Sunday, February 15, 2009


My rump just keeps getting bigger. As more time is spent planted in front of the computer, extra inches find their way on my tape measure. No, I don't eat Bon Bons at the computer, but I do exercise much less. We are only talking about an extra 5 pounds, but they were added onto a weight I wasn't thrilled with anyway

Now, did the extra pounds go to my face and fill out those wrinkles? Do I now have a more interesting cleavage? Nope. Gravity made them free fall towards the center of the earth. They should be piling up around my ankles which is as far towards the center of the earth they could go in this skin. However, thanks to a sitting position and the 90 degree bend of the body at that point, they settle comfortably around my butt and hips.

Now is this a big deal? Surely the joys of computing out weigh the loss in physical appeal. Vanity has all ready taken a hit when you approach 70. I think my 40 ish thoughts daily only to be brought crashing back to reality when I pass a mirror. Who is that stranger? So why would I want to compound that slap to my vanity with additional weight? Can't come up with a decent Pro argument.

Have you noticed that you have much better mirrors in your homes than stores have. I can leave the house feeling fairly confident in my appearance only to have a store window or a dressing room mirror have me thinking, "Aw , that can't be right."

Well, I had one of those moments yesterday. I figured the store window was surely distorted, but the rest room mirror and the dressing room mirror couldn't be in on the conspiracy. So I am putting my resolve out in cyber space where it will live longer than I. Damn you five pounds and those other twenty I wasn't thrilled with, BEGONE.

My daily walk that got way laid by computer time and weather is now back in force. No more quickie meals of processed mess shall taint my plate or palette. All I have to do with the former is get up earlier so I can compute and still have morning time for a walk. Camera trips can be worked in with no real strain.

The meals problem only requires a little conscious thought. Fast food is forbidden , good food choices are back. It is mainly my impatient nature that gets lured into fast food ( of course , all that grease does taste good). Fortunately I also really like "good foods."

There now, that wasn't so hard.


  1. Good food and good walks are the true elixirs of good health.

  2. Having just eaten a fast food meal of fries and a chicken biscuit, I can say that I agree with you in spirit, but my flesh is weak!! I also have those extra pounds (more than five) and yes, they have settled in my butt and belly. I can't walk as lons as my back is bad - so wish me luck with that! LOL

  3. Amen Robin. It is so easy to go astray.You and Roger do it right. Hope to travel the good path from now on. Health reasons of most importance.

    Judy Oboy, Fries and chicken. Yum. My pounds are about 25.Tthose 5 I mentioned are the most recent. One of the reasons I am doing this is because of my back that has given me fits since before Christmas. I know part of the pain is from the extra pounds.
    This is a quote from an article I recently read by Jorge Cruise.
    "Back pain. Fat in your belly acts like a heavy weight that pulls your lower spine forward, overly arching your lower back and causing pain. When you lose the fat and strengthen your abdomen, your belly muscles can better support your spine, improving your posture and reducing back pain." I know he is right, just doing it is the challenge.

  4. Hi Patti,

    If you have got same extra iches, it's not so dangerous.
    You are conscious for your weight and when the time comes, you are able to destroy it too.
    We have only ONE life, live it now how you like and don't worry.

  5. Hi Blue

    If it weren't for health concerns, I'd eat fried foods and candy. Those inches were added on to all ready too many inches. The extra weight is causing quite a bit of back problems so it has to go. It is no real sacrifice for I really do like food that is also good for me. Have lost one pound all ready.