Monday, October 19, 2015



I got this clever gadget when I had a squamous cell cancer dug out of my wrist. It became impossible to wear a watch on my left wrist for quite a while and I just couldn't get use to it on my right wrist so I went timeless for a while.

Now I am a fiend for punctuality so I started looking for a pendant clock when I remembered this was what my step mom used when her eyes failed. It is a talking clock. It is just 2 inches long, really inexpensive, tucks in your purse or pocket and works perfectly.

If you have a senior in your life with poor eyesight, this is just the ticket. It really did the job, though I seldom used the talking part as I could easily read the digital display.

Then I heard that when you wake up in the middle of the night for a potty run, if you see a light, particularly an LED light, it will trigger your mind into thinking it is time to get up and will make going back to sleep difficult. I had been using a projection clock to let me know what time it was during the late night wake ups and I thought, why not the talking one? No lights.

Why too polite you ask?  Well the other night I tried it out.  I pressed the button and the little lady inside with a definite GPS voice crisply said,"It is 3:55 AM." Instinctively and sincerely I replied,"Thank you."

Come on--it is a mechanical. device. Not sure I am ready for this electronic age. I have even thanked my GPS and I am sure it is the same lady.  Kind of glad I don't have Siri.
Do you thank your gadgets??


I'm thinking I may spend to many hours in my little truck with my dog.  My neighbor needed a ride to pick up his car so he came over to see if I could take him.
He got in and I drove us to the gate.  As I got out to open the gate I gave him a very stern order to "Stay."  He got a funny grin on his face before meekly saying, "OK".  My only recourse was to turn red and laugh.


Speaking of dogs in a car, this is a sweet, very short video of a man and his dog that needs reassuring. I love it and hope you enjoy.

 That's all folks.


  1. I'm not a fan of dogs but that one was too cute. He made it clear he wanted his paw held didn't he?

    I do not talk to my gadgets or my car or anything, just myself. I'm always telling myself off. :D

  2. I laughed when you told your neighbor to "stay." I loved that sweet video, too. I also enjoyed learning about the ThingCharger (and I don't usually enjoy the ads for videos!). :-)

  3. Yes, sadly, I talk to gadgets, mostly the GPS in my car. I have no clock in my bedroom. That went out after I stopped having to get up to an alarm. I never understood Mike's need to know the time if he woke up in the middle of the night. And I rarely to never wear a watch--don't even own a working one at the moment. Still, I am seldom late.
    STAY--so funny!
    That pup was precious, needly little thing.

  4. Well, I'm mostly speechless with my gadgets. I wear a step-counter which shows time but rarely look at it. However, I'm always aware of appointments and on time. Glad you're training your neighbor, Patti. That pup needs counseling.

  5. I never talk to my gadgets, but then again I don't have any talking gadgets that need talking to. I don't think I could handle a device like Siri. I like things pretty quiet. Love you telling your neighbor "STAY." That's very funny. Cute doggie video.

  6. I don't even have a cell phone so I am way behind.

    When my children were young, there were no seat belt laws. Many times they stood in the seats. If we braked suddenly, Hubby and I would reach out to catch them one-armed. I have embarrassed myself many times by grabbing a passenger.

  7. That video is just toooo cute for words.
    I always talk to Cody too, like she can
    understand me. And maybe she really does.

  8. I'm always talkin' to my stuff and the animals and sometimes, I carry on a very good conversation with myself. Now that so many folks wear the bluetooth thingie in their ears, I don't look quite so crazy in the grocery store discussing how I forgot to get whatever and the way to get back to get it.
    The dog video was precious. The dog obviously needed that paw holding.
    xoxo Oma Linda

  9. Joey,
    I know you are a cat person but that really was sweet wasn't it?

    Glad I didn't tell him to "sit". I know, I hate those ads. I haven't seen the one that you caught. I guess they keep changing.

    I think the reason we check the clock is to find out if we need to try to get back to sleep or just get up.
    Got to admit, my neighbor is well trained.

    He really responds well to commands:)) I need to ride more with people I guess.

    I just loved that sweet, needy dog. I'd have to hold her paw the whole way.

    Me too, even in these days of seat belts and air bags. An impossible to break reflex.

    Of course they do--don't they??? They would be hurt if we didn't.

    That dog would be impossible to resist. You are right, phones make talking aloud perfectly normal these days.

  10. I have a large numeral digital clock in my bedroom, because I MUST know what time it is when I wake up at night, which is all too frequently.
    I do talk to my GPS on my smart phone, and tell her I want to go a different way. And of course it's easy to speak to my smart phone and have it type for me when I want to text or google something. I do have to watch Siri though, because sometimes the messages can come out rather strangely, or even inappropriately!

  11. I once walked into my dining room table & said, "Excuse me!!"

  12. I can't say I thank my gadgets, but when my son was young we convinced him that there was a little man in every elevator so one needed to say please and thank you when getting on and off. It really made other riders look at us sideways! He also though there was a man in the fridge that turned the light on and off. (Though no thank you was needed).

