Monday, June 30, 2014



Thank you all for the really cool names you suggested for the new dog.  I just wish I had enough dogs to use them all. Your choices were that good.  Where were you when I had my shelter and was scrambling for names??

Thanks to Linda Braun, the dog and I have settled on a name.  Linda pointed out that Minnie and Chips are the same color, a fact I had somehow completely missed.

I thought, 'Hum, a calico dog--maybe Callie?'  I tried it out on her and she responded right away. There were several names you all suggested that I liked a bit better but the dog chose Callie and since she must wear it--- Callie it is.

Thanks Linda for pointing me in the right direction and thanks to everyone else who had such great ideas.  You're the best.

This is the last of my hiatus posts---maybe.

My friend Sis and I had gone to Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs Arkansas. This was a must see on a lot of peoples lists.   Most of the Spring flowers were long gone but I am a foliage person and I was content to enjoy the walk in the woods. Some how, we managed to find the hottest day of the year at that point but luckily it was a woodland gardens so at least most of the walk was under leaf with many water features.

Not my photos but from the website
 When we got to the peacock pens, we noticed an iPhone sitting all by itself on a low rock wall.  No one was within eyesight but we suspected it might belong to the young mother with two small kids that had been to the children's area just before us.  However, now she was no longer in sight.  So we picked it up and decided to take it to the lost and found.

Near the end of the walk, we noticed a lone women walking by her self on another path back into the gardens.  It was when we started up the hill to the office and we noticed two children sitting sweaty, red faced and rather disgruntled by themselves in the shade that we made the connection.

I was a bit shocked the young mother had left her children by themselves considering the weirdos out there today but then I can't relate to a phone that is a small computer full of personal information. Mine is barely one step above a smoky fire and a blanket.

Sis shouted out to the woman and sure enough it was her phone.  She was quite grateful for she had no idea where she had lost it and had a lot of territory to cover. It had evidently slipped out of her back pack when she had set a spell on that wall to rest. The kids were perhaps equally grateful that it had been found. They looked whipped by the heat and walking up and down the hills.

The next day we went to the Diamond Mines in Murfreesboro. Now the day before someone had found a 4 plus carat diamond. Not to happen for us however.
Portion of mine field. See any diamonds??  Me neither. This was the only shady spot in 40 acres. 
At the end of our toiling unsuccessfully in the dirt for diamonds, we checked out the restrooms to "rest".  As I walked into the only available stall, which was the handicapped one, there sitting on top of a small shelf was --you guessed it-- a brand new smart phone.

Excitedly I shouted over, "Sis, you won't believe this----there is a phone in here."

"That's nice." she shouted back.

Well-- I thought a little bummed, she sure doesn't seem the least bit amazed that this is our second iPhone find in two days. Finishing first, I took the phone out to the lost and found.

I was waiting by the admission desk when Sis came out and I asked why she was so darned blase about the 2nd iPhone find. I mean---really!!

"Oh," she said," I thought you meant there was a wall phone in the handicapped stall just in case of emergency."  Ok, that kind of made sense.

Finally when she found out it was another lost iPhone, she was properly impressed and as amazed as I.  We had no luck finding diamonds but were on a roll with smart phones.

Are you addicted to your smart phone or are you still primitive like me with a phone that ONLY makes voice calls and is the size of a small pager?? Partly this is due to the fact I have no cell reception where I live and only use mine for AAA or 911 calls on the road.

Next is mostly for Robin and all sky watchers. Robin always manages to look up and see all kinds of neat, unusual stuff I never get to see except via her photos.

 When Sis and I were coming through Mayflower on the way home, we saw where that devastating tornado had gone through. Surprisingly shredded trees and debris were still everywhere.  Traffic was heavy and I was driving when Sis asked me to look at the strange clouds to our right.

   This looks pretty much like what we saw.  Not my photo but from Wunderground.  Too busy driving to take a picture.
  I got a peek but that was all.  That night however, those same clouds made the evening news as they were rather rare.   Seems they are mammatus clouds, sometimes known as boobie clouds. They are so named for the mammary gland and their breast like shape. Nature has a saucy sense of humor.

Ok, rest your eyes now, I'm through for another week.


  1. Love your choice of Callie. Do you think she knows how lucky she is to have found you?!
    Adventure just abounds around you.
    I have seen booby clouds before, but didn't know what they were.

  2. Good morning! I think Callie is an awesome name for the dog - and it's cool that she responded to it right away. And I love the stone pillar under that bridge. Oh, and if I lose my iPhone I can call you and your sis, right?

  3. Callie is a perfect name:)

    Yes, I am addicted to my new Smart Phone. It has taken me a long time to enter the 21st Century but I have finally done it. Someone is going to be finding my phone in some strange place any day now. You want to know my first thought? I wondered why you didn't look for the owner's name in the phone and call them. Yes, I actually did wonder that. Thankfully I was able to reason it out fairly quickly.

