Monday, April 13, 2015


Well my company is gone and it is back to the keyboard. If I hadn't had such a good time I would have missed you. But now that they are gone-- I do.

I've said before what good company my brother Jim and his wife Shirley are. I'd have house guests all year long if they were all so easy to get along with.

Jim is a super fix it guy and is sorely disappointed if I don't have some chores for him to take care of. He fixed my lawn mower, made two contrary door knobs work properly but best of all, he made both me and Minnie the cat happy.

I have to separate Minnie's food and litter box from Callie or the dog will snack on both. Cat food is too high in protein for a dog and cat poop really plays havoc with a dogs breath so the separation was necessary.

I had been using a 24 inch tall stationary baby gate to keep her out which made me have to step over it all the time which isn't cool for a septuagenarian. One time my foot caught and I took a flyer into the living room. I just don't bounce like I use to.  Poor Minnie was having trouble jumping over it herself as the years have piled up on her also.

Jim made this swinging door that is perfect. It is lower than the other gate and has a 3.5 inch crawl space at the bottom. I can unlatch it to pass through and surprisingly it is high enough off the floor that Minnie prefers to scooch under rather than jump over. It isn't pretty how she does but it is her choice.

Now she passes into her room with little effort and I don't have to worry about snagging my foot when I go in to do laundry. I will soon add stain and put some decals on it.

I did learn something however from their visit. My dog would leave me in a heart beat if a better offer comes along. She was with her head on their knees constantly and would pass me by to get to them. Humph! She is a regular floozy. Of course they pet her non-stop and Jim played with her a lot.

Good thing I have a fence or she would go off with who ever opened a car door.Double humph!!!

I wish I would have taken a picture of her face when she walked out the door and realized the RV was gone. Her look was priceless. She could not believe it and sniffed the whole yard looking for it and them.

Luckily she has readjusted now and is back to accepting a life of living with a dodgy old lady so all is well. Since they left, I am once again good enough for her--unless she gets a better offer down the line. Fortunately I am neither overly sensitive nor possessive.

They are gone now and I will be visiting you once more in your comment sections. It is good to be back.


  1. I'm so glad the visit went well. They sound like perfect guests. Imagine - people who are easy to be with AND who fix things! ( except for the dog whispering)
    They could hire out.

  2. Glad to see you back! I'm happy that you got the new gate/barrier built for you so you won't be falling over the other one. What a good friend! They sound like wonderful people and I'm glad you had such a nice visit. If they aren't busy, send them up here...I'm sure I'd like them too and I have lots of jobs that need doing! lol!
    Have a nice week!

  3. That's a great solution to the separation of canine and feline. What a fine set of houseguests you had. I missed you, too, but I knew you would be back sooner or later. Made me laugh about your fickle doggie. :-)

  4. Sounds as though everyone had a good time. You had the best kind of guests and they thoughtfully left you your dog.

  5. I get that all the time from Cody, too so I realize I am just a meal ticket. You are lucky to have that wonderful brother who knows how to wear a tool belt. Actually I have a brother like that too. Aren't they just the best, ever? I wish them safe journey back to their home.

  6. So glad you had a good visit with your brother and his wife. Nice to have a handy man in the family.
    Our dogs are like that too. They love "new" attention better than the plain old ordinary variety until the latter is all there is. Tee Hee

  7. It is great when good company visits.

    Wonderful that your cat problem is solved and the dog decided to stay with you.

    Welcome back.

  8. And that is why the expression, "He is such a dog!"

  9. My sister's dog used to be like that. She would go in any car with anyone, but as she enters her senior years, she refuses to get in a car with anyone other than my sister or my mom. So funny.

  10. Some animals just can't get enough attention can they, one of my dogs wouldn't let anyone in my car unless I got the dog out and them in first. ha.

  11. Welcome back sweet Patti, you were missed. I see you are not the only one that enjoyed your company, seems sweet Callie really enjoyed them being there too. Chancy is the same way when my oldest son is here. Chancy gets lots of attention from him so he is not the least bit interested in me, unless I get up and leave the room then he has to come see where I am. :) That is great that your brother fixed it where you and sweet Minnie can easily get through the door now and Callie won't be partaking of Minnie's food. Have a great week. Big hugs for you and nose kisses and ear scritches for sweet Minnie and sweet Callie from me and mine.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your brother and SIL. I like the gate solution for the kitty cat and doggie separation. It's great to have you back blogging too!

  13. Visitors who fix things for you! Wow how lucky are you. Your dog is obviously one for the main chance.

  14. You could have given them the dog as a parting gift.

  15. Marty,
    I keep telling Jim he should hire out. He works for food and a place to park the RV.

    He is worth his weight in the good stuff. With your renovation project, you could use an extra hand.

