Monday, August 25, 2014



I have a tongue in cheek theory.  

Surely most of you are shaking your heads over that title.   How can something so miserable as a wicked cold actually be a gift, much less one from God?

Unlike some, I do NOT think of God as a vengeful God, probably because I kind of skimmed through the Old Testament.  However I do believe He is a teaching God and frankly, the common cold delivers one of his better lesson plans. You will also notice there is no cure for this age old ailment? He is one smart deity.

Sometimes we tend get whiny about how we are feeling, especially us older sorts. This or that hurts, need new glasses, crab about actors that insist on whispering and just don't poop like Dr. Oz says we should ( haven't mastered that curve yet). Desperate times call for desperate measures and God pulls out his best attitude adjuster--the wicked cold.
What colds accomplish is to nudge us into appreciating whatever our health situation was prior to the cold.  Suddenly those age related health problems that we are meant to live with don't seem so bad after all by comparison.   

Recently I allowed myself to get a bit upset about some annoying aliments like my arthritis, along with the mild but lingering pain in my rotator cuff and my newest friend, tennis elbow.  Hey, I don't even play tennis. That latter one got me grousing that I was disintegrating.

He obviously got tired of my whining and knew I needed an attitude adjustment so He leveled me with the "gift" and plunked a doozy of a summer cold on me. It made me quickly realize those relatively new aches and pains are a piece of cake compared to the miseries of a nasty cold.

Funny how we forget just how much fun colds are. The forgotten reality contains a raw throat, a nose that feels sandpapered down to the last layer, coughing violently till I swear I've developed a one pack from all the core work coughing provides.  Surely I must have broken a rib.

And come on, making me pee my pants while exercising my core like that is demoralizing. Sneezing 9 times in a row (peed my pants), then to start sneezing again once I have caught my breath, only  to pee my pants yet again. Rinse and repeat. Sheesh!!  I was running out of undies and yes, panty shields are on my shopping list.

However, this gift works quite effectively. After burying me for several of days in a black tunnel of misery, I am coming out the other side, not well yet, but MUCH better. Now I am WAY more appreciative of my normal, actually quite acceptable, age related health. I can handle this minor achy stuff now standing on my no longer stuffy head. Boy am I lucky.

The actual bra stuffing was a much earlier post.
 I heard you Big Guy. Message received and thank you.

I haven't been around to read your posts for several days as I was wallowing. Since I am feeling hugely better so I will try to catch up on my reading----and my laundry.  

Stay healthy. I plan to. 

WELL CRAP!!!   I may need to rework my theory though I'm fairly sure the devil had a hand in this latest event. God wouldn't "nudge" a person twice in one week would He? Especially since the lesson was learned so well the first time. However I now think it might not hurt to give the Old Testament a closer look. 

Beware of  apple sized holes in the ground about this time of year. Both Callie and I were attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets  pouring out of the ground as we walked close to such an innocent looking hole hiding amongst some flowers.  

Yellow jackets are in-ground, bee looking wasps with a nasty sting and they are a super aggressive species.  Callie and I took about 4 hits apiece and yes, I can still run when I have to.  

We both took Benadryl and are now wearing long faces.  Poor Callie, she was just starting to feel frisky again. Come to think of it, so was I.   

Neither of us are showing allergic reactions so I'm sure we will be fine soon if uncomfortable.  Just wish I could let Callie know that. She looks so confused by all the sore spots she is tending. At least this time when I tell her "I feel your pain," it's the truth.  This too shall pass. 

Anyone know a good way to safely get rid of yellow jackets?  I just tried the glass bowl over the hole in the dark trick.  Boy are they mad.  Somehow, that seems too simple to work. I am really hoping they don't have an exit. 

I am open to suggestions, hopefully tried and true.  


  1. Hi pitta!! I agree than colds make us more appreciative of how we felt prior to the cold. I never thought of it that way before!

  2. The cold was perspective...the yellow jackets? That was just cruel and unusual punishment. I wonder for what? What else have you been up to lately? And it it deserved that kind of thump on the head, please tell us about it!

  3. And I am sorry that you have had to go through all this, in spite of my previous flippish comment.

  4. Yes, I have had the realization that I was actually quite comfortable with my body, once a nasty cold made its way through and exited. Smiling where a week before I was grumpy. But the yellow jackets? I am so sorry you are both injured by them and hope that somebody has a cure for them, now that they are REALLY mad! I don't know what I would do except stay away, far far away. :-)

  5. Never knew they were so aggressive. Glad you and Callie didn't have an allergic reaction! Hope the bowl works and they stay trapped until they perish. You two (and Minnie) take good care!

  6. Oh boy, poor you!! Even though the nasty cold made you appreciate your health even more - it still sounds really, really nasty. I'm so happy to hear you're on the mend already! And those yellow jackets sound even nastier! Unfortunately I do not have any recommendation on how to get rid of them but I sure hope you'll be able to soon! I'm so sorry you and Callie got stung so badly.
    I'm thinking of you and I hope you'll be all well again very soon :)

  7. Yikes, Patti, that cold and those yellow jackets! That's not fair to have that all at once. It is amazing how a cold can put things into perspective. Sure hope you are on the mend in all ways, and good luck with those yellow jackets. I may google around a bit to see what other people have tried to get rid of them.

