Saturday, January 24, 2009


When I was unable to connect to the Internet yesterday morning, it was not an immediate concern. It occasionally happens. Surely it is a loose plug in or phone jack. Rebooting the modem should do it. Rebooting the computer may help. Phone line is good. Wiggle this, giggle that, unplug, plug.

As the time passed ,the same message flashed and mild panic swallowed me. It was 5 AM which is when I do most of my work on my computer but 5AM also meant there was no one at my ISP to contact. Think I mentioned before we are a small town.

When I am used to something regularly occupying a certain time slot, it is almost impossible ( for me anyway) to fill that time with something else. An absolute creature of habit. I want to do what I am used to doing. So I paced but found no comfort. Took Mighty for a long walk, at least he was happy. Ate breakfast way too early which meant lunch and dinner would also have to come early due to premature hunger pains. My silly angst was messing up a beautiful day.

Do I sound really regimented? Probably you can classify my early morning hours that way. Once I have answered my mail, posted my blog, worked on my book, and surfed a bit, I am open to any and every possibility away from the computer. It is just those first several hours that don't allow much flexibility. It is my job.

At 8:01 I called my ISP but only got voice mail so I left a message. Ok, I would go outside and tackle some flower beds as the weather was quite comfortable. Then I thought, what if I miss his call, so I returned to pacing. After two hours of fidgeting, I called again and got a different person ( live this time). He had me redo everything I had all ready done to his satisfaction. He then rebooted my connection from his end and all was well again. Modem lights that were supposed to, blinked happily.

Internet Connected.

That should be the happy ending to a sorry little tale but a darker side of me emerged yesterday.

My name is Patti and I am a computer addict. Wonder if there is a 12 step program for this.


  1. I understand that regimentation, patti, I do it too and in the morning as well. Once I've read the morning news, checked in on my favorite political sites, done my surfing and commenting, I'm ready for the day. When that routine is disrupted, I am not a happy camper.

    A 12-step program? Half the people we know would be in it. My name is Robin and I'm a computer addict!

  2. Robin

    Great to know I am not alone. So we shouldn't worry about a cure? OK by me.