Monday, July 7, 2014


Minnie  the cat WAS a very passive and loving cat. She and my former dog Mighty would touch noses in passing but basically just enjoyed the fact that another 4 legged member resided in the house. It was a comfort thing.

I was heartsick at his passing but Minnie missed him far more than I thought she would. She became quite needy and vocal.

That was one reason I brought Callie into our lives. Callie however is a vastly different animal than Mighty was.

Mighty was a very old gentleman with bionic knees whose main burst of energy was to hobble intently after not terribly concerned rabbits.  In the house, he was a snuggle-bunny-couch-potato as was Minnie.

First my friend Sis arrived for a visit and taught Minnie how to box.   Then Callie arrived.  Callie is a hyper dog that desperately wants to play and play and play. She is a bundle of raw energy.

"Ya wanna play huh huh, wanna play, huh wanna play. Come on, lets play."

A bit goofy but endearing, unless you are a cat wanting to sleep. Had she been a male dog, Goofy would have been his name, hands down. I wouldn't have needed help with that.

However, do not feel sorry for the small, formerly placid cat. She has become the bully of the pair and is in total control.

First she will tease Callie with a swat on the fannie as the dog passes innocently by which starts the engagement. They will then dance and box until Minnie has had enough. That's when she will let out a nasty hiss and thunk Callie on top of the head with a blow that you can actually hear land from another room.  She packs a clawless wallop now thanks to her sparring sessions with Sis. She then turns her butt to the confused Callie and swaggers off. Wish I had captured that.

Below is a short video that I did capture of a mild mannered, laid back, early morning version of their play while I was working on the computer with camera handy.

The Tease vs the Hopeful--- round one.  Minnie didn't land a haymaker this time, in fact she didn't even get up for the event but sparred from a prone position. Having enough, she hissed, curled up her lethal weapons and quit, declaring herself the winner. The game, as always, was totally played on her terms.  Soon after this bout, they touched noses and went separate ways, both content.

See Middle East, we CAN all get along, at least the nonhuman "all."  We humans have quite a ways to go yet to learn tolerance of difference. We can only entertain optimism and hope for the wisdom of the creatures. Of course it helps if the smaller is smarter and armed better.

Ok, I admit that is really a bit of a stretch about the Middle East but I bet you weren't expecting a moral to this fluff piece.

Wishing you all had a great 4th and that those in the path of Arthur, stayed safe and didn't lose power.


  1. That is such a cute Video.....Even though Minnie was rather passive, one can see how this "game" works.....I bet they become Good friends as time goes on.....!

  2. I did see one well-landed bop to Callie's head, and the in the finale, Minnie used her Vulcan-mind-meld stare to get her message across.
    A real match must be pretty lively.

  3. Yes, Callie is definitely in charge. I think she is enjoying it, too. Thanks for the great video so I can see them playing. Isn't technology wonderful? :-)

  4. Ha ha the video cracked me up. Talk about a lot of posing and fake fighting going on! :D Very cool video!

  5. Shows people aren't the only ones with body language. Great video.

  6. Watching the interaction between animals is fascinating and I agree that I wish it could happen with humans. I believe the big difference is that animals do not have EGOS !

  7. I love this. Our beast do a similar dance but at this stage of the game 4 running beasty time soon ensues.
    Isn't it funny how dogs are like Americans who only know a little of another language. They keep saying, huh? did ya say we can or we can't. No lo comprendo.
    Thanks for sharing a sweet moment

  8. Oh - I like the name Callie that you chose! Minnie is a in-residence way to use some of Callie's energy without having to expend much herself. I loved watching them "box." Hope your summer is going well, Patti - I'm finally getting slightly organized!

  9. The interaction between the two is amusing. Callie does look like an energetic dog--that tail going a mile a minute the whole time. Fun!

  10. you have moved into the big time with a video, ha, so sweet that they have each other even if Callie is the dominant one, what cat isn't. Ha.

  11. That's adorable. Dear eager Callie so anxious to play. Animals are better than humans when it comes to establishing boundaries and getting along.

  12. Great video. Minnie is a great dog exerciser, and Callie is loving it, if that tail wag is anything to go by.

  13. I had a dog named Kippy and a cat named Fluffer and they used to spar
    like that and then the cat would bite Kippy's neck and then lick where he had bitten. They really loved each other.

    We had a good 4th, thank you, and Arthur gave us only a bit of wind and rain as he passed by.

