Monday, November 10, 2014


Have you checked your BMI (body mass index) lately?  Now I know I have a few scrawny blog buddies out there but a lot of us struggle with weight, especially the older we get. I just don't move as much as I use to.

If you want a jolt, you can check your BMI here. Now I think we can agree this is not a perfect science but it is a bench mark.

It appears I am not in the obese category but am firmly in the overweight slot. I once actually did occupy obese but have lost 18 pounds and have kept them off for a couple of years but am kind of stuck now, neither gaining nor losing.

I experimented with the BMI calculator and adjusted my weight downward until I hit "normal."  According to that formula, I would have to lose 18 more pounds to reach normal. Rats.

Then just for fun, I increased my height--I have shrunk a bit-- and boy were the results amazing. I kept adjusting my height and realized that if I were just 5 inches taller--I'd be perfect.

 Actually not only would I be the prefect weight, but I would be also the average height for American women. Voila, all I have to do is grow. Don't suppose there are too many growth spurts after 70 but one can hope. How cool to realize I am not overweight, just too short.

OK, I hear you and I agree that both growth and weight loss have about the same degree of difficulty.  However I sat up straight just now and gained a good two inches. Maybe-----?

Then I thought, what if I got leg extensions like some "little people" do?  That was when I realized that BMI has serious limitations. Sure my legs would be longer, I would actually be taller and my BMI would look perfect but that middle old age spread would still be there. Sigh.

So back to reality and the ugly task of giving up the only vice that I haven't managed to kick yet--food.  Got a feeling moving more will also be required. Even bigger sigh. I am hoping moving more will be the easier of the two goals.

With winter coming, I am going to need motivation and wonder if fitness bands are worth the price. I hear there is a prototype now that will actually give you an electric shock if you are inactive too long. I could really use that one for when I get all comfy in front of the computer.

 However I will settle  for what is currently on the market. Those that either vibrate or display an ominous red line warning when your are inactive for too long.

I want one that will tell time, monitor my activity and remind me when I become inactive (computer bound) too long. I'd like one to also monitor my sleep patterns, and is really waterproof and not just "resistant." I would need it to sync with my PC as I still don't have a smart phone due to lack of cell service where I live.

There are a lot of choices out there and only a few meet all my wants.
This comes in many colors, I just like the teal. 

However, I am looking closely at Garmin Vivofit  right now.  No, they aren't giving me one for this post, though if they decide to, I will correct that statement and elaborate my findings:))

I am really close to pulling the trigger and would appreciate any input or experience with fitness trackers you can offer since my chances of gaining 5 inches in height are pretty much nil.

Quick question. Do any of you use a fitness band or know of someone who does and do they motivate you to keep your body in motion?

Thank you so much. I remain---your too short, chubby blog buddy.


  1. Well Patti, my advice is to avoid all devices which dictate to you. After all, isn't retirement supposed to be free of bosses?!? And winter is coming and I think it's good to have an insulating layer. Exercise? A good stretch in all directions before getting out of bed in the morning and a nice walk when weather permits. Snack restrictions? Just have an icy cold drink of flavoured water when cravings get too pesky. That's my five cents.

  2. You know I exercise a lot, but my saving grace, the way I lost 15 pounds was by using an app that helped me track what I eat and how many calories I need every day. My sister uses one of those fitness bands and enjoys it, but she's like me, she WANTS to exercise and uses it to see how much she's done. If you do get one, let me know how you like it. I might get one, too. Just for fun. :-)

  3. Oooh my goodness...I'm just short, not overweight! Well that sure brightens my Monday morning. Hahaha

  4. No bread, cut back on sugar and walk a lot.

    But first I'm going to try and grow three more inches.

  5. I thought about a fitness band and then I saw all the (unnecessary) information they wanted. So I passed on it. I know the cyberworld already knows more about me than I care to have them know. But I'm reluctant to add any more information than necessary.

