Monday, March 23, 2015


Have you ever watched the weather channel when they are not talking about weather? Holy moly, what a gloom and doom channel. If the weather isn't scary enough, their specials explore all possible catastrophes that can befall the planet.

I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Thumping my skull  helped tone it down but it is still basically there so I always have some sort of white noise going on in the house to disguise it. Either the TV on in another room or music helps to make me forget it.

Yesterday, I had left the TV on the weather channel for a change while I was working on the computer in my bedroom.  I was inadvertently picking up bits and pieces of the shows.

I was stunned to hear all the ways I have to perish in the next few years.  Yes it was educational but do I really want to know how sink holes are formed and that they could be under my house poised to gobble up my home like a deranged Pac-Man?

True the piece on fracking gave me useful information about the earthquakes caused by the process to secure shale oil and natural gas. Should  fracking come up on the election day ballot, I can now cast a more or less informed vote.

Hearing about all the massive asteroids heading our way are food for thought as are the melting ice caps. What makes me all warm and glowy is that some of these scenarios are man induced.

All of these options were laid out one after another for about 90 minutes as I half listened. I kept waiting for something positive.  Where is Al Roker when you need him?

It reminded me of when my parents took me to the Hayden Planetarium in N.Y. when I was about seven years old. At first it was cool sitting there with the universe presented gloriously on the ceiling for us to enjoy. I felt like we were floating in and were an actual part of space. It was such a magnificent show as we romped among the constellations.

Then the lecture began. The Seven Ways the World Will End.  Rather sketchy family entertainment that was recreated on the ceiling in stunning detail.

Burning, freezing, pandemics, exploding into a pile of debris, being sucked into a black hole, nuclear war, and volcanic eruptions. Things to give a 7 year old a variety of nightmares to enjoy. Barring war and pandemics, most of these the lecturer cheerfully explained would not likely occur for a billion years or so.

A woman in front of us jumped up and worriedly asked. "How many years?"

"A billion," he replied.

"Oh thank God," she sighed in relief as she sank back into her seat. "I thought you said a million."

I guess time is a matter of perspective.

So I turned off the TV and am now listening to music. Ahhh, much better. At my age, ostrich behavior has advantages.

Those things I can affect by the voting booth I do my part. Those I can affect by my actions I employ, while the rest I pretty much ignore. Now I do prepare well for emergencies but I just don't anticipate catastrophe that I have no control over. I can't vote an asteroid to take another path nor keep the earth from opening up beneath me.

Do you want the know the worst case scenarios of things you have no control over or are you content to just let things happen at their own speed and just hope you have enough food, water and clean underwear to last?


  1. I wondered why I was seeming to horde underwear lately. I guess that is my idea of disaster preparedness. It is funny because Mike was always watching news and weather and making sure we were fully prepared for all those disasters around the corner. I am definitely of the Pollyanna/ostrich persuasion. Good thing he is still watching out for me.

  2. It is nice to watch good things in Television and keep us updated...

  3. Monday morning gloomy and cold here. Blah! I am reading your blog knowing bits and pieces of the weather mans speak. Then realizing all I need is food, water and clean underware! I was beginning to panic for nothin. Lol. Love this Monday moring encouragement. 😀

  4. Good to know I'm not the only ostrich, Patti.
    I do fold up and recycle my paper goods and compost our vegetable scraps, but beyond that I do often turn a deaf ear to the doom and gloom.

  5. My thoughts exactly. I am content to watch the Sunday morning week in review. By the way I also have tinnitus which is probably a side of effect of the meds I take. How about listening to advertisements of drugs. You can die just listening to what these great drugs "may cause".

  6. I have enough problem with all the horrible stuff that is going to happen when the global temperature raises 3 degrees!

    One billion not one million...that is a funny line!

  7. I remember learning that fear sells. So I guess that's why they do it. I laughed at the woman who was relieved to find that it would be much longer than she thought before the world would end. :-)

  8. I believe it was Dale Carnegie that said "garbage in, garbage out", when it comes to what we allow to enter our brains. I am pleased to be an ostrich most all of the time. I have anxiety enough about other things. When the end comes, I hope I have a very surprised look on my face.

  9. I hope my brilliant mind will save me during a global catastrophe. Hubby's last job was emergency manager and they always had to prepare as if the worst would happen.

    Growing up with Depression Era parents, I think we always prepared the best we could. It was a way of life. My parents were conservationists, organic farmers, and the make do generation before it was "cool".

    I rarely dwell on disasters unless I see a tornado coming right at me. I hope I have the good sense and resources to survive. Now that I know Zombies go down with a head wound, I'm covered.

    Thanks for coming by.

