Monday, June 22, 2015


I've stated this before as a "Patti theory" but this time I proved it. Extra pounds are for an old person like money in the bank.

First off let me get out of the way that I am feeling better now than I have felt in a month. My heart is beating steady and true. YES!!! Thank you so much for all your caring, good thoughts and prayers.

Ok, now about those extra pounds. I think all of us would like to be at our ideal weight and some of you have maintained that with little sweat. Kudos to you. The rest of us have let age pack extra pounds around our middles as we left the work force and slowed down. Thanks to elastic waistbands and a less demanding vanity, we are mostly content with our pounds in the bank.

Some of us, myself included, have gotten a bit greedy hoarding away future energy and were edging towards becoming among the 1% of excess weight. Being in the 1% of money is much more appealing. I had a good 30 plus extra pounds to carry around and remember, I am quite short. There is always too much of a good thing.

At the start of my problems with the AFIB, I became very careful of my diet and ate only the good stuff  for my heart and hit the treadmill. Amazingly, I dropped 7 of those ugly pounds quite easily. Then the diagnosis of the tachy-brady (my naturel pacemaker just wore out) and the need for an artificial pacemaker arrived.

In the hospital, they give you powerful antibiotic drips to combat infection. Since they had to go in a second time to fiddle around, I got double the dose.  Once I was sent home and visited my primary doctor to check my blood clotting, that doctor was concerned with my upper back pain plus that I had a fever and cough so back in  the hospital I went and on more antibiotic drips.

They sent me home from that hospital with another round of oral antibiotics. Well that probably killed off the very last of my "good" bacteria or at best left a puny breeding pair to handle the digestive load requiring billions. You could have tied a rope to my foot and floated me in the Macy's day parade I was so full of gas.

OK a slight exaggeration but in truth I could have kept a backyard BBQ grill going strong all day. Such fun and quite painful which is why I haven't been around to visit you all. Prone, groaning beached whale was about all I could muster.

 The discovery of  kefir via a friend, thanks so much Arliss, has been a huge help. I caution here that kefir is an acquired taste.  That tart elixir plus a ton of yogurt and exercise, I am finally MUCH better and almost suitable for polite society. Not perfect yet but doable.

The pound part of this post is that I have lost 14 pounds through all of this. Not a lot in the big picture but had I been nice and slim to start with, that weight loss would have left me a bag of weak bones and raggedy flesh, unable to fight illness.

But by having those extra pounds in the bank I was able to keep energy supplied to my healing body.  I still have a surplus and while my skin doesn't fit particularly well right now, I don't look too ghastly. While I have abut 10 more to lose, I am hoping to keep a more manageable stash of plus poundage just in case but hope those won't be needed.

So don't despair my friends if your waistband feels snug. You are just storing energy for the future and if you ever need it--it will carry you quite well through any rough spots. Just don't be like me and hoard too much. Moderation is always the key.

A slightly bionic Patti has returned.


  1. So glad you are back on the scene. I really miss your amusing perspective on life when you cannot post. It is good to hear you are feeling much better and perhaps there is some category of Nobel prize for your discovery of a use for that pesky menopausal fat.

  2. I'm so delighted that our Patti is feeling good and losing those extra pounds. Hurray, those pounds do not go off easy, as I just experienced. I agree that kefir is great for so many things. I've always been lactos intolerant but I take just 3 tb before meals and I can tolerate that amount. Keep up the good work, Patti.

  3. Welcome back! You've been through the mill several times over! Antibiotics are a double edged sword, aren't they. On the one hand that do an amazing job of getting us better. On the other they raise absolute havoc with the the digestive system. Toes crossed for continued good health!

  4. I started taking a probiotic tablet to keep me from getting sick when I went off to Turkey in February and have kept it up. I really like the difference it makes in my digestive system. And you're right about having extra weight to help keep us from fading away to nothing. I lost 15 pounds a few years back and am trying very hard to keep it off. It's a struggle, though, so maybe I should accept it as money in the bank. I'm so glad to have you back!!!! :-)

  5. I am so glad you continue to improve.

    I'm storing enough "energy" for two.

  6. I didn't know you had been so ill. I'm glad you are doing better now. Those hospital infections can be lethal as I learned with Errol. Very scary stuff. I have lost my extra pounds this past year and I agree with you that they are very good to have as a buffer when you either get sick or your life takes a turn for the worse. I'm so glad you are feeling better.

