Monday, May 11, 2015


Lying about age is mostly a female trait but I know a few guys who indulge. My father for one as he was younger than my mother so he boosted his age up a bit to make them more age appropriate. 

When she died and he married a younger woman, I think he lied again the other way but I am not sure. I had no idea what my father's real age was.  He did admit in his final years of being born in 1910 so maybe he finally got comfortable with his age. 

Now I also lie about my age when I meet a new person but not in the usual manner nor for the usual reasons. I use no products nor have resorted to surgery to reverse time. I don't claim to be younger but will gleefully say I am 10 years older. Then at least I get comments about how good I look for my age. Much nicer than seeing their eyes cloud up thinking I must have had a really hard life.

I think I have reverted to childhood when we proudly stated we were almost 7-- not 6. Or were almost 16 when we were only 14 and of course those times we stated we were 21 when we weren't even close. Like the younger me, I have found advancing my age to be a good thing.

I am not embarrassed about being 75, in fact I am quite comfortable with that number. I'm only annoyed by looking much older. Cigarette smoking in my youth and a lifetime of activity in the Florida sun have done their magic on my skin.

Ok, this is a wee bit of an exaggeration. Pretty sure this gal is in her hundreds.  
I have mastered the old fisherman's weathered look and any weight loss really emphases that look. Not good for 75 but not quite as bad for 85. Plus I don't look gimpy with arthritis but "spry" for my age if I were actually that age.  The sad thing is that I have a friend who actually is 85 that looks younger than I do. Sheesh.  

This doesn't work on old friends but it really works wonders on new acquaintances and is a fun game I play. If the new people stay in my life longer than a brief meeting, I will eventually fess up after I have had my fun. Then I get to see those, "she must have had a hard life" looks. Sigh.

Do you lie about or try to conceal your actual age with product or surgery? Is your hair its natural color?  Perhaps you are very comfortable with your age, do nothing to change your appearance and tell the truth. Or do you go au naturel and add years to your age like I do?  I promise not to tell. 


  1. Let's see. Still coloring my hair, but the fact that I do it in half an hour with a $9 box somehow makes that better.
    And I've always admitted to being the age I am, although I think in my 50s I simply dodged the subject.
    Like my mother, my math isn't good enough to lie.

  2. I will be 73 in July. I turned grey in my 20's so I have always looked older. Actually I am proud to have made it to my 70's. I use "I'm an old lady and can't understand" trick often with salespeople and tech support. Makes them slow down and explain thing clearer.

  3. I lied about my age for 11 years. Always blessed to look at least ten years younger than my true age. My current hubby is 11 years younger than me and still doesn't know. I think he does, we just don't talk about it, but when I meet people now, it doesn't bother me telling them the truth.

  4. I am a natural kind of woman...too lazy and too cheap for a lot of maintenance. My grandson, at 7, asked me if I knew about stuff to put on my face to get rid of wrinkles. He paid for that remark on his 8th birthday.
    I had not thought about the fibbing up. You are brilliant!

  5. I often say I am already at my next birthday, which gives me a chance to get used to it before it actually shows up. Yep, it's fun to have people think you look great for your age. When you turn 75 in Bellingham, you can ride the bus for free, so I'm looking forward to it! :-)

  6. Nahhhhh, it's never really been an issue either way. But as I get older I wonder what happened to all that time I thought I had when I would...pamper myself, get stuff done, loose that weight and now I'm kinda stuck with the results. Such is life, as they say.

  7. I used to lie about my age but when I turned 80, I thought, "What the use?"
    I've put henna on my hair since I was in my 20's so I don't really know the color of my hair. I imagine it's all gray or white. Henna does not really cover white hair, so it makes me think my hair is not totally white. Some day I'll let it grow out and see the color but I have an idea it's like mouse fur mixed with white. lol

  8. I don't lie about my age, I just forget what it is.

    75! Holy Hannah, you look MUCH younger!

  9. I don't lie about my age. I dyed my hair once about 30 years ago. My hair turned gray when I was in my mid thirties. I don't know how old I look. Sometimes I feel older than I am, sometimes I feel younger. I think you look GREAT, Patti!

  10. I don't mind sharing my age. I have gray hair, no makeup ever and dress for comfort. I don't worry as much as I use to about what people think. I do think I have earned the right to TELL most people what I think.

    Do not ask me my weight!

  11. I wouldn't lie about my age if I could remember what it is--oh, yeah,80!!

  12. No, I don't lie about my age, but I often forget how old I am. Tsk. Of course that shows my age, doesn't it?

  13. And you look great at any age, Patti!

  14. Age doesn't bother me one bit --and I've never 'hidden' my age.... I do love it though when people say that I look younger than I am... BUT--there are tons of wrinkles and flabby skin.. SO--I do not do 'closeup' selfies AT ALL these days... ha....

