Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sometimes you know you made a mistake the second you make it.

I normally cut and perm my own hair. This works fine for about a year then my hair needs rescue so I seek out a beautician to correct all my errors and cut off the damaged ends. I end up with a pixie, not my best look, but it lets the hair rejuvenate.

Problem is, most beauticians either get married or pregnant in a years time so it is always a hunt for new. Guess I should seek out a male beautician to eliminate those problems. Well this is a small town, so you take what is available.

She had my crown hair in her hand when she asked, "How short?"

"Really short." I replied .

I was just getting ready to add the usual qualifier of, " As short as my cowlick will allow," but the scissors beat me to it. As I felt little hairs stand straight up, I knew I was doomed.

As my sister-in-law often says, " A bad hair cut only lasts two weeks." I am so hoping she is right for I am sporting a "cowlick friendly" hair cut now. I am trying the vast assortment of hair products available to tame wayward hair but so far I think the only thing to really control it will be time. Sure wish I were a hat person.

Never too old for a lesson learned. BE CLEAR.

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