  10. Reminds me of Ted Cruz with the tweetie birds flitting around his head…. "Your world is on fire…" ;)

    Thankfully, we no longer have the option for The Weather Channel. I find it crazy that they get to name storms. That should be reserved for a government agency. Luckily it's meaningless.

    I try to keep us prepared for anything unexpected on a daily basis and if there is a bit of a bigger weather system coming, I pad the stores. We're campers, so we have gear to get us through.

    And it's still winter here on Cape Cod. Long one for us.

  11. I don't listed to anything all day. I have learned that "silence is golden" in more than just speaking. I use a fan as "white noise" to the point that I can't even go to sleep without one. I learned a valuable lesson during Lent (when I was Catholic) I gave up any form of news for 40 days. I assume some bad happened. I just didn't dwell on it.

  12. Sounds like we have basically the same outlook.
    (an aside: Who the heck has bankers call them for a meeting on Sat.? Anyway I finished it.)

  13. I want to know. Even though the knowledge drives me crazier. We always err on the safe side. We bought earthquake insurance when we built our home here. We asked the agent if he sold many earthquake insurance policies and he replied, "mainly to the geology professors at Clemson University." That was good enough for us.

  14. I don't watch much tv and I quit the weather channel when I had to wait for way too long just to hear the actual weather forecast. Don't have the patience to listen to the gloom and doom stories. I know bad things can happen, but I try not to worry overmuch about it. I will watch the weather closely when there is a possibility of a tornado.
    My laptop is my go to for most weather and news these days. And my old ankle injury is pretty accurate in predicting rain. lol!

  15. I would like to delete the weather channel-it makes me crazy! This morning my dh had it on and someone has already taken a video of a tornado somewhere, and I thought to myself- Here we go! I'm sure they have already pulled out all the TORCON this and ground central that and are gassing up the storm chaser vehicles as I type. You know what I miss? The old timey maps with a smiling sunny face or a cloud with lips blowing wind!

  16. What I can do as one person, I try to do. The rest of it I don't listen too much. Someone is making a profit off my fear.

  17. Living in California on and off for the past 45 years has gotten me quite used to the idea of catastrophes striking without notice. An earthquake has no warning, and it can literally devastate huge areas in less than a one minute jolt. It really keeps things in perspective, knowing that at any time-- POW! Whenever we're in southern CA (where I would never want to be in an earthquake), I always hope one won't happen. And when we finally drive north, I breathe a sigh of relief.

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  19. Olga,
    I'm sure Mike is since that was part of his role. Still it never hurts to stock up on underwear.

    Weekend windup,
    As long as they don't needlessly alarm us life is good.

    Ha, ha you've got it. Simple isn't it. You can never have too much underwear. Kind of like shoes.

    We do what we can but there are things we have zero control over so it is best not to dwell on them.

    Oh yes, I wonder when hearing all the horrific side effects why anyone takes those pills.

    I am afraid most of the audience cracked up at that poor woman. I know I did.

    None of us could figure out why a million years was scary for her.

    Linda W,
    I love that. What a delightful outlook. I too am hoping for the surprised look.

    Now that was useful information. I didn't know about the head wound being fatal. Now I'll know where to aim:))

    You know all about preparedness living where you do. Mercy you have taken a beating, but like Timex, you have kept on ticking. Hope you get a break soon.

    I use ceiling fans also to sleep, even when it is freezing outside but I do use TV during the day time.It is just a mindless yammering.

    We do what we can and don't worry about the rest.
    Thank you for finishing that post. Dag blamed bankers.

    Hey, I would go with the geologists too. I bought it here when they were fracking and there were daily earthquakes. When they quit fracking, I dropped it.

    Me too when tornadoes get threatening. We both have to keep up on those.
    That day with the weather channel was my last.

    Ok, I am giggling at the lips blowing wind but yes, that was the gentle way to let us know. I do keep my eye on the news when the tornadoes threaten.

    Linda M,
    Yes, you have the right attitude. There is money in fear.

    I think Californians have to be a bit ostrich like or they would be the ulcer capital of the world. Glad you are out of the zone--wish your Mom was.

  20. I'll go with just having enough water, food, and clean underwear. I am not into knowing all that gloom and doom over which I have no control.

    I've been in quite a few earthquakes in my day. The first one really freaked me out. I felt the earth move under my feet while I was ironing in the basement. I ran upstairs to see the plants that were hung in macrame (remember macrame?) plant holders swinging from the ceiling. Nothing else happened. All was fine. I knew then that I could do nothing about the occurrence and that really helped me in the future.

  21. In many ways it's true that ignorance is bliss, especially over things we have little control over, like earth-smashing asteroids.

  22. I love your next to last paragraph. where I can have an effect, I pay attention. Where I can't, I tend to just not think about it. disaster programs, whether real or fiction, are not my cup of tea.