  8. What a fun and enjoyable look at a summer cold. Love your humor.

  9. Well dang, woman. You're just having a run of bad luck. Yellow jackets..... I saw one in the green house the other day so I wonder where it came from. I may have the same problem. The only really important thing in life is good health and feeling tip-top and nothing makes you appreciate it more than a lingering cold. LOL

  10. Ouch! Double whammy! They are super active here now, spending a lot of time going after our hummingbird feeder.

    Disclaimer*** I am NOT an expert…. But…

    I find yellow jackets are best dealt with at night. I usually fill the hole with whatever wasp spray I have around. I monitor it the next day and if there appears to be activity still, I'll wait until that night and hit it again. Once there appears to be no activity, I'll either leave it or dig it up and destroy what's left. I hate putting those chemicals in the ground, but even I have my limits, and yellow jackets are on that list. You could also hope for a skunk to come along and dig it up. It is my understanding they find them and their nests delicious.

    Just be careful if you do try to get rid of them yourself. They are super aggressive when the nest is messed with. I'd even go so far as to say just avoid that area until winter hits.

  11. So glad you have retained your sense of humor in spite of it all. We were lucky with our yellow jackets. A bear dug it all up getting at the larvae.

    Hope you feel better soon. The very worst thing about a summer cold is that you get so little sympathy for all that suffering.

  12. Hi Sweetie... I am so sorry that you not only got stung but also have a nasty summer cold.... SO SORRY.....

    I do love your positive attitude when trying to think of colds as a way to make us appreciate some of the other things which which we deal with... True---that a a cold can make us feel horrible for sure...

    Do you take vitamins/minerals/etc.. to enhance your need for more these kinds of things as we 'age'??? Both I and George take a lot of 'extra' vitamins --including extra Vit. C (which helps us keeps from getting colds)... Another thing which help us fight from keeping colds and bronchitis is TURMERIC... It also helps with arthritis and even things such as alzheimer's... You can buy it in the grocery store (spice area). Mix one teaspoon mixed with 1 tbsp of honey each day.... HELPS!!!

    Don't know anything about yellow jackets... Hope you can find some help.


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  14. Keith,
    You are right. It really changes ones view point. Very effective.

    Ha ha,when I figure that out, I'm not sure that will make a post. Gotta be a doozy. Don't feel badly, my whole post was flip.

    The comparison is amazing isn't it? Hope this lesson sticks. So far the glass bowl over the hole is working. Boy are they mad.

    Thank you. Callie and I really appreciated your medical input.

    Thank you. We are both perking up today. So far I have the yellow jackets contained in the bowl. Keep toes crossed.

    Thank you. I saw many methods on the Internet from gasoline and lighting a match--really dumb--to the glass bowl. So far it the bowl is working.

    Miss Dazey,
    I am so glad you get my humor. Thank you. That is exactly what I am going for.

    From what I read, they travel in straight lines and you should be able to follow them back to the nest. It can be in the ground, in a tree or even in your walls. Do be careful, the sting hurts like a sucker and they are mean.
    You bet, good health is paramount.

    The operative word was in the dark. You hit that on the head. I read about putting a glass bowl over the hole (in the dark). When the sun comes out, they see the light and bang their heads repeatedly on the glass. So far so good. They are really mad. If they get out, they will hunt me down:))

    Oh my I heard skunks would do that, never thought about a bear. That would work since they seem immune to bee stings. Now I just need to find a bear:))

    Thanks for all the good advice. I do take Turmeric for my arthritis and it seems to help. Didn't know it was also good for Alzheimers and cold prevention. Good to know.

  15. Send the moles after those yellow jackets! Somehow, Patti, I'm wondering if you have more to repent than you're admitting to us...

  16. I don't have any advice that hasn't already been given, so I'll just wish you a speedy recovery. And STOP ticking the Big Guy off!

  17. I am going to stop complaining, I do not want a cold!

    Yellow Jackets are nasty!

  18. A friend of mine has bronchitis. I told her just 2-days ago she will never appreciate being healthy as she will when it passes. It is so true.

  19. I hate colds and I hate yellow jackets. I admire your ability to take lessons from the one, but really, what purpose is served by those nasty wasps.
    Fortunately I have managed to avoid both for quite a while now.

  20. All righty then, you can stop getting in to these situations any time now. I'm starting to worry!

  21. I cannot cure the common cold and I cannot protect you from yellow jackets but I CAN fix your pooping regularity. A new drug called Linzess. Call your doctor today. I swear it would have prolonged my mother's life. She thought irregularity caused all ills from toothaches to colds and gave medicine constantly. Now there is a cure!!! WooHoo for modern medicine.