    I was totally in awe of your excellent photography until you stated the shots were from the website. Thus endeth my forthcoming praise.

  4. I like her new name, and I'm glad she likes it too.
    I've decided that everyone seems to find diamonds after a good rain, so I'm thinking spring is the best time to go to the diamond mines. I've only ever found crystals. If that pool was a few feet deeper I believe I would just spend my time there instead.
    These cell phones are fast becoming what used to be our wallets- bank info, personal identification, even coupons that we used to have to clip out of the's kind of scary to think of losing one. Whoever thought of the kill switch on them was one smart cookie!

  5. I do have a smartphone and am addicted to having it with me at all times. It's scary how fast that happened to me after I got it. I have a passcode and can wipe it clean remotely if I lose it, but I am very careful with it. Now and then I leave the house without it and feel really vulnerable. And yes, you are definitely on a roll with cellphones! :-)

  6. Oh, I like the name Callie and it is good to know Callie does too. I think it is a great name for her.

    I think those gardens are one of the most beautiful places in our state.

    My son, his wife and some friends were at the diamond mines about the same time you were. They found very little shade and no diamonds.

    Wow, you two maybe need to start a Smart Phone detective business. lol Amazing you found two phones in 2 days.

    I do not have a Smart Phone, don't want one, they have way too much stuff for me. I hope I do not out-live the plain ole basic cell phone in case I have to purchase another one for some reason. I think they are already becoming scarce. My preference is to just have a phone and a computer.

    Hugs for you sweet Patti and some nose kisses for sweet Minnie and sweet Callie

  7. I think Callie is a great name---and especially since she responded to it!!!

    I cannot believe you found two Cell phones in two days....You would think that people would find a way to put them on their person since they look like part of the body, anyway---everyone has a cell phone in their hand---EVERYONE, except you and me. LOL.....My reception up here on my hill is not good and since I cannot go anywhere I'm content with my land line....But whoever visits me is carrying their phone in their hand.

    I've never seen clouds like that---they are really amazing! Nature...Always gives us the unusual and the rare and such beauty!

  8. Hi, First of all, congrats on getting the new dog... Such a cutie---and obviously, this doggie will love living at your house...

    Love the name, Callie, much better than Chips....

    You know how much we love your state... Garvin Gardens is one of our favorite places. One year we were there when there was a trillion tulips blooming all over the place... It was AWESOME.


  9. I like the name Callie. That is very cute.

    I keep planning to upgrade my phone but I know once I do, I will look at it all the time, so I have avoided the change. At this time, it is fun to see people's shocked expression at what I carry.

    Those clouds are fun looking. What a great surprise.

  10. Too bad you didn't have as much luck finding diamonds as you did finding cell phones.

  11. I like the name Callie. Yes, I am addicted to my iPhone, as I knew I would be when I put off getting one for a long time. I know how much I would appreciate it if I lost it and someone returned it to me.

  12. I think you should have found a great big diamond given the fact that you found two iPhones! These folks were lucky you were the ones finding their phones.

    I am addicted to my iPhone, but not as bad as my hubby. I guess, I would say, I use mine frequently, but am not on it all the time.

    Nice name. I like it.

    Finally, I have never seen clouds like that. I've never even heard of clouds like that. Interesting.

  13. No cell phone reception at our house either so no smart phone. I do have the latest iPod Touch, though. It has all the features (even camera and texting) of smart phones except for the phone part. It's really handy to check something quickly Online. Love the name Callie. Sweet name for a sweet dog.

  14. My you have been busy. Callie rolls of the tongue. I think it a really good dog name...:)

  15. Brighid,
    Thank you, but Minnie and I may be the lucky ones.
    They were a first for me. Strange looking rascals.

    Ha ha, that may be a nice retirement job for me. Smart phone finder.

    Grannie Annie,
    Ha, don't feel badly,we had some similar nonworking ideas.
    I know, it was just too hot to lug a heavy camera around.

    You know, I think you have hit on it. They have become our new wallets and a loss is scary. I agree, the kill switch is brilliant.

    You are not alone. Almost everyone I see has one in their hand. Good idea that you can wipe it clean if need be.

    Oh, I bet we probably saw them. It sure was a hot day.
    I am with you on not wanting or needing one.

    Since you brought it up, yes, I have also seen people walking around with them in their hand. It is like another appendage.
    Me too, I love it when Nature shows me her best.

    I agree, Chips was too masculine. She seems to like Callie much better.
    I am sure the gardens are much better in the spring. There was not much blooming when we were there.

    Know what you mean. I am too addicted to my computer, just think if I could carry one with me. I want to keep my awareness.

