Monday, February 16, 2015


Going for light and easy today. Am quite grateful to have awakened to warmth and light.  I feel for those near Little Rock that are in the dark and cold. I can only hope it is ever so brief.

We have some sort of covering on the ground, mostly sleet I think. I will check it out when it gets daylight and Yes--I will be wearing my cleats but also my bright red down coat so I'll be easy to spot:))

You may have seen this before but it was new to me from my nieces's Facebook site.

Uh huh, I do believe I have been caught like that when dinner was a bit overdue.

            Animals not happy to be at the vet.

              Find the cat hiding from the vet.


Seems one sibling got ALL the smart genes.

                      This one cracked me up. Persistence pays off.

                       One ringa dingy.

Ok, this works. I know several of you enjoy tinnitus ( ringing in the ears) like I do or know someone who does.  I have had it for 40 years and it has slowly gotten worse. Sometimes it gets so loud that it wakes me up. 

  This method costs nothing but a few minutes of my time and it mostly worked even for my long term condition. The procedure was not 100% for me but the volume has been reduced by 50% and can be repeated as needed and is totally portable. It probably works via distraction but I never question relief. 

Though it was not a complete cure I am quite happy with the reduction in noise in my right ear and it eliminated it completely in my left ear which had just started ringing.   Like I said, it costs nothing but a few minutes of my time. You can learn how here. Hope it works for you.  



  1. Patti, we were supposed to have snow here in Atlanta but nothing has happened. Thank goodness since you probably know how Atlanta deals with snow and ice!

  2. Fabulous vet pictures, and the cat at the door is priceless. Proof again at how different each animal is. One cat had clearly come up with a system to get what he wanted and the other stood around clueless.

  3. I love these smile-inducing pictures! We're getting pelted with snow here in KY today. They're expecting 12-14 inches!!

  4. This morning we have our first snow of this winter. It totally covers the ground but the temperatures will not be bad so it shouldn't last long. I am pretty sure it is the sweeping kind and not the shoveling kind.

    The sibling dog looking right into the curtain had me falling in the floor. All were sooooooo funny.

  5. Animals are so amusing!
    I will pass the tinnitus procedure on to my daughter who has started suffering from that annoyance.

  6. We just got a layer of sleet looking snow, here in KC.

  7. Love the scared dog at the vets. I feel the same at the Doctors.

  8. Cute pics and video. We're having crazy warm weather here on the north coast of California. I am amazed by the weather reports from the east. Yikes. Sure hope things warm up there as soon as possible.

  9. I am getting bundled up on the east coast. The snow won't be extreme but the temperature sure is cold.

  10. It has been a while since I have posted on your blog. I do hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day.

    I love animals!

  11. marciamayo,
    Ha ha, Atlanta drivers in snow always make the evening news. Stay safe.

    I know--- they just mewed while grey did all the work. They took advantage of his success quickly enough:))

    I saw where you are in for a storm lashing. Stay home and be safe and warm.

    Grannie Annie,
    I know and he looked so serious staring at nothing. Hope your snow stays benign. Ours has.

    Hope that is all you get. We started out sleet but ended up snow. Actually quite pretty now.

    Hope it helps her. It seems too weird and simple to work but oddly it does.

    I know, that dog's terror and need for comfort is totally evident. Does Mrs. C comfort you?

    I heard what strange weather you are having also. You are too hot and we are too cold. Wonder what state is enjoying baby bear status.

    It must be hard to adjust after Hawaii.
    Keep warm.

    Always good to hear from you. I had a good one and hope you did also.
    Me too on loving animals. They are so pure.

  12. Your posts are always a delight to read.

    We have about two inches of a mix of sleet, ice and snow. The very cold hits tonight.

    Great funny pictures.

  13. A fun post. i love the picture of the fellow holding his dog at the vet.

  14. That door knocking car has one powerful kick!!

  15. Cute pictures, love the cats of course. :)

    What an interesting remedy for reducing or curing tinnitus. So far, I've never experienced it for any length of time, but will try to keep this in my memory bank. Now if you can find a cure for vertigo I'd be thrilled. I always come home from a cruise feeling the effects and it takes weeks or months to go away.

  16. Loved the funny pics and kitty knocking on the door. Now I'm off to try out the tinnitus help. I've had it for more years than I can remember. It's getting louder all the time, so I'm hoping this helps! Will let you know. Thanks, Patti!
    And be careful outside in the wintry weather! We had around 4 inches of snow here.

  17. Thank you for the tinnitus info, I passed it on to my son who has it.

  18. Gail,
    So glad you think so. We got the same thing and so far I have found it impossible to shovel the driveway. Guess I will wait on the sun.

    He cracked me up too. He is just begging not to have to go in.

    Linda R,
    They have similar leg muscles as rabbits. I was impressed with the rapidity of his thumps.