    I usually am surprised when I meet people who are 10 or more years younger than I am --yet they act and look like they are 10 years older than I am.....


  15. I am what I am. I'm comfortable in my own skin so I just think people can take me as I am or not at all. I used to lie about my age when I was young so I could get into pubs and clubs and I used to die my hair when I was going grey but now I'm 64 who cares! Cue the song 'When I'm 64...'

  16. No, I've never lied about my age. It actually amazes me that I will be 70 soon. My siblings didn't make it to their 60's... so I feel blessed. And although my hair is almost completely white, I have recently taken to putting in low lights... for a little contrast. As for looking my age, I probably do and it doesn't bother me.

  17. Marty,
    Ha, like you, I am not a good enough liar to keep it up.

    Miss Dazey,
    Like you, I use my grey head of hair to good advantage. I take any help offered.

    I think when we are younger, age difference is more important. Since your husband doesn't notice, it sure shouldn't bother you. Lucky you for having great genes.

    Well nobody expects it so it is easy to get away with. How funny about your grandson.

    Interesting. I did the same thing for years that started when I turned 30. January 1st I would become my new age. Worked pretty well didn't it?

    Linda W,
    The thing they never told us is that as we age the clock really runs faster. Time just melts away.

    You are one of those that makes the rest of us look bad. Good genes, exercise and taking care of yourself has really paid off. You look great.

    Well I declare, you have made my day Mr. Cranky. Thank you.

    Aw thanks, I really wasn't fishing. Your hair is just beautiful by the way. I didn't know it had turned so early. Your many interests will keep you young.

    Ha ha, Ok I won't. Being able to be out spoken really makes up for the minor aches and pains doesn't it?

    You are the youngest 80 I know. I want to grow up to be just like you in five years.

    Thank you. That was sweet.
    Knowing only means you are very comfortable where you are.

    Your loving hubby, active lifestyle and many interests have kept you looking young. Selfies are not for us older sorts.

    Fun 60,
    You have the right idea. If it serves no purpose and we are comfortable, lets just be ourselves. I only do it for sport.

    Yes,you are right. We need to remember it is a privilege to make it to our current ages. So many sadly never get that chance.

  18. I don't lie about my age but I don't go out of my way to tell people either.

    I only care about what I look like because I think wearing the clothes and gear I do, I now feel I'm way too old to be wearing it, but just can't bring myself to stop it, even though I know I look a bit ridiculous. I colour my hair in an attempt to look a bit more youthful yes. I've never had surgery.

  19. Nope. Even though the grays are becoming more numerous I still have younger people (20s and 30s) who think I'm kidding when I tell them I am 44 (45 next month) and occasionally still get "carded" when buying alcohol.
    Not sure how long this will last, but I fell pretty good about it. ;)

  20. Most people are surprised when I tell them I'm 62. I have an engaging immaturity that most people mistake for youthfulness. When I add color to my goatee, my son and I are mistaken for brothers, but I don't think I've ever lied about my age.

  21. I'm a natural sort of person, too. No hair coloring and almost no make up. I have never "lied" about my age. I figure I have earned my age.

  22. I tired of keeping up with hair color years ago. I get lots of compliments on my hair, so I'm glad it turned out so well. The growing out stage was the worst! I use a good moisturizer, and sunscreen, try to take care of my skin. It suffered way too many sunburns in my youth.

  23. No, I do not try to conceal my actual age. My hair is brown but mostly gray. I can't honestly say I am comfortable with my age. I don't feel as old as I am but would prefer to be 15 year younger. But I do live with it and go au naturel.

    I'm happy to be healthy and active mentally and physically and that's much more important than looks. Mom was right after all.

  24. Joey,
    Ah but you can pull it off and as long as you can--go for it.

    Humph !! Hard to like a fellow like you:)) Seriously, enjoy it Barry, it is a blessing.

    Obviously you don't have to and I am joining the surprised group that you are 62?? Must be nice to be taken for your son's brother.

    Linda R,
    I would hate to look too good and have people think I'd had it easy. But like you, I am all for the natural look.

    Me too on the sun. No burns but really over did it. Like you, I love my naturally white hair.

    Like you, 15 less years would be great. Not for the looks but for the extra energy and strength that came with that age.

