Monday, May 4, 2015


Warning, this is a sports post but it is also a human interest post that I hope you find entertaining. However, I understand that sports can be mind numbingly boring to the uninterested so you are free to move on to another post. I won't be offended.

Most of you know I am a serious Miami Marlins baseball fan.  Enough so that I pay big bucks each year to Direct TV to watch all their  games. Though the expense is a lot for me, it figures out to a little more  than a dollar a game. Put that way, I can afford it.

For several years we have pretty much owned last place in our division but this year, our tight fisted owner sprang for some really nice talent. Then the season started and the team forgot to.  It was a painful beginning. For the better part of April, we won only 4 games and once again enjoyed last place.

One of the men we picked up this year was 41 year old Ichiro Suzuki. Forty one is really old in baseball and our team is crawling with low 20 year olds. I kind of questioned this move at the time but the man is a future Hall of Fame player and was just meant to pinch hit and play relief outfield.  I was glad I would be given a chance to see this icon play, if only briefly.

We are reputed to have three of  the best outfield players in baseball and with him as a backup  just made us better.  His fit into this young team has been amazing. The young guys love him and there is quite a bit of the "awe" factor.

He is having a really fun time as evidenced by his constant smile and has been rejuvenated by them while they have gotten to see a true legend play. To a man, they say he is a delight to be around with a great sense of humor and his work ethic is next to none.

The man weighs the same as he did as a rookie and is still built pretty much the same. He is 5' 11" and weighs 170 pounds.  He appears slight and almost looks frail but the man is wiry muscled, with zero fat. He is considered by many to be the most limber and fit man in all of sports.

Then our 23 year old gold glove, all star right fielder hurt his back recently and was to be out for several weeks.  Forty one year old Ichiro  stepped in flawlessly. He has played the position error free and his bat hasn't failed. Since Ichiro has been playing everyday, our team has climbed out of the basement and we are tied for 2nd place and are still moving forward.

This past Wednesday, we beat the team with the best record in baseball with the help of his bat. Ichiro hit a three run home run out of Marlin's Park, one of the largest parks in baseball, to give us the win.

In the same game, our 300 million dollar player, Giancarlo Stanton also hit a home run. It was more or less expected of the 25 year old, 6'6", 240 pounds of sculpted muscle.

Giancarlo's Sports Illustrated photo. A little something for the ladies who have struggled through a sports post. 
While Giancarlo's homer was exciting and fun to watch, the absolute delight came when the little guy did the same thing later in the game as the crowd chanted "E-che-ro" repeatedly during his long at bat. He has fast become a fan favorite.

So I say thank you New York Yankees for letting him go but mostly a thank you to Japan for lending us this delightful player. This year, regardless of our win/loss record, will be much more enjoyable and entertaining. We get to watch a legend, who still has it, play the game.

Is there a legendary athlete you would pay to watch?


  1. I'd pay to throw some ice cold water over certain athletes, if that counts?

  2. I've become part of The Red Sox Nation over the past few years, to my great surprise. And as your post shows, and some people don't realize, is that much of being a fan is following particular players. I've grown fond of some of our players over the years - current favorites are giant David Ortiz and tiny Dustin Pedroia.
    Glad you wrested a good player away from the Yankees - they just beat us last night in a three game sweep.

  3. Well, I'm not a sports fan but I sure did enjoy this post! I didn't know about this guy Ichiro but so glad I know now. Now I'll read the sports news with some idea of who I want to win. :-)

  4. SF Giants all the way! I have a couple favorites on the team, as much for what they do off the field as on.

  5. I'm happy to see you are still immersed in your passion.
    Go Marlins

  6. Good to see that your passion brings you so much pleasure!

    I am a Red Socks fan, and I am still smiling over the end of the Bambino curse in 2004. ;-) I shall never forget that game!

  7. Interesting post- I always think it is unusual when I hear of 40 yr old and up aged players in baseball. I guess that is agist of me- if that's a word. Strangely, I don't think of that about any other sport.

  8. I've played cow pasture baseball (where I met my hubby) I've played school baseball. I have watched years of hubby's and daughters' games.

    In school, the World Series was always an excuse to gather in the library, skipping class and cheering the teams onward.

    I shall try to catch one of these games because I still get excited about baseball.

  9. Actually, I HAVE paid to see him. Aaron Rodgers. I also paid to see that other Green Bay legendary quarterback turned, Brett something-or-other.

  10. I admire your loyalty. I admire your selection of illustration for this post as well. I just may become a baseball fan this season.

  11. Joey,
    Ha ha, Come on Joey, tell us how you really feel:))

    Couldn't agree more.

    We ladies do get attached don't we? I tend to follow them after they leave us and am pleased if the do well.
    What is not to like about Dustin? He gives 120%.

    Thanks you so much, it is nice to know I didn't bore the ears and eyes off you, an admitted non-sport.

    Your team has made you proud a lot of times recently and I would never bet against them in a World Series. They are a dynasty.

    I do love my boys and it sure makes summer TV bearable.

    I am so happy for you. That was one special series and I was pulling for them all the way in that series.

    Baseball requires such stamina and there is such an eager crop of youngsters in the wings every year that it is rare for a player to last that long.

    You have it in your blood for sure. Too bad Ar doesn't have a pro team. St. Louis Cardinals are the closest.