    It really works so well and was so simple to do. Ha, she really is a fickle pup but I love her in spite of it.

    Ha,ha I had to pen her up or she would have sneaked aboard their vehicle somehow. Such devotion.

    I am so glad you have one of those great brothers also. Seems we also have similar dogs. Thanks that makes me feel better.

    Linda W,
    You are so right. We are great unless there is another option. Right now, she is back to being the loving dog I thought she was.

    Well I locked her inside when they got ready to leave. Not sure her staying was optional:))

    I think you nailed it Cranky. Always wondered where that expression came from.

    I am so glad to hear I am not the only one to own an opportunistic dog. Good to think that in time she will be more faithful:)

    Linda Starr,
    Good to hear from you gal. Those four legged ones sure do come with some quirks don't they.

    Wow, if Chancy is like that then I don't feel so badly for I know he adores you. Today, Callie is all over me again but now I know what she can do when given the opportunity:)

    Thanks robin. It is really good to be back. Can't believe how simple and efficient the gate is.

    Jim has always been like that. He expects a list every where he goes. He really enjoys it.

    Thank you. I realize now how I missed this.

    Ha, I made the offer but they prefer other people's dogs. Kind of like grandchildren, you can give them back when the fun times are over.

  16. That's a good brother you have there. It's good to have some help now and then. And your dog obviously enjoyed the new attention too.

  17. Oh I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with your brother. I'd love to have a handyman come round every 6 months or so and search for things to fix~~you are lucky! That swinging gate is a perfect idea.

  18. Very glad you had a great time with your brother and he is handy and willing to work for food! Laughed at Callie's seemingly lack of loyalty as Brandy was the same way. Kind of hurt my feelings at first, but told myself she would miss me in a few minutes if she really did go. :)

  19. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit and kept Jim busy. He makes me think of my Dad, he wasn't happy unless I had a list of things for him to tinker with when he visited.

    Like the door idea - that's ingenious!

  20. Sounds like a wonderful visit! Funny about your dog.

  21. A couple of years ago we had a gate separating the kitchen/sunroom from the carpeted part of the house. I made a running jump over it and caught my toe and fell flat. Most of the impact was on my right thigh and it actually dislodged the flesh in my thigh, pushing it upward. I still have a very recognizable dent in my leg. Ugh! I have tried to picture a scenario by which a fall might push the boobs upward , but can't imagine how it could be managed.

  22. Sounds like you all had a good time and that is a blessing.

  23. Sounds like you and I have both been busy this month! Unfortunately, though I enjoyed my company, nothing got fixed!

  24. Linda R,
    Yes he is. It was a win/win for both Callie and I.

    I can't get over how convenient it is. I am grateful he thought of it.

    Aw, you know Brandy adored you. I guess I have to think Callie does me also.

    It may save me some future bruises and the cat loves it. I know, guys like my brother and your Dad just love to fix stuff.

    It was and if nothing else, that dog makes me smile a lot.

    Mary lee,
    Yikes, that sounded painful. Sadly, I think only a good bra with strong straps is our only recourse.

    Yes we did and yes it was.

    Well that could mean that nothing of yours was broken and that is a good thing.

  25. Sounds like you had a terrific time with your brother and wife... Glad he did so much to help you. My brother used to work on things when he'd visit us (years ago--long before I met George)... He loved doing something to help when he visited... I miss both of my brothers.

    Sounds like you have a very friendly dog.... I'm sure she loves you ---but also loved the special attention... ha

    We've been out hiking this week and searching for waterfalls. Had a wonderful time.

  26. It's good to have you back.

    Would your brother and his wife like to visit me for a while? They look like fun and handy house guests!!!!

  27. I just don't bounce as good as I once did either & some adjustments will be made to both biking and wading habits this summer (sad to say)...:)

  28. As always, dear Patti, your posts make me smile and laugh, too! Good for the soul----as were your very dear loving comments on my most recent post! I thank you, my dear, from the bottom of my heart. It means so much, especially, during these difficult days.

  29. Betsy,
    Brothers are like that aren't they and lucky for us they are.

    If you have a spot for an RV it might be worked out:) He works for food and in your case, it you might be over paying with your amazing meals.

    Adjusting is our new mantra isn't it? Plan B is not a bad thing.

    Thank you for making the trip. It was wonderful to see your new post, I just wish it had been better news. Be well my friend.

  30. Ahhh... you've been busy too! I've been up to my ears with things, some good, some not. I've only now been able to spend some time visiting. But now I've caught a cold. Arrrgh!