Friday, January 9, 2009

The 1-800 Dance

I have been fighting the valiant battle and have no idea who is winning. I want to switch from Dish TV to Direct TV. Shouldn't be so hard--correct? My conversations with Direct lead me to believe they are 5 separate companies. Such a variety of conflicting information from each different 800 number I am given. Fear strikes my heart when the voice on the other end has a foreign accent. Now I really like people from India. They are sweet, gentle, intelligent people who comprise almost 50% of the doctors in a small town like mine. But they also lurk at the end of a long phone cord waiting to confuse you.

I try to be polite but it is not polite to keep asking someone to repeat themselves. I am sure they realize their limitations with the language. Lack of confidence seems to make them talk ever so softly and meekly. I usually end up thanking them for their time, wish them a good day and hang up. I then try again and hope my call gets picked up by someone from Chicago or Baltimore.

My problem is that I want Local Channels due to the unstable weather conditions in Arkansas part of the year. Direct adamantly insists I can have them; the installer who called me from Little Rock says no. Who do you believe?

My computer guy,who is way cool, has Direct so I just called his wife and they will check for me also as they are still gettin New York network stations and would love to get locals. Just so I don't have to dial that 1- 800 again. I have till Tuesday to get all this straight. Keep toes crossed for me.



  1. Hello,
    I like your blog.When reading it, seems you are very positiv person and you have humor.
    You say- snow WHAT IS OFFERED, that's so true. We also wonder to have more in this time of year, but
    we cannot to do nothing ...what the sky offer!

  2. Thanks Blue for your kind comments. Really appreciated.

    I looked at the Finland 10 day forcast and you look a lot like we do right now. Know how you feel.