    I do however talk to various inanimate objects... my television quite frequently.

    Love the "stay" story and the video is so sweet!

  13. Fun video. maybe that pooch just wanted to drive.

  14. I do talk to myself often, and the GPS in my car occasionally! I don't have or like Siri! LOL I have said "excuse me" when I bumped into a corner.

  15. I have to smile at the thought of you thanking your talking clock -- sounds like something I would do -- and telling your neighbor to "Stay!" Oh, Patti, that's just too funny! Loved the video of that sweet dog. Sometimes animals are just so vulnerable and need such reassurance. My cat Gus used to bury his head between my breasts when the vet was giving him vaccinations. He was such a big, powerful male cat but a big baby when it came to shots!

  16. I read a book recently in which the main character became quite friendly with his car's GPS navigation system. He rather fell in love with the female voice that gave him instructions to turn left or proceed straight ahead! I wonder if it is possible to bond with a talking clock in a similar manner!! I do sometimes give voice instructions to my smartphone, simply for the amusement of it finding an item online and reading it back to me. I confess that favourite search topics include, Elephant Sounds, and Cat Noises...!

  17. That "STAY!" command was funny! Since my dog is my closest companion I can imagine giving people friends commands like sit and stay. Love it. Love the video of the dog needing reassurance. I am having wrist problems as well and cannot wear a watch. The bad part of that is that I love and collect watches and won't be able to wear them again until after my surgery on the 3rd. My problem is a cyst though and doesn't sound as serious as yours was.

  18. I don't have any talking gadgets but I do talk to other inanimate things and myself. :) I laughed so hard about you telling your neighbor to stay, sounded like something I would do. Loved that video, what a cute dog and so sweet thank you for sharing it sweet Patti. Hope you are having a great week. Hugs

  19. Linda R,
    I noticed that with my sister's Iphone. You really have to speak very carefully.

    OMG, that is just too funny. Still giggling.

    Don't love how trusting and gullible kids are. Wonder just when he realize he was being punked. Probably around Santa and the Easter Bunny exposure time:))

    Perhaps he was just nervous the guy was paying more attention to the video than to his driving.

    Ha ha, you and Fran crack me up. So far, I haven't done that yet but then the day is early.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Aw how sweet of Gus to seek protection from you at the vets. That would have gotten to me.

    I saw a movie like that and it was awful. Cute idea but done horribly. Maybe I should reprogram my clock to speak in a male voice:))

    Grannie Annie,
    I hope your surgery goes well. Perhaps you can get used to wearing it on your non-dominate hand. I just couldn't.

    Ha,ha those of us with pets sometimes forget who we are with. At least my neighbor was well trained.

  20. I changed computers and lost your blog so I was so glad to see where you commented on Troutbirder. I'm glad I'm not the only one who answers to inanimate objects ...

  21. I talk to Siri because she always gets it wrong when I ask her something. I'm not a friend of Siri. As for keep track of time, well, I'm terrible at it. I always have been. I wear a watch whenever I go out. I have my cell phone with me all the time. It also is my time keeper. It is next to my bed, and I use it as my alarm clock and I press the button on it to see what time it is when I get up at night. I also sometimes use it as my flashlight when I make my way to the bathroom at night.

  22. I talk to electronics all the time. I can use expletives with abandon since they cannot hear me. And I do LOVE Siri.

    I saw an article that said today's generation does not understand that a tap on the wrist means "time." They have always had cell phones and rarely use watches.

  23. I am constantly talking to my TV...Complaining and also, often, thanking it for a really special program.....Nuts? No doubt! LOL!

    Patti.....please take good care of yourself. I will miss your always WONDERFUL posts and look forward to your return. I understand how Health Issues need to take First Place in our lives---I haven't been on my blog or anyone else's the way I used to be.....But, hopefully, you will be back soon....Be Well, my dear......Prayers coming your way, from my heart to yours.

  24. Aww, that is so sweet! When I wake up in the night I try not to look at the time. That helps...some. But I still take forever to go back to sleep. I don't talk to electronics, but my cat and I have very deep conversations every day.
    Feel better, soonest!

  25. That doggy is the cutest! So sweet. It made me smile. Thank you for sharing this video!
    My grandfather was blind and he had a talking clock. It was one of the most important things for him because that way he would always know what time it was without having to ask anybody. I have a fond memory of these clocks :) And I'm glad it's helping you!

    I am thinking of you and sending lots of big caring hugs to you. I hope you will feel better very soon!

  26. That is a cute dog video, but I'm wondering if it's safe to do a video while driving one handed to reassure his dog. Still... it was very endearing.
    Oh yes, I do say, "Thank you" to Siri and look around to see if anybody caught me saying it.

  27. Patti...

    I know a break is a break but I would really like to know if you are ok. It was good of you to let me know you did not have reservations about moving to Arkansas. It has given me strength to know I can move and be fine. Thinking of you and your pup. It is difficult to take them outside when you don't feel well. Take care of yourself and recover soon friend.