Monday, August 18, 2014


No, that is not a misspelling. I do mean holey.

Did you ever watch a toddler do something maybe inappropriate but it was so funny that you laughed each time? That is until the child quits being a cute toddler and you realize you are raising a brat. That has happened with Callie.

The first day she arrived, she started digging frantically after a mole or vole-they are both subterranean. These voles have been the bane of my existence, destroying my plantings and moles just provide the voles with underground routes and ankle turning soft ground. Neither are welcome here so I was delighted with her zeal and egged her on. "Get em Callie, get em."

However, MANY holes and uprooted plants later, she has yet to produce a single corpse, just craters.  Because voles eat the roots of plants, Callie attacks the plants themselves. My roses were stunted by damaged roots, but they really can't survive being unearthed daily. My cute toddler has become a brat.

I am currently out of fill dirt and am letting nature fill in the holes. Isn't it odd that when you rake the removed dirt back in to the hole, there is not nearly enough? However this low maintenance approach makes mowing a battlefield a bit of a brain rattling challenge.

Currently she is a bit ill so I am letting this slide. I noticed she has a recessed, hooded vulva when I got her which the vet assure me was no problem. However, he was wrong and there is a problem.

This condition occurs when a dog has a recessed vulva and is spayed before her first heat. It facilitates unsanitary urination.

She evidently has developed a few UTI (urinary track infections) and passed about 8 bloody, fairly large bladder crystals Saturday.  She will very likely need surgery to repair the defect. I will find out today.

However this ailment has brought her a full pardon for her crater making. Good timing little girl. We will work on that holey thing later.

Keep your toes crossed for her.


  1. Poor Callie!!! I am so glad you received a pardon, since she must be in a lot of pain with passing these bloody bladder crystals!

  2. Smart little dog. If you are abut to get in trouble, diversions tactics! I hope all goes well and she is back in digging form soon. How are you gonna deal with that?

  3. Poor Callie. I do hope she's going to be feeling better soon. That sounds awfully painful. Not the digging part, but the bloody crystals. Ouch!

  4. Poor Callie! Toes crossed that all goes well!

  5. Yes, poor Callie. As most of us older people know UTI are the pits!.

  6. Poor baby- I hope that surgery will fix that! Sorry about your destroyed plants..sigh..the things we overlook for our beloved pets. :)

  7. Oh poor Callie, she has to be in a lot of pain. I hate it when a furbaby is sick because they can't tell you about where it hurts, etc. Hope she gets all fixed up soon! Good luck!

  8. Hope she feels better soon! I have never heard of that happening to a furry family member. Guess these days whether vet or doc for humans, we have to do our research and cover all the bases before medical procedures for selves or family.

  9. I'm sure Callie meant well, bless her heart. I hope her female troubles are sorted out soon.

  10. Sending good healing thoughts to your new pup. I hope it all goes well.

  11. Too bad a mole or vole hasn't been dispatched in the process. You're sure right about them being hard to get rid of.

  12. Ouch! Poor Callie, that is a rough event.

  13. Ahhhh---poor Callie.. I have had UTI's --and they are not fun!!!! Bless her heart.. I'm glad you are being 'nice' to her right now... The big PUNISHMENT will have to come LATER.... OR ---maybe Callie knows what is coming and she is going to 'pretend' to be sick for a LONG time... ha ha

    Those voles/moles are like the Chipmunks here. They dig down into our flowerbeds and eat the bulbs... Drives us crazy.....


  14. Oh Dear.....always something, as Lo says. Some dogs are inveterate hole diggers. Cody only digs a hole when she wants to bury a bone. I certainly hope she won't need surgery. Besides making her uncomfortable, its darn expensive.

  15. Keith,
    Thanks so much. The vet was impressed with the size of them. He said a male dog couldn't have passed them.

    Thanks,me too. I am putting wire around the plants on the ground. A chore but it may work. Phew.

    Just got back from the vet and she has walnut sized stones in her bladder. We are trying a special diet.Hoping---

    Thank you so much. The more toes the merrier.

    Miss Dazey,
    I know, I had one of those and that was one too many.

    You are so right. Things we probably would give a spouse, family or friend grief for.

