Monday, June 15, 2015


Just a quickie to let you know I am on the right side of the grass. Hope to be back posting and visiting soon.

I really want to thank each and every one of you that stopped by and left words of encouragement and understanding. All your good thoughts have left their mark for while I still feel a wee bit poopy,  I am recovering and adjusting to my new normal.

I did have a few set backs. My hospital stay was longer than expected and when I went to have my INR (blood clotting ability) checked the following Monday, my primary doctor was concerned about my cough, back pain and fever so she plunked me back in the hospital. Fortunately, it was the local hospital  this time so it wasn't quite the burden on my "ride" as the one 50 miles away.

I checked out fine overnight and was again released liquored up on antibiotics.

Though I am not quite "Marvelous" as my niece Jill wished for me--that gave me a chuckle--I am much closer and know soon this will all just be a hiccup.

My friend Julie has been invaluable. She has toted me hither and yon for days with out the slightest complaint. She eased my mind enormously by checking in on my animals everyday and seeing that they were fed and watered. That was probably my greatest anxiety.  Thank you Julie for being a true friend and making this so much easier.

My neighbor Bob has mowed my lawn for me which was really becoming a worry.  I do like a nice lawn and the tall waving clover was getting to me. Thank you Bob so much.

So between you, my friends and family, this has been a much easier transition to the new normal.

Still not quite up to regular blogging or visiting yet but hope to be very soon. Thanks you again for all your support. Said it before and will say it again--you are the very best.

I am suspending comments as this is just an update. See ya soon.

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