  7. It's good to know I won't waste away anytime soon. Love your perspective on life. Glad you are feeling better.

  8. So glad that you are "on the mend" and back blogging. I have missed your lovely outlook on life. Stay well my friend, Oma Linda

  9. Actually, not to play the Devil's Advocate, but being at a healthy weight has made me healthier than I've been in decades. I never get sick, my blood pressure is the lowest it's been in 20 years, no more pre-diabetes, no aches, no pains, nada. (and you can be a healthy weight and not be a bag of bones without any reserve to get you through an illness.) (I'm just sayin... LOL)

  10. So happy to read this post, Patti! Really glad that you are on the mend and feeling better. Great advice about extra pounds. I've been trying to put a few pounds on in the past year, since I got down to 100 pounds without trying at all. I just discovered that my little attempt at weight gain put me in a pre-diabetic situation. Isn't that wild? While it is true that adult-onset diabetes runs in my family, I was shocked that someone my size would have that diagnosis. So, no more ice cream before bed and no more munching on chips all day long (neither of which interestingly gave me any weight gain at all). So, the question is, how do I put on weight? If I got sick now, I have no spare weight to carry me through.

  11. I LOVE my first 10 pounds of extra weight. The second 10 is OK. The rest? Not so much!!

  12. Hey, good to hear you are on the mend!
    Kefir??? I will look into this! My bowels have taken it upon themselves to regularly remind me of their capacity to inflate...
    Besides that, need to lose 10 kilos myself, and it is a struggle!
    Anyway, enjoy your kefir, my dear, and keep up keeping up.
    Best wishes from the Wetlands,

  13. I'm so happy that you're feeling better. I'm carrying an extra 30...sigh! but I feel better about it now. Thanks for your insight!

  14. Well done you. Glad to hear you have fought off the infections and have the motivation to lose weight as well.

  15. So glad you are on the mend and mostly over the ordeal of hospitals and medications. Your posts always brighten my days, even when you deal with serious issues.

  16. Recently my doctor told me that for my eight I should weigh 185. I told him, " Oh to be twelve again!"

  17. I, too, was diagnosed with A Fib. Right after I was diagnosed, on May 27, 2015, they did a cardio version on me, but it only worked for two days. The doctor ordered a two day Holter monitor and it was discovered that I was (am) in A Fib.

    I have not felt palpitations, what I do feel is extreme weakness in the legs and light headedness, and occasional shortness of breath. I was put on Xarelto to prevent blood clots/stokes. When the scary Xarelto lawsuit ads come on TV, I turn the channel. I hope I have made the correct decision in following my cardiologist's orders to take it.

    My next cardiologist appointment is not until the middle of August. I wish it was sooner. I would like to know if this is just how things are going to be with me, or if there is a treatment that needs to be done. I don't like being in information limbo for two months.

    Thank you for the tip about listening to a regular heartbeat to help straighten mine out. I will be giving it a try tonight.

  18. Olga,
    Thank you so much. I like to think that most unwanted by-products in this world have a useful purpose.

    I was pretty sure you would be familiar with Kefir. I love what it does--just wish I liked the taste better. In time--

    You are so right. We need them but they don't leave us un-scarred. Given the choices, I'll just bear with the side effects.

    Ha,ha it is all a matter of proper balance. I'm not there yet but think you are. Yes--I am now a big advocate of probiotics.

    You and me both gal:)) I'm shooting for about 10 extra ones in the bank. Got a way to go yet.

    Thank you so much. I know you have been through such a rough time and I hope some easier days are ahead for you.

    Isn't it nice to scratch wasting away off our lists?? Thanks so much, really feeling better today.

    Linda W.
    Thanks so much my friend. It sure feels good to feel good.

    You are so right. Too often being fashionable is not anywhere near healthy. The key here is as you say, a"healthy weight." For me that will be 10 pounds over fashionable.

    Such a conundrum for you skinny types with great metabolism. So sorry about your pre-diabetes diagnosis.That really cuts out all the easy means to gain weight. But knowing how well you and roger live, I am sure it will not progress.

    You and me both on that first 10. That is my new goal.

    Do check out kefir. It really does the trick straightening out the digestive system. I am sold on it and after a while, it doesn't taste so bad. The blueberry I found to be the best.

    As long as it causes no health problems, yes extra weight can be a fail safe.

    Thank you. All life is a learning process isn't it? Otherwise we'd never progress.

    Thank you and I am so glad I have that effect. I have found a positive outlook costs no more and pays quite well.

    Now that is funny. I usually say "Oh to be 20 again."