  14. HI, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We certainly did! We did have one crazy thing to happen... We have NEVER had to put up our Hummingbird Feeders at nights. BUT--this morning we saw the one in our front yard on the ground! Wooo--wonder what got into that one?????? Our fun with critters never ends! ha

    Loved the video.. Those two will be best of friends SOON. Callie's tail was wagging the entire time.. Not sure how Minnie felt... ha


  15. Great video! Those two are so cute together, and they act like they are old friends already. Very sweet.

  16. That is a great video. It is so funny the way cats will remain prone while playing. Callie looks like a very happy dog.

  17. Loved the video. People who don't have pets can't imagine the unique personalities of these creatures that live with us. Take care and have a terrific week.

  18. Naomi,
    Thanks. Obvious isn't it? She has made up all the rules, Callie is Minnie's foil.

    "Vulcan-mind-meld stare" that is priceless and so very true:)) She freezes Callie with it.

    She really does enjoy it for she starts it every time and leaves when ever she wants. Love technology.

    Thanks and you got it. It is like a movie fight. All flash and little contact.

    Grannie Annie,
    Easy to read these two isn't it?

    Think you may have hit on it with that lack of ego.

    Linda W,
    Most often there is tearing around the house here also with Minnie doing the chasing.

    I do appreciate Minnie using up some of Callie's excess energy. Minnie is saving herself for what I don't know.

    That tail goes all day unless she is sleeping. She is one happy, energetic dog.

    Linda S.
    As the saying goes, "Cats rule, dogs drool."

    In my experience it has always been like that with only a few exceptions.

    She wags all day long. She is such a happy little girl.

    Glad Arthur was kind to you. I didn't know how much of NC he effected.
    Callie often cleans Minnie's ears and she rather gets off on it.

    Wonder what did that? I have had a female woodpecker slurping out of my feeders.
    Minnie's reward is getting her ears washed by Callie.

    One reason I got Callie is that they assured me that the dog loved cats. I just didn't know how much.

    Minnie is conserving her energy. Sometimes she actually chases the dog around the house but mostly it is a prone position job.

    Animals really are so very different in their personalities. It is fun to see them come out.

  19. Well, we can see that sweet Minnie has everything well under worries on her not being able to take care of business. lol She has boxing and head bopping down pat for sure. That video was just so cute and sweet. I had to laugh about her bopping Callie on the butt, Chancy does that same thing to Patches. Patches bops him and shows him who is boss too. They are so funny and fun to watch aren't they? I started a new blog for Chancy if you ever want to visit.

    Hugs and nose kisses all around for you and yours from me and mine.

  20. They seem to be getting along splendidly! Cats always seem to least mine does. Have a super week!

  21. This cracked me up. Yes, she is a great big tease! I loved the fight that was mounted from a prone position. I think these two will keep you very entertained.

  22. Maggie M,
    Just went over to sign on to your new blog. Now I can get my Chancy fix. He is such a cutie.

    One on one, I'd bet on the cat every time in a cat and dog actual fight. As much as I love my dogs, cats are just have more street smarts.

    So glad you enjoyed the video. Minnie really conserves her energy doesn't she.

  23. What fun! The interaction between our Baron and Simba was very similar. Little kitty huge GSD...:)

  24. Real fun to watch the sparring of those two. I am always impressed by the optimism of dogs, and the intellectual power of a cat! So pleased that you have Callie,she looks to be a really lovely dog, and will bring great joy to you and Minnie I am sure.

  25. TB,
    Would have loved to see that. Bet the cat dominated.

    She has added spice to my life for sure. You nailed it, Callie is the eternal optimist and we know cats rule with intelligence.

  26. This video is really fun to watch. I love that you named your new sweetie Callie.
    Callie's ears and tail speak volume's in this video. I love how they are getting to know each other.
    My Momma Kitty outside is causing me a lot of stress not playing nice with Sybil. I feel horrible for Sybil because she was use to lots of nose kisses from Momma Kitty and now she lives in terror of her. Wish I knew the right thing to do.
    I have missed you. Hope you are well
    I am feeling better. I guess it was the acid re flux since I seem to be better after the prescribed medication.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment

  27. It's weird how cats can rule if dogs are not too huge. I bet she actually like the movement.

  28. Loved this video! Tooooo cute! Callie looks like such a fun, playful playmate. Minnie is rather dignified, but fun anyway.