    I know, I sure would have been a lot richer but the phone finds were satisfying anyway.

    Linda R,
    I know, I am glad I have no cell reception here for I think I just might never get my head up again to look around if I got one.

    Ah ha, you are a two smart phone family. Glad you are able to use moderation. Not sure I could.

    Poor reception keeps us out of the rat race. I must admit, like you, I would be happy to be able to look things up on a whim.

    Glad you agree with Callie. She really responds well to it and she didn't at all to Chips.

  16. I don't have a smart phone, nor do I want one. I have a $19.99 trac phone from Wallyworld. Suites my needs just fine. In fact I could easily do with out that too. My family insists I take it with me. I just hate when it rings....usually at the most inopportune time!!! I call it my electronic leash!!!

  17. A smokey fire and a blanket???! I love your sense of humor, Patti!! And Callie is a very fine name for the new dog!

  18. I think it's nice your doggie has chosen her new name. I wonder if she has been called that before?
    I've seen the boobie clouds only a couple of times and they are quite a sight to see!
    I don't have a smart phone yet. I've thought that I wanted one, but on the other hand, I need another device to keep me busy like I need another hole in my head. lol!
    It was a hot one here today and we're under a tornado watch tonight. That means another night with little sleep!

  19. Thank you so much for thinking of me when you saw those fantastic clouds! I haven't seen mammatus yet, but I keep looking up.

    Love Callie's new name. She sure is one lucky dog to have found her way into your heart and home.

    Interesting to find two iPhones. We don't have a smart phone either. We have what we call a "dumb phone." We have a pay-as-you-go plan. We buy a $100 worth of time and take forever to use it. We don't want to be connected to a little computer all day long. When we go out for a walk, we're just looking all around, and not at a phone screen.

  20. I noticed their colour similarities in too and I am glad Callie picked her name . It suits her:) Losing smart phones is not smart. Your keen eye to find them is:)

  21. Cheryl,
    I would love the see the boobie clouds when the sun shines through them. That is amazing.
    Keep your head down and stay safe.

    ME TOO. Nothing sets my nerves off like a phone ringing and when it comes from my purse, that is the worst.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Ha,ha glad you caught that and enjoyed. I really do have an old primitive one.

    That is another reason I don't have one. I would hate to be in the middle of nature looking up something on my phone.

    Good for you. I sure missed the obvious.
    Maybe I have a new career finding phones???

  22. Hi Patti - I've been away and back, away and back again, so off the computer a bit. SO happy Callie found you! She's adorable and I love little mixed rescue dogs. Hope all is going well.

  23. I'm glad to have assisted in the choice of a name for Callie, which was the name of our granddog also.

    Denny and I had no luck at Crater of Diamonds SP either although the day before we arrived someone had found a 2+ carat yellow diamond so we said that someday we'd go back and try it again. We got skunked on iPhones also. ;)

  24. Hi There, Me AGAIN!!! Just stopping by to say "Happy 4th of July".... Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends --or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now...God Bless American --and God Bless YOU.


  25. Thanks for your concern about Hurricane Arthur ... I live far enough inland so that we were safe.
    I like the dog's name and I, like you, have a basic little cell phone that I use only in emergencies.

  26. I have been remiss in reading blogs! A new dog? Good for you, and I like her name.
    I have an iphone and I enjoy it, mostly for texting and FB, because I am not much of a phone talker any more (can't hear well enough.)

  27. wow, they've really improved the gardens I went there when I lived in Arkansas and saw a rare yellow magnolia, went to the diamond mine and no diamonds just got dirty, two cell phones that must mean good luck too bad it wasn't hundred dollar bills. ha.

  28. Barry,
    Thanks, you have been missed. Keep your head down and hope Arthur misses you all completely.

    Linda B.
    You did help pick the name and how interesting your GDog is also Callie.
    Sometimes I wonder about those "day before find" claims:))

    Get those steaks just right now and have a great 4th. Hope you get none of Arthur. It has been spring like here.

    So glad you missed Arthur. Hey, those little phones do the job don't they?

    Hey, you have been missed but I figured you were busy. I hadn't thought that texting would be a boon to people with limited hearing. Finally a good reason to text.

    Linda S.
    Missed you gal.
    There wasn't much in bloom but the grounds are really nice. Ha I agree about the 100 dollar bills. That would have been nice.

  29. The dog-naming was endearing. The phone sagas and boobie clouds had me chuckling though. My phone is a step up from blanket and smoke, too.

    Most my relatives and friends can't believe I am still in what they consider the dark ages of phone communication.

  30. I don't even have a land line anymore. I'm lost without my smart phone - sounds like you are having a fun summer!

  31. I like "Callie". It looks like a good fit.
    Two smart phones? That's amazing. I'm afraid I can't get along without mine. LOL