    It is painful when icons chose to leave the nest like Brett did. I agree with you on Aaron Rogers. Even if he weren't a great quarterback, I'd watch him for his gorgeous eyes.

    Ha ha, Giancarlo really is a magnificent specimen isn't he?

  12. Ugh! I don't follow any team really, but do keep an eye on the Royals. Might change my mind after seeing that SI photo...hahaha

  13. You do have good taste in players. ;)

    I like the Red Sox and will pay to see them when I can. I actually am a big sports fan. I like to watch baseball the best, but I enjoy football and basketball too.

  14. Not much of a sports fan but this was still a fun read.

  15. Yikes, Patti - I had no idea the pro athletes look so good with their clothes off. Thanks for the early birthday present!

  16. Ichiro spent many seasons here in Seattle and was well loved here too.

  17. I usually skip sports stuff, but you have a way with a story, Patti! I loved it -- and the picture, too!

  18. Art says that Ichiro used to play for the Seattle Mariners. Mom who doesn't even know sports follows him constantly. She'll be so happy to know you wrote about him because she's so proud of him. Art says the guy is amazing.

  19. I'm not familiar with any of these players or very much into watching Baseball, but I love a story like this. This man seems to have energized your favorite team and brought them back from 'the dead', so to speak....This sounds like a movie-in-the-making, if you know what I mean......And it makes me want to see this terrific player, in "action". I'm happy for you, my dear Patti....this sounds like you are in for a very exciting season....!

  20. While reading this my only regret was I was not there to see you leap out of your comfy chair when Ichiro hit that homerun. haha
    I miss watching baseball. Living so close to Houston unless I pay big time I can't get their games now.
    Hope your having a great week.
    I don't know if I am repeating myself because I do that a lot lately but I wanted to thank you for coming by and leaving me such a wonderful comment about Christi's wedding. The day was everything I prayed for and so grateful that I was well enough that day to enjoy the day.
    Christi is over the moon happy so I am too.
    My sons were so happy that she ask them both to walk her down the isle. It was a tear jerker for me but I managed to hold myself together.
    Hope you are well and taking care of yourself.

  21. turquoise moon,
    Ha ha, that is pretty impressive isn't it. Hey the Royals treated you right last year. Maybe this year too??

    I seem to have a lot of Sox's fans as readers. Red Sox Nation is quite spread out, powerful and loyal.

    Thanks so much. Glad I didn't chase you away with the subject.

    Well he is a bit of the exception. Quite impressive though isn't he? You're welcome:))

    Linda R
    You got to enjoy his early years. I didn't know of him then but I swear, he hasn't slipped much with all the extra years. Just last night, he walked, stole second, then stole third and finally scored a run on a base hit. Pretty darn good for 41.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Aw thanks so much. I am so pleased when I don't run the non-sporting group off.

    Yes he is and we are so pleased to have him on our team. See what I wrote above to Linda about him.

    It does have a movie quality about it doesn't it? Wonder if Hollywood is listening.
    And yes, I am really looking forward to a fun season. Thank you for stopping by Naomi--I hope you are feeling better.

    Thank you--I do get excited.
    The wedding was perfect and your handsome family shone.
    You really need to watch your Astros on TV or listen on the radio. Your team is just phenomenal this year and have the best record in baseball right now. Jose Altuve is one of the main reasons. I'd pay to watch him play. He is 5'5" of pure talent. The shortest active player in baseball, won the batting title last year and will probably do it again this year. He is awesome.
    What you are dealing with is treatable. I'm leaning hard in that direction myself. Keep doing what the docs say and be well my friend.

  22. I used to like some sports but I do not like them on a screen much. Right now Buddy is watching hockey playoffs but I find it hard to sit and stare at the screen. I do better with a captivating movie. And that too costs a bit.

  23. Isn't it amazing how one person can create such excitement and bring a team together. We have such a player in our quarterback on the local football team. When he does well, so does the team, if he struggles, so do they!

    Of course the 25 year old does make nice eye candy. ;)

  24. Oh wow! This is an interesting and very familiar story to a Twins fan. My team has been horrible for four years in a row. Then they brought in almost forty year old Tori Hunter to "mentor" the young guys. The team started out 1 win 6 huge losses to Detroit and K.C. And has been on a roll ever since with Tori leading the way......;))

  25. Hi there, Just stopping by to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to you. I’m sure you are having a fabulous day. I celebrated yesterday when one of my sons and his beautiful wife came to see us….

    As you probably know, we’ve been out-of-town this past week and I haven’t done any blogging much at all. I hope you enjoyed my two Tulip blog posts while we were gone——and be sure and tune in tomorrow morning to find out what we’ve been doing this past week….

    Enjoyed your post today!You know I love sports also --but MOST of my blog friends do not... I've been an Astros fan for years---and this year (so far) they are doing better than the past several years.. Hubby is a Cubs fan --so he's used to them losing... ha


  26. Heidrun,
    Sports aren't for everyone. Glad Buddy likes to watch Hockey. It is more of a guy thing.

    Ha ha, that was why I threw him in. Eye candy never hurts.

    Tori is a great addition to your team. He is an Arkansas boy and he comes here during the off season and participates in many charity events. He is as good off the field as on.

    Thank you and I am so glad you had a nice one. Having your son there must have been perfect.
    The Astros are really rocking it this year. Enjoy.