Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OK, now I know I am getting too old for this world. A younger person could have witnessed what I saw yesterday and not even blinked. I, in my ancient body and old fashioned mind, was just stunned.

It was a windows and doors open, beautiful day. The sun was shining, it was comfortably warm, and the ice storm was history. Spring thoughts filled my mind with visions of planting, gardening and even lawn mowing. I know it is early but you can't help those thoughts on such a day.

All morning I had heard the roar of motorcycles and watched happy bikers enjoying the chance to get out. Here. you don't need to look at the weather gauge or even out the window, just listen for the rumble of a Harley or the purr of Gold Wings to know the weather is great. This type of day gives me pangs about selling my little Honda Rebel this year.

I had spent most of the morning scabbing around outside doing various chores and mentally planting flower beds and veggies. It felt so good to be out without layers of clothing and feeling the warm sun on my skin. Love that Vitamin D.

Close to noon I heard the unmistakable clip clop of a horses hooves on the road in front of my house. Should have gone for the camera (damn, damn, damn) but instead just went to the corner of the house expecting to see someone enjoying this marvelous day on horseback.

What I witnessed blew my mind. There was a teenage girl riding a fine looking sorrel horse on this gorgeous day. That should have been a beautiful picture but instead, oblivious of her surroundings, the girl was busy texting on her cell phone. She kept up the texting the whole time she was in my sight. The horse sought his own path as the reins hung loose on his neck. Cheese Louise !!! If I had her number I would have sent her the following text. "OMG U R 2 Dum."
The humor of the scene didn't hit me till later.

Today I see people at sporting events glued to their smart phones. Kids at concerts with phones recording what they should be seeing in person but aren't. Couples eating out with both busy with their phones. I can only hope they are at least texting each other.

I guess most older generations think the younger generations do not have the sense God gave a billy goat. I'm pretty sure the seniors in my youth, shook their heads as I roared down the road with loud Rock and Roll blaring from the open Chevy windows (no air conditioning). Which brings me to my original premise, that I am getting too old for this world. Ah, the circle of life.

My ISP was out yesterday so I couldn't publish this post. While in town, I stopped by my computer guy to see if he knew how long we would be down. When I told him and his wife about the "horseback texter", they were also sick that I hadn't gotten it on film. Got to learn to be quicker with the camera. I'll keep my eye out for her and maybe catch her yet.


  1. I'm only 56, but I feel that way too sometimes, that I am too old for this world. I would have loved to see the photo of the teen on her sorrel, texting. It sums up so much about the times in which we live.

  2. I still hope to catch her Robin. Camera is ready.

  3. It's the Grammys that remind me on an annual basis that I am getting too old for this world.