about those lost by these tornadoes.

    I never use the F word. Never. I asked a child of mine, now an adult, just when it became ok to use that word in conversation with me recently. Silence. I got silence. Then finally, an "I'm sorry." I hate hearing it all the time in our current society.

  25. I'm back again to say that I got so involved in bad words that I forgot to mention how very sorry I am for these horrific storms and other natural disasters that have come your way in the South and the Midwest. It is unbelievable that so many weather events are causing so much death and destruction.

  26. My father used to say that using the Fbomb too much simply showed a lack of creativity, and as you said, gets boring. I do not use it. I have a hard time even forming the word in my mouth as I believe it has such a negative connotation for women. I realize it is just a word, but it wouldn't be used as much as it is if it didn't have some effect.
    That storm was horrible. I suppose this is going to be a rough spring weather-wise. Take care.

  27. So glad to hear that you are safe and well, hope it stays that way.
    As to the "F" bomb, have never been into using it, and there are much more interesting words out there. Had a favorite author go off the deep end using that word, it was sad to see her take that road, what ever the reason.

  28. I'm so glad to know you are safe from the storms! It was terrible and I feel so sorry for those who lost loved ones and lost homes.

    I have to admit to using the F bomb on occasion. When something really makes me mad, it sometimes flies out of my mouth! Guess I've seen too many movies or something. I don't like hearing it and try NOT to say it! LOL at the Un-F...I'll try to remember that the next time it happens!

  29. I guess that was some f-ing storm you had last night. And if I actually used that word, i guess that's about how it would sound. So, no, it is not really part of my vocabulary.

  30. I really don't use the F-bomb. I use the sh-bomb quite a bit though... sorry to say.

    I saw the reports on the news tonight and was shocked at the devastation. It's so sad, so awful. My thoughts are with all who are suffering.

  31. I'm afraid I do use the "F" word, quite liberally----always have and it is mostly out of frustration and anger----but I cannot say I have ever used it as much as it is used in many films and Cable TV shows---"WOLF OF WALL STREET" is a perfect example of overuse to the point of meaninglessness and deep annoyance!!! It does slip out of my mouth very easily, I'm afraid, and it has gotten worse as I have gotten older and grouchier.....It's very very satisfying sometimes and wonderful for pain, as you said....

    I'm so glad to know you got through that incredible storm and can only hope you continue to be safe as more comes your way, my dear.

  32. robin,
    Boy if anything will bring out the bomb, politics will. Would love to hear your editing versions.

    Thanks for your concern. Thankfully Pat and I both were spared. Terrible what happened to those poor people.
    I really got a chuckle out of the "duck quacking". I can just hear it.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Your part also got some bad weather. We were both very lucky.

    It really is excessive in a lot of movies today. Sometimes it is mind numbing.

    That sums it up for me also. Boring but also irritating.

    I guess the youngsters today hear it so much in music, movies and read it in books, that it has lost its shock appeal. They don't realize that not all of us are so immune.

    I know, I am a bit concerned how this Spring will be regarding violent weather. It has gotten a late start.

    Don't suppose that was Nevada Barr? I always enjoyed her work till the last one and I didn't even finish the book for that reason.

    Sometimes I get a bit overzealous with the bomb and use it when it really isn't necessary. The Un factor erases it:))

    Linda R.
    F-ing is highly acceptable and still gets the point across. And yes that certainly applies to that storm.

    It has really hit the poor folks of Vilonia hard. This is their second time in just a few years. Not sure I could face rebuilding a second time.

    Yes it really does ease sudden pain and works wonders on frustration.
    I just saw Philomena and got tickled at the few times the bomb was dropped. Some how with an Irish accent, "Fook" is adorable. Wonderful movie.

  33. Glad to hear you're safe, prayers go out to those who are hurting!! The 'f' bomb..... only use it when I really want to make a point!!! My go to expression is 'oh for god's sake' I don't know is cursing any better??

  34. Glad you are ok! Those storms are crazy. I've only experienced a handful of them, and it's enough. One good thing about the Cape… The ocean usually keeps the air too cool for such severe storms.

    F-bomb, depends on the company I am in.

  35. Glad to know that you are okay sweet Patti. All of my family is okay but one they lost everything. As for the "F" word I have never used or liked it myself and I am way past sick of hearing it so much. There have been some what would have been very good movies to me if not for the over-kill of the "F" word. Stay safe. Hugs and nose kisses for you and sweet Minnie from me and mine!

  36. I have been thinking of you when I watched the damage of the cyclone over Arkansas. Thank God you survived and are safe. It must have been frightening. The other Patti in Arkansas is also safe.
    I hope you won't have another storm like that.

  37. Oh Patty you make me laugh! I'm not much of a cusser, but I have been known to say the D word occasionally. I agree with you about the use of these words in movies and cable shows..I think they could take them out and it would greatly improve whatever it is they are trying to say.
    I definitely didn't know about the un-F....I learn something new every day! LOL!

  38. I'm so glad you're safe, Patti! I was thinking about you.

    I am very sparing with the "F-bomb". I rarely cuss. I think so many people are just lazy in their speech and pepper it with F-bombs and the like instead of trying to communicate subtleties of feelings.

    I had to smile when you talked about movies and t.v. shows being written by 14-year-old boys. Just about. There is such a stupid obsession with youth in the screenwriting community. A young woman I know started going to story conferences with her screenwriter father to make the pitches for his ideas because there was this sense that he was impossibly over the hill. He was in his late 40's at the time. But this youth obsession may be part of the reason so much entertainment is so banal in its obscenities.

  39. Oh boy, I'm so sorry to hear about the storm and to know that families lost beloved ones :( This is horrible! Glad to hear you're safe!

    I try to never use the F-word. But it does slip occasionally when I'm really really mad. I do not like how much it is used either.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I can't wait to get to know you, too. Sending lots of hugs your way!

  40. Your have hit is exactly on the head and nailed it to the coffin. We saw a preview of that movie and it was a total turn off. And that storm.... oh my.

  41. Muffy,
    Yep, I use a similar version Only I call on "Oh for Pete's sake".

    You get your share of nor'easters. Guess we all have our storms that hurt.

    Wish they would put out two versions --one with the F bombs and one without. Pretty sure which one would make the most money. Disney does quite well.

    Thank you so much for checking in. Yes, both of us were missed. She was below and I was above the storm.

    To "Un" is just my way to compensate when I over react to a situation:))

    Dr. Kathy,
    Good grief, if late 40's is over the hill, what does that make us? Sadly it is all to prevalent in the entertainment industry.

    Welcome and my very best wishes go out to you and Keith.
    Hopefully Germany is not as hung up on filling the movies and music with profanity as we are.

    I think we out number the enjoyers. Sure wish Hollywood would get the hint.

  42. Yes, I had fun with that blog entry. I can't imagine you using it, either. There are some advantages to being old ladies !!

  43. I don't think I even heard the F word until college (such long time ago). I use it mentally sometimes when something is truly terrible, but with Grandchildren around a lot, I censure myself. Occasionally my husband says it when he's really angry- hopefully not around the kids. I can't abide movies that use constant swearing - life's too short for all those bad vibes! PS Thought of you while I was in AZ when I heard news of the tornadoes. Such devastation!

  44. When I lived in OK and AR, I remember how fierce those spring storms can be. Folks up here in the NE US have no idea.

    As to your question, I never was much of a curser, and being a dad has made me glad of that. It is amazing how many of my driving words get repeated by little ones in the back seat...