Monday, February 23, 2015


Hang on, I am having strange thoughts again. I really need to get more sleep.

Suppose you could go back in time to the primitive caveman era.  What would you take with you that when shown to the cavemen, would astound them into making you their leader and improve their lives?  

Our current technology would be useless. Maybe a hand tool, perhaps some seed or maybe just our knowledge.  Still, I would want something rather flashy to get their attention quickly before they clubbed me and hauled me into a cave to become entertainment for the guys. Hey, don't scoff. With their short life expectancy, they have never seen an old lady. A wrinkled, white haired old bat like me would be a novelty between the bear hides.

Maybe a huge supply of antibiotics? That would only make the germs resistant long before we even get started as a species. Besides that is not flashy unless the current leader had a huge, festering sore on his leg you could heal.

A well trained female (so you can keep the species going) hunting/guard dog? A horse? A cooking pot? Soap or maybe shoes? A harmonica? A whistle?  The wheel? A fiberglass kayak providing you are near a water source??

While it wouldn't be immediately attention getting-- agrarian, herbal or husbandry knowledge could be a useful tool. However I'm pretty sure you would need something flashy first to make them listen to better ways to produce food and medicine. Maybe the harmonica to get their attention, then some serious seed hunting and animal taming?

A compound bow and goodly supply of arrows?  Arrows would make hunting easier but it would also make murder a lot more convenient. I would refrain from taking any sort of weapon. Sticks and rocks are all ready too available to do some one in that you don't like or envy. Just ask Cain. I would like to take something that might send us on a kinder, gentler path.

Maybe a skilled mediator fluent in Neanderthal? If he looked like Sam Elliot, that would be a big plus--for me--not all that much for them. Then perhaps violence could be bred out of mankind if we started early enough and they were taught compromise was more successful in the long run than an blow to the head.

Sadly I feel the thirst for violence as a means to satisfy greed or dominance is hard to quench. Watching the nightly news makes me wish we had a do over as a species.

By the way, this could be an interesting time travel novel. You are welcome to take the premise and run with it.  A one sentence mention in the acknowledgments would be sufficient. I'm a thinker not a doer.

What would you take with you that would impress and perhaps make a difference??


  1. You're taking me back to my Jean Auel-reading days. I couldn't get enough of the Clan of the Cave Bear series, as long as they were.
    I like the harmonica idea- hard to break, portable, loud.
    Maybe I'd also bring samples of flint (and the knowledge of how to find it in the wild) so they could build fires and sharpen spears for hunting.

  2. I'm also thinking about that movie Back to the Future, and probably it would be a bad idea to go back and change anything because there is no telling how much it would change future events. It would be fun to be a fly on the wall back then, and visit all of my ancestors that I haven't been able to find any information about.

  3. Your mind does work in mysterious ways--much to your readers' benefit! If only that violent impulse had been bred out long, long ago.
    As for what I would bring...well that is just not a trip I would consider taking anyway.

  4. I wouldn't go either, since my blogosphere and internet would be gone! But a nice music maker like a flute or something replicable. I like it when you think funny like this. :-)

  5. You have a wonderful imagination. The best I can come up with is the written word ... I can't imagine life without books !

  6. Sam Elliot...that's what/who I'm taking. Future of the world be danged, Sam and I will never notice.

  7. I love this question, Patti. I have no idea what I would take back with me. I'll really have to think about it. There are so many things, and yet I can't think of a single one.

  8. Diet Coke. The greatest invention by humankind. Plus, if I'm going to stuck there, I don't want to be cranky.

  9. I would definitely not want to be their leader so I would not take anything.

  10. Marty,
    I loved Jean Auel and read every book in the series. Flint would be a great idea. It did her heroine well.

    Ha ha, guess we do have some back there that aren't documented. I was hoping to change everything but there is little guarantee it would be for the better.

    Thank you and it is a shame we come with so many violent genes.
    Well there wouldn't be any creature comforts for sure which would take some of the glamour off the trip.

    Ah, but think of all the great, endless hiking you could get in.

    Thank you. Sometimes it gets away from me.
    I agree and thought of taking my Kindle with almost 1000 books to be read on it along with my solar charger. Then I'd probably break my glasses.

    Sam could make any time period a fun time wouldn't he? What a man.

    Make that a case of Bics in case some don't work and you would be king.

    How about taking roger and some seeds?

    Ha ha, can't have a cranky princess.

    Might be good if you pass on this trip cause even if you took nothing, you would still be the smartest one on the planet and leader material.

  11. My two thoughts were a flint for making fire or a crossbow, which I see you ruled out. I'd need some sort of weapon because the others would no doubt think me strange and deserving of being eliminated.

  12. Coffee! I bet in a week they would be hooked.

  13. Gracious! You've been thinking about this a lot. Now it's going to keep me awake thinking about this. How about a wheelbarrow? I'd be introducing the wheel and they'd see how easy it is a cart a lot of saber tooth tiger or mammoth meat that they may have brought down. Wow! This is hard.

