Friday, January 23, 2009


A blogger I like to follow, (, is a talented and clever fellow. Earlier this week he posted a picture of a group of sea gulls on the beach, braced against the unusual Florida cold. All but one bird had its head tucked under its wing in an effort to keep warm. The one gull was staring straight ahead, obviously not in any discomfort and FC posed the question," Which gull above is menopausal?"

It got me to thinking about about the ole hot flashes we women are saddled with but which thankfully for me are pretty much gone. Every now and then a stray one will get my attention but generally life is good.

Men often have some difficulty dealing with this phenomena. It ranks right below PMS on their understanding meter. They try to feel compassionate but can sometimes resent the periodic desire of a woman for really cooler temperatures as she ages. Is this really nature playing with our bodies or is it the unconscious biological revenge of the female ?

Sit in any mall parking lot on a cool day. The men going into the stores are usually in short sleeves while the women are bundled up. Either it is a macho thing or men just have a more rambunctious metabolism. Regardless, in cold weather, they usually wear much less clothing than we do.

Shortly after my retirement, I went to work for the Florida Turnpike to supplement my new (1/2 of normal) pay from the government. All of the toll collectors noticed and laughed at the same scenario of men vs women that we saw daily. The younger male drivers would be in a short sleeve shirts, shorts, and flip flops while the wife was glued to the passenger door wrapped miserably in a blanket. The A/C would be on maximum with the fan on full volume. This was more the rule than the exception.

That is when I theorized that our hot flashes are our way to finally get back at the warm blooded male of the species who often becomes more susceptible to the cold as he ages. Finally we are able to make them miserable by demanding cooler temps than even they are comfortable with. Finally they have to put on a jacket while we glisten in our sweat. Finally we are the ones who want it cooler.

Tell me this is not part of a wonderful master plan. Life is good, revenge is sweet.

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