    I am so sorry you have to wait so long to see your doctor. How agonizing the wait must be with all the unanswered anxiety. One thing you may consider is having him prescribe Warfarin. It does have to be monitored but it has a reversible factor. If you start to bleed, they can reverse the clotting factor easily with a shot of vitamin K. Those other designer drugs beside being expensive, can't be reversed and you will bleed till all of the medicine has left your body. That is why the law suits. Warfarin does require monthly monitoring but can be reversed and is enormously cheaper.
    Hope the heartbeat works for you. I know what you are going through is very trying. Sending hugs and prayers.

  19. Patti, I caught up with the posts I missed. I was "off" for awhile. Now there is a pacemaker in the picture. You are wise to drink the kefir and use yogurt. The antibiotics destroy all bacteria, not just the harmful kind, so your gut is probably suffering. Hopefully, you haven't gotten a yeast infection - the yeast sometimes take over when helpful bacteria are destroyed. DJan's suggestion of a probiotic capsule is a good one. Glad you feel more comfortable and your heart is behaving. Just think, you soon may need a new wardrobe! Hugs from CO!

  20. Patti, I'm so glad you are back feeling so strong and well! I read this all with interest. I have been reading that as one ages, it is a good thing to have that extra weight for emergencies. Those without the weight don't have the reserves. I do need to whittle down my reserves. Interestingly, I have gained weight since my pacemaker. I'm not happy about that, and I'm a bit baffled by it. I walk and exercise much more than I was. (Isn't it great to be able to do that????) Like you, I have had a lot of problems with gas from the antibiotics since my procedure. It was reassuring to read that you had the same thing happen to you. I didn't feel as alone. (Good thing we weren't in the same room with our problems with being in social settings!) I gasped when I read how many antibiotics you were on! I feel for you. I agree that the kefir and yogurt help. I also use the probiotics. I am finally feeling better in the GI department, but it took some time.

  21. Whew! I've been sending positive vibes (a prayers) your direction, and waiting to hear good news. You have really been through the wringer! I'm really glad to hear that the pacemaker is working well and that you are feeling lots better. {{Hugs}}

  22. So glad you're back and feeling better--and your ticker is working, too!

  23. I think our bodies know what we need, better than we do or the doctors. I think it's great you are losing all that weight---but, smart that you know keeping some of it is a GOOD protection, as we get older.

    So happy you are feeling so much better, dear Patti.....

  24. I am so glad you are feeling better!! I will have to read up on kefir, that is a new one to me. Take care and have a nice Friday!

  25. i am so happy to come and find you doing better sweet Patti. I have some of those pounds stored up but hope to not need them for anything serious. My sister just used up hers during a rare cancer treatment. She looks great now. I think about you a lot and always have you in my prayers. You had a lot come on you and I hope you are good to go now. Take care sweet friend. Hugs and give the sweeties nose kisses for me.

  26. Well, my goodness, haven't you been through an ordeal. I can relate to the pain of a shut down digestive system. Anesthesia and pain meds did that to me with my back surgery. Not fun. It's good to have you and your sense of humor back.

  27. Barb,
    You are right about the good bacteria. I think I only had about 3 good ones left when they were done with me. Now I think I am about back to a normal supply.

    Ha ha, we could have cleared the room. Interesting about the weight gain. Maybe it is muscle now that you feel like moving which is supposed to weigh more. So glad we are both on the mend.

    Thanks so much. I think all the good thoughts worked for I am feeling much better.

    Thank you. it is amazing what medicine can do for us these days.

    Thank you so much. I am doing much better and while I have a bit more excess to lose, I do plan to keep a comfortable surplus.

    Hope you can get past the taste. It bothered me a bit at first but now it is OK.

    Thank you so much for your prayers. They worked. I am glad your sister had some extra energy stored to combat her cancer and that she is better now.

    Linda R,
    Sometimes medicines can hurt while they heal. Good thing is that we both survived.

  28. Blessings.....
    That's ah...well....nice way at looking at those ah...extra pounds, in that case I gotta a whole love surrounding me. (haha).

    Glad you are feeling better, stay strong and healthy.
    Stay blessed.

  29. Yae, Patti! I'm so glad you're back and better. That was really worrisome. I've heard that it IS better to be a little overweight as we age for exactly the reason you stated. My husband is too underweight and it always worries me. He does not have an ounce of fat. If anything happens to him, he's going to be in trouble. I think I should give him some ice cream tonight. Sigh... I'll tell him what happened to you. Thank goodness you're OK now!

  30. It's wonderful that the recovery is heading in a good direction. I too believe in Kefir and probiotic caps but with kefir I have found some brands have way too much sugar added which just feeds the yeast. So like with all that we buy we read labels for sugar and sodium content.