Monday, February 16, 2009


First, I have lost one pound, 24 to go.

I have had a request for a dog story so here goes. This story is about my first real rescue and what the outcome was. This will result in a long and maybe multiple posts. Sorry about that but I do write requests. This story is about Dutchess.

"Dear God," I thought in horror," what a wretched looking creature!"

That "wretched looking creature" once must have been a dog. It took a strong imagination now to make the comparison. There was little hair. Folds of gray skin hung from the sharp bones. Flat strings of flesh sagged beneath her that long ago must have nourished puppies. Ears that once may have stood proudly, now hung limply from the side of her head. Her hairless whip of a tail was tucked between her legs as she ravenously tore at a discarded cup cake wrapper.

I had a couple of dogs at home, I did not need any more. I scolded myself for thinking I could solve all the worlds canine problems. Compassion and common sense were having a raging battle. As if to solve my moral dilemma, the grocer came out to dump some more trash.

"Get out of here!" he hollered and the dog vanished.

She disappeared from my site but not my conscience. I have often wondered why hundreds of people could pass a stray dog on the road side with only a shake of the head and a brief thought of"poor dog". Why did I always have to stop? I was cursed and knew if I saw her again, I would try to catch her.

A week passed and though I had been to the grocery store several times, the gray ghost was not there. Then one day as I drove up to the store, movement caught my eye. A bony gray behind and a hairless tail protruded from an over turned can.

I had the owner of the store spot me a pound of hamburger to help catch her. He was very anxious to get rid of her.

She eyed me warily as I approached. I gently slid some of the meat towards her and backed off. She caught the scent and wolfed the morsel down. I tried to ease up to her but she was too cautious. I then made a trail of small pieces of meat towards my small pick up truck and put the package of meat on the passenger seat. She followed the trail perfectly and jumped into the truck for the big prize. However, before I could shut the door, she grabbed the whole package a bolted out of the truck. I then softly exercised my proficiency in profanity.

Being in a weakened condition, she dropped the package and I pounced on it. This time she did not run off. The taste of meat was in her mouth and she was looking at me, trying to figure how to get it. I made the trail again, only this time I put several small pieces on the seat and stayed close to the truck door. Again,she jumped in but this time I was quick enough and slammed the door with her in the truck and me outside.

"Now what?" I thought.........


  1. You have captured my attention. I can't wait to haer more!

  2. This is a real cliffhanger! When are we going to read the rest! Have a great day! Thanks for telling this story!

  3. Nature Nut and Reader Wil

    Thanks to you both for stopping by. Got more coming tomorrow with pictures. This was a special dog.

  4. Hi. I enjoyed your dog tale. I'll be back for more. I haven't read The Host but I recently read her Twilight series. There are four of them. They are long and continuous. I read them to see what the big deal was as I hear a lot of young girls mostly going on and on about them. They are not your Nancy Drew books. But she has that skill to keep you wanting to know what's on the next page whether you like it or not. I will now go pick up The Host. Thanks for the recommend. I'm here via 'the new dharma bums',

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I'll pop over to visit you today. Hope you like the Host. I didn't expect to but she really held my interest.

  6. I'll check out The Host. My granddaughters are reading Twilight.

  7. I didn't know she had written the Twilight series. The Host is for us biggies.