Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unconscious Senior Exercise

I have a theory. Nature brazenly takes away but subtly gives back as our bodies age. Activity becomes less sought after as the years pile up. A comfortable chair is not a bad thing. However soothing this may feel, it is not good for our general well being. Thus it becomes necessary for our minds to keep us moving. The mind is not actually "playing tricks" on us but instead has become our personal trainer.

How many times has your mind directed your body to a location like the kitchen, but WILL NOT tell you why you are there? The Bill Cosby solution is fool proof. All you have to do is go back to the starting point, sit down, and it will come to you what you had wanted in the first place. Thus, it takes at least two trips to accomplish one thing. Good exercise. Also slapping your head in frustration works the triceps. A side benefit of my extra trips is that my dog is a foot for foot type of fellow so I am keeping us both fit.

I am in Walmart shopping for groceries. I have worked my way to the vegetables and am close to check out when I check my list one more time. The one thing I had over looked was bottled water, at the other end of the store. Perhaps it is poor eyesight, lack of focus, or the mind jumping out of gear as I passed the water display. Regardless, the end result is, good exercise.

Not mind related but this is also an unplanned senior exercise. One of the comforts of old age for women is a cat. One of the talents of a cat is that it can shed constantly regardless of season and never go bald. To prevent those fur tumbleweeds from floating across the floor when you have company requires constant vacuuming. Good exercise.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was? --Satchel Paige

Probably in my late 40's but I'll try to keep that 69 year old body moving to compliment that determined mind.

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  1. Patti: I know what you mean about forgetting what you go to another room to get. At sixty one and a half have been doing the same thing. I would be 30 if I didn't know how old I was. The next time I go to walmart and remember something that was overlooked at the back instead of going home without it I am going back.