    Don't have one for vertigo but if I find one I'll let you know. I use to get sea legs but they didn't last long.

    Oh, I hope it helps you also. According to the reviews, it helped most people but not all. One or two got no relief.I'm really glad it shut my left ear up.

    Sure hope it helps him too. Tinnitus is a really annoying malady.

  19. Patti, I may be forever indebted to you if the tinnitus technique works. I've had it for about 40 years - mostly I just ignore it now. Sometimes, it seems so loud, I wonder if others can hear it!

  20. I pinned your cure..I have had this before, but it went away. Now I have one ear that itches all the time. (I can't win for losing, it seems! HA) No snow down here- but I've been seeing the pics from central Arkansas on Todd Yal. channel 11? fb page. It totally skipped us.

  21. My Dear Patti I cracked u too watching that cat knocking. It made me think of how Tinkerbell knocks on my cheeks or forehead if I sleep past her feeding time. haha I actually watched it several times too darn funny!
    I guess this ole grandma should not complain about a few nights of lower temps. I thought of you when I heard about the outages in your lovely state.
    Years ago I suffered with tinnitus and I am almost afraid to type this because I don't want to remember how horrible it was to suffer with that every day. It's enough to drive one over the hill or worse. So glad you are able to find relief and sharing it with others.
    Glad you came over and entered the giveaway. I wish you lots of luck in the draw. It's such a nice book I may have to give another one away after this.
    I do miss you and love it when I can come by for a visit. They are letting me bring my computer to work so every once in a while I get to sit down and play on it.
    Take care and stay warm

  22. Barb,
    Oh how I hope it works for you. I know what you mean about it getting so loud. When mine does that, this method brings it back to a tolerable level. Some people get complete relief.

    Lucky you. We got a lot of sleet which is now ice under the snow. Friday may be a bad day for a lot of us. We might get freezing rain which is never nice. Hope it misses you again. Stay safe and warm.

    Me too. I got tickled at how he seemed to get ticked off and would ramp up the volume.That was one smart cat.
    Hope yours never comes back. It can really annoy a person. Most often I can ignore it.
    Glad you are getting some play time at work. Keep blogging my friend.

  23. Wow, Patti. Thanks for this tip on the ringa ding ding in the ears. I will try it. Mine can be pretty bad at times.

  24. Hi, Love those cuties--especially the cat 'knocking'.... Animals are so much fun!!!!

    Be careful IF you have to go outside... It's flat-out miserable here now... I loved my 'little' snow on Wed---but this below zero stuff is for the birds, not me... Now they are saying that we may be another Ice Storm tonight.. We haven't even gotten rid of the ice from Monday yet.... GADS....

    Stay WARM and SAFE.

  25. I especially like the dog at the vet. Too funny.

    Thank you so much for this post about tinnitus. Art and I both have it but his is worse. I'll be sure to let him know.

  26. OMG! The palms over the ears and drumming actually works. I have constant tinnitus and this measure, while not completely stopping it made it much softer. Wow. I am totally amazed and delighted. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  27. Art just told me that we actually do this exercise in Chi gung (tai chi class). We'll have to try doing it a little harder and see if it works.

  28. Wow, thank you so much for the recommendation on the Tinnitus treatment! I've had it for 17 years now and I'm definitely going to try it out!
    Love those animal pics :) Our cats are hitting the doors with their front paws standing on their hind legs when they want to be led back in ;) Always cracks me up to see it :D
    Have a wonderful weekend, Patti!

  29. Hi Patti, It's me again.

    Yes, it's exactly what we do in Chigong or Qigong or whatever you call it. However we only do it for 8 times. We'll try doing it more often and see what happens. Thanks so much!

  30. THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!
    I have tinnitis and it drives me crazy ... just one try of the technique and I feel relief. I can't wait to try it over and over and see if it gets progressively better. Sending a hug your way ...

  31. Sally,
    I sure hope it works for you. It hasn't cured me but sure made it tolerable.

    Oh, I sure hope that miserable ice storm missed you. Be careful, stay safe and warm.

    I looked up Qigong and see it is used for health reasons. I wonder if someone tried it for maybe some other reason and discovered their tinnitus got much better. Good luck to you and Art.

    Isn't it amazing? How something so simple can give relief to such an annoying condition that appears to have no cure is mind boggling.

    Ah you have smart cats also. Mine just gives me a withering look at the bedroom that usually goes unnoticed.
    I really hope it works for you. So far some of my readers have had success.

    Isn't it incredible how such a simple and kind of goofy procedure can give relief to this annoying condition? Keep those drumming fingers handy. If nothing else, it quiets the noise.

  32. The cat on the video looked just like my cat Pixie and she too would do things like that.

    As a dj I have tinnitus in one of my ears so I'm going to give it a go, thank you. Not sure how the drumming on the back of the head works, but as long as it does that's all that matters!