Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SongBird Trashes Hotel

This LGB ( little grey bird) moved into the overhang on my porch in the evenings to hide from the cold. I was pleased to be able to offer sanctuary.

He or she never showed any more of its self so identity was never established. I am not good at bird identification anyway so a lot fall into the LGB or LBB ( little brown bird) category.

This little bird however showed no gratitude for the shelter I provided. Instead, pooping out the door seemed perfectly OK to him.

Those bird roosts I have been meaning to build for the winter visitors are becoming more important. Think I will shop for wood today. They are cute houses, larger than a bird house, where birds can roost together and share body heat much the way chickens roost. Also it looks simple enough that maybe even I can do it. Bet they will be fun to clean out.

I guess if I'm going to provide an" all you can eat" plan for the birds, housing should follow. What we don't do to interfere with nature. Think too many Disney movies as a kid are to blame.


  1. Hello Patti,
    A little bit difficult to see your bird.Ok, I belive she/he was a bird.

    It happens all the time someting interesting with you. That's wonderful.
    How cold it is now in this season in Arkansas?

  2. Hi Blue

    We have a mild winter climate. It may be in the 20's F in the AM but will warm up to the 60's F by afternoon. Only one small snow so far this year. Would like more snow but will take what is offered. How about you?