Monday, March 9, 2009


How long after the time change do you quit saying, "It may be 5:00 but it is "really" 4:00"? I truly love the change losing an hour ,still I do that very thing quite a while after the change, mainly to explain why I am sleepy or hungry and shouldn't be. Thank goodness I am out of the work force. That is when the time change can really annoy.

Now I am a morning person so "earlier" is fine with me. What I like about DST is that I actually get to stay up later in the evening, according to the clock face. The older I get, the earlier I retire , usually around 8:00, then read for an hour or so. When some one calls me after 9:00 in the evening and asks,"Did I wake you?" Ah- yea--- good chance you did. So in the beginning of the time change, I let the clock face fool me and for a while, I am actually reading at 10:00 at night. Feel like a six year old being given a bed time reprieve.

A friend gave me an atomic projection clock that will throw the time onto the ceiling at night at the press of a button. Sure beats hunting for glasses. Anyway, Sunday morning, I awoke for my nightly tinkle run (another joy of aging), pressed the button and saw it was 1:59. Oh yea, I had to wait for this. It is like when you were a kid and the car was about to roll over to 100,000 miles. All eyes are glued. So I kept pressing the button till it hit 2:00 then immediately went to 3:00. Some how I had thought it would go straight to 3:00. A tad disappointed, but another mystery solved. Do you get the feeling that I need to "get a life."

When you get my age, simple things do amuse. I have always only had two speeds in life. Either full out or stopped cold. A functioning workaholic that could just as easily, wear out a hammock. Always envied those who could assume a medium speed.

I had hoped when I retired that I would adopt an" island" care for time. In the Bahamas, you eat when you are hungry, you sleep when you are tired and play the rest of the time. In fact early into retirement, I put my watch in a drawer, and at least for a while, ignored time completely. It was grand.

However even with out a job to regulate my day, I discovered that there are still friends to meet and appointments to keep. Rats. So the watch is back on the wrist.

Hope you are enjoying or at least adjusting to DST since there is no choice.


  1. I once left the clock in the car set to standard time all the time. It was to remind myself of the "real" world. I gave up wearing a watch quite some time ago. Even when I worked, I didn't wear one. Someone always has the time. I do like the longer day, but not the later morning.

  2. I am glad I didn't have to go to work this morning too. I "slept in" until 6:30 (an hour later than usual) with no worries since Brandy's stomach is unaware of the time change.

  3. I always change the clock before I go to bed. At my age, by morning, I have forgotten that I changed it, and just accept the time the clock says it is. No problem.

  4. Robin Admire your freedom from time. Wish I could do it.

    Jewels Did you feel guilty sleeping in? Mighty was pleased with an early breakfast.

    Betty That is why I like the automatic clocks. No need to think.

  5. I, for one, am not a fan of the time change (in either direction). I'm always tired so this really throws my whole body off track!

  6. Nature nut

    Well I just slept in and need more so I guess I am not adjusted either.

  7. I heard it was the first time this year that the time had to chance so early in America.
    How many clocks you have?
    It's a little work to chance all the clocks, or what do you think?