    Thanks so much. She is on a new diet and meds now in hope of disolving the stones.

    I know, I have had a ton of dogs and this is a first for me also. I am just so lucky. Good news is that with meds and diet, she should be all right.

    You bet, she was doing her best to rid me of those nasty voles. Maybe someday she will actually catch one.

    Thanks so much. We felt the comforting vibes.

    I am guessing that you are also plagued with the rascles. If I find a sure way, I'll let you know and visa versa.

    Not sure I would have been as stoic as she has been.

    Ha ha, I think she will milk this a while. Her treatment is for a whole month so I will have forgotten by then.

    You and me on the surgery and fortunately the vet wants to try non-invasive diet and antibiotics first.Evidently these stones can be dissolved. We will see.

  16. So sorry to hear of sweet Callie's problems and we are hoping it all gets taken care of soon and she will be okay with no more UTI's. Sorry too that she has rearranged the terrain around the place with no sign of a corpse, maybe when she gets well then you will see lots of them. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Fingers and paws crossed her for Callie.

  18. With pets, as with kids, it's always something. Hope Callie responds well to treatment.

  19. Oh poor Callie. I hope she sails through her surgery and is back digging in the dirt again.

    Good luck with teaching her not to dig!

  20. Hope the diet & meds do the trick for Miss Callie. Willie & I will be root'n for her (no pun intended).

  21. So sorry to read that Callie has the UTI problem, and do hope that it is able to be sorted out easily for her and not too disastrously expensive for you! I did get a laugh out of her enthusiasm for digging holes. I wonder if she could be put to productive (money earning!!) labour, digging irrigation ditches, foundations for new houses, or wells.? Just a thought!

  22. She can always outgrow the "brat" thing but the medical condition is going to need lots of TLC. Bless her heart and yours. Hope it all goes well.

  23. Dear Arkansas Patti, I'm sorry to learn that Callie has this problem. I hope that you have the means to help her. Going to the vet can be expensive, but it sounds as if she really needs the operation.

    Aren't be lucky to live with animals? I'm so grateful for the three cats who enliven and enrich my life. The truth is for me that life is good. I hope you, too, are having a good day. I"m just feeling so young today, equal to almost anything!!! Peace.

  24. Maggie,
    Just one corpse would make me feel a bit better.
    I guess what she has will mean lifetime monitoring. I'm ready.

    Thank you , we can use all the help we can get.

    Linda R,
    Well it is early yet but I am hopeful. Thanks.

    We are trying meds first and it that doesn't work, surgery. I am hoping for the best.

    Come on, you intended that clever pun:)) Thanks so much to you and Willie.

    Thanks. If I could only control where she digs, I could use her as a rototiller for my garden. Alias, she is hit and miss.

    Grannie Annie,
    If she gets well, I will totally forgive her bratiness.

    I am hoping she won't need the operation for it is hugely expensive. Even with the meds, it will be doable but difficult. They give us so much that it will be worth it.
    Wonderful that you are feeling so young today. Hope that stays with you.

  25. I'm so sorry about Callie's condition. Poor thing. This sounds like no fun for her or for you. I hope all goes well for both of you.

  26. Poor hurting pup - you're right to pamper her a bit now. When my vulva hurts, I don't like being reprimanded for digging holes! Good Luck to her (and you).

  27. Oh no, poor little girl! I hope she feels better soon!!

  28. Not good. Hope she can be fixed...

  29. Oh, my...poor Callie. Wouldn't you love to be able to read her mind ... I'm sure she forgives you.

  30. HAH! I know exactly what you mean, it seems like one thing after another after a certain point in life, but I have a friend who says the problems that come with old age are "better than the alternative."



  31. Sally,
    Thank you so much. We are taking it one day at a time for now. So far, so good.

    Ha ha, Me too Barb.

    So good to hear from you. Thank you, me too.

    If it is possible, we will do it. Thanks.

    Pretty sure she is saying, "I told you I was sick."

    Put that way, the is no doubt.

  32. OK, Art loved your other post so much he had me read this one too. We both winced about the surgery. We winced about the craters too. We sympathize because we had problems with cute little chipmunks in Illinois. No chipmunks in Hawaii, thank goodness!