  23. I can't say I think much about it, but I will admit I have a overwhelming fear of sink holes. Years ago I had a dream that I was driving down the road and the ground on either side was giving way...only the road was left. I still shiver to think of it. Silly, I know!

  24. I'll just go with the flow, whether it is lava or ice.

  25. I don't want to know any of it! Nothing I can do about it except be depressed----and I have enough things happening to me and my body that are depressing enough. The idea that a sink hole could just swallow up me and my house---Well, I'd rather listen to music, too! LOL!

  26. I think the weather channel and the news is all depressing. The only time I see the weather channel is when hubby has it on his TV and I happen to go into that room. I can still hear it no matter where I am in the house. When we have bad weather he keeps it on for hours those are the days I wish I could go outside but can't.

    Things I can't do anything about I just deal with as they happen. If our local channels forecast bad weather ahead I do make sure we have what we need to get through it. Other than that what ever will be will be. Hugs sweet Patti and nose kisses for the sweeties. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  27. Awful! I don't know where Al Roker was, but I'm betting he wasn't home watching The Weather Channel. I'm with you--positive news about anything is rare. I read once that the only two states where true sink holes were possible were FL and TN--the ones in other states come from faulty infrastructure, like a pipe breaking. I have no idea if that's true or not, but if it makes you feel better, go for it. :)

  28. Sally,
    That had to have been scary. I have never felt one but they were happening everyday in Arkansas when they were fracking. Thankfully that has been banned here.

    I do love ignorance in these matters especially since I can't alter the outcomes.

    They surely must appeal to someone for it is on 24/7. I think our way is best--for us anyway.

    Yikes, I am afraid of heights and narrow pathways so that dream of your gave me the willies.

    Grannie Annie,
    Ha ha, best way to go.

    I am so sorry you have been plagued with illness. I have missed your posts and visits a lot. Sure hope you get some relief with an upturn soon. And yes, music is definitely the better way to go.

    Looks like we both might be facing a weather situation today. I plan to sleep through it--I hope. Take care and stay safe.

    Yes, that does give me ease. Thanks. I left Florida and am no where near Tn. Ahhh. Life is good.

  29. I see what you mean. I rarely turn on TV weather any more. I fell in love with my iPad I love the weather on that. All weather and no frills.

  30. As a retired social studies teacher who always urged his students to keep up on current events I'm ashamed to admit I've developed the "ostrich" syndrome myself. Between the end of the world scenarios and the evening news it's all to depressing.....

  31. Patti, want to ask if the tornados or high winds hit in your area? Many thoughts are with you and hope you are ok.

  32. Manzi,
    Ah ha, that is what I am looking for--no frills, just the facts.

    I know, it could really get you down if you let it. Outside of a little sand in our ears, ostrich is really a good way to go.

    Thanks for checking but all we got was about an inch and a half of rain. Am feeling quite grateful.

  33. I used to enjoy the Weather Channel --but only when there was something specific happening at that moment that I was interested in. I NEVER watch any of the doom and gloom shows....

    I will admit that I do love weather---and always said that I must have been a 'weather girl' in a past life... ha...

    BUT--I don't care for any doom and gloom shows, weather or otherwise. I just try to live the best I can --and enjoy life as much as possible.

    This winter's storms were HARD for us --and now we have a freeze WARNING out for tonight and tomorrow night. We covered some things and brought some containers in the garage and brought a bunch of flowers inside... That's all we can do. Mother Nature is going to do what she is going to do. We just have to smile and go with it (even though it is not always easy).. ha


  34. Half a globe away from you...and not much difference, Patti, here they love a good disaster as well.
    I have stopped watching TV. In do read the daily newspaper though...skipping bits that depress me.
    An ostrich? Nah. Simply trying to keep my spirits up to an acceptable level, enabling me to be a cheerful teacher facing my young adult classes.

  35. I used to agonize over the woes of the world until I learned that I can only affect a very small part ... so I try to make that part as honest and helpful as I can and hope to reach out to others to do the same. Maybe little by little we can make some badly needed changes.

  36. We're always worried about hurricanes and tsunamis over here in Hawaii. My husband who used to work for the U.S. E.P.A. is completely against fracking.

  37. Betsy,
    You have had to lean on the weather channel this year. Been a rough one for Tenn. Hopefully that is behind you now.

    Renee Koopman,
    Thank you for making the long trip and stopping by with a comment. Welcome to TNS. I agree with you about weeding out most of the ugly.

    Totally agree. What I can change or affect, I do also. The rest will just put us in our grave early.

    Art is smart. They have banned fracking here in Ar thank goodness after we had 1200 earthquakes caused by it. Nary a one since they stopped.