Sunday, February 8, 2009


I borrowed this meme from Imagine ( from my blog list). She had been taged with the following meme. Not being "meme literate" on the computer, I can only do the function of the meme and then stop. The meme is as follows:

She says, "This is the kind of meme I like! Easy and fun! All you do is go to your sixth folder, choose your sixth photo in that folder, and post it. You link back to the person who chose you, and choose six more people to do the same."

So I went to my sixth folder and chose my sixth photo. This is from 9-27-07 and is the view from my back porch. That little picnic table is where I eat many lunches and even some breakfasts in good weather.

Today is really warm, it is all ready 60 degrees and we are looking for the mid 70's today. This is the beauty before the coming severe storms due the beginning of next week. So, as nice as it is, I will go outside and enjoy a morning coffee and read the paper on that table and wish that the view was just the same as it was that September and not the brown bareness of winter. Fortunately for me, I can enjoy winter scenery almost as much.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. What a beautiful yard and view. Will you plant a garden in spring? It looks perfect for growing food.

  2. Actually Robin, right beside that shed, I now have two small raised beds anxious for spring planting. This area is called Stone County for a reason. We grow stones. You can pick them all up near the surface, one rain and you have a new crop. Digging requires a pick axe. Felt a little like a convict when I first moved her. Raised beds and imported dirt works great. Can't wait to plant.