  25. I have stopped tinting my hair only recently, and I must say it is not that bad...Decided I don't care anymore that my pupils spot my grey side wings and I play up my age when it suits me. When they turn sassy I ask them if they would make such comments to their gran. No? Then why say it to me, as I am practically the same age? That usually shuts them up and earns me a 'sorry'.
    In fact, I am proud to be wrinkled. I think it shows my character. Would never get it lifted and look like one of those plastic Barbie dolls.

  26. Mmmm, hair... well, coloured or not, that is a challenge for me as I have rather a lack of it these days.. I do wonder about getting one of those party hats that have pretend locks of hair hanging down, that would be fun! Age, yes.. I lie about mine... ususally doing what you do, and adding a considerable number of years. The trouble with such deceit is that I rarely know what my real age is, and... maths is not my strongest ability, especially when someone waves an official form to fill in, and asks me, "how old are you?" Not knowing such things rarely brings an understanding smile or chuckle from officials.., one is supposed to have a grasp of such things! They are inclined to follow such questions up with others such as, "What is today's date?" "Do you know where you are?" and "Who is the Prime Minister?" And there are serious consequences if those are answered incorrectly!!

  27. I'm quite frank about my age, but, like you, I've been tempted to fudge on the high side, saying I'm ten years older than I really am. I don't look especially good for 70 but might be a bit of a babe for 80 or 85! I've always looked older than I really am since childhood.

    Fun story about lying about age: I never knew my paternal grandparents because they died when my father and Aunt Molly were kids. Aunt Molly tried for years to find out more about her Mom --at least a birth certificate. She knew her father had been born in 1884 so she conducted (pre-Internet, via mail) searches for the years 1880-1890 with no results. A friend and I were recently playing around with an online ancestry site and I found my grandmother's birth certificate in about 30 seconds! She was born in 1876 -- so was significantly older than her husband and was reluctant to reveal her age.

  28. Actually, the only ones who ever ask my age are my grandkids, and I almost always have to add it up in my head because I quit counting at 55.

  29. I don't lie about my age, but I do like your idea of adding years so people think I look especially great for my "age"! Thankfully, I was blessed with good genes and people often comment that I look much younger than I am. But then I do shamelessly use products to enhance my looks. I dye my hair because the women in my family go gray really early. I also use sunscreen religiously and use retinoid face cream at night. As far as plastic surgery, I can't imagine ever going that route. I try to be as comfortable as possible in my own skin.

  30. Renee,
    Great way to make them realize that age does deserve respect. We all love our grannies.

    Ha ha, I see your dementia screenings are the same as ours. I have been thinking of getting those answers tattooed to the inside of my wrist.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Oh, I hadn't thought about that but with the available ancestry tools today, nobody's age is sacred. At least she could pull it off in those days.

    Grand kids are like that aren't they? Since age really doesn't matter, might just as well forget it.

    Always good to see you here Keicha. Lucky you to enjoy great genes. It never hurts to use common sense about taking care of ourselves. You are too young for gray now--when the time comes, you will flaunt it with pride. It does have advantages.

  31. Hi Patti, i am glad to be the age I am. I figure I've earned the wrinkles plus white hair and, thankfully, still feel good enough to stay active. Bob is 6 months younger so for half the year, he likes to tell people he married an older woman. My son made the comment last year that now that I turned 70, I was on "bonus time." I kind of like that idea so now that I turned 71, I'm hoping for another bonus year. I have plenty of friends older than I who are great role models - you included!

  32. I am very thankful to have reached the age I am, nearly 70, and I haven't ever lied about my age. In fact, most people don't think I'm anywhere near that age. I used to hate being thought younger than I really was many years ago, but now it's kinda nice. Don't know how much longer that will last, tho! ha! I'm feeling older by the minute bottle feeding the rug rats (kittens). I'm determined to keep them alive, but I'm hoping every day that the humane society calls and says there is an opening now!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  33. I used to worry about getting older, now I worry about not getting older. :)

    I don't lie about my age, though I do color my hair. It's currently streaked with purple with my natural gray. (It's less permanent than a tattoo and I get lots of compliments and a few stares)

    I like your idea of lying up...might have to use that!

  34. I proudly tell my age. I figure I earned it! I even wrote a blog post telling the world my age, so now I better not start lying.

    I went naturally grey early, so I did dye my hair until I hit my 60's. Then I was too lazy and too cheap to keep it up. I loved my grey hair. Sadly, I have a rare disease that I have not written about that is taking my hair. I now wear a wig. I hate it, but have chosen to wear it rather than look so weird with so much missing hair. I have few wrinkles. I was blessed with good skin.

  35. I went a whole year thinking I was 2 years older than I was, and it was fun. Now I say I'm going to be 69 this summer, just like little kids do.