  6. Fitness trackers? Me? Hardly. But I wish you luck with whatever fitness program you choose.

  7. Wellll, I have the Fitbit that you posted. I totally love it. It tracks my steps and keeps me motivated. It does have an add-on that will give you extra feature that provides extra motivation. I was motivated so much that I went from walking a couple of miles to walking up to ten miles/day.

    For my food, I have a program called My Fitness Pal. I enter my food and water into the computer program as I eat. What I have learned from both is that I must eat and drink what the programs says or I will not lose weight. If you don't, your body will go into a "starvation mode," change your metabolism - an no weight loss.

    Fitbit has discussion boards where you can choose a group and get motivation and questions answered.

    I was able to get my Fitbit from Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon! You probably get a coupon on line.

    Good luck!

  8. Out to pasture,
    That was a valuable 5 cents. However, some of us (like me) still need bosses. All your solutions are spot on, I just need a shove to get me motivated.

    I was pretty sure you didn't have one but good to know your sister has and uses it. I think would make anyone strive a bit harder to meet goals. I'm hoping anyway. If you got one, you would want one that registers elevation.

    Doesn't that sound so much better:)) Good to know another shorty.

    Ha ha, let me know how that works for you. It would be the easier solution.

    I know, I don't even belong to Facebook because of the info they wanted. Haven't checked yet to see what Garmin wants.

    What, no desire to regain that former chin up fitness level:)) Thanks, I hope it works.

    Thank you so much for the positive review. That is what I have been looking for. Fitbit wouldn't work for me as it isn't waterproof. Fitbit Force would have been perfect but it was recalled. Am leaning towards the Garmin. Thanks for letting me know that a fitness band is a good tool.

  9. Hi Patti, I use a Garmin FR15 because I need a heart monitor if I really exercise hard (like biking with my husband). They also sell the FR15 without the monitor. It looks like a regular fitness watch - less like a band. I had a Whitings Pulse and didn't like it - couldn't see the display in bright sunshine. Also, it was not waterproof. And, you had to stop in order to get pulse which defeats the purpose IMO. Mine ended up going through the wash, so that was the end of that! The motivation has to be in your head - no band will prompt you enough to do what is necessary which is get up and move.... PS give up all things white for a couple weeks and see how you feel (sugar, flour, potatoes, rice, etc) Don't wait until you have a health problem to set goals for yourself. We might be retired, but we've gotta keep healthy.

  10. It gets so much harder with each year. Argh! I did the pedometer for a long time and really liked it but it was cheap and wore out.Now I just go on time. Good luck!

  11. Yes ---I know about BMI--and have had mine checked several times... There's a particular weight machine which will give you your actual weight and your BMI and other pertinent info.... When I was going to a Nutritionist, I did all of that.

    These days, I weigh once a week and wear a pedometer every day. George and I both walk A LOT. We park 'away' from stores when we shop. We do anything we can when here at home to get more steps. I try to get between 5000-7000 steps a day and George strives for 10,000. Walking is our exercise. I still watch what I eat --and try to eat healthy. I keep a food journal --which makes me accountable to what I eat.... It's all work --but right now, it's working for me...

    Good Luck.

  12. Sweet Patti I know nothing about fitness bands so I can be no help in that area. I do know about the Height and weight thing though, for me losing weight is a very hard thing to do. I manage over time though to lose by eating pretty much what I usually do just cut down on the portions and be more active. It takes a lot of will power (which I don't have a lot of) with some foods but I try not fix those foods too often. I wish you all the best in what ever you choose to do. If we could just grow 2 to 3 inches taller that would make several things easier for us short ladies. Hugs for you and nose kisses for the sweeties from me and mine!

  13. I wish I had some insight or info to offer here, but I don't know anything about these devices. I do, however, know about being short (5'2") and have often wished to be much taller!

  14. This is interesting, have been thinking I could use something like it. Not doing nearly as much walking as I was and I can tell... getting tired of packing the other old lady around my middle.