  22. Summer colds are lousy!! Yellow Jackets, worse!!!!
    I hope you find the way to get rid of them----I have no suggestions, I'm sorry to say, my dear Patti.

  23. So sorry you're under the weather! You're so right: a wicked cold is just the thing to put regular aches, pains and anxieties into perspective. Hope you feel better soon!

  24. Barb,
    It was a vole hole that they have converted to a nest. Those blasted voles.
    I thought I had run up the white flag far enough up with this post:))

    I know,though I am giving the Devil credit for the yellow jackets.

    Smart man, Griping just gets you clobbered.

    You are smart and all ready know this. It really does make everything rosy again.

    Linda R.
    Somehow I think the YJ were random. Surely I was repentant enough.

    I am on kind of a run aren't I? Things like this come in bunches, hopefully the last ship has sailed.

    Grannie Annie,
    Not TMI at all. Luckily I am startlingly regular thanks to a ton of veggies, It is just that curve shape Dr. Oz loves so well I have trouble with. Thanks for the info. Who knows when I may need it?

    I'm so sorry. I am sure you would find a summer cold a piece of cake to deal with after what you have been through. Be well soon my friend.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Sometimes we do need a change in perspective. Thanks, I am feeling quite chipper now.

  25. A summer cold is the pits and they always make me feel like I'll never feel good again! Never thought of it as being a lesson, you may be right!
    The yellow jackets are scary. I saw a hole in the ground the other day and wondered what it was there for and hoped it wasn't a snake. Never thought about the yellow jackets.
    Hope you are feeling like yourself again and that nasty cold stays gone. Take care!

  26. Wow, sweet Patti, you need a break from lessons I would say. I have seen a yellow jacket or two buzzing around here but have no idea where the nest is. I hope you and Callie are doing better and the stings have gone away. I don't like anything that stings. Sure hope that bowl works and those yj get gone. So sorry about the cold and I hope you are feeling much better. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Minnie and sweet well!!!

  27. Oh yuck, nothing worse than a cold, well there is, but not much. I'm sorry you weren't well and then got attacked by the yellow jackets. I didn't realise they attack people. maybe I'm confusing them with something else.

  28. Oh my gosh Patti, wow! First I hope you feel better soon. Colds have a nasty way of rebounding, just when you think they are outta here. For the yellow jackets- they do make traps.. I think I saw a few homemade ones on Pinterest. Hope Callie is better soon too, poor baby!

  29. Ah, yes, it could always be worse and often is. I have a friend who said she prayed for patience and then was given 4 things that really tested her patience ...she says it's the last time she'll ask "the big guy" for anything !

  30. You can buy refrigerant for an automotive air conditioner, I think it's R134. An auto parts store should have it. You need the attachment with a hose which would be used to add the refrigerant to your car's AC. You'll probably also need an extension to that hose, maybe a rigid length of tubing stuck in it or taped to it. Stick this end down the hole as far as it will go and turn the valve to release the refrigerant into the nest. Do it in the evening when they're not active. A neighbor had a huge nest and this is what was done to kill them. It's neat to dig out the nest and see how huge and complex it it.

  31. Dear Arkansas Patty, no suggestions for yellow jackets. But I do want to thank you for putting things into perspective for me with regard to any health issue I have. What a wise, perceptive, and witty woman you are! Peace.

  32. Cheryl,
    Careful, they use old snake and rodent holes for their nests.

    Thanks so much. Yep the bowl worked great but Callie dug up the hole when I removed it. Thank goodness they were all dead. Silly dog.

    Yellow Jackets are bee looking creatures of the wasp family that live in the ground. Get near their nests and they are really aggressive.

    Thanks, I am thinking of putting out some traps in March when the queens get busy. Catching one of them would nip them in the bud.

    Ha ha, you are so right. You have to be careful what you ask for.

    Thank you so much for your helpful idea. I will check out the toxicity of R134. It sounds much more humane.

    Sometimes comparisons make us appreciative. So flattered you think I am.

  33. So is Callie a new dog? That's what I get for staying away too long from my blogger friends, all kinds of stuff missed. I hate to say this (afraid of getting jinxed) but I can't remember when last I had a cold. Oh, that picture so reminds me how awful they can be.

  34. I'm so sorry, Patti, but I couldn't help laughing. You are the best writer. I actually started reading this post to husband, Art and he said, "She is an incredible writer."

    I do agree with you about colds and tooth problems too. I have to remind myself to appreciate painless days.

    Yellow jackets? Oh yikes!!! And you both got bit. That is just awful. I am so, so sorry.

  35. Inger,
    Yep, Callie is a new dog. I fostered her from the Humane Society and she had so many problems,health and behaviorally, I know no one would adopt her so I did. She turned out to be a delight and a hoot.

    Thank you again for your nice compliment and one from Art too? I love it when someone gets my humor.
    I'm truly flattered.
    I can relate to your former problem with those cute chipmunks and how nice they aren't in Hawaii. Lucky you.

  36. I dread cold than anything...
    I hate it!!!