Sunday, January 25, 2009


My brother Jim called last night. When I asked my usual, "How is Ohio tonight?."

He replied, "Think farther south."

Jim and his wife Shirley are part time RV'ers and do the snow bird routine each year. This year was iffy in that his mother in law was quite ill. She passed in December and they just finished up all the legal necessities. So they are on the road again

Jim and Shirley's RV

I left Florida but She has not left me. When I hear of their bicycle riding on warm, sunny days, long walks on the beach,(kind of sounding like a personal ad now), I get the pull, the itch, the longing for the place that was my home for roughly 50 years.

Florida has just suffered a cold snap but I know the wonderful Florida winters are soon to come. If I did not have my pets, I would be a snow bird myself. Perhaps that is the only draw back to pet ownership. So I will drag out the pictures and take a virtual tour.

Juno Beach sunrise

LaBelle marina in the AM

Ok, I am all right now. I started remembering the brutal summers, hurricane season, love bug season and the ever present mosquitoes. Paradise is only in the brief winter months.
Yea, I am OK now. Have fun Jim and Shirley.


  1. I have a friend visited Florida few weeks ago and she told that it was cold there.
    Your home 50 years!!! How it was possible to move?
    My husbent and I we have reserved the same condo in Lantana as many years before for three weeks16.4-7.5.09.
    This spring our intention is to drive(2-3 weeks) around somewhere in Tennesee/Nashville and perheps in Arkansas also.
    Clic Asunnot Condo CityLight is ours.

  2. Hi Blue
    I tried to pull up that site you sent but got nothing. Sorry. I lived for 50 years in Florida but in 8 different cities. Once in West Palm beach which is not that far from Lantana. I only miss the winters. With all the communication wonders of today,family and friends are only a push of a button away. Hope you make it to Arkansas. The northern part of the state is very pretty.