  15. That damn thing would just zap me all day long. Arrgghh!

  16. You didn't mention getting a stretcher rack.

  17. Barb,
    Luckily, I gave up "white" years ago and haven't regretted it. My problem is grazing when bored and if I move I won't be bored. I use to be self motivated but lately, I need a nudge.

    You reminded me about the pedometer so I dug out my old one and have worn it this week. So far it is really making me move more to add steps. Sure is a lot cheaper also. Thanks.

    You, Djan, and Barb are some of my scrawny blog buddies. I am so proud of how you have lost and kept it off. Keep up the good work.

    Ha,ha I am not giving up on growing but know basically, I will have to work at my goal. Sigh.

    Me too. I use to be 5'2" also but I lost an inch and a half via aging. Sure would be nice to be able to reach the top shelf at the supermarket plus have a better BMI.

    Ah yes, that freeloader hitching a ride around the middle is really annoying. Be gone old wench.

    Ha ha, you and me both. I would probably develop memory loss from all the zapping.

    I did think about it but I really am a weenie about pain. Guess I will have to resort to the old fashioned way.


  19. My dogs motivate me, particularly puppy Faith, who is hell on wheels if she doesn't get her daily run. Most of my life, I was almost six ft tall and skinny too. Now I'm a bit shorter and a bit less skinny, but my BMI is good.

    As I am not very disciplined, I am grateful and feel truly blessed that I never had to worry about my weight.

  20. I would measure my BMI, but with the holidays coming up that's not such a good idea LOL

  21. Well, short, chubby blogging pal, all I can say is we can never win. The darn SIBO (small intestine bacteria overflow) that I got last year had me losing a lot of weight ...down to 122 lbs (which I last had at age 10 !) and that lowered my immune system to a point that I got shingles. I give up !!

  22. Ackk! That BMI is evil..just evil! I walk (in the house) and I use a step counter that I bought at wally world for about 6 bucks. I aim for 10,000 every day and that includes an hour in the morning and depending on how fast I want to go- usually 45 minutes in the afternoon. (for weight loss because I still have twenty more pounds to go) Some people just wear it all day. I would spend the 6 bucks before I bought the higher priced fitbit type monitor. I used to walk outside but after several ankle sprains and a disastrous fall that split my knee wide open I am safer indoors. I write my total steps on the calendar every day, and that is my motivation. For just general well being- 15-20 minutes after breakfast and after lunch is a good measure to "move it" by. Right now I am jamming to Gene Autrey to get in the Christmas mood. Be careful, don't risk a fall! Our bones don't heal like they used to.

  23. TB,
    With the types of winters you face, you have no choice. Yes, it is those dreaded winter couch potato days I am trying to counteract. Wonder if this year will be different.

    Yes, you are one of the scrawny ones I mentioned. Lucky you. I would love to walk Callie but she is so terrified of other dogs, I can't let her out of the fence. She tears up the acre running and digging. That doesn't burn one calorie on me however.

    Take a pass for the holidays Keith. Besides, you are all ready fit. Youth is such a plus.

    Yikes, maybe a few extra pounds is not a bad thing. How awful for you to have gone through and those Shingles are dreadful. I had a dose once.

    You know, I have one of those $6 pedometers from last year and this week dug it out. I was surprised just how many steps I did take in a day. Perhaps I will just stick with it and let it motivate me. It sure is easier on the wallet. Walking after meals is a great idea. It will give my food time to set off the full meter.

  24. Thanks for the motivating post! I had my annual doctor's visit a couple of weeks ago and he says I'm doing great but should lose some weight to lower the risk for diabetes. As soon as we get back from Hawaii I'll do that. Somehow.

  25. I have just starting using a fit bit - I love it, it's motivating and fun.

    My two cents!!!

  26. As I sit actively using my computer I have been looking at the elliptical machines. Do you have any knowledge about them and what kind of band did you decide on?

    Inukshuk can leave any message you want I think. I debating putting one at my property entrance with a mean face on it.

  27. I thought I was more or less OK in the BMI department until I went to one of those senior shows with a BMI checking machine. Yikes! I am NOT OK. Sigh...