  14. So funny. The old gray-hair lady one is a hoot.

    I think I'd take a roll of Tums and some air-wick. They must be pretty gasey from all that meat they eat. It would make "life in the cave" a little sweeter. LOL

  15. What a thinker you are sweet Patti. I am one finger pecking out this comment but wanted you to know I came by. Don't think I would want to go back to those times but time with Sam would be A okay! Hug and nose kisses for you and the sweeties

  16. Honestly, I'd be terrified to be transported back that far. I'm sure my survival skills would fail me almost immediately. I like the idea of flint but I wouldn't have a clue how to use it.

    Your imagination is amazing! My thoughts generally revolve around work and finding ways so I don't have to work (lottery win).

  17. Stephen,
    I am a bit surprised. I thought sure you would take art supplies and paint pictures to astound ole Cro-Magnon. Pretty sure artists were held in high regard. Think what you could show them.

    Just don't break your glasses--if you need them.

    Ha, ha just don't run out. A cranky Neanderthal in withdrawal might be hard to deal with.

    Goodness, you gained two advantages with one wheelbarrow. Well done.

    Ha ha, Think you are on to something. I kind of thought about soap and deodorant for similar reasons.

    Sam could brighten and cheer up any cave couldn't he?
    Do take care lady and don't over do on the keyboard. Rest and heal.

    One could say I just have too much time on my hands. I do that lottery thing also.

  18. Are you kidding Patti - if two of us old wrinkled gals walked into the cave, we would have them trembling at our feet - we wouldn't have to take anything but our longevity (and maybe a smile).

  19. Oh my, just one thing? How about a good flashlight so they could see in that dark cave without lighting a fire?

  20. While that was a very entertaining read, I'm not going either. I couldn't even make it as a pioneer in a wagon train. I need my creature comforts.

  21. Good question!! I think I would take back with me an iPhone. They would be so awed by Siri :)

  22. Clearly knowledge of the next eclipse would astonish the Rubes. I stole that idea from Mark Twains Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs court....:)

  23. Oh, Patti. . . the places your mind goes! I think I'll take a pass on going back and just hang around here and read about it, although it would be nice to be in a braless society. :)

  24. Barb,
    Ha ha, we would cause a sensation since they have never seen anyone over 30.

    I personally would love some light on the subject. Good idea.

    Linda R,
    For sure there were no creature comforts back then except for bear rugs.

    That would work if you could get a signal.

    It would be helpful if one was scheduled. What power they would think you had.

    Mary Lee,
    That cracked me up. Possibly cause I am sitting here braless. Just love winter and bulky clothes.

  25. I think I'd take one of my mares! That way I'd have company and protection (they're actually really protective). I noticed a comment on Jean Auel. I loved those books! Made me wish I was the woman who tamed horses for the first time. I need to reread those!!!

  26. Hmm, good question. I have no idea what I would take.

  27. I would have to be a hit with an armload of chickens. I just hope I could show the benefit of eating the eggs before they killed and ate all my birds. Maybe I could take Slim too and she would help protect us all.

  28. I'd take all my dj gear. Oh no, not without electricity. Possibly a large bottle of Gin. :D For me.

  29. Oh My ---what a question.... That's a long long time ago, and I'd be pretty miserable without my computer, iPhone, internet, TV, etc. etc. etc. ---ha ha

    I'd want my fridge, freezer, microwave, stove, bathtub, toilet, electric blanket, gas-log fireplace, etc. etc. etc. (Think I can get all of that in my suitcase? Hey--what suitcase? There's no such thing! ha)

    WELL--the first things that come to mind are light (flashlight with a gazillion batteries, and maybe some of those fireplace lighters). Can you imagine how dark it would be at nights?

    I also think of simple things like a flute or musical instrument --or some art supplies....

    Great post.

  30. RMW,
    Good choice. Sitting astride a horse would elevate your status. I loved Auel books too.It has been long enough that a reread may be in order for me also.

    No problem, kind of tough to think what would be right or effective.

    Grannie Annie,
    Good idea to take Slim also. A dog that minds and protects would wow on its own.

    Oh, do that anyway and take a solar charger and batteries. Music is universal and you could soothe the savage beast. Ha, sneak the gin in also, can't hurt.

    Ha, me too on wanting light. However think how great you would sleep with out all those annoying LED lights keeping us awake.

  31. You are absolutely the best entertainment in my life these days!
    I think I would have to take a good psychologist because if like you I was taken for their pleasure I am pretty sure I would need mental help. haha

  32. Patti, what has it been like to move to Arkansas? A place where you didn't know anyone at first. My daughter and I want to move from Indiana to Tennessee. We have always lived